Monday, May 30, 2016

Canada Day Golf Tournament 2016

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend! I am having trouble waking up and I've been awake for 4 hours! But it was a jam packed weekend with little sleep but it was so fun! 

We kicked off the weekend by having ice cream for supper! It had been a sticky and hot day so after a quick left over supper for Sam, we headed out and met Auntie Jilly for ice cream! Which turned out to be my supper! ha ha! Sam LOVES ice cream and was pretty excited! He easily gobbled it all up! Love a good ice cream date! 

Sam and I hung out and then he went down. Ryan finally got home and then headed to town to help with set up for the golf tournament. And I began the process off making 300 jello shooters! Which I think is deemed my job now! Which I don't mind actually, I've gotten to learn a pretty good system. I can whip up 300 jello shooters in about 1 hour. 

Saturday was golf tournament day! This annual event is the high light of the year for many people! I headed to work for a couple hours before heading out to drop Sam off with his Nana and Poppa and then heading to the golf course! It was a VERY hot day but every one still came out and had a blast! 

That evening we had the delicious steak dinner and our poor cooks got soaked with a huge rain shower came around. The evening everyone danced the night away! It was lots of fun! 

My only picture, the ticket table! ha ha! 

Sunday morning we were up early and got the house straightened out before heading to go pick up our boy! We grabbed groceries with Sam and then headed to the hall to begin the pick up process. It's usually the part that is dreaded but nearly everyone was there to help and many hands made light work! These fundraisers are a lot of work but it is ALL worth it when on June 30th, the fireworks go off in Quyon in celebration of Canada Day! Our community does such a great job of coming together to help with organizing and participating in these events to ensure that we can have a great Canada Day celebration! 

Sam went down for a short afternoon sleep while Ryan and my Dad worked away at the final outdoor bathroom touches. I worked away at my garden and edging all the flower beds!

Sam woke up and we relaxed inside for a bit. While he watched some Wiggles, I made a double go of BBQ sauce. We eventually headed outside where I got his water table ready. When Dad and Ryan were done, we all got into our swim suits and headed in for the first swim of 2016!! Sam is still a little scared and preferred to play on the steps. But he had a blast on the steps and didn't want to get out! 

After Sam went to bed, Ryan and I did our May date! A "Keg" inspired meal to celebrate our anniversary! It was delicious! 

Our "we are so tired and dirty from working but are going to have a date anyways" selfie! 


How was your weekend? 


Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Happiness

Happy Friday everyone! How can you not be happy with the beautiful weather this week? With the upcoming weekend ahead and a full week of no more sickness! It really has been a great week! One that has flown by.

So why do I seem so joyous? Because there were some other forces trying to make me feel not so happy this week. People who would rather live a negative life and try to tear others down to make themselves feel more important.

And to them, I stick up my middle finger and look in the other direction. Because what they don't realize, I actually do not care about what they think about me. They don't realize I have some of the best family and friends that any one could hope for. And I am so incredibly blessed!

This particular Friday I wanted to point out some of the things that are making me extra happy!

1. My garden! I am so excited to have my garden planted again this year. I love going and taking a quick look every day anticipating some of my seedlings germinating. The little flowers on my cherry tomato plant represent the upcoming harvest! It makes me giggle at the thought of Sam picking and eating all the cherry tomatoes right off the plant last year!

2. Friday lunches are here and I love it. In the winter, I sneak away and enjoy lunch at home. In the busier months, I pack a lunch every day. But on Fridays I get a break and do a special lunch on Fridays! This could consist of take out or homemade treats! Today we are having subs! Someone picks up the ingredients and we make our own subs. It's a nice treat for hot day! Next week we are bringing a BBQ over and having hot dogs! It just makes Friday that much better!

3. While I am skeptical about getting our outdoor space finished anytime soon, I am very impressed with the outdoor bathroom! It is SO beautiful and ended up way nicer then I anticipated! This weekend the final touches are happening like decorating.

