Monday, September 30, 2013

A simple recipe….


What do you get when you take one fun loving guy….

and one crazy girl?

Especially when said “boy” and “girl” fall madly in love with each other?

First comes love...


Then comes marriage…


Then comes….

100_1105 - Copy-001

Ryan and I are overjoyed to announce that we will be expecting our first child in April!

More details to come!


Friday, September 27, 2013

The Date Of My Birth Sucks


Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you all have had a great week! I am so excited (as usual) for the weekend to be here! Bring on hanging out with family and friends and some fun fall activities!

It’s crazy to me that it is already the end of September. This last month has flown by to me which I am so thankful for! October is a pretty exciting month because not only do we get to celebrate Thanksgiving but my birthday lands around that time too! The only problem is that I usually share Thanksgiving festivities with my birthday!

Any one who has known me for any length of time, knows that I hate that my birthday lands on Thanksgiving. Of course, it’s easy to get all the family together to celebrate my birthday because we are there for a special dinner anyways. But a big problem, I’m not a huge fan of turkey!

It’s a problem. Every year we celebrate as a family Thanksgiving AND my birthday. I’ve always been envious of kids who got the special day all to them selves! I can’t blame my parents for not wanting to do anything else! It takes a lot of work to put on a nice turkey dinner with all the fixings! But, when the pumpkin pie (which I don’t even care for! Blah!) goes out with a birthday candle in the middle I can’t help but feel slightly disappointment!

Through the years my parents would plan a birthday party for me but usually it was way later in the month and most of the time into November. The “special” day already felt over. When it landed on Thanksgiving weekend I would miss the special birthday crown and cupcakes with my class! How I wanted that birthday crown made out of construction paper to wear around the school yard for the day! 

Then every once in a while Thanksgiving will cooperate and be a date distant from October 12th and I’d get to celebrate! Those years are good! But, sure enough the date sneaks back to being one in the same! 

Amanda 10

This year, my birthday lands on Thanksgiving weekend again and I have warned my husband. I told him that it is his “husbandly” duties to ensure that he celebrates my birthday on the actual day! I have helped him by saying boxed cake is absolutely acceptable (and actually preferable) and he has my birthday wish list which includes a foot rub and 24 hour access to the t.v remote!

Let’s wish him luck! Winking smile 

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday everyone! I am kind of loving this week. It’s kind of going by in a blink of an eye! I’m not wishing the days away but I’m also not one to complain when the weekend is approaching at lightening speed!

There are a few things that I’m not loving this week like the cold weather and the nights getting dark so early! So, I figured it would be a good idea to focus on the things that I’m loving right now instead of the not so good things!

So, I’m going to link up with Jamie for What I’m Loving Wednesday! Feel free to play along!

Today, I’m loving…

...that this weekend I am going to a murder mystery dinner! I can’t remember the last time I had been to a local show like this! I am excited to sit back, relax and laugh!

…that I went to dinner with two of my best friends last night! It was great to catch up with these ladies!


Old picture from 2008 when we were going out for the night in the big town of Guelph!

…reading this post from Jill about the army run! It brought back a sense of pride that I felt when I ran my first race! There is no feeling like accomplishing that goal! To say that I am super pumped and proud of her would be the understatement of the year! Way to go Jilly!!

…my new hair cut!! Yesterday morning I went to get my hair cut! Now, to most people that’s not a big deal but the last time I got my hair cut was in March! It was WAY over due for a trim! Plus there’s something so nice about someone playing in your hair for an hour straight! My hair feels so much healthier now too, bonus!

…my French language course I am taking every Monday night! I signed up for this night school, 7 week French language course and it was really helped my confidence when talking French clients! I had thought I had lost a lot of my ability to talk French but really it was locked away in my brain! The teacher is excellent at bringing it back out!

…my new re-discovery of little snack foods! I am finding myself snacking throughout the day instead of having 3 big meals. It keeps my energy up and this way I never truly feel hungry! I’ve re-discovered some old childhood foods that I love!

Baby Bel cheese? Yes please!

And Dole fruit cups? And can we please have a moment of silence for the genius who FINALLY figured out it wasn’t a good idea to get little kids to open sharp aluminum lids to get to their snack! Plastic all the way!

…I’m loving that I am still rocking my ballet flats to work! I may be bundled up in layers but my feet are something I am willing to let get cold just so that I don’t have to wear socks! I am trying to hold out as long as possible without having to put on socks for another cold winter!

…the chance in the leaves! It seems like over night that the trees went from green to vibrant colors of fall! Love taking in the sights while I can!

What are you loving this Wednesday?


Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Celebrations and A Relaxing Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Welcome to Fall!! I was marvelling at the trees this weekend. It’s seems like overnight they have changed colors and it’s a beautiful display of leaves!

This weekend wasn’t necessarily a busy one but it was fun none the less! The weekend started out on Friday night where we met friends Amanda and Josh and headed to the city for dinner! We were going to the Japanese Village to celebrate Josh’s birthday! It’s always fun because at the Japanese places that cook the food right in front of you! It’s so interactive and entertaining! Our chef on Friday night was very good!

sept 21

sept 21 2

It had been awhile since we have gotten together with this great couple because Josh has been away for work but we were so glad to have the visit! We had lots of catching up to do!

sept 21 3

sept 21 4

We weren’t ready for the night to end so we decided to head out to do some late night bowling! I have to say, I wasn’t too excited for this! I suck at bowling! While everyone else’s scores were high 90’s or even into the 100’s…mine was 37!! I just can’t coordinate the ball to actually hit any pins! But, we all had fun anyways!

sept 21 5

It was a late night Friday night so Ryan and I slept in and bummed around on Saturday morning. It was so dark outside from all the rain that it was nice to be cozy inside! When we finally got a move on, we headed to Aylmer to get some groceries and grab a pizza!

We got home and unloaded the groceries in record time because we wanted to sit down with out snack of Pizza Pizza! One of our favourite places to get take-out pizza! We watched a couple episodes of Dexter while chowing down on our treat!

I headed to my parents place while Ryan had a ball party! My parents had visitors from out East! Back when I was in high school we had a great minister at the time. Her mother and herself where driving across Canada on their way back home to Nova Scotia and stopped in for a visit to our small town! It was great to catch up with my old minister!

After a quick breakfast Ryan was off to work helping a friend sand blasti his truck on Sunday. They were both working hard all day across the road (and in the cold, brr!) so as I did laundry and cleaned the house, I also made food for the boys! The special treat of the day was homemade pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting! Yum!

sept 21 6

Because of a little rain their job was taking a long time so I even brought them over supper! Tuck and I had the day and the house all to ourselves! So, in between cooking, cleaning and laundry we also napped and watched a couple of movies on Netflix! Perfect Sunday afternoon!

Perfect weekend!

How was your weekend?


Friday, September 20, 2013

Try To Give Yourself A Break


Happy Friday everyone! This is an EXCELLENT Friday, not only is the weekend right around the corner but today at the office for lunch I get one of my most favourite Friday lunch’s…Jill’s lasagne! Yay!

It’s kind of been a tough end of the week for a lot of folks around Ottawa. Emotions are on high and sometimes people are sitting down and wondering, why? To a lot of people they might not feel like celebrating the fact that the weekend is here. Maybe they are just getting through the day-to-day.

For more information on what happened to our sleepy little city this week you can read all about it here.

So, in light of all that has happened I thought I’d declare that today, we all give ourselves a break. That we stop being so hard on ourselves today and just focus on the important things. The REALLY meaningful things in our lives. To do that, here are some tips.

- Remind yourself that life in short and life is precious. That little thing that you got angry and stressed about? Forget it. When you feel your blood begin to boil today, try to brush it off. Again, life is precious and things are just things. 

- Say a prayer. And not just a prayer for yourself. Say a prayer for someone else that you may not even like that much. Ask God for guidance on how to love and understand your neighbours better.

- Laugh even though something might not feel funny. Sometimes it hurts to laugh. Sometimes it hurts more to laugh because for a moment you forget about your problems but then they come rushing back. But, laugh anyways. Laugh until you cry and even if it turns into a real sad cry let the emotions out.

- In tough times, people will tell you to move on. Your real friends will listen to your problems until you lose your voice. Find those real friends.

- When you do decide to move on leave it behind. Don’t torture yourself by bringing it back to the surface again. It’s not like ripping off a band aide. It’s more like picking at a scab. It might give you instant gratification but really isn’t making you better.

- Everyone has something that they are good at. Realize what you are good at and apply it in every way possible. Don’t dwell on what you don’t do, excel at what you can do.

- Don’t underestimate the power of uninterrupted thought. Complete silence. No phone, tv or music. No lights. Just you and your thoughts.

Just some food for thought! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A List Of Lists


Happy Wednesday everyone! I grabbed this idea from one of my favourite bloggers, “I Wore Yoga Pants To Work” – her blog title alone speaks to my heart. She posted this great countdown list and I thought I would do the same this morning!


5 things I’ll Be Doing Over The Next Week:

1. Hopefully getting my parents rounded up so that we can finally see The Butler.

2. Going to my first yoga class back after a long summer break.

3. Eating at Japanese Village for a friends birthday!! Josh has been away for too long and we are looking forward to a night of celebrating!

4. Getting the pool closed down for the season…*sad face*

5. Cheering on friends that will be running the Army Run. This girl couldn’t handle the crowds last year so I didn’t sign up again.

4 Items I Need To Purchase:

1. New make-up primer! Been out for almost two weeks and my pimple filled face is paying the price!

2. New jeans to start off the fall!

3. New PJ bottoms! I discovered last night that all 4 pairs of my comfy flannel PJ pants have a hole in them. All in the same spot…the crotch.

4.  Canned pumpkin! Tried to buy some last week but the store was SOLD OUT! I am badly craving something pumpkin flavoured!

3 Shows I can’t Wait To Come Back Into My Life:

1. DEXTER! DUH! Ryan and I agreed to watch this series together but sometimes on nights that he is busy I find it so hard to not watch another episode!

2. Survivor starting today! Woo hoo!

3. Big Brother! Season 15 is about to end this week and I’ll be sad to see it gone.

2 Reasons I’m Excited For Fall:

1. End of a busy work season! Summer is great but it’s so busy at work for us. I look forward to the end of that busy season. It also brings on great events like Thanksgiving and MY BIRTHDAY! Woo hoo!

2. Warmer clothes. I am seriously always cold. Even in the summer! I look less ridiculous in lots of layers in the fall because everyone else is in the same!

One Thing That’s Currently Bothering Me:

1. The whole “Charter of Values” that Satan the leader of Quebec is trying to pass. It actually makes me sick to think that in this day in age that something like this is even being considered. I know in my heart it’s just a tool she is using to get elections sooner but the thought still sickens me. If someone was to tell me not to wear my cross necklace to work anymore or lose my job, I would be heart broken. I hate being associated with a province that is even talking about this racist garbage. I love where I live but I am ashamed of the government that runs it right now.  


Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy Monday’s Suck


Happy Monday everyone! Look, who doesn’t love the weekend? I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t. As always, this particular weekend was filled with so much fun that I would love to share it all with you!

The bad part? This girl (aka, moi!) decided it was a good idea to have an early morning meeting along side a lot of other work activity this afternoon! So as I’m trying to escape the weekend coma state I am in, I also have to become a functioning sales person. Boo!

Either way, I wanted to get it down the activities of this past weekend so that I could remember them!

- Friday night, Ryan and I did something we never do! We ordered a pizza out instead of making our own! We were both pretty tired Friday night and opted to get take-out versus turning on our own stove!

- While chowing down on yummy pizza we also got through more episodes of Dexter! It’s getting juicy! And getting to the point that you want to watch the very next episode to see what happens!

- Saturday we were out visiting Ryan’s parents and then headed back home to rest and get ready for a party that night!

- Said party was literally 2 minutes down the road. Pretty nice attending a party that is so close to our house!

- The party was at neighbours Brenda and Wayne’s! They were having people over to celebrate their new (beautiful) home!

- Wayne and Brenda made everyone supper! Sausages, homemade wings and fries (with lots of other fixings)!

- I actually went back through the food line for a second go of wings! They were SO good! I kept telling Wayne that they were better then our local waterholes!

- Anyone who knows Wayne also knows he is an expect Caesar maker! I always hate to bug him for one but luckily right before I left Brenda brought me out my very own Wayne Caesar! Yum!

- After a quiet morning Sunday morning, my brother and Ryan hit the road to go for a round of golf and I got some things done around the house!

- 3 loads of laundry were completed and I watched The Anna Nicole Smith movie. Very interesting to see the life this deceased celebrity lived!

How was your weekend?


Friday, September 13, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…


Happy Friday…actually, happy Friday the 13th…Are you at all suspicious? I have to say, I am not at all. Not even the littlest bit! I don’t think the date is going to effect things that happen in my life today. All I know is that it’s Friday and in my books, that’s a reason to celebrate! Bring on the weekend!

I don’t know about you but in my life there are certain things that I can’t live with out. They have become a part of my everyday life. Not a day goes by that these items effect what I do and are some way involved in my day to day. Obviously, family and friends are my number one important beings in my life. Nothing else matters to me then the people I love. But I’m talking about certain things that you buy or use in your everyday life, some without knowing how really important they are to you. Here’s some of the items on my list:

1. Phone…duh!


Seriously, this lady cannot live without her phone! If you were to ask me now which piece of technology I was allowed to keep, if in some awful world I was only allowed one…It would be my iPhone! Emails, texts, social media, t.v, calculator…the resources are endless!

One of the best things is getting random pictures texted to me throughout the day!

*Melt my heart*

sept 13 5

2. My water bottle…Aka: Adult sippy cup! 

Now, thank you to past bride Amanda, I now have a water bottle at both home and work! No more carting it to and from the house! Woo hoo! I honestly don’t think I would drink any water at all if it wasn’t for my adult sippy cup! And from what I hear…water is pretty important!

sept 13 3

3. Space heater.

Sometimes my sanity is questioned in the summer as the guys come into the office out of the 35 degree heat. The reason being? Under my desk I have a little space heater that is 90% of the time turned on! I hate air conditioning and typically the AC is getting BLASTED in this office! Heater to keep my feet warm is a necessity! I’m miserable to be around when I am cold!

sept 13 2

4. Mini hair clips.

On a daily basis I always have one of these handy clips around. For washing my face, before cooking food and just to keep this mop out of my eyes, I like to throw it back with one of these. I’m not a big hair tie (elastic) fan because it easily breaks my brittle hair but these mini clips do the job with out any damage!

5. Blankie…aka my security blanket.

Not a night goes by that I am not cuddled up close to my blanket before going to sleep. I went years without my security blanket after my mom hid it from me. Yelling me that she burnt it *tear*. Years later I was playing dress up in her closet and found my beloved blanket! I have not let that little scrap of fabric out of my sight ever since! It was a requirement for Ryan to be able to accept the fact that I would be snuggling with it at night instead of him.

sept 13 4

6. Baby spoons.

Going along with the blankie theme here…My mother has always kept a few metal baby spoons in the cutlery drawer even after we grew up. For some reason they have always been my cutlery of choice when eating certain foods. Yogurt, ice cream, cereal and pudding all get eaten with a baby spoon. The same ones I used as a baby.

7. Yoga pants.

I think this one is on almost every girls list! After dropping my purse at the door after work, my very next thing on the to-do list is to change into yoga (aka stretchy) pants! And, I continue to live in them for the rest of the night! Oh, and I guess this is actually part of my night time uniform. It usually also includes a baggy t-shirt or sweater.

sept 13

What are some of your favourite items that you use on a daily basis? What can’t you live without?

Hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Call Me Old Fashioned


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Like any good blogger, I belong to lots of social media sites. I’m a regular facebooker and dabble a bit in the land of Twitter. I have to be honest though, twitter still isn’t my thing. It’s just something I never really got into.

After the big Miley Cyrus, half naked and shaking her thing on stage at the VMA’s scandal went down I was a little disappointed that there was less of a shock factor. I mean, people were shocked, sure. But, it then kind of dwindled down really quickly! It wasn’t so much that she was half naked and grinding up to a married man on stage that people didn’t like, it was that her tongue was constantly out and that her outfit was ridiculous. Call me old fashioned but shouldn’t the married man on stage also be considered “disgusting” after allowing a young girl grind up to him like that?

It kind of actually makes me sad. That this is what little girls are looking at. Whether they are laughing at it or not, it’s what is in their heads now. It’s showing them that this kind of action garners attention for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes, a teenage girl wants attention whether it is respectful or not and to me, the actions of Miley on stage says it’s acceptable!

I remember being a teenager and the dress JLo wore to an award show being considered “scandalous” and “indecent”. It seems tame now in comparison.

All over my facebook and twitter feeds are video’s of people “twerking”. This “old” lady didn’t even know what it meant. When I looked at one of the videos it looked like the beginnings of a yoga move. Instead, it’s some young girl shaking her ass while being upside side. I’m sorry, but what part of that is considered sexy? I’m all about shaking my groove thing when a good song comes on too, but upside down? Just looks like a headache waiting to happen.

Now, this lost little girl by the name of Miley has released a new music video for her song, Wrecking Ball. While I admit, I kind of like the song and girl has talent. She has a great set of lungs on her. Was it necessary to make out with your dirty sledge hammer and ride the wrecking ball naked? Like you were actually having sex with it? What does that have anything to do with the message of your song? It’s a great song without all of the other theatrics! Girl, it’s really too bad that you are lacking the confidence in your own talent that you need to add these slutty elements to again, get more attention. I’m not even going to call it sexy. Because I’m sorry, it’s not! You just look like a fool licking a hammer.

I think about my innocent 4 year old niