Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Adventures!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend! This weekend brought some unusually warm temperatures for February and rain! Which was awful in the sense you couldn't do much outside but great because Ryan was home all weekend!! 

My weekend started out with a fun trip to the city for supper at Boston Pizza and to see 50 Shades Darker. I remember the second book of the series being my favorite at the time and I know why! There is way more romance in the second part. They are officially a couple. It was a great night but a little bit of a scary drive home in the thunder and lightening storm! 

Sam woke up unusually early and we tried to get him to go back to sleep with no luck. So into bed he came with us for morning cartoons! He asks for this all week and loves weekends because he gets to watch Mickey Mouse in bed with us. 

We couldn't be too lazy though because Ryan was playing in a charity curling tournament and his first game was at 9 AM. 

Ryan drove ahead and Sam and I ran to the store to try and find some rubber boots! We had no luck at the Walmart the day before. A beautiful display right out front with a blue pair just in his size! Good thing for Shawville! Sam also picked out a rain coat and splash pants all by himself and was very proud of his choices. Even though they didn't go together at all but I bit my tongue! ha ha! He carried his special new things all by himself through the store and to the cash! 

We got to the curling rink and sat right up front with friends to watch! Sam actually did watch more then I expected him to but the other part was playing with Tanners Paw Patrol airplane! ha ha! 

After the game, we headed to Ryan's parents for a visit and to wish Nana a "Happy Birthday"! Sam was getting really tired on the drive home and I knew I had to keep him awake. Thankfully, he stayed awake and gobbled down lunch and then we both went down for a long nap! 

When Sam woke up, we snacked on left over popcorn with a movie, then supper and Ryan showed up during bath time. I had texted Ryan earlier about this weird preggo craving I was having for a LIME slush puppy. It used to be my favorite flavor as a kid. Well the good man searched Shawville for one that had LIME and found it! Rushed one home and told me he'd finish up bed time while I enjoyed my slush and practiced piano! The first sip was like heaven. Craving totally satisfied. I was one happy preggo lady. 

Sunday morning we all slept in a little bit and then lazed around and got ready for our day. We actually were skipping out on church and going on an adventure to pick up a new (to us) maple syrup evaporator. The problem was that it was 2 hours away. 

So we packed up and stopped for a yummy lunch at Lonestar. And Sam is at a good age now again for restaurants. He was very happy to read a book, chat and snack on nacho chips with salsa! It was so enjoyable! 

When we left the restaurant it as around nap time and not even 10 minutes on the road, Sam and I were both fast asleep! ha ha! Poor Ryan had a quiet and lonely drive for a while. It hadn't been a great day sickness wise for me. Multiple stops along the way to be sick. 

We found the spot, loved the evaporator and loaded it up before heading for home! It's a smaller evaporator that will do no more then 100-150 taps, which is all we want. Just a little hobby. A way to to get something sweet from the tons of old sugar maple trees that are around the farm! 

On the drive home Sam kept asking us for "another adventure". I guess he really enjoyed the day with us on a little road trip! 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, February 24, 2017

Baby W # 2- 15 Weeks

Written at 15 weeks. Currently 16 weeks today! 

This Week:

Into the second trimester and I THINK I am beginning to feel the second trimester energy! I was worried last week when I was still pretty sick and had no energy. I am not less sick (HALLELUJAH!) and I definitely have more energy in the day! 

Baby This Week:

Baby is the size of a small box of crayons!

Maternity Clothes:

Still no in this department but I am noticing by the evening it is more comfortable to undo the top button of my pants.

I kind of did a mental breakdown of what I own for maternity clothes. As you know, I like to live frugally and I personally think Maternity clothes are a HUGE waste of money. Yet, they are kind of a necessity for comfort. Especially when you work outside of the house. I am set for winter and early Spring wear. My concern is when the weather gets warmer. I am hoping I can get by with dresses but I do know I will need at least a black and white t-shirt and jean maternity shorts. I think I can get by with my bathing suits. One item I don't really NEED is a pair of black maternity Capri's that I would like for work.

I've been trying to keep an eye open at thrift stores, ebay and online sale sites for these 4 items in my size but no luck so far. I think it is just too far from summer still!

Stretch Marks/Weight:

I actually forgot to weigh myself this week. I am thinking I have either maintained or gained a little because my eating has really improved this week!


More weird uterus movements. The "belly" is getting higher.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Meat is still a no-go. While I still would rather eat fruit, I have been able to stomach a little more vegetables this week and been trying to force myself to eat a little.