A before pic! 

4. The pool is officially ready!! In between working outside and golf tournament, we hope to take Sam for his first swim of 2016! Last year he hated it but I am hoping we can slowly get him into swimming this year. I know that if he doesn't like year, it will only get better and better as the time passes. Looking forward to summer days by the pool!

5. The days are long but the weeks are short. That's what I tell myself in the busy season. Every morning I make a do-to list. Most of the time, I don't cross anything off. They are things that will eventually will get done but as the day progresses, things pop up that need to be dealt with instead. When things are crazy busy, I count my blessings with every little bit of stress it causes. It means the business is active, thriving and growing!

6. This weekend is Canada Day Golf Tournament. A golf tournament organized to help raise money so that Quyon can have their own fireworks and party for Canada Day. Without the participation in these events, our little town wouldn't have any Canada Day festivities. The thing is, it's never a struggle to get people to help with the fundraising. We live in one awesome and spirited town! 

I wish you all a happy and fun weekend! 


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A REALLY Long Weekend

Happy Wednesday, friends! Here in Canada, this passed weekend marked the first long weekend of the "summer" season. We had BIG plans for this weekend. Lots to accomplish off of our check list and we were very excited for it to arrive. 

And then on Wednesday morning as I was dropping Sam off at daycare, he threw up. And he continued to be sick every 15-20 minutes for 5 hours straight. It was a rough day for my boy and he was exhausted. But I was glad to be able to be home with him to provide him with lots of love. 

By bedtime, he was no longer being sick but was still very tired and went to bed with a thud! 

Thursday morning he had a quick sprint of energy and then crashed for the rest of the morning! He was still re-cooperating. 

By that afternoon he was feeling and looking so much better! No flu symptoms and he had a blast playing before napping great that afternoon! He ate a good supper and the rest of the evening was wonderful. 

Unfortunately for me, Friday I had caught the illness and I was down and out! Thankfully, Ryan never caught it. It has been a rough Spring in our household with sickness and I hope now that it has passed and we enjoy the rest of our summer, germ free! 

Saturday everyone was on the mend but I didn't go to work as I was still pretty weak. Ryan took Sam to run some errands and I rested. 

By the afternoon, I was feeling a lot better and was able to go outside with Sam and rock while he played away! By that evening I was 100% better and ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

Sunday morning I didn't set my alarm but my body still told me it was time to wake up at 4:30! So I got up and enjoyed a couple coffees in another of my happy places, our screened porch! It was a little chilly but as I wrapped up in the blanket I enjoyed the sounds and scenes of the early morning. 

The boys got up, we had a quick breakfast and decided to make a run to a local greenhouse before church! It was a great stop and I got the rest of the stuff I needed for this year! I loved walking around the greenhouse and could have spend hours there. 

We headed to church, had a delicious brunch and visit with my parents and then headed home to put Sam down for nap. As he snoozed away, my dad and Ryan continued on the outdoor bathroom reno and I planted away! 

Eventually, Sam got up and he helped me finish and I made supper for him while Ryan continued working. By bed time, I put Sam down and was going to start supper for Ryan and I, but we decided we just weren't hungry. Instead we settled in for a movie on Netflix and snacks. 

Monday, A DAY OFF! I was SO excited for this day! We were going to be at home together, getting work done around our home. Sam was in great spirits on Monday and we had so much fun outside and inside! 

The only bad problem about this weekend? The bugs! I loved the heat but the blackflies were sometimes unbearable. 

I got the rest of my planting done too! We are extending our veggie garden this year to include some fun items like watermelon and giant pumpkin. 

So although the start of our long weekend wasn't that great, we ended up with one heck of a good long weekend! We were so tired when it was over from all the work that we got done but it wait until you see the final results of the new bathroom! It is beautiful and a perfect addition to our outdoor oasis. 

How was your long weekend? 


