Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honeymoon Part 2


After a relaxing start to our honeymoon we were ready to get off the resort and see what the Bahamas was really about! On Thursday, we asked our butler how to get to the downtown market (that other guests were recommending to us) and she said take the public bus!

The Bahamas is so safe and geared towards tourists that their own public transportation is easily accessible. So, for $1 each you can go anywhere you want on the island!

Honeymoon 095

We got to the market to search for the only souvenir we wanted to purchase, a Christmas ornament. Luckily, even in May, we were able to find one that we both liked!

We decided to head to Senor Frogs for lunch. I had heard some fun things about this place and knew Ryan would love it! We were immediately greeted with new hats and yard tall drinks! Yum!


The drinks have a great warning on them too!


After our delicious lunch the party really got started! The music was louder, there was dancing on chairs and a long conga line!


I love this next picture. The random dude taking a shot from a clown with a butt right over his head…at the time (and after a few yard drinks) this seemed completely normal!


We headed back to the hotel later that afternoon for a nap (aka second wind) before heading to supper at The Cricketers Pub. After a few days of fancy dining we were looking forward to some beer, fries and chicken wings! So yummy!


Friday day more laying around the pool, reading and playing cards followed! It was glorious!

Honeymoon 032


Honeymoon 033

Traditional honeymoon shot! :-)

That evening we got dressed up to head to the French cuisine restaurant, Baracat.


Saturday we were starting to feel like our honeymoon was coming to a close. Ryan decided he to wanted to REALLY tan but instead that day he REALLY burnt!


That evening we went to the Casanova for the Italian buffet!

Sunday, our last official honeymoon day! The day was beautiful but we were done sitting around in the sun! We decided to hop back on the public bus and head to the Atlantis Resort and look at the marina!

Honeymoon 063


This place is HUGE! And so hard to find your way around! Finally, we got tickets and started our tour of all the aquatic life! We even got to go in the shark tunnel! SO COOL!

Honeymoon 042

Honeymoon 048

Honeymoon 054

Honeymoon 077

Honeymoon 065

We were done at the Atlantis and decided to check out the Pirates Museum that was near the market downtown!

Honeymoon 078

We had fun running around the museum learning about the pirates that had visited the Bahamas and the way they use to live! There were also some really neat old pirate artifacts!

Honeymoon 082

Honeymoon 086

Honeymoon 092

We were pretty spent after our adventurous day and decided to lay low for lunch at our FAVORITE place at our resort, the pizza place!

Honeymoon 096

The view

This place was so awesome and the pizza was amazing. Fresh and made it order in a fire burning stove! Yum!

Honeymoon 099

We relaxed and laid around for the rest of the afternoon and started packing! That evening we just went back to The Cricketers pub for a small meal. Later, we headed back to the beach for one last Bahamas sunset!


Monday morning it was time to pack up our room! I couldn’t help but take a picture of my friend Sara’s birthday card that I forgot to give to her at the wedding that made it all the way to the Bahamas!


We got home safe and sound after an amazing honeymoon! It was so fun going away as husband and wife!


We got to relax, reflect on our wedding and talk about all the things to come in our married life! Great way to start our lives out together!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Canada Golf Tournament 2012


Happy Monday!  It was one heck of a fun and exciting weekend! One that is anticipated all year all. The Canada Day Golf Tournament!

Friday afternoon I started the weekend out by getting a haircut! I had been growing my hair out long for the wedding. It was all pretty much all one length to make wedding updo a little easier. Once I got back from the honeymoon I couldn’t wait to get my hair cut! I was so sick of the long, boring style!

hair before


I chopped 4 inches off and it feels so much lighter and healthier! It’s nice and bouncy with all the layers!

hair cut


Saturday morning I was up early for work! I only worked most of the morning. Then, I loaded up my golf clubs and headed to the golf course! My teammates and I loaded up the carts and off we went!

Canada Day Golf Tournament 2012 004 

We had WAY too much fun on the course! Giggling until there were tears streaming down our faces! Our golf game wasn’t the best but we did have fun!

