Friday, June 9, 2017

A little catch up

Truthfully, I had absolutely no intentions on taking a "blogging break". Not one bit. But almost a month has passed and there was radio silence here. It wasn't because of lack of material. No, I took pictures left, right and center! There is so much happening around the farm, our house and even with Sam. It's been a good month! But the problem was with me and sitting down to a blank screen and having no words. I wasn't able to talk about every other day life things when my heart was still healing. I didn't know what to write about my grief and yet I couldn't write about anything else either. 

There has been a lot of healing in the last month. A good appointment with a specialist who has asked to do further research into our case. I have agreed in hopes of maybe helping other women who may one day go through the same thing. It means more poking and probing but it really does give me comfort. I think I have seen or at least most people have heard about our loss now so it feels more safe to leave the comforts of the farm. I dreaded being approached by people but now enough time has passed that it doesn't seem to happen anymore. We laid our girls ashes to rest, the minister came over to do a blessing on her final resting place. We planted a new tree for her and this year planted pink flowers all around the bottom. It was nice to have that closure. 

Work has also been the normal "May Crazy" like it usually is with the added stress of excessive rainfall and flooding in the area! Our home was blessed with no damage unlike so many others! We have a little delay of actual work because of the rain but now that it is June and sunny, things are picking up! 

WE HAVE A GREENHOUSE! Last October Ryan gifted me a homemade greenhouse for my birthday. To be honest, it has been the topic of a lot of fights since then! Mostly over the size of it. My 6"4 husband waned this monster of a greenhouse and I envisioned a smaller/cute one! Thankfully, Ryan's Dad convinced him of the smaller size and even helped him build it! We had to hold off for a while finishing it because of all the rain but it is done! Next step is making a work station/shelves and then hopefully put it into use next year! 

Sam has been hilarious lately. He is such a witty kid! Just the other day I was crying after hanging up the phone with a customer that was very rude to me. Sam asked me what was wrong and I told him someone was mean to Momma on the phone. Without pause he said, "Want me to knuckle em', Momma?" Ha ha! 

We are just about finished with swimming lessons and he has really improved! But not only did it improve Sam's pool skills but helped us by giving us the tools to better help him to learn to swim! It was well worth the drive, time and money! 

Other then that, the summer is filling up and I am getting excited for all the fun things to come! Our summer holidays are BIG on my mind lately because I really want some time with my boys. We usually take a week later in the year but this year are doing something in July! Can't wait to enjoy some (hopefully) heat with our summer vaca! 

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of this blog writing thing! 



  1. Want me to knuckle em' bahaha...the other night we were asking Tanner about daycare and what he had to eat and he kept saying "chicken dew", meaning stew (he has a hard time with his s's), anyways Ricky kept saying, what did you have, and he kept answering chicken dew, then he got mad and was like daddy, you need to get bigger ears!! LOL where do they come up with these things!

  2. Some days the littles are just what we need in tough times. Hello Summer!