Friday, August 30, 2013



The nights have been cool around here. It certainly doesn’t feel like Fall during the day with the extreme heat but, nights are different. They are cool and crisp and there is the slightest tinge of color in some of the tree leaves. Fall is just around the corner.

With Fall brings one of my most favorite things to do….preserve food for the winter! My apple trees are not quite ready yet but a lady who works on the farm had some apples that were! She was bringing basket loads of apples every day! More then anyone could eat! With the excess apples, I brought them home one weekend and decided to make some applesauce!

This is probably one of the easiest applesauce recipes you will ever encounter!

First you take your apples and wash them off. 

apple sauce 1

I have this awesome apple slicer from Pampered Chef that I use to slice and core my apples. A simple knife would work too! Please note that I have kept the skin on! Very important!

apple sauce 9

I always like to keep one bowl for scraps so that it is easy to discard of afterwards.

apple sauce 8

The good apple slices I put in the large pot that they would be cooked in!

apple sauce 7

I then add about 1/2 cup of water to the pot of apples and put it on the stove over medium high heat for about 30 minutes, covered.

apple sauce 6

After 30 minutes, you’ll notice that the apples are nice and soft!

apple sauce 5

I then take my emulsifying mixer and mix away at the mushy apples!

apple sauce 4

After about 5 minutes of mixing and stirring you get apple sauce!

apple sauce 3

I put all the yummy apple sauce in sterilized mason jars and put them in the freezer to have for later!

apple sauce 2

This apple sauce recipe is so simple. No peeling your apples for hours! Just slice and cook and you have a delicious treat! Keeping the peel on the apples adds extra fibre and nutrients to the unsweetened apple sauce! The best part? Almost a week later and the house still smells like fall! Yum!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I’m Loving Today!


Happy Wednesday everyone! I thought today would be a good day to link up with Jamie for What I’m Loving Wednesday!

I’m loving…that yesterday I got to work outside the office. Sometimes my job entails me to be out and about shaking hands with clients. Yesterday was one of those days! I got to be out on the golf course all day saying “hi” to clients and friends. It’s a very close-knit industry that I work in and you really get to opportunity to get to know the people that you do work with/for. It was a tad bit warm yesterday but great none the less.

OVTA 005

I’m lovingthis Better Butter Chicken recipe still! It remains in our regular meal plan rotation! Still a favorite!

I’m loving…the fact that Fall is right around the corner. Shawville fair always marks the start of Fall, for me! And, the fair is this coming weekend!

I’m loving…with the excitement of the fair this coming weekend (can you say Beavertail? Yum!) also comes a long weekend! No work on Monday! Woo hoo!

Fair 2010 009

I’m loving…how rested I feel today! In the summer I have a hard time turning my brain off and actually sleeping. To-do lists and random thoughts always run through my head. But last night I was so sleepy after my day in the sun that I slept deep!

I’m protective Tucker get’s whenever Ryan is away. Last weekend he knew something was up. Usually around bedtime the little guy goes to his own bed in a separate room. No coaxing at all. But when Ryan was gone, he would sit by the side of my bed until I’d let him up. I guess he knew I was sleeping by myself and wanted to keep me company!

tucker snuggle 

I’m loving…that my pantry is starting to fill up again with preserves from this season! There is something so cozy about knowing there is food stocked up for the winter and all of that food is something you grew yourself.

Book club and bachelorette 040

What are you loving today?


Monday, August 26, 2013

While The Man’s Away…


Happy Monday everyone! I let out a huge sigh on Friday as I had made it through the first full week back to reality after a wonderful holiday the week before. It was tough though! Not going to lie! But, the weekend was jammed packed with things to do! Ryan had left Thursday night for a weekend long four wheeling getaway with a bunch of guys! Of course I missed him, but I am definitely not the type of girl to sit around waiting for him to get home! Instead my weekend was full of fun and activities!

On Friday night, the weekend started out with a great book club meeting! We all met at fellow book club member, Katie’s house! It was great sitting around and having some girl chat with these girls! For some reason, no matter what, we are never short for conversation! The book that we were discussing this month was Bloom by Kelle Hampton. Great book club discussion book!


Unfortunately, we had to skip out of book club early but for a great reason! We headed over to our town hall for a fundraising even for Harold McKenny. This great young father of two, lost his arm in a freak accident while doing work to the new ferry over a month ago. You can read all about it here. One of the greatest things about this small town, in time of need we are really great about rallying together! I have never seen that many people in this little hall! The people were flowing in to raise money for Harold and his family! It’s such a great example of our wonderful community!

Saturday morning I was up early to grab some groceries and then spent the rest of the day working on a few projects!