After visiting with a fellow preggo friend (Hi Amanda!), she was talking about her chips and dip cravings! I thought it sounded good so on the weekend picked up some. Well I guess the salty does not agree with me! I couldn't get through even a few chips! Yuck!

But I still love MANGO'S (yum!), strawberries, yogurt, ice cream, jam and cranberry juice!


I have been getting headaches this week randomly which sucks. I thought it may be water intake but it doesn't seem to help. But thankfully, one little regular strength Tylenol does the trick!

This happened the last time too but my hips get sore some days from loosening. And my back was killing me. I was blaming wearing heels at a tradeshow but it's continued on. I notice it after sitting all day. And it's always my lower right side of my back. I've been going so stretching and yoga moves to help keep it at bay. 

What I Miss:

I don't miss much this week...I'm feeling a little better, I'm more energized and the weather is right up my alley! It's been a good week!

Labour Signs:



Team green! When I was pregnant with Sam, I was adamant that we didn't find out the gender. Whereas Ryan wanted to know! He hates surprises! I won (good husband right there!) and we had the greatest surprise arrive on April 3, 2014.

This time around, I gave Ryan the option. I told him that since I got my way last time, that I was giving him the option for us to find out for this pregnancy. He is now 110% into waiting until D-Day. He says it was the best moment of his life to be able to announce to me we had a son. So, for those complaining that we aren't finding out, blame Ryan! :)

Wedding Ring/Belly Button:

No changes.

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

I was really looking forward to my pedicure! While I am still able to bend comfortably, there is something nice about being pampered.

Oh and two couples close to us finding out they are having little boys! Very excited for them!

Daddy This Week:

Well we still have a serious name problem with Ryan. There haven't been any first name suggestions from him this week but I realized that he can't even help with the middle name!

I have this on going list of potential names and middle names. The middle names are always family names. Names that belonged to special people in our lives whether they are still here or not. Ryan's middle name is after his biological Dad who is not apart of his life. He wants nothing to do with that name and we will never use it. However, when Ryan was younger another man stepped in as a father figure. Naturally, when creating our list of middle names, his step Dad's middle name had to be included to our list in case it suited with a first name we chose. So PATRICK, the name Ryan tells me is his step father's middle name, is added to the list.

Over the weekend I am with my MIL and we are discussing family names. My FIL's name comes up and I said "Well, I do like his middle name, Patrick, it's definitely a potential." She looks at me very strangely and says, "That's not his middle name."


Yes, the name "PATRICK" we've had an a running list for middle names since we were pregnant with Sam is not my FIL's middle name. It's JOSEPH! What if we had given the middle name Patrick to Sam?? Good grief!

Big Brother Sam:

So I am pretty sure that Sam thinks every baby is a girl. We were at a gender reveal party and when asked he said it was a girl! Later we found out friends were having a boy and then Sam argued with us that it was actually a girl. Ha ha!

There is a new friend at Sam's daycare. While she isn't a little baby, she is still a baby in his eyes! Sam doesn't have that much experience around babies but I was so proud to hear about him being so sweet to his new friend. I am told he is always so gentle with her. Huge relief and hopefully continues on for when his big brother duties really arrive! 


So apparently Mango's are a natural laxative. Eat with caution!

Heels are stupid.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Things I'm Celebrating This Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that you have had a great week so far! It has been actually going by really fast here at the farm. Finishing up year end, new contracts are coming out for the Spring and the SNOW IS STARTING TO MELT! I know the melting snow is not something permanent but I am enjoying it anyways. I am actually looking forward to weather the first week in March because I am a believer in the theory, "In like a lion, out like a lamb". 

There's a few things I've been feeling celebratory about lately and I thought that I'd share them with you! 

1. I didn't puke on Monday. Ok...this might seem like a normal and everyday thing for you. But to me, this is HUGE! I can't remember the last time I didn't puke. I guess that explains my upbeat attitude on Monday. I just felt SOO great! It didn't last. Tuesday was not great but the fact that I had 1 whole day without being sick on Monday gives me hope. Hope that there will be future days of no puking. Maybe, a whole week? Is it possible? 

2. I am nesting early and I recognize it. I feel like crap while doing it but I have this inner feeling like I need to organize and I need to do it NOW!! I think it's because my head knows that come Spring and early Summer, it is our busy season on the farm and I will likely not feel like doing it then. So instead, my nesting has gone into over drive early. I had a bunch of things packed up to bring to donate. And yesterday, I was in the city so I dropped them off at a Value Village. After dropping everything off, the guy that helped me handed me a 25% off my next purchase card! Woo hoo! This will come in handy when I'm looking for some maternity clothes later in the Spring. 