Monday, May 16, 2016

A Few Scenes From Our Weekend

Hello from this beautiful NOVEMBER day! UGH! What the heck mother nature? Where's the warm Spring days? It's hard to get motivated to work outside when the weather has been so gross. On the weekend it varied from misty rain to down pour in the matter of minutes. Then it would get sunny but the wind would be chilly. 

But we have things to do around the outside of our home! Things we want done before summer starts so that we can actually enjoy it! And I want the weather to co-operate so that I don't have to wear my snowsuit while doing the work! 

I was off of work on Friday like you read. Sam and I had snuggles at home and eventually his fever disappeared and he started being more like himself. Except that he had no interest in food and still had a runny nose. 

Ryan got done work early because of the rain. We were getting a little cabin fever so we decided to pack up and head to the city with Ryan! Ryan has been really wanting a new bike and we decided to bite the bullet and he bought one. 

We also stopped at Wendy's for supper. I did  not feel like a burger and fries so tried their new Mediterranean chicken salad! YUM! A new favorite!  

Sam FINALLY ate a few fries after 2 days of no food. 

We stopped at Home Depot for some reno supplies! Love going there because Sam loves the cart! We can take our time because he is so entertained. 

Saturday was dreary day and I didn't have to work! We had breakfast and then went outside to start some construction. We are making the pool bathroom a little nicer. A floor and some walls basically. From studs and plywood floor! Sam was right into helping! 

My Dad was there helping so three men in one small bathroom was getting tight so I took Sam for a while to a garage sale in town! It was difficult to look at stuff and carrying my 30+ pound boy around. 

We did score some nice items! One is Sams new "hackey" set which is aka: a golf set! He has been playing with them all weekend!! This boy loves his sports! 

I knew I had to get ready for a wedding and was a little stressed and worried about time while dealing with a grumpy toddler. My Mom came to the rescue and after talking to me for only 5 minutes realized I'd need an extra hand. She game and got Sam early so that he could nap at their place and I could get ready for the wedding! It was nice to get ready leisurely and not worry about Ryan or I waking Sam. 

Despite the yucky weather, friends Phil and Alina had a BEAUTIFUL wedding full of charm and homemade touches. The food was amazing and the party was of course loads of fun! Ryan's group of friends always do this "challenge" at each others wedding and it is always my favorite part. I am pretty lucky to have married a man who has an amazing extended group of friends! 

The midnight lunch was poutine and beavertails!! WOW! 

We got home shortly after 1 am! As in a were 4 hours prior to when I normally get up! UGH! Sunday was rough but thankfully with a cold and cloudy day, I opted out of outdoor work for netflix and a nap! Heavenly! 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekend Starts Now!

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I'm not going to work. And yesterday I didn't go to work. I have a sick little man on my hands who needs his Momma and so work from home I am doing! I feel so bad for Sam because he has just gotten over a nasty cold two weeks ago and is knocked down again. I have no choice but to be home with him as Ryan is busy running the roads now that sod season has started! 

That's right! Sod season is here! There is something so exciting when we start "officially" shipping turf. The days are SHORT as there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done! But such is May! For now, enjoying the fast pace. 

One key tool for the farm, COFFEE! Our coffee maker was over 10 years old and was making some NASTY coffee. So, we splurged on a new one! I had to go over in my PJS to have a cup before Sam got up (Ryan was still home). It was worth it and it is going to be so nice to have good coffee at work now! 

I had a big report due today (just sent it 10 mins ago, woo hoo!) that I NEEDED to work on yesterday afternoon after Sam went down for a nap. My body was screaming at me to sleep but I set up shop in my living room and typed away for 1.5 hours straight. It felt so good to send it this morning and so glad I was able to do it from home. I am reminded in moments like that I am so lucky for my career. As an owner, I always feel guilty when I have to stay home with Sam but I am lucky I can do what I need to at home. So I can be a Mom and a business owner at the same time. 