That afternoon, I grabbed a few snacks I made and headed over with Jill to friend Sara’s! There, we were getting together for a visit and supper! Sara (and her two cuties), Priscilla, Jilly and I had a great time visiting! I love my girl time! There is nothing better then sitting around with no other agenda and just chit-chatting! We had a yummy BBQ supper and lots of snacks! It was a great to spend some time with the girls!

Charlotte and Daniel 

Sunday morning I got dressed and then went to visit my parents! They were finally home after their week long trip out east! The last time that I saw them was for their wedding renewal! It was great to hear about the rest of their trip!

I then headed to Norway Bay to take a short walk over to a baby shower in honor of Melissa who is the girlfriend to Ryan’s step brother! I’ve known Melissa since high school and it’s great to see this beautiful mommy-to-be glowing as she opened all things pink yesterday! Ryan and I can’t wait to meet Melissa and Kyle’s baby girl sometime in the next couple months!

baby hamelin

That afternoon I headed home and got to work! I started on some laundry and finally got some apple sauce made! I had been blessed by being given lots of apples! I love having homemade applesauce on hand all winter! But, recipe to come!

apple sauce 1

How was your weekend?


Friday, August 23, 2013

Nova Scotia– Part 2


Happy Friday everyone! So glad this week is over. But, when am I not? I thought I’d finish up our trip to Nova Scotia for you today.

Ryan and I arrived in Halifax pretty early and we were worried about where to park. We decided to drive up to the hotel to see if they would let us check in early. Thankfully, our room was ready so we got to park and settle in!

We decided to walk the harbour and take in some of the sights of Halifax before grabbing lunch! It was such a flurry of activity and it was so beautiful walking around the water.

I saw this familiar character!


We also stopped and listened to this young man play his fiddle! He was so good!


We were pretty hungry so we stopped for lunch at a little pub along the water! Of course we got a table outside on the patio! It was too beautiful to be stuck inside!


After lunch, we headed a short walk down the harbour to the Alexander Keith’s Brewery for a tour! We had heard good things about this tour and wanted to check it out!


The tour was awesome!! I had been on other brewery tours before but what made this one stand out from the rest was the historical re-enactment. Everyone was in historical clothes and everything was set in early Halifax when the brewery was opened.

I love history so I loved hearing all about that time era and my husband loves beer….so it was a win-win! ha ha!


After a couple free samples, we were full from lunch and feeling good so we headed back to our room for a little afternoon nap – I love being on holidays, I love naps!

We woke up and got ready for supper. But, this wasn’t just any ordinary meal. We were going to be FINALLY surprising Mom. We had been keeping this trip a complete surprise from her for the longest time! It was a relief that I didn’t have to hide anything from her anymore!

Ryan and I arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes early. We had planned it with Dad that the reservations were for 7:30. We settled in with our backs to the door. I could see through a picture hanging on the wall when they arrived. I could see them walking closer and closer to our table. Right before they were seated, Ryan and I turned around.

Mom let out a HUGE scream. I think we scared her half to death (and everyone sitting in the restaurant as well). It was a great surprise and I was so glad not to be hiding anything from her anymore!


Lobster for supper….yum!


The next morning we met for breakfast and then hit the road to St.Margaret’s Bay where my mom’s family originates. There, they knew there was going to be a party/family reunion.

What she didn’t know, was there was another special guest who was going to be there! As a surprise, we had arranged to have Mom’s sister, Debbie fly down to meet up with everyone for the party! The two sister’s hadn’t been in the Nova Scotia, in the presence of all their family, since they were little girls. It was a great surprise and again my mother let our a HUGE scream when she saw Auntie Debbie standing in the kitchen! 


After relaxing for a bit, everyone got changed so the party could get started! After my mom’s mother died, her father (and his new wife) packed up the kids and they moved around. She had lost contact with a lot of her Mother’s family and so they were never present when my parents got married. 35 years later, they were able to renew their vows in the presence of family who never got to witness it. It was even officiated by a first cousin, Bev. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place as they exchanged rings and said “I do”, again.



There was lots of family around and there was a HUGE feast! Most of this family I was meeting for the first time. But, I felt so at home. They were all so loving and welcoming. Ryan and I are already talking about wanting to go back for another visit. I miss having them around and sometimes I wonder what my childhood would have been like if they were closer. They are all such wonderful people who have a strong belief in family. I am so lucky to know them all now.

The band got started that night and the party was rocking! It was so much fun. It felt like a wedding reception!


My cousin Heather and her fiancĂ© Brian, had put SO much work into their property to get ready for this party! Not to mention Heather’s daughter gave up her room for Ryan and I. We can’t thank them enough for such hospitality. 


My mom’s first cousins!