3. Tax season for a lot of people is a huge headache. For me, I secretly love it. I'm pretty lucky as I live and work in Quebec so I rarely (knock on wood) owe money. Now, I don't get a lot back either but usually some. But for me, tax season is a good time to sit down and examine your expenses, your income and budget. I'm kind of a money person in the sense that I like to know where every dollar is going and being maximized. I like to look at our RRSP's and RESP's and see what % they had on return in the last year. Change things in our policies to better suit our current situation. So basically, I'm a huge dork. The first step is admitting it. But this time of year really forces Ryan (who hates all things money talk!) and I to assess everything and make a plan for the coming year and future. 

4. Sam has been doing SO good in his big boy bed. I seriously had no idea it would be this easy. He wanted to be sleeping in it so bad that he has not fussed once. It's normal bedtime routine and he stays in bed all night. He still calls for us in the morning because he doesn't realize he can get out by himself. He is up to 5 stuffies in his bed with him and they all have a specific spot in bed. He is very particular as to where they go. In fact, it's the longest part of the bedtime routine. But it makes him happy and he doesn't stay awake all night playing with them so it's ok. I still sneak a peak at him before I go to bed every night. I don't think that will ever change! Hooray to big boy bed! Now I can start getting the nursery ready (see item number 2). 

Happy Wednesday! 


Monday, February 20, 2017

WARM Wintry Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! For all of Ontario it is Family day and a day off. For us Quebecers, it is just another day! ha ha! 

But I realized just got much the winter weather can effect my mood! It's no secret I hate winter but this year was particularly hard with being cooped up being sick. But the weather took a turn towards Spring for a few days and WOW did it ever improve me mood! The sun, the few degree's below zero and the getting out of the house! I feel more energized. 

Friday was a beautiful day and our annual snowmobile day for clients. I set up the breakfast and then saw the guys off! They all reported it was a great day and they had some fun stories to share when Sam and I joined them at Gavan's for supper.  

Daddy was busy returning sleds so I got Sam bathed and ready for bed. He was in a fantastic mood after seeing all the sleds and the boys! Oh and the sips of Pepsi probably didn't help! ha ha! 

When I got Sam to bed, I settled in for some Netflix and Mango! 

If there was theme to our weekend it would be lazy mornings! We so enjoyed cuddles in bed and not changing out of our PJ's for a while. Sam slept in passed 7:30 each morning! 

We couldn't waste the BEAUTIFUL day outside so we all bundled up for a couple hours of outside time. We ended up seeing and playing with our cousins from across the road for a while. 

We were all exhausted from so much play so we had a quick lunch. I had to document the first vegetables I've eaten in months! It literally felt like such a momentous occasion that I had to document it! ha ha! 

Ryan, Sam and I all went down for an afternoon nap! It felt good to re-charge the batteries and then get up to get ready for a fun evenings! We were invited to a gender reveal party for friends Amanda and Josh who's new addition will be arriving in June! 

It was my first gender reveal I had been to! We enjoyed a delicious spread of party food and ice cream sundaes for dessert! But the exciting part was witnessing the couple see what it they would be welcoming a baby boy or girl! 

They cracked open the Pinata and blue candy went flying! A little baby BOY! Yay! 

It was a late night for Sam but he did great considering it was 2 hours passed his bedtime. We all went to bed as soon as we got home after such a fun night! 

The next morning we all slept in until almost 8! And continued our lazy morning of cuddles. I had to get a move on getting ready though because I had a fun morning coming up! My MIL had invited me to a girls day in the city! On the agenda, pedicures and lunch! She has had an inside look at how sick I've been and told her son to stay at home with Sam so she could treat me to a morning out! 

It was great to get a pedicure done. It had been WAY too long! And we had a delicious lunch at Lonestar! Look more vegetables! 

Thank you so much for such a great getaway! 

I actually got home in time to squeeze in a 30 minute nap before the boys got up! I was not hungry AT ALL so I made the boys grilled cheese for supper and I snacked on some mango. Sam ate all his food and requested "dessert". He always closes his eyes for his "surprise" dessert. Last night was leftover Valentine chocolate! ha ha! 

Beautiful weather, celebrating with friends, time with my boys and a little pampering. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! 