Canada Day Golf Tournament 2012 017

Josee and I in our cart!

After the game we hung around the clubhouse and later, headed to the Beachbarn for a yummy steak supper! Always such a great meal!

The party was just getting started when we actually packed up and left. We were going to a stag in the city for my lovely cousin Shannon and her soon-to-be husband, Casey!

shan and caseys stag 2

It was a great party at the legion in Vanier! Everyone was having so much fun listening to karaoke and dancing away!

shan and caseys stag 3

Ryan and I had so much fun celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my very dear friend and cousin!

shan and caseys stag

We did head back to the Beachbarn for the tail end of the party and then did a little road tour to drop some friends off! All in all, it was a fun and busy day/evening!

Unfortunately, on Sunday morning, we were up too early! We were feeling pretty energized so decided to make a big breakfast and invite my parent’s over.

After breakfast we finally opened all of the wedding presents! It was so awesome reading all the sweet messages and opening all the beautiful presents!

That afternoon Mom, Jill and I headed to Shawville for a wine tasting. The first every in our small town! A local artisan group was hosting a wine tasting as a fundraiser. The food and wine pairings were wonderful and I can finally cross that item off of my 101 list!

wine tasting

How was your weekend?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Honeymoon Recap - Part 1


Ryan and I knew early on in the wedding planning process that we wanted to go away on our honeymoon right away. In fact, on a past Wedding Wednesday post I mentioned where we would be going.

To say that we were excited to get away would be an understatement. We were looking forward to some uninterrupted time together as husband and wife.

The Sunday morning after the wedding was a sleepy one! We were kind of exhausted from the night before. So, we ordered pizza into our room for lunch and then slept most of the afternoon away!


That evening we did decide to go out for supper to The Keg that was just down the road from our hotel! We had an amazing meal! It is one of our favorite restaurants!


REALLY early Monday morning we were off to the Bahamas! Landing in this beautiful city early in the afternoon! We were picked up (and brought back) to the airport in this sweet set of wheels! We kind of felt like a big deal! :-)


A Rolls Royce!

We were greeted at the reception desk and told some bad news. Our room wasn’t ready yet. To make it up to us they asked if we wanted to be upgraded to their nicest room, the oceanview penthouse suite! Oh, ok…if we have too! (WOO HOO!)

Honeymoon 001

Honeymoon 002

Honeymoon 005

Honeymoon 006

That evening our butler (ya, we had our own butler all week, sweet!) booked us to have dinner at Gordon’s which is on the pier. We dressed up and headed off.

Honeymoon 008

We had an amazing meal! Steak, seafood and all the fixings.


Our first full morning at the resort was great! We were greeted at breakfast with mimosa’s! Great way to start the day!


We then laid by the pool, which ended up being our most favorite spot.


I also started a new book! Had to read it after all the hype!


That evening we headed to The Crystal Room, given it’s name from the beautiful chandelier that hangs in the centre.


We again enjoyed a delicious and fancy meal!


After supper we enjoyed a sunset walk on the beach! I know, I know…Super sappy! But we were honeymooners after all!


Wednesday morning was an exciting day! We were headed to the private island and spending the day there!

Honeymoon 015


Honeymoon 021

Our butler had arranged for us to have a private cabana on the beach so that we were able to get out of the sun if we wanted to! We relaxed, ate lunch and even napped in this little cabana.

Honeymoon 011

After lunch, we arranged to have a couples massage on the beach of the private island. It was heavenly!

That evening we cleaned up and headed to Kimono’s for supper. It is a Japanese venue where the chef cooks your meal right before your eyes!


That evening we curled up on one of the couches by the fire pit with a couple of night caps. They had a jazz player performing near the fire pit as well so it was relaxing and entertaining!


The first few days of our honeymoon we were spoiled! Between getting greeted everywhere with a “Mr. & Mrs.” and just relaxing, we rejuvenated after a busy time leading up the wedding. We were feeling very refreshed and looking for some adventures to follow on the coming days.

Happy Friday!