Monday, May 30, 2011

Canada Day Golf Tournament Weekend

What's with the title? I mean, there are two other days of the weekend to consider beside Saturday. Does that really matter? The Canada day golf tournament is my #1 priory of this past weekend!

Friday evening, after work, Ryan and I were off to Pembroke to get some new flowers for my pots! Since I don't have a front garden bed I decided to go all out on my pots and even splurged on a couple beautiful hanging baskets!

We then went to East Side Mario's for supper and our free appetizer thanks to a coupon I printed off! It was so nice to sit and chat with my fiance over a nice meal! We decided then and there that at least once a month we will go on a date, just the two of us! We always do things with other friends, which is fun but sometimes it's important for just the two of us to spend time together on a date!

It was getting kind of late but our evening was not over because it was very important that we get groceries! We hadn't gotten any food for a month and I had a list that was about a mile long! It would have been too late to go to our favorite store in Renfrew so we just went to the local Walmart.

This was the first time that I had done my groceries at a Walmart and I have to say I was impressed! The selection (meat and fresh produce) was awesome and the prices were AMAZING! I will defiantly be getting my groceries from there again!

While we were in Walmart, passing the "sale section, we saw this display:

Ryan: "Why would you spend 32$ on diapers when you can buy a shop vac that can do the same thing for 39$?


Saturday morning was here, the big golf tournament day and it was RAINING! That couldn't stop our team, after work I loaded up the clubs and headed to the course to meet up with my ladies to start our round!

We had a great game (Thanks to Tiger Josee), the rain held out and there were SO many laughs to be had!

When we got back to the club we visited over some deep fried pickles and drinks! Then it was off to the Beachbarn for an amazing supper of BBQ steak with all the fixings! All evening the drinks were flowing and the band was rockin', it's always a good party!

Sunday morning Ryan and I headed to church and then back to the golf course with my parents for breakfast!

For the rest of the afternoon Ryan worked on the pool while I planted my new flowers and weeded the garden! (COME ON LITTLE SEEDS, GROW!) Then it was supper and bed time, where I stayed up WAY to late watching this piece of mindless television (My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) although, makes me kind of want to be a gypsy!

How was your weekend?


Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Randomness!

Remember how I thought at the beginning of the week that I thought this week was going to fly by? I WAS WRONG!!! I totally jinxed myself! At least it's Friday now although the rainy weather is kind of depressing! It's hard to be a turf farmer when there is no sun! GRRR.....

- Every Friday the ladies at the office decide on what is going to be "Friday lunch" which is always something special. We get to eat out today and when asking for suggestions, I said Chinese food.....I HATE Chinese food! I guess it's just a random craving. No, I'm not pregnant!

- I seriously always have the weirdest dreams. Last night I dreamt that it was right before our wedding and I just found out Ryan was already married for the second time! Weird.

- Last night was Zumba and I rocked it out! I'm kind of glad that I don't live with someone right now because every Thursday when I get home from Zumba, I go and get ready for bed. While brushing my teeth I dance in front of the mirror just to see what these moves really look like! I look like a dork! ha ha!

- Tonight Ryan and I have to go and get groceries in the city. We decided we'd go to East Side Mario's for supper. The first thing that I did when I got to work this morning? Go online to see if I could get a coupon for East Sides....I'm addicted to coupons!

- Speaking of addicted....Ever since I planted my veggie garden on Monday I am constantly walking over to it to see if it grew! Sometimes, I say, "come on little seeds, start growing please". I heard talking to you plants helps? :-)

- The other day I was watching Ryan play baseball. The ball field is right near the Ottawa River so the mosquito's were really bad! They were so vicious that they actually started biking me through my clothes, including jeans! Oh well, it was still fun to visit with Josee and watch Ryan hit a home run! What's a little blood transfusion anyway?

- This morning Andrew, who is one of our sales reps. came from the city with a Tim Horton's coffee for me...I pretty much jumped up, squealed and then gave him a big hug! Doesn't take much eh? I love my Timmy's!!!

Anyways, those are all the things that are going through my head right now, a little nutty? Ya, but that's me! I'm a nut! :-P

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Maid Of Honor!

Hey Jilly, this post is all about you.....:-) Told you it was coming!

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is going to (hopefully) fly right by since it is a short week!