Friday, February 17, 2017

Baby W #2 - 14 Weeks

Written at 14 weeks on February 10. Currently 15 weeks

This Week:

SECOND TRIMESTER! WOO HOO! I am so glad to say SEE YA LATER to the first trimester. I just want to move on and move forward with better (hopefully) weeks ahead! This week brought on a few work obligations that made for some long days which means sick days but glad they are done!

Baby This Week:

Baby is about the size of a Troll doll. Which by judging by the amount of heartburn I've had so far maybe the same amount of hair too! Just hopefully a normal color! :)

Maternity Clothes:

Not even in my mind right now. I have the box of maternity clothes from last time stored away and I haven't looked at yet. Instead, I'm looking to find a pair of a size smaller work pants to get me through until I need maternity clothes. My normal ones are very baggy and won't stay up over my butt. But I am seeing my middle get a little thicker so hopefully that helps keep the pants up better soon. I have been lucky that work tradeshow season is during early pregnancy and all my "fancy" work clothes still fit! 

Yup tradeshow selfie. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom this day so I might as well documented it! Oh and to the person who called security on me, thanks....

Stretch Marks/Weight

Nothing new for stretch marks.

I kept more food down this week then I have in a few months. While lunch would typically be gone down the toilette, it now seems to be staying sometimes. So this week I only lost 1 pound. Down 17 pounds.


Nothing yet. I get some round ligament pains sometimes when I'm being sick or sneeze but otherwise nothing from baby. I had one weird day this week where I could actually feel my uterus moving higher up. The hard rock seems to moved from my pelvis area to below my belly button. 

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Aversions are still the same. Meat, vegetables. I still avoid certain foods not because they are an aversion but because it isn't pretty coming up. Anything fried or oily, orange juice, Gatorade (I was just sick with it too often blah!).

But I LOVE anything cold. Fruit is a big one! Oranges, apples, strawberries, mango's (a current favorite), pears, canned peaches. GIVE THEM ALL TO ME! *insert heart eyes here* I also really like this week English muffins with jam.

I said above that I spent a lot of time in the bathroom at a tradeshow this week. So much so that at one point, someone literally called security on me. Apparently, at a busy tradeshow they want to avoid sickness going around. When I explained what was going on they were way nicer and kept sneaking me crackers from the caterers kitchen. 


Still sick 1-4 times a day depending on the day but still way better then the 10-15 times it used to be! I've been super tired this week but more so then normal because of a couple work things. Thicker middle that is only noticeable to me. Oh and I've felt super hungry this week. Want to eat all the time which is hard depending on the time of day. 

What I Miss:

I still miss feeling like a normal person. I feel like my mind this week is always on food! ha ha! "I'm starving, I want to eat, I can't eat, I REALLY can't eat that, wouldn't that be good, oh no...not so good, what I'd give to eat abc."

Labour Signs:



Keeping it Team Green! At my doctor's appointment last week, I heard the heartbeat but don't know what it measured at. Old wives tales suggest that if it is higher, it's a girl and lower suggests a boy. I don't know if this applies or what the measurement is. I think Sam's was always around 155-165. 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button

Rings on a loose and belly button is normal.

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Ha ha! I am looking forward to a lunch date with a girlfriend I haven't seen in a while. We get together lot's when the ferry is open but in the winter it is harder! Plus, I have been delaying going out too much with fear of driving and eating somewhere and not having anywhere to be sick. So glad we are finally getting together!

Daddy This Week:

Guys....I have a serious problem with my husband this week. He can't help name our children! You may think that I am overreacting but I swear, I am not! We have been struggling with coming up with a boys name this time around. Last time, boys were EASY and set but the girl was hard. This time, the girl is easier and the boy is impossible. So, we've been talking names a lot in the last couple weeks. The problem is that we are no further ahead because my husband (whom I do love dearly just to note) comes up with the worst names! Again, not even exaggerating! I appreciate his input but I have to shake my head at his suggestions.

The latest, a name he heard and had saved on his phone to tell me....Sherman. Like a Sherman tank? Nope! And the other serious suggestion because he knows how much I love politics....Barack. BARACK?!?!? So our son's name would be Barack Woermke. Good grief. It is up to me to name this child.

Any boy name suggestions? Surely yours would be better then his! :) ha ha!