The kids!


It was nice to drive around Nova Scotia and show Ryan around. We got to see lots of different places. But, we both agreed WHEN we go back, we will be heading straight to St. Margaret’s Bay where we are welcomed with open arms from family! It’s where we felt so at home and where we look forward to future summer vacations! Meeting and seeing all the family was the icing on the cake of a perfect trip!

Happy Friday! 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nova Scotia– Part 1


Happy Wednesday everyone! Half way through the week! This lady has been hitting the hay every night SUPER early while trying to get back on schedule from holidays last week!

Last Wednesday, we were up early to start our “drive” to Toronto..Except instead…we boarded a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia!


Our plane ended up having some mechanical difficulties and there was an almost 3 hour delay! But, it’s a short 1 hour flight to Halifax so we still made it to Nova Scotia with lots of time left in the day to enjoy it! We grabbed our rental car (with free upgrade to a Lincoln! Thank you!) and headed to Summerville Centre for our first nights stay in the Quarterdeck Villa's. I stayed at this resort when I was young and I have such fond memories. They offer great “cottage” like rooms. Each Villa is right on the ocean! You can choose to cook your own food in your kitchen or eat at their restaurant!



After an early morning we decided to take a quick walk on the beach and then enjoy supper at their restaurant! They make the BEST seafood chowder and I was so excited to get my first taste of fresh seafood!


After an early bedtime we were up early enjoying coffee on our porch the next morning before we had to pack up! It was so relaxing listening to the waves crash while sipping on coffee while still in pyjama's.


At the check out room, Ryan was looking around the gift store and found a Christmas ornament! We were excited to purchase our new ornament for our memory tree!


We hit the road for a big day driving around Nova Scotia taking in the sights while on our way to a small town near Digby. Our first stop was a cute little town called Shelbourne where we took in some local waterfront historic sights.



We found this restaurant right on the water where we got to enjoy lunch!


We hit the road again and made the occasional sight seeing stop. We stopped in Digby for a few groceries and then took a dirt road to Margaretsville. A small village nestled right on the Bay of Fundy. We had a little cottage rented there that I feel in love with! It was so cute!



After we settled in, we took a walk down to the wharf to a local artists gallery! We found a great piece to put on one of our bare walls at home. While I was there, a little old woman was staring me down and kind of following me around the store. I got a little uncomfortable and whispered to Ryan that I thought she was watching me because she thought I was going to steal something!

Right when I was paying for our new piece of art, she put her hand on my cheek and said that I reminded her of someone. Tears started welling in eyes. I felt so sorry for her. After telling the story to my parents later that week, it turns out I have relatives around there and I may have in fact reminded her someone or may have been related to her. Small world.



We settled back into our cottage for an easy supper, freezer pizza! There wasn’t any big plates to serve the pizza on but I did find this lobster platter to use!


After supper, we decided to take the short walk down to the light house! It was neat to read about who was the lighthouse attendant and some history of people there. 


I had the BEST sleep there that night! We could hear the water crashing all night long! It was heavenly!

The next morning we woke up early and started our 2 hour drive to Halifax where that night we would finally get to surprise my mom!

To be continued…


Monday, August 19, 2013

Back From Vacation


Happy Monday everyone! This was NOT an easy morning to wake up! I literally crawled out of bed and then reset my alarm for another 15 minutes of sleep….on the floor! Yikes! I need a vacation from my vacation!

This last week being off was absolutely wonderful! And I can’t wait to share it all with you!

The first few days were spent doing what we love most! Coffee on the porch? It’s like meditation and SO relaxing!

vaca 2

Puppy snuggles were also fun! This little guy isn’t use to having both Ryan and I home during a working day!

vaca 4

Ryan and I also decided to celebrate our holidays by going for a nice supper at The Keg! One of our favorites!

vaca 3

The holidays also started out great by celebrating a successful Canada Day party with all the other committee members! We golfed, enjoyed supper, swam, played Texas horseshoes! We also got to enjoy some of our own fireworks! The show was amazing!

vaca 5

Then, Wednesday of our holidays came along. We had REALLY enjoyed the first few days and now it was time for more fun. We had told everyone that we were going to go to Toronto for a Bluejays game. Except, we didn’t. That’s just the story we told so that word wouldn’t get back to my Mom. We were actually going to Nova Scotia to join them in a family reunion and the renewal of their wedding vows for their 35th wedding anniversary!

vaca 1

Nova Scotia was beautiful and it was awesome to get to show Ryan around a place that I love so much! Recap coming soon! But for now it’s unpacking, getting through the first work day back and getting back to reality!

I have missed this little bloggy home and I am glad to be back after a rejuvenating week!