It's that time in the "Wedding Wednesday" posts to introduce you to the cast....aka...the wedding party! First up, my maid of honor Jill.

This is Jill (Jilly, Jilly Bean, Julia)

I have known Jill for all my life. Both of our families attend the same church, in fact, have since we were both little. I have always known Jill, but she was closer to my brothers age and it took becoming adults for us to become friends.

A few years back, Jilly started work here at the turf farm and that is when we really started to get to know eachother.

Sidenote: It is awesome having a maid of honor that you work with. Everytime I think of something I just have to shout across the office (literally). See: This is Jill at her desk, right across from mine!

We quickly became friends inside and outside the office. We would always meet at the local watering hole (aka Gavans) for a good time. Movie nights were always the best!
I left for University which was over 5 hours away! Luckily, for me, Jilly is the best and took a few trips out to see me! We had many Guelph adventures that I am sure we will be laughing about until we are 100 years old.

I have so many fond memories together. Cuba, Gavans, potlucks, movie nights, Kelsey dates, office laughter and many more! She is the one that I can lean on when I'm upset. She is always honest with me, she's the kind of friend that will tell you (when shopping) if something looks good on you. She has no problem telling me when I'm wrong and I respect her immensely for that!

Jilly is someone who you can tell all of your secrets too, which I do. I can vent, share excitement and overall have a great time with her. When I got engaged there was never a moments doubt that I would ask Jilly to be the one standing next to me, as my maid of honor!


Thank you for agreeing to be part of this important time in my life. Honestly, I couldn't imagine doing it without you.

Love you!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Long Weekend Wedding, From One Small Town To Another

I think I just blinked, and now the weekend is over! Crazy! And what a weekend it was! Being a long weekend, Friday was spent catching up on work and trying to stay patient until it was time for the weekend!!

Ryan and I left work early, packed up the car (including Candace) and hit the road for Montreal traffic! Bleh, the drive ended up not being that bad and 4 1/2 hours later we were in Richmond/Melbourne Quebec for the wedding of friends, Nick and Jenn.

After the rehearsal dinner it was back to the hotel room to do what us small town people do best......create a party! Out came the beer coolers (which also added extra seating), the banjo, the guitar and singing voices. Always a blast!

The next morning we were up REALLY early to get the day started. First was breakfast at this amazing little bistro! Then it was time to tour the town!

This town is so cute. There are so many old homes one in particular that I was very interested in. You see, before I left, my mother informed that my great grandpa Dunn use to live in Melbourne and that I should still be able to see the old house. It was easily spotted!

After a couple of pictures with the house, we toured the town from one end to another looking at all the old houses/farms. While driving by one, we saw that it had a shoe sign. We decided to drive in only to discover, paradise!! Well, o.k not really, but it was shoe heaven for this girl! 2 pairs of shoes later, I was even more fond of this old barn!

Finally, it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding! It was at the brides grandpa's farm and the sun was shining down on the future Mr & Mrs. It was a great ceremony and as a future bride to be, I was constantly taking mental notes!!

Jenn had looked after so many of the details herself, the super cute old window as a seating chart.

Homemade invites, programs, and table numbers. Everything truly represented the couple!!

The food was awesome and the party was AMAZING! We all danced the night away!!!!

Sunday morning, we hit the road for home sweet home! It was such an adventure getting to visit a new town but it was so nice to be home. We were kind of tired *cough hungover cough* and decided it was a perfect night to watch a movie. When we arrived back home I was surprised to see a package on my island. It was addressed to me but I hadn't ordered anything. When I did open the box I almost passed out when I saw this sitting there......

I have wanted a Kindle for about a year now!!!!!! Ryan had surprised me by buying me one. He said it was for no reason at all, just because he knew I'd love it!!! Yes, I know, he's a keeper!! :-)

Oh, glorious holiday Mondays. We spent the day puttering away at the gardens, cleaning windows and of course, reading a book on my new Kindle!!

This weekend was such a blast! Sitting back now reflecting I feel so fortunate to be able to experience such amazing things with wonderful people. Finally, I would like the thank Nick and Jenn for inviting Ryan and I to their amazing wedding. We both wish you years of love and laughter!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Confession And My Favorite Beauty Product

Happy Friday....Happy Friday before a long weekend, BOO YAH! The weather has been pretty darn craplicious around here lately! My list of "things to get done outside" was officially flushed down toilette yesterday! Oh well, I'm sure (IT BETTER, OR ELSE!) the weather will improve and with it my damp mood! Bleh!