Big Brother Sam:

I don't think Sam is really "getting" it yet but after talking about it so much over the last 2 weeks, he seems to recognize baby by giving my belly kisses once in a while. Melt my heart! Our boy had a great valentines day and spoiled me! It is so important to Ryan and I that we raise a good man. I think the world needs more good, well mannered and kind men. If we have another boy, I hope that he takes after his example of a big brother. 


We are looking to do some office renovations in the next few years at work. We had someone in to help with a design plan. In the initial conversation, we named all the stuff we wanted. One...a couch! A place that we where we can lay down in a quiet corner for a short cat nap. I am pretty much BEGGING for one now to "break in" and test until the renovation happens. It would be way more comfortable then my head on my desk! Genius, right?


Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend With Sam!

Happy Monday everyone! Have I mentioned I am SO done with winter? We got another dumping of snow yesterday and the snowbank behind my house is getting comically tall! Here's hoping for some melting soon! 

Because of the weather this weekend and Ryan's snowmobile plans, it meant a Sammy and Mommy weekend. I actually can't remember the last time I had so much uninterrupted time with my little man. I've been feeling so sick the last while and Ryan has been around for the most part. But it hasn't been me solo for quite sometime! 

Friday was a rough afternoon for sickness. So I already declared I wasn't even attempting to make something for supper. I told Ryan to pick up a couple of pizza's and invite his parent's over for supper. It was a nice break from the normal and a great visit. 

Ryan went to work that night and Sam went to bed. I relaxed and watched my latest Netflix show, Homeland. 

Saturday morning Ryan surprised me in bed with a Tim's and then got ready to spent the day snowmobiling with his uncle and cousins. So began Sammy and Mommy day! 

My latest favorite food, canned peaches. Weird! 

And coffee isn't my most favorite thing right now but I think it is so sweet that Ryan thinks to stop and pick me up one. So I just sip it very slowly. Sometimes while enjoying a little Paw Patrol! :) 

Sam and I had a big day planned! Get our Valentines for our friends made up, some Valentine cookies to surprise Daddy with and play in the snow! We had a slow morning with Paw Patrol, breakfast and getting dressed. I puttered away at some laundry and then we got started on Daddy's cookies! 

I haven't really cooked/baked much of anything for months and I noticed Sam has really advanced in his "helping skills". He is actually good at stirring now! He literally did all the stirring and I added all the ingredients! I kept telling him these cookies were a secret but as soon as he saw his Daddy he spilled the beans! ha ha! 

After snack and cookies were done cooking, we both bundled up and headed outside! He had been BEGGING me to go outside all morning. As much as I hated to do it, we spent 2 hours outside together. Shoveling, pretending to be snow plow trucks and walking back to the chicken barn for a visit! 

I think I successfully tired us both out and we both had a great nap that afternoon! ha ha! 

That afternoon for snack I made us popcorn and we watched Cars. At one point he came over to me and said, "Tank you Momma for the special popcorn for Sam". 

Sunday Sam and I headed to church while Daddy slept. When Sam went down for a nap (Ryan was home), I met a bestie for brunch! A slow kid-free brunch and wonderful visit! 

It was a really rough drive home as the snow was coming down hard! But I made it back to have supper with the boys and watch a little Toy Story! Sam is really liking movies right now and it is fun to introduce some of my Disney favorites to him! 

Daddy had to head to work early again and so I put Sam down for bed. We had snuggles and story and singing. When I thanked Sam for a special weekend with me and being such a good boy he wrapped my arms around my neck and said, "Sam love you Momma." And then this hormonal pregnant lady started crying! ha ha! 

I think Sam and I both needed some special time together. I've hated not being myself for him and I think he was ready for Mommy time too! I love this little boy fiercely and am always amazed and proud of the kind little man he is growing up to be! 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, February 10, 2017

Baby W #2 - 13 Weeks

Written at 13 Weeks on February 3, 2017. Today I am 14 weeks! 

This Week:

Excited to be in a "safe" zone and excited that general public knows! It feels so good not to be lying anymore and trying to look normal when I feel everything but!

Baby This Week:

I'm totally over fruit from the first pregnancy. But I found a new App that gives cooler descriptions. This week the baby is about the size of a match box car apparently!

Maternity Clothes;

Not even close! This is very different then Sam. I thought that, especially since it is my second pregnancy, that I would need maternity clothes sooner. But with the weight loss that I've experienced my normal clothes are really baggy. While I can feel the hard lump where my uterus is, I've lost enough weight that it doesn't effect my waistline! I have been thinking lots about this summer pregnancy and looking forward to sandals. I hated putting on shoes/boots in the winter with Sam.

