Friday, August 29, 2014

True Life: I Have A Shoe Addiction


Happy Friday everyone! There is something SO magical about the Friday before a long weekend! It is the big SHAWVILLE FAIR this weekend! While I won’t be partaking in the shenanigans all weekend long, I will be bringing Sam up for his first trip to the fair! Not to mention I want to enjoy some Fair treats….Beavertail, lemonade, Billy T’s Pizza…YUM! I’ve got my Cowboy boots out and shined up, ready for the festivities!

I’ve showed you all before my first house renovation, and where I happen to keep those cowboy boots, my walk in closet!

Here’s the thing, I have a love for shoes. And I am not talking about high heeled, hard to walk in, stiletto type shoes! No, that is not me! It just doesn’t suit my life right now. I love ballet flats, flip flops and boots! My life and my feet never enjoyed wearing heels. Sure, I have a few for special occasions but my go to shoes are easy to walk in!

After becoming a Mom, my love for shoes hasn’t changed except now I get the pleasure of dressing this handsome little man! And  you better believe that he is usually sporting something on his feet!


A little while ago I had the sad task of putting away some more stuff that Sam has grown out of. This included Sam’s collection of footwear! Looking at my (at the time) 4 month olds collection of shoes was comical. It was obvious that my shoe obsession spanned farther then my own closet!

shoes 1

There is something about itty bitty shoes that makes my heart go bitter patter! I had a pair of shoes for Sam to wear for any occasion!

One pair of sneakers and one pair of loafers!

shoes 3

Of course his summer sandals! Those blue sandals on the left he wore SO much! 

shoes 2

His FAVOURITE hockey team is represented in some awesome slippers! A little pair of cowboy boots and some comfy slippers with a pirate on them! 

shoes 4

That is a lot of shoes for one little guy but getting him dressed is more fun then dressing myself! I know that will change as he grows and as he gets an opinion of his own, so I am soaking it up when I can!

I have no idea what it is about shoes with me, big or small! I feel like Sam’s outfit isn’t complete unless he has something on his feet, and neither is mine! Ryan and I had to laugh when we realized that Sam had a larger shoes collection then his father!

Do you have a large collection of something in your closet?

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cloth Diapering–The Why And Supplies


I wish that I could say that I started doing cloth diapers because of the environmental impact. I’m not 100% sure as to why I decided to buy some. Maybe it was my delicate state during pregnancy? The hormones? I had read a lot from other blogs that I follow about their experience with using CD. Some were good and others were bad.

I took a day one weekend and did a lot of research. I looked at costs, where to buy, up keep and tried to read more about people’s experiences online. With all that in hand, I sat down and talked to Ryan. He was VERY sceptical and said he thought it wasn’t a good idea. To him, it just didn’t make sense to spend the money on something I may not even do. He figured I would give up within the first few weeks and go to disposable. Realistically, it was a good possibility.

Despite Ryan’s opinion, I ordered our cloth diapers and was so excited when they arrived! I washed and got them all organized so that everything was ready whenever I decided to start.


The baskets where they are all stored!

Here is what I have in my stash:

- 6 Velcro all in ones by Bumgenius in gender neutral colors

- 6 Snap pocket diapers by Bumgenius in gender neutral colors

- 6 Fuzzibunz snap closure, pocket diapers in gender neutral colors

- 4 Blueberry snap closure, pocket diapers in Giraffe and Cow print! (made in Canada)


22 diapers in total! And so far, we have never run out. This number of diapers allows me to diaper Sam successfully and do laundry once every 3 days.

When Sam was first born it was important to me that we established a good breastfeeding bond and that I healed from birth. My mind was in so many other places (and fatigued) that the last thing I wanted to do was worry about learning how to use cloth diapers!


Like I have mentioned before, I kept Sam’s little bum in size Newborn diapers for about the first month. One day I realized that I had no more diapers and would have to take take the 30 minute trip (each way) to grab some. I decided to get us by a little longer, I would try a cloth! I mean, that’s what they were there for! Getting cloth diapers were one thing, using them was so much more intimidating!


After that first diaper, I realized how easy it was. There was literally no difference between a cloth diaper and a disposable for usage! From then on, we have been a cloth diapering family. We still use our fair share on disposables for trips away from the house and night, there are just some situations where disposables make more sense! But I never have to worry about running out of diapers and making a special trip to get some. They are easy, if not easier, then disposable! We have yet to have one explosion out of cloth (we have from disposable) or any diaper rash! Can’t say enough good things about our experience with cloth so far. 