I figured on this Friday I'd share a story/tidbit with you about myself. Did you know that I have REALLY bad skin?


Yes, I have adult acne. I know right about now that you are thinking that I am crazy. My skin isn't that bad. Well it's not now, because of this awesome product!

Yes, I'm 13. No, seriously, in high school I never had an acne problem because of that I would neglect taking care of my skin. I thought I was one of the lucky few who would just never have to deal with acne. Boy, was I wrong.


Then, I turned 21 and BAM my face broke out. This was not a very good look for a hip (who am I kidding, HA!) college girl! I felt like a little zitty teenager walking around with beautiful, suave university adults. I didn't have those nice little zits. No, I had those huge, painful, boil resembling, white puss things!! *Sorry for the visual if you happened to be eating.

Zitty face on a good day! Man those things use to be sore!

I tried lots of over the counter acne medicine from the pharmacy and most of the time it made my acne worse! I would try to disguise these bumps with lots of foundation which again, would only make things worse.

Notice white foundation face incomparision to tan(ish) arm? HA! University formal.

I graduated college, moved home and started work. Still feeling like a phony. How do you look like a career woman when you have a bunch of zits?

One evening, when meeting with my ladies, a friend's sister mentioned that she used Proactiv and how well it worked. I never thought anything more about the product until one day, walking around the mall, there was a concession stand selling Proactive. I figured, why not! I bought a box (FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE) and haven't looked back since!
Clear faced cookie monster, Halloween 2010.

It took about a week for the product to start working but man, does it work! My skin is actually smoother then it has ever been! Buying the products is expensive. Once, I quit using it thinking: "Oh I probably don't have acne anymore." WRONG!

Having adult acne is embarrassing, especially for a woman but if there is anyone out there suffering from it, give Proactiv a try, it's not just for teenagers.

Having smooth skin gives me confidence to even go makeup-less if I want. Proactive is definatley the #1 beauty product in my cabinet!

*Proactive has nothing to do with this post. It is just sharing my favorite beauty product with you. *


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Planning Tools

When I have quiet time to think, I still smile/giggle when I think of Ryan and the fact that we will be getting married. Shortly after the engagement the questions began flowing:

- Have you picked a date?

- Who's in your wedding party?

- Are you getting married on the farm?

And many, many more! Did I mind all the questions? Surprisingly, no! I love it and I loved the fact that people cared enough about our wedding to ask.

The first thing I really wanted to do was pick a date! A couple of days after being engaged we sat down with a calendar. My grandma was really pushing for a Fall 2011 wedding but I knew, with the craziness of work in the summer, that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. Sorry grandma!

We decided spring 2012 would allow us time to think carefully about things we wanted, book stuff and enjoy our time as an engaged couple. The first date we picked was April 21, 2012.

I knew that a spring wedding means pretty flowers, spring colors and cooler weather. Spring also brings the possibility of rain! I had an idea what hall I wanted and when I asked about booking this date, the hall wouldn't be available.

After much consideration, May 12, 2012 was our date! BOOKED!

Once the date was finalized it was time to start booking things. I really wanted to get the "big" items out of the way before the hectic summertime.

There are two tools that I have used most in this process;

1. I like to be organized, I love to have lists, and writing things down for me in crucial! One of my friends, Sharon, dropped of this notebook to me as an engagement present.

It has special, homemade tags that read: ceremony, attire, flowers & decorations, venues, entertainment & catering and miscellaneous. This little book has been a BIG help in keeping my thoughts organized! I have written down so many details when the ideas pop in my head.

2. Another tool that I have used ALOT is I don't remember how I found this website but I am so glad I did. It has a special guest list/seating chart feature, countdown, AMAZING timeline checklist, and lots of pictures from real weddings for ideas! I am on this website literally everyday checking things off the "to do list" and looking for ideas! I would highly recommend this website for any bride to be!

Before Ryan and I decided on any wedding details we sat down and confirmed one thing; this is about him and I becoming "us". We shook hands and agreed to make this wedding planning experience fun and stress free as possible. We're not naive, we know we're not going to agree on everything. We do know that at the end of the day, at the end of the wedding, we'll be husband and wife and that is the most important detail!