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Stretch marks are just the faded ones from before. Weight...well this has been interesting. I've talked about my level of sickness but what really reflects it is the scale. For the first few weeks I wasn't concerned about my weight but as the weeks have passed and my clothes got bigger, I started to wonder. As of today, I am down 16 pounds.


The only movement I've felt is the shifting and moving of stuff in my belly! I can occasionally feel stretching too.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Umm.....everything? ha ha! I have hardly eaten any meat or vegetables for weeks now. In the mornings I have a muffin and then a piece of fruit for snack. Lunch and supper are a wash as usually it ends up in the toilette so I try to nibble at toast or crackers. Coffee is a big NO right now as it makes me feel sick and bubbly drinks like ginger ale are bad too. I've got a few "no" foods only because they aren't good coming up while being sick. French fries (THE WORSE!), peanut butter, orange juice and everything bagels.

I do crave foods but I mostly can't stomach them. Today, I'd give my left arm for a chocolate hot fudge sundae! OH BOY! I love cranberry juice right now and it helps in the evenings when I'm hungry but can't eat because I'm being sick every hour. The sugar gives me a little energy. I even put it in a wine glass to be fancy! :) 


You know I have to say, if I took away the puking 2-10 times a day everyday thing, I don't think I have that many symptoms. I'm exhausted at the end of the day but I think a big part of that is the multiple puking episodes. My stomach and throat are usually so sore and I can't keep my eyes open. Mid-afternoon desk naps have been a life saver. 

I haven't really had too many head aches, I'm a little emotional sometimes, a little acne but otherwise if I wasn't sick, I don't know how "pregnant" I'd feel.

OH! One symptom that I do want to record about and it's a weird one, is low blood pressure. I always had normal BP with Sam but for some reason so far this pregnancy has caused low BP. I asked the doctor about it and he just said it was one of this pregnancy things! It causes me to be light headed some times and easily out of breath.

What I Miss:

This is so easy...I miss eating and drinking normally and being functional. THANK GOD I work in the family business and on a bad day (especially with it being winter) I just go home or lay my head down on my desk for a nap. But I do miss feeling even slightly normal. It's been 6+ weeks of puking multiple times a day, every day and I'm getting worn out. I hate going out and having to use dirty public bathrooms. So I literally try and not go anywhere especially with Sam. Nothing worse then dragging my 2.5 year old to a public bathroom in a small stall. And the auto flush toilets going off in your face over and over. I told Ryan I want to take Sam to the children's museum this winter while it's quiet but worried about doing it by myself.

Labour Signs:

Heck no!


I have to say we are WAY more tempted this time then we were with Sam to know if we are having a boy or a girl. But we have decided we still want to wait until delivery day. It was so special with Sam and we want to experience that again.

The resounding vote so far is girl because of how sick I am. I'm not convinced. I honestly thing come DDay, I will be shocked either way.

Wedding Rings and Belly Button:

My rings are on and loose but I know likely won't last as long as it did with Sam since I'll be pregnant in the warmer months! I never did have my belly button pop with Sam!

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

I have a doctors appointment at 13 weeks 6 days and looking forward to maybe hearing the heartbeat again, talking about medication for sickness (hopefully) and just overall getting checked out. I love my doctor and always feel so much better after a visit with him.

Daddy This Week:

Daddy has always been a champ since we found out we were pregnant. He had gotten a little use to the pregnancy sickness but for the last couple weeks has been extra helpful. I am LOVING the winter time when he is off in the afternoons and can go pick up Sam from daycare. The afternoons are my worse and I would normally not make it home from getting our boy without having to stop to be sick. So, when Ryan goes to get him instead, I can head home at 4 PM and be sick in the comfort of my own home. If there's meat for supper, he cooks it and serves it to Sam. Sam is always interested in being with me while I'm being sick but Ryan has been great at distracting him in the evenings which always my bathroom visits to be solo. No answering toddler questions mid-puke is a luxury now! ha ha!

I think Ryan is a little oblivious to the fact that we are going to have another baby in August. Sometimes he talks summer plans and kind of forgets what is happening. Like a truck pull far away on the 1st of August. He was making plans to go and I had to stop him. Or a golf trip second week of July in the states! Ya, no!

Big Brother Sam:

Sam really has no idea what is going on. Half the time he argues with me that the baby is in fact in his belly! EVERY single time we ask, he says it's a baby SEE-ster. Otherwise, his big concern is mommy "spitting". If I stop what I'm doing he looks at me and says, "Momma, you Otay?" When I'm done in the bathroom he always asks, "Momma, you all done spitting?" Sometimes on bad days he'll go get his ice out of the freezer and put it on my belly to help me feel better. He has been so sweet! 


Honestly, if other Momma's-to-be out there are reading, just survive. Your kid eats cereal 3 nights in a row? That's ok! A little too much screen time on your bad days? Your kid will survive! You fall asleep at 7:30? So be it! It's been hard for me to let go of the reigns and then delegate things for Ryan to do but it's the only way I feel like I can function right now.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Baby W 2.0 - Weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12

9 Weeks

The beginning of these weeks were just as bad as 8 weeks. Sick 10-15 times a day. I am wondering if I am definitely in some sort of "blue" phase from all of the sickness. I am literally terrified to go any where. I haven't even been making the trips to our city office in fear of traffic and the lack of bathroom. Not to mention being anywhere with someone who can hear me being sick and then having to explain what is wrong. It is all getting to me mentally.

I am trying my best to be a working mom and wife still but it is becoming increasingly impossible and that has been hard for me to cope with.

Besides the obviously sickness, I don't feel pregnant at all. My belly is flatter then it has in years, my pants and rings are loose, and I don't feel any normal other symptoms like sore breasts, acne and tummy pulls.

I did have a doctors appointment and that was nice but it was pretty basic as it was too early to listen to the heart with a doppler. He sent away for my ultrasounds and gave me blood work papers. I do love my doctor and am glad I get to have him for a long period of time before I switch to the one who will deliver the baby. 

10 Weeks

I never thought I would say this but I am thankful for puking 3-4 times a day. This week has brought a little relief to the sickness. Instead of being sick 10+ times a day, it is down to 3-4 and the best part is I usually can time them.

2-3 AM- Guaranteed first episode of sickness
Noon - Sick
5 PM - Sick

And then sometimes one somewhere before I go to sleep but not always.

This welcomed "relief" still makes me fearful of leaving home but I feel like I have my life outside of the bathroom visits back. I am still feeling very tired and lethargic from lack of food but I am getting by.

Favorite foods right now are fruit, muffins, gatorade slushies (snow with gatorade on top) and soda crackers. But the main thing is I am trying my hardest to keep drinking in between sickness because I do not want to end up in ER! Doc has me monitoring my urine pretty closely.

Officially down 12 pounds as of the beginning of week 10. Hopefully it doesn't get too much lower.

We have shared our news with Ryan's parents and it was so nice to be able to surprise them! Unlike my family who found out when we had the bleeding episodes, we could share the good news in a fun way!

Sometimes I think I am crazy and then other times I swear I feel something in my belly. Not quite flutters but definitely something. And although no one else can see it from my looser pants, I can tell that between my belly button and pelvis is harder.

11 Weeks

Much of the same except now I couldn't hide in the safety of the farm office that is so close to home. This is our biggest tradeshow that we do and it is two grueling and tiring days of shaking hands, set ups, small talk and late night events. To say I was anxious for this was an understatement. On day 1, we took a large group of key clients out to dinner and it was late in the afternoon, my normal sickest time of the day. Thankfully, it was a group of all men and they didn't even notice my absence from the table the 2 times I needed to leave. I also ordered the smallest item on the menu and gave half to my brother.

It was "go time" in the morning with set up and thankfully Dad had been there for morning set up so I could avoid too much heavy lifting. Mornings are always my best time of day though with limited sickness so I was in high gear in the morning setting up, shaking hands and doing business.

By lunch, I was spent and took every opportunity to sit or be sick as I could. The toughest part was tear down because another exhibitor offered to buy has all a drink and I got cranberry juice which surprised a couple of guys.

I think I suffered for the remainder of the week as my body recuperated. But the light at the end of the tunnel this week was seeing the sweet babe during our ultrasound on the Thursday! I had been so excited to finally see the baby and hear the heart beat. My spirit needed it. It in a small way made all of my sickness O.K. It was just so reassuring and uplifting. And even more fun to compare to Sam's ultrasound. 

Baby W 2.0:

12 Weeks 

For some reason this weeks seems like a milestone week even though it isn't technically 2nd trimester yet! We finally shared our news with everyone on Sunday at church by first having "big brother" put money in the celebration jar and then posting our announcement picture on social media. It is a HUGE relief to finally have it out and in the open! No more secrets and no more lies. And other really sick Momma's have come forward with stories and words of encouragement. I know I'll get through it but it is nice to hear others have gone through this as well. Like I'm not so alone anymore.

