Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend Recap!

Wow! What an amazing weekend! The extra couple of days that got to spend with my boys was awesome! 

On Thursday we picked up this cute bunny at daycare! All the kiddos were hoping around as the Easter Bunny had visited during nap time! How fun! 

Friday was a low key day, just Sam and I. Ryan had worked that night and slept all morning/early afternoon. Normally Sam I would leave so the house would be nice and quiet but I was getting my windshield repaired so instead we hung around home getting food ready for Easter festivities. 

Saturday morning I was up early to make these gluten-free treats for my family! They were a hit and I will be making them again! Even for myself! These s'more cookies I made following this recipe

I was also in charge of homemade buns for both family meals and I decided to try a bread machine recipe! It made making buns SO easy

In the late morning I took Sam up to watch Ryan's hockey game. He loved watching his Dad play. I know that there will be many days spent at the hockey arena in our future. 

Sam went down for an early nap and when he woke up it was time for my family Easter get together!

Sam played hard and was exhausted when we got home. He crashed and then proceeded to sleep in until 8:30 on Easter morning! The bunny had paid us a visit! 

Sam's basket was fun to put together this year. His Easter outfit, chocolate fire truck, bath bubbles and markers, bubbles, chalk and a new book. 

And the Easter bunny was good to me too! New rubber boots, gardening gloves and this beautiful Easter lily! 

Was was REALLY into looking and finding (and eating) his eggs! 

I made some special pancakes for my boys for breakfast before we all got ready for church! 

I love to get Sam a special outfit for Easter! His sweater, dinosaur button up and pants were all from Joe Fresh. His shoes were from Carters and his tie I got last year at a Mexx Kids clearance sale for $1.50! 

We headed to church were there were SO many kids! They all got to do a Easter egg hunt! 

We got home for a quick lunch and early nap and then headed to Ryan's parents to have a wonderful meal there. Sam and Sophie are only about 5 months apart and they are fun to watch interact together! 

HOLIDAY MONDAY! It was a dreadful rainy and cold day! But we bundled up and headed to a new play place our Daycare raved about! Zigazoom is in the Aylmer mall and it is SO fun! Sam loved it and the price is right! $6.95 gets 1 child and 1 adult in with the additional adult being $3. Such a fun way to spend our morning off together! 

We also took Sam for his first taste of St.Hubert's. He thought it was awesome that his food was served in a car! 

Dad and Sammy snuggles after nap time! 

For supper, I made a pizza dough in the bread machine. Have I mentioned that I am loving this new appliance? 

Sam wanted to help and he is getting so good at listening and taking directions. He helped put all the pepperoni and cheese on our pizza.  

I am so sad that our amazing long weekend together is over but so glad at the memories we made! 

How was your Easter? 


Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 Things But It's Not Friday!

Hello SWEET Thursday! Isn't the Thursday before an extra long weekend just that much more wonderful? We are pretty lucky here. We get to have both Good Friday and Easter Monday off! It's kind of what we usually call the "calm before the storm". The last little break before things get REALLY crazy here at the farm. 

1. Kind of obvious, and what everyone is talking about...EASTER! This weekend is Easter and I am OH so excited! Sam has been a goof ball lately and loving all the birthday celebrations so I think he will really enjoy Easter this year. I am planning a very small Egg hunt for him at home. Only about 8 eggs. They are filled with goldfish mostly! We have the tradition where you set out your basket the night before for the bunny to fill. It was so easy finding stuff for him. Bubbles, chocolate bunny, side walk chalk and his Easter Sunday outfit! Bring on Easter and all the fun! Egg hunts, time with family and church! 

2. I've realized something about myself this week. I am not a good student and I would never be able to go back to school. I kind of always thought I'd like to take a online course and work on furthering some business education. Well I realized this weekend, that's never going to happen. 

I have to take this online vendors course and it is horrible. I am struggling to keep focus, read the designated chapters and stay awake. I really want to throw in the towel but I can't. Last night I worked from 7 PM till 10 PM finishing up module 2! Then a little icon showed up when I submitted my quiz that said "Congrats! You have completed 10% of the course". I could have thrown my laptop across the room. I can't wait until it's done! 

3. I haven't talk about him in a while but Tuck is around and kicking. This April he will be 9 years old! Poor pup had to get more teeth removed but otherwise he is in GREAT shape! Sammy and Tuck are good friends mostly because Sam shares his food with him. But honestly, the transition was really easy for Tucker when Sam came along. He is loving this stage where Sam is always willing to throw a ball for him to fetch. 