Wedding planning has been a blast so far! I love picking out all the special details for the wedding to make the day totally us! I can't wait to share that with you on more Wedding Wednesday to come!

Have a great day!


Monday, May 16, 2011

A Perfect Weekend!

It's hard to imagine a weekend of rainy weather being perfect but it was! Looking back, I'm a little disappointed because it felt as though it flew by and I wish every weekend could be that great!

Friday afternoon, after a crazy busy work week, I quickly changed and was off to the big Ferry with Jill. On the other side we picked up Amanda and then met Rebekka (Don't worry, you'll hear all about these ladies in later posts) at Jack Astors for an amazing meal! This was the first official meeting of all of my ladies (minus flower girls) in the wedding!! It was very exciting to sit and chat with them all! What else would a bride to be and her bridesmaids do on a Friday night?

Well, see Bridesmaid of course!! I totally give this movie 2 thumbs up! I thought I was going to fall off of my seat from laughing so hard sometimes! As great as the movie was, the best part was giggling with the girls before the movie while trying to get a picture taken!

Saturday morning I was up with the birds to get things ready for the CPR course that we were having for some of the guys at the farm. It is mandatory for some, including me! On a beautiful sunny day, this would normally make me mad but it was raining all day and was the perfect activity on a yucky day like that! Some first aid, pizza and lots of laughs!

Saturday evening it was back on the big boat (aka Ferry) for supper at Montanas and a movie to celebrate this ladies birthday! Happy Belated Sara!

We saw Something Borrowed, which I have to say, I was really looking forward to! I have been a huge fan of all Emily Griffin books and the movie did not disappoint! It was a "heart swelling" movie and did the book justice!

My favorite part of that evening, all the stories and laughs with the ladies! I am so lucky to have so many amazing women in my life!

Sunday morning, I woke to a phone call from my brother. He told me that he was at the door and that he had something for me! I was a little worried so I ran down in my P.Js to see my brother holding this.....

A Tim Hortons coffee!!! Being that I live in the middle of no where, the closest Timmy's is 30 minutes away! Jared's kids wouldn't sleep so he loaded them up and took a drive, so his wife, Holly could sleep. I was supper happy because I got to watch T.V in bed while sipping my Timmy's. I love my brother!!

The morning continued to get better because as I was about to take stuff out for breakfast, Ryan asked to take me out for breakfast! We headed to the local restaurant for some fuel for a busy morning/afternoon!

As much as I love my parents, I don't love all of the stuff they left me with. Years of "stuff" had collected in my old basement. These things I didn't want, but didn't feel comfortable throwing out. For 3 hours Ryan and I sorted, destroyed and cleaned out the old basement so that it is ready to become the new laundry room.

It was a horrible job but so glad that it is done! Afterwards, but parents came over to get their forgotten items and stayed for some BBQ steak, potatoes, corn and peach cobbler!

Although the weekend contained alot of hard work, it also had movies, time with Ryan, suppers out, and fun with friends. A balanced weekend, perfect!

How was your weekend?


Friday, May 13, 2011

I Hate Socks

Happy Friday everyone!! This week has been a teaser to what is to come for the summer!! I have been sock free all week and it has been wonderful!

The other day I saw on another fellow bloggers post about a Flip Flop Swap! Basically, you sign up, are given a partner, and buy a new pair of flip flops for each other! The second I saw that I signed right up! I had participated in a Christmas gift swap and it was so fun to get to know another fellow blogger and exchange a gift!

I encourage you to go over to Lyryn's blog to sign up...maybe we'll even be partners....:-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - The Story Of Us


Happy fact Happy May 11th....this time next year (I can just see Jilly rolling her eyes at me now!) it will be the day before my wedding. This brings alot of emotions and questions.....

What? I have to wait another WHOLE year to marry the love of my life?

O-M-G, I am going to be a married woman in a year?

One emotion I am not feeling is doubt. I have had no doubt for a long time that I wanted to spend my life with Ryan. First, let's give you the background story.......

I am not going to lie, June to November in 2007 SUCKED for both Ryan and I.

Ryan married his high school sweet heart young. In the summer of 2007 Ryan and his then wife separated after being married for less then a year. A few months after that, he was laid off at his job. At the time he wouldn't admit how hard it was on him but most of his friends knew otherwise.