With May being as crazy as it is, Ryan and I are also trying to work away at getting the new play area ready. We have been puttering away every night at little projects but no end is in sight yet. It's a little difficult to try to stay motivated as it is just the two of us. But with each check mark off of the list, we feel proud. We made little stepping stones for a walkway between the playhouse and the play structure ourselves using a log and some spray paint! They turned out SO cute! 

Yesterday Ryan and I celebrated 4 years married. Our dinner plans got postponed because of Sam getting sick but we still went out for ice cream, made a special meal after Sam went to bed and took our annual photo! Overall, it was still a great anniversary and as we took turns cuddling our sick boy last night, I was reminded by how true it is that we are partners and there is no one else I'd want to do life with! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 


Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Happy Monday! And happy belated Mother's Day to all the other Mom's out there! I hope that your families showed their appreciation for all that you do! 

The weekend started out with hanging out with my boy! Daddy was gone to the camp for a bachelor party! When I picked up Sam, he walked over with a gift for me! I had tears in my eyes seeing him give it to me himself! Inside was a bunch of homemade keepsakes and goodies for me! 

We had some leftovers for supper and then went out to enjoy the day. Sam is officially obsessed with being outside! I don't think he has touched his inside toys for weeks! But we had fun exploring the farm. He wanted to climb up every piece of equipment. 

I gave Sam a bath and he headed to bed. For the first time in a long time, I took a long bubble bath! It felt wonderful. I also made a bowl of popcorn and enjoyed some Netflix! I am right into House of Cards right now! It's almost at that addicted stage. 

Saturday morning I was up early for work. I picked up the babysitter and left to work across the road. It was a busy day with lots of customers and phone calls! Which was nice because it made the day pass quickly! 

Ryan got home and took the babysitter home and gave Sam lunch. I ran to Walmart and did the pick up grocery service for the second time. It was amazing! I also went and picked up my Mom and cousin Barb from the airport! 

I dropped the girls off and loaded up with Sam and Ryan for a special mission. For Daycare appreciation day, we set up a special surprise! Nana (what we lovingly call her) has been asking about a veggie garden for a while! Ryan went to work on making the boxes and we installed them on Saturday! It was so fun being able to surprise her. And show a little appreciation for all that she does for us and for Sam! 

We actually ended up staying for supper and visit! We had a great time and Sam enjoyed playing his heart out! We all slept so well! 

Sunday morning, Mother's day! The day where I could sleep in if I wanted to. But I hate sleeping in! So I did what I love most! Get up, drink coffee in peace and made some homemade cinnamon buns! It was the perfect morning just lounging around! 

The boys eventually got up and we had breakfast together! Then they took me outside for my surprise! My new swing! I am so excited to get this out by Sam's new play structure (if it ever gets put together!)! I can see me sitting, swinging, sipping wine and enjoying the summer evenings! 

We got ready for church, headed to my parents for a quick visit with the family and then to church! It was a great service and Ryan went downstairs with Sam so I could enjoy the sermon! A great relaxing time to reflect. 

Sam gave me a cute Sunday School card and beautiful flowers! Ryan made us a quick lunch and Sam went down for a nap. It was kind of a rainy and cold day which was GREAT! It meant that I was forced to relax instead of going outside and working at projects! I got all the meals prepped for the coming week, napped, watched Netflix and knitted! It was perfect! 

Sam woke up, we played and made BBQ hamburgers for supper. It was time to get ready for bed and Sam loves to sit on his potty right now but doesn't actually "use it". I guess it's a start! ha ha! 

Ryan actually did all the "hard" work at getting Sam ready for bed. Bath and dressed! And I did the best part, snuggles and bed time story! 

My boys gave me a great Mother's day! Ryan really stepped up and took charge so that I could spend the day just being with them and relaxing! They made me feel so loved and appreciated! But really I feel thankful to be given the wonderful gift of being a Mom!