After a busy weekend (or maybe a baby growth spurt?), I was particularly sick on Sunday afternoon. Running to the bathroom at least once an hour or less. It was awful. I think Ryan had been talking to another father who's wife had been in a similar boat because he was especially good on Sunday with helping me and encouraging me. I think Ryan had normalized my sickness to the point that he was no longer offers a hug, encouraging words or help. I think who ever talked to him must have said something because he had hugs, ginger ale and so much help on Sunday afternoon. It was a nice change!

My weight continues to drop but that's expected at this point considering I hardly eat and anything I do usually comes up. I try and have a higher caloric breakfast and morning snack because it is my least sick time of day. And that food is usually digested by the time lunch rolls around and I begin getting sick for the day. I remember at this time with Sam, I started to wear a belly band with my work pants because of the growing tummy. Not needed at all this time! My belly was kind of always there but there is no sucking in. But belly is still there hard as a rock and seems to make it more noticeable to me in the afternoons.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend In Big Boy Bed

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! Mine passed by too quickly but it included lots of time with my boys and some house projects actually getting done! 

The weekend started out a little rough for this preggo on Friday. I had been having a "sick" day in general. I know there will be a lot of bathroom trips when the morning starts out there. I even had to beeline outside at daycare drop off. But I got through the day but decided to try and attempt to get groceries instead of having to do it on the weekend! I should have known better with the amount of times I had been sick. I get to the store and begin my shopping. I get all my produce and head over to the meat section. Which has always been a catalyst this whole pregnancy. Suddenly, the smell overwhelmed me and I couldn't even attempt to look for a bathroom. It was too late. I puked all over the floor of the grocery store. Somewhere between the hamburger meat and chicken breasts. I think my most embarrassing moment to date. 

It had actually been 3 bad days in a row. And after the grocery store episode I was feeling a little deflated. But I wanted so badly to get out and go to book club for some social time! Luckily, book club is at a fellow members home and I felt very comfortable getting up to use the bathroom. Especially now that the pregnancy is public! It makes it so much easier then trying to hide. 

I had a great sleep that evening and woke up feeling pretty good and hungry! I have to be careful with how much I eat and what but I made us a big breakfast and ate what I could. It was my first well rounded meal in a week! 

With a little energy and food in my belly, Ryan took Sam outside for a long sled ride and I got to work on the finishing touches of his room. Making the bed, moving his stuff and etc. He has been asking for a month if it was ready and I was so excited to tell him it was! 

We all rested that afternoon and Sam had his last sleep in his crib! Booooo! 

Baby must have wanted to give me a break after the embarrassing episode on Friday. I was only sick once! It was glorious!  

For supper Ryan went and picked up a pizza. We watched Cars for the first time (Sam loved it!) and had hot fudge sundaes to celebrate Sam getting to sleep in his big boy room for the first time! That and I was craving it...ha ha!

Sam was eager to get to bed and kept asking if it was time! Easiest bedtime ever! He just wanted to get to bed! ha ha! We did our normal stuff and this is what he looked like when we turned off the light...ha ha! 

Ryan and I listened and waited but we never heard a peep! He had fallen and stayed asleep all night! He still doesn't realize he can get out of bed by himself so he was calling for us in the morning. He was so proud to have slept in his big boy bed! 

We had a busy morning and after breakfast we had some time before church so I brought out the paints and let Sam work on his "Valentines" for his friends. 

We went to a great church service and Sam made a "salt of the earth" necklace in Sunday School that he refuses to take off! ha ha! Sam's usually a very independent player but Sunday he must have been needing some Mommy attention because he was always asking, "Momma, you come pay with Sam?" I was happy to oblige! 

After a big nap in his big boy bed, we had a quiet evening. Quick supper and then Super Bowl! Sam watched until the coin toss. Although our little Canadian boy wanted to play hockey instead of watching football! ha ha! 

Oh and play superman! ha ha! 

We put our (still) excited boy to bed. I think the biggest adjustment is not having a monitor in his room to see him anymore. But looked in on him about an hour after bedtime to him snoring! 

Ryan and I always watch the Super Bowl together. I made some homemade Queso dip and we watched together until he had to go to work! It felt like a mini date! Something we haven't gotten to do a lot of since he started nights and I started going to bed at 7:30! ha ha! 

How was your weekend?