4. I have this never ending to-do list for my husband that includes little odd jobs around the house. I bought these crates to store and display yarn in my little craft corner. I bought them in NOVEMBER and he just got them up last weekend. I am very thankful they are up now though and I can get some re-organizing done! 

5. Yesterday was a pretty special day! Not only was it my brothers birthday but also my nephew Clark's. For the last two years I have shared an old photo of Jared on FB and wished him a happy birthday! It's fun to look back on some old picture and to find the right one to use! I think I'm going to make it a yearly tradition! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter! 


Monday, March 21, 2016

This Weekend I Cooked...NOTHING! Not One Thing!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend! 

I had this weird realization yesterday, the whole weekend, I never cooked. Not one thing! Nothing! For me, that is weird. I usually do food prep or a Pinterest idea on the weekend. This weekend we continued Ryan's birthday celebration. I swear it's been a week long celebration! 

Friday afternoon after I got home from picking up Sam, we headed to my brothers for a quick jump on the trampoline that they just got up for the year! He is loving bouncy houses and trampolines! It is always so fun to watch him interact with his cousins! 

Because of our play time, our schedule was pushed back. Ryan and I were going to do our March date after Sam went to bed which included supper. So Sam was having left overs. I decided as a little treat, he could have his spaghetti supper while watch his favorite TV show. He thought it was so awesome! 

I was getting Sam ready for bed and Ryan got to work on our date food. I picked up Queso dip, salsa and chips from Lonestar and we had some frozen chicken wings while we watched Ryan's favorite movie, Fast and Furious! 

Saturday morning we hung around and after breakfast, Ryan headed with Sam to drop him off to his parents because he was hanging out with them and having a sleep over! 

I got some Spring cleaning done and three garbage bags full of stuff to either throw out of donate! It feels so good! 

Before lunch, I headed to the city for another Paint Nite with some of my best friends! At first, the painting seemed like a disaster. When I showed it to Ryan, he proclaimed it as his favorite painting of mine yet! 

Ryan picked me up after and we headed for a date night! First stop, our favorite restaurant, THE KEG! Yum! We got a table right away and enjoyed an amazing meal together! Afterwards, headed to a movie and saw London Has Fallen. It was a good movie but I found it a little bit too much gore for my liking. 

It was fun to see pics of Sam throughout the day! I know he always has so much fun at Nana and Poppa's and doesn't get spoiled at all ;) 

Sunday morning I headed to church and Ryan went to go get Sam. After church, we went to my parents for brunch and then Sam drove us home through the fields! ha ha! 

Both boys napped the afternoon away and worked on some piano homework! Only a couple more lessons left before summer break! 

That morning we had gotten a text from friends Pat and Carolyn inviting us over for supper. Another no-cook meal for me! We got Sam up and put him in his new boots and TRACTOR coat from Josee! He was SO excited about his coat that he refused to take it off...even during supper. Ha ha! 

It was an amazing weekend spending it with friends and family! It really is amazing how fast the weekend goes when it is full of fun things to do! 

How was your weekend? 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that you all are having a great week! 

Dear Sam, 

Mommy should really work on listening to you more. You see, sometimes Mommy thinks of you as her little baby and that I know what you want more then you do. While I will continue to make the "big" decisions for you and guide you to what is right and wrong, sometimes I need to stop and listen to you. Last night, you were FREAKING out and pointing to the glass cabinet. I told you "no" you can't have one of the glass cups. Later, I realized that Daddy had put one of your sippy cups in there by accident. So in fact, you were crying for YOUR cup. I'm sorry buddy. Also, last night you were crying for food but we were having a party and I didn't want it to ruin your appetite. Because we had guests over, I gave you a little snack anyways concluding that you just weren't going to eat much. WELL then you proceeded to eat 3 slices of pizza and a slice of cake. Sam, I'm sorry that sometimes Mommy doesn't listen to you. I am going to work really hard on reminding myself that you are a smart boy with likes/dislikes and opinions of your own. 