Next – Maintenance and Routine

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, August 25, 2014

A Weekend Around The Farm


Happy Monday everyone!  Welcome to the last week of August! I know I mentioned it last week but WOW! Where did August go?

This weekend we spent a lot of time around home which was kind of nice. There are so many times that we are running here or there to go to summer activities. It was nice to be able to relax at home a bit.

Friday Sam went to get some grocery supplies for the week! First we stopped at the office and tried on Uncle Jared’s hat! Ha ha! It kind of makes me sad to see him in this hat because it makes it looks like a little boy versus a baby.

aug 25 2

The original plan for Friday night was to do our August date. Plans got pushed back as it was favourable weather for getting a field prepped for seeding. Instead of our date, Sam and I brought some ice-cold beverages out to the guys in the field. The work was being done in the field behind our home so it was a nice short walk! 

aug 25 3

Sam loved watching all the machinery go by! He kept smiling and squealing as things passed by us. At one point Ryan came out to get him to go on his lap for a pass! As soon as he closed the door Sam put his arm up on the open window. Such a little man already! ha ha! He stayed like that the whole drive which was a miracle. It was his “grumpy” time of day (right around bedtime) but he was too enthralled by the trucks to fuss. 

aug 25 4

Instead of doing our date when Ryan got in later that night, I made a homemade pizza and we watched Good Morning, Vietnam.

Saturday morning we puttered around the house before heading to the cottage of friends Amanda and Brandon. They had opened up their beautiful cottage for an fun afternoon by the water for friends. While our little guy is still to young to run around with all the other big kids, we chilled out which his friend Farley. I assured these boys that the coming years will look a lot different and they’ll be running out to the water in no time.

aug 25 5

After a delicious supper and dessert, we headed home to put Sam to bed and us as well!

Sunday morning we woke up and drove to the city to get some breakfast! After breakfast we puttered around the house, relaxed outside and had a family nap! Great way to spend a Sunday at home!

aug 25 6

After Sam went to bed, Ryan and I did our August date but more on that another time! Smile 

aug 25 1

How was your weekend?


Friday, August 22, 2014

Year of Dates 2014- July


Happy Friday everyone! Been a crazy week around here but the end is here! I am flabbergasted that it is the end of August. Where has this month gone? All summer I have felt like the season has gone at a reasonable pace! But August is the exception as I feel like it has flown by!

I realized this morning that I had yet to share what we did for our July date! It was my month to plan! 


july description

“Happy July Babe! I hope our summer as a family of 3 is going wonderful! I am hoping to still be able to enjoy some alone time with you and maybe we can take an hour this month and get away alone? If not, this date can be partially done with baby if need be!

Yard Sale Adventure: Let us each take $20 and hit up a couple of yard sale spots! Without the other person seeing, find a gift for the other person for less than the $20! Wrap the gift and after baby goes to sleep, enjoy a quick supper alone together and open each other’s present!”

Ryan and I were excited for this date this month and felt like it was attainable! With 20$ each on hand we hit the road in search of yard sales!

We were able to find a couple garage sales but didn’t see anything. We were able to stop at a larger one when the skies opened up and it started pouring rain! Eek! It didn’t look like it was going to let up anytime soon either!


As we were driving around looking for a garage sale that may be open still, we stopped at a local thrift store. We kind of looked at each other with a knowing glace and parked there! The selection was great and we knew that we would find something! Luckily, the store was big enough that we were able to successfully avoid each other.

When we got back out to the truck we presented our new treasures. I received a new button up shirt, a purse (which he said, “you won’t be carrying around a diaper bag forever babe”) and a Christmas themed candy dish. He was defending the candy dish saying that he thought I might like it because I love Christmas so much. It was actually my favourite gift of the 3.


I got Ryan two new golf shirts, his favourite magazine and a bag of golf balls!


One of the shirts Ryan particularly liked and wore it to our company golf tournament!


The original plan for our date was to do it alone but then Sam began having his “episodes” and we agreed we didn’t feel comfortable leaving him. Thankfully our little man is pretty easy going! He walked around with his Daddy during the shopping and sat and played during supper!


We decided on East Side Mario’s for a delicious supper!


July was altered a little but I would still consider it a success! Not only did we take the time to spend together but we also took the time to think about the other person and get them a little token! It was fun shopping for Ryan and picking out something I thought he might like!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sam’s Favourite things!


Hey everyone one! It’s me, Sam!  I know that you all hear about me by my Mom! I figured it was best if I took over her blog today so that I could tell you about some of my favourite things right now.


- I have to start off with my friend Winnie. I throw heavy blankets off of me, teddy’s are fun to talk to but it’s my Winnie that I love to snuggle up to. I give him hugs, rub the soft blanket against my face and chew on his nose (he likes it, I swear).


Mom has started searching high and low for another one! I’m not sure why…I keep telling her he is my main man and no twin will replace it!

- My most recent favourite thing is hands! I’m not picky, they could be my hands or anyone else’s that I meet. I’m particularly found of knuckles!


- I am already practicing my future sport skills with this awesome ball! I actually gently borrowed one (ha!) from a friend one day! I loved it so much and didn’t want to hand it back over! Mom got me my own and it keeps me so entertained! I love that my fingers can fit in the holes! It gives me a good grip so that it gets lots of distance when I throw it! The little beads are just obviously memorizing!

- Besides my parents, there has been a constant in my life. He gives me comfort and company…It’s my sheepy!

Don’t let his dopey eyes fool you, Sheepy is quite the conversationalist! We talk all the time and when it’s time for bed, he blocks out all the outside noise for me! What a great guy!

- Wasn’t I surprised the first time Mom handed me this funny looking thing and it started moving in my mouth! In the early days when I was little, she had to hold it in my mouth for me! Now that I’m a big boy, I hold it myself! I love to bite down on those tasty banana’s and let them move away on my gums!

I’m a lucky guy and have some fun stuff to play with and those are just a few of my recent favourites! Everyday that changes and something else comes into my life. The best thing though? My people! I love conversation and the silly things these big people do that make me smile. I wonder if I’ll be as silly as them one day? Hopefully it’s not genetic! Smile 

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Sam and I Surviving A Weekend Alone


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone passed a great weekend! If I’m being honest, I was worried about my weekend. Before Sam was even born Ryan had booked a getaway for the weekend! In the past, pre-baby, I looked forward to these weekends. I would get the bed, T.V and house to myself! Post baby, I was worried.

Aug 17 4

Not to mention Sam was having a particularly difficult week. I think it was a mix of growth and teething. Wednesday was HORRIBLE and Ryan was leaving on Thursday afternoon and coming back on Sunday.

Thursday Sam still wasn’t 100% himself but we said goodbye to Ryan and I got ready to do a weekend of parenting alone. That evening I was feeling sort of bored so Sam and I took a long walk! Our roads around here are dirt and people drive on them like it’s a speedway! Therefore, we take walks around our fields instead! 

aug 17 5

Friday we went about our day getting chores done so that we didn’t have to do them on the weekend! That evening Jilly, Sam and I went to a friend-filled BBQ at Amanda and Josh’s. I love how scheduled my little guy is but it also means that he lives by his routine. So by 7 he was getting grumpy so we had to head home so that I could put in down to bed.

By 7:30 on Friday night, after Sam was in bed, I decided to make myself a “treat” of a special drink and a little bowl of chips! 

aug 17 6

I had been wanting to watch a Robin Williams movie all weekend and I remembered I had Patch Adams on VHS. So I popped it into the VCR and had a nice “Movie Night In Beechgrove”.


The next morning Sam and I headed to the city to get a few things and then met friends Jill and Stacy for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, Montana’s! While Sam slept I got to enjoy all of my favourites! We each got an appetizer and shared! Then I got the yummy Chicken Taco’s! The meal wouldn’t be complete without some skillet cookie!

While we were having lunch my cousin and Stacy’s sister, Shannon called to say that her water had broken! Eek!  

On the way home I stopped and got some second-hand winter clothes for Sam! I got a huge box and a brand new snow suit for literally pennies!

When I got home Sam and I actually packed up and headed to my parents. We decided to go there for a little sleepover! As soon as I walked in the door though my Dad grabbed Sam and my Mom led into their bathroom. The soaker tub was filled with hot water, there were chocolates, wine and yummy bath stuff! I spent a glorious 45 minutes soaking and enjoying some wine!

After I got out, I came into the living room where Sam was reading a book with his Nana. I then put him to bed while they set up their movie room for another “Movie Night in Beechgrove”. We snacked on Nacho’s and watched Heaven Is For Real, which was an awesome movie – highly recommended!

Aug 17 1

The next morning, while sipping on coffee, I got word that my cousin Shannon had welcomed a beautiful baby girl early in the morning! Rylie Elizabeth made her entrance at 2:11 AM! I can’t wait to meet her and get in some baby snuggles! 

Picture via Shannon’s facebook! Such a sweet heart! I know a lot of people are saying Rylie looks like her Daddy but I see Shannon!


The rest of the morning we relaxed, played with Sam, had a late breakfast and literally stayed in our P.J’s all day! Oh and we watched these turkey’s using my parents bench as a play structure!

aug 17 2

Today is actually my Mom’s birthday so I have to show this picture of Sam with his Nana yesterday!

Aug 17 3

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for being such a great mother and Nana! We love you very much!

Ryan came home in the early afternoon and we all headed home to get ready for the weekend! Although we missed him, I have to say that the weekend wasn’t as bad as I expected! We filled our time with friends and family which is always a perfect weekend in my books!

How was your weekend?


Friday, August 15, 2014

I Love Bulk….Now


Happy Friday everyone! Sam and I have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of us which, truth be told, I am looking forward to it. Sometimes there is something nice about quiet weekends where we can relax and just enjoy one another’s company!

Last weekend was the total opposite. Of course I enjoyed the special weekend but it was busy! One of things I did last weekend was getting food ready for the celebration lunch back at our place in honour of Sam’s baptism.

To purchase this food I decided to head to a store I never go to, Costco. Our closest Costco is about an hour away, but that’s not the reason I never go there. The truth is I get a little panicky in Costco. The anxiety stems from the usual crowds of people going all in the same direction. For that reason, I always avoid it! Except with an upcoming party, I knew that it would make sense if a lot of our food came from there.

Sam and I arrived early in the day so that the crowds wouldn’t be too bad. His car seat wouldn’t fit in the cart and I had forgotten my baby carrier at home. Sam moved up to “big boy” status that day by getting to sit in the cart! My diaper bag was a big distraction to him.


It had been a few years since I last stepped inside a Costco store. Maybe it was that I wasn’t paying attention to prices but I instantly had sticker shock! In a good way! I couldn’t believe how cheap certain items were. Being that Ryan and I are pretty budget conscious (aka: cheap), I watch the prices for groceries fairly closely so that I can always find the best deal. That means that I have a pretty good sense of what certain things cost in our cupboards. 

Example: At our a more local grocery store a pack of 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts is usually around $20. At Costco I bought a pack of 10 for $23! Now some people may think, “I really don’t need 10 chicken breasts”. But my preferred way of shopping right now is getting a LARGE order for the freezer and filling in every week with fresh ingredients.

A box of 60 granola bars for Ryan’s lunch? Less then $7!

These two small examples of the amazing savings I discovered last week. There are some easy distractions and items that aren’t much of a deal! But I have always been good at sticking closely to a list!

Did I get anxious there? Absolutely! But I guess I have to put on my big girl pants and get over that so that our dollar can go a longer way! I am already composing my 6 week large grocery list for a trip next week to stock up! Thankfully to help with my anxiety, Ryan is coming too! It’s all about baby steps! Smile 

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

God Bless Samuel


I have been thinking about Sam’s baptism before he was even born. It’s just one of those events  in your baby’s life that happens soon after they are born! The biggest challenge of the whole process was picking a date that suited all parties but when the date of August 10 came up, it was set!

A few things were important to me. One of the main ones was that Sam was baptized in the same church where I was christened and where Ryan and I were married. The other was that he wore the same christening gown that my brother and I wore! It was crotched by my mom over 31 years ago.


Our church family is so important to us as they have watched us grow from a young couple, married, pregnant and now with as a family of our own. Most of these people in the congregation have watched me grow up into the person I am today! We wanted to keep it small so only invited immediate family.

We had invited everyone back to our place afterwards for a casual lunch to continue the celebration! It was the perfect warm summer day and the kiddos got to use the pool while others hid in the shade in the garage! It was a great day! But I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Smile 

Samuel (8) 

Samuel (19)

Samuel (81)

Future Sunday schooler!

Samuel (102)

Samuel (107)

Samuel (113)

Samuel (156)

My brother and sister-in-law are Sam’s godparents

Samuel (168)

Banner I made with left over cardstock from our wedding.

Samuel (193)

Ice cream cake for dessert!

Samuel (219)

Happy boy enjoying his party!

Happy Wednesday!