I, on the other hand, who never really even knew Ryan, had packed up my life and moved after university to British Columbia (across the country, sorry Mom) with my then boyfriend of 2 years. From the moment I got there things with my relationship went down hill. I really wanted to come back home but I was fearful that I would look like a failure. So, I stuck it out, even though I was miserable.

By the end of October, I couldn't take it any more! I packed up all my stuff and moved back home....head hung low.

By the end of November, I was still heart broken but glad to be surrounded by friends and family at home. At this time Ryan had found roommates and had started piecing his life back together.

One November afternoon, I volunteered to take a trip to the bank for my mom. While walking into the bank I bumped into Ryan, who was waiting in line for the ATM. We said said our hello's but being that I was on "a mission" I just proceeded through the doors.

While exiting the bank I noticed Ryan was still there but standing outside.

Side note: A couple of friends *cough* Ricky *cough* were whispering in Ryan's ear that he should "go after me" now that I was home and single. Ricky must have been REALLY nudging because he gave Ryan a set of hockey tickets and told him to take me!

Ryan standing outside clearly waiting for me actually didn't surprise me. We ran with the same group of friends now and so I thought he was just being polite. Little did I know he was about to ask me out on a date.

Poor guy....I actually said no! But he didn't stop 12 hours later, he called me and asked again. Finally, after some words on encouragement, I agreed.

It was a great date (Thanks Ricky!) and it lead to many more! To be honest however, while dating Ryan, I had made the decision I wasn't ready to be in a relationship!

The poor boy liked me, and affirmed this really early and I was being closed off. Too scared to get hurt or to rush into things. One of Ryan's best attributes is being patient, finally on January 1st, I agreed to be his girlfriend.

Our first picture together.

We have had an amazing 3 years of dating. Trips, fun times, laughs, tears, fights and lots of memories!

Now that our dating relationship is over and we are moving towards being married their are alot of unknowns. I'm not worried at all, because I have my best friend by my side along the way.

Read the engagement story here.

Have a great day!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Small Town Weekend!

The work week has started again but for some reason I don't mind. Maybe it's because of the nice weather coming, or because I know that the week will fly by being that it is so busy! Either way, summer is practically here which means weekends are FILLED with things to do, this weekend was no exception.

I have been looking forward to Friday night for a while. Back at the Hemlock Hideaway hunt camp they had extended an invitation to their yearly men's bash to the women! Ryan and I headed there immediately after work for supper......

That's a lot of cow!

The cooks! (HI MIKE!)

Drinks with friends....

And amazing MUSIC! Seriously, these boys can JAM!

Saturday morning, Ryan and I both had to work at the farm. When it gets busy at the beginning of the summer sometimes we have to work. After the great party the night before, we did not want to roll out of bed!!! Work passed quickly though and we were able to relax (sleep!) for the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday evening we were off to Aylmer, for Auntie Debbie's *cough* 50th *cough* birthday! She is Stacy's mom and being that we all live in the same small town I have always been close with my Aunt.

That evening Ryan and I rented Country Strong. I wasn't a huge fan, I really enjoyed the music though!

Sunday morning, while getting ready for church, a very special Chihuahua surprised me with a Mother's day card!! It was pretty cute!

Off to church with Mom and Dad for a beautiful service that included a baptism for the little girl of friends Brandon and Amanda.

Sitting beside me in church was Maddy, Stacy's daughter. She has been wearing her "glasses" for a while now and it is hilarious! I asked her if I could take her picture and she said yes! Afterwards, I showed her the picture and she said, "Good, now it can go on your blog". Ha ha what a kid!

After church, Ryan and I treated my parents and his to a Mother's day brunch at the very popular Cafe 349 in the next town over. We were not disappointed! It was an amazing meal!

With full bellies and thoughts of Monday looming I spent the rest of what was left of the weekend, puttering around and relaxing! Now, it's back to reality but another amazing weekend is to come soon! I LOVE SUMMER!

How was your weekend?

Have a great week!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I am lucky to have so many amazing women in my life, some of them are mom's!! To watch them amazes me and their strength is amazing!

To my Mom:

And Bev, my soon to be mom!

And all the other amazing mom's out there....

I hope you all get spoiled and have an AMAZING day!