Dear Nana, 

It has been a year since we started our daycare journey with you. A year ago today, I was crying my eyes out at the realization that I wouldn't be spending the majority of my days with my boy anymore. I feared the unknown daycare world and was worried Sam wouldn't love me anymore. That I wasn't a Mommy anymore. You thank me for having trust in you, but in reality I had trust in you the moment I met you. Sam has grown and developed into such a fun, smart and wonderful little boy and I know that a large part of that is thanks to you. I think you have one of the bravest and hardest jobs in the world and I have great respect for what you do. I never worry about Sam when he is with you and that is such a blessing. He loves you and so do we! We thank god that you and your family have come into our lives. 

Dear Husband, 

Yesterday we celebrated your birthday! On Thursday, you turn 34! Yesterday marked 5 years since we were celebrating your birthday and you popped the question to me! It was one of the biggest surprises of my life. How you kept it from me will always baffle me. That's the thing about us, we have a hard time keeping things from eachother so sometimes birthdays and other holidays are a flop because we just get so excited to share our plans with one another. 

Truthfully, sometimes you drive me absolutely bananas! We are so very opposite and sometimes you say that you wish we likes more of the same things. Not me. I love how different we are and I think that is what keeps things exciting! We get to experience something new! You bring me to sporting events and then come with me to broadway musicals. Do we love those things? No, but we go along because we get to be together.

Dear Spring, 

I love you. I have been waiting for you all winter long! I can smell the sure signs of Spring and feel the warmth in the sun. I love that I don't have the heat blasting in the afternoon drives to pick up Sam. And I can't wait to roll my window down! I'm looking forward to Easter, gardening and evening walks! Bring it on!! See ya later, Winter! 


Monday, March 14, 2016

Rough Weekends Make For Pleasant Monday's!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Ours started out a little rough. With the nice weather last week, work was insanely busy. I felt like I was constantly running without an end in sight. But, it was going to hopefully be a busy and productive Friday. When I got Sam up and ready for the day I noticed a head-to-toe rash. No fever or other symptoms. This has happened to Sam before. Instead of getting a fever, he gets a rash instead. 

There was a little controversy between Ryan and I because he has never taken a sick day with Sam. So it's up to me to entirely put my work on the back burner. After gentle (aka: not at all) persuasion, Ryan saw the light and agreed to stay at home with Sam! And I am SO glad he did! I needed that day to catch up on a lot of work! I think they actually had a good day together too! Out getting groceries and playing outside! 

When I was done at work we had a quick supper and went for a nice walk to enjoy the beautiful weather! I am loving that we can go outside in the evenings for a bit! 

Sam is loving that as the weather gets nicer, all the trucks and equipment are getting taken out of storage! So many rides! 

Saturday morning I was up early to put the finishing touches on my shamrock cookies! It was Irish Tea day! An annual event that I so look forward to every year now! It is a great opportunity for the young ladies of the church to organize and execute a fundraiser all on our own. 

It is a great morning/early afternoon event where people can come out to enjoy some sandwiches, sweets and of course, tea! 

I came home and put my feet up and Ryan and I watched a movie while Sam snoozed away. We had a quiet evening in and after Sam went to bed, friends (Amanda and Josh) come over with supper and all the fixings to celebrate Ryan's birthday! It was a fun visit that included a little exploding kittens! Such a fun game! 

Sunday morning Ryan headed off for another sledding trip! I spoke too soon last weekend when I said that it was his last. But HOPEFULLY this past weekend trip was his last! Is it just me or does everyone with kids hates Daylight Savings? I don't know what it is, but it completely changes Sam for the day. He even slept till 8 AM (technically 7 AM) so I figured he was fine. But he just seemed off all morning before eventually falling asleep around 10 while watching TV! 

I thought maybe he needed a little rest and he'd be good for the birthday party across the road to celebrate Faith's 7th birthday!  

And he did have fun! Lots of kiddo's to play with and a yummy lunch! It was great to spend that time with family! And wow, I can't believe Faith is 7 already! Where has the time gone? 

We got home around 2 and for the next 1.5 hours we fought over his nap. Eventually he stayed up and I tried to keep him happy for the rest of the evening. He was so tired and just not himself. Nothing would make him happy! Eventually he was crying for sleep so I brought him upstairs where he proceeded to fall asleep as I was reading him his book. Poor boy! So even though it was only 6 PM, he went to sleep and slept right through the night! 

Thankfully, this morning Sam is back! He was so happy this morning and giving lots of hugs and kisses. Singing on the way to daycare! 

How was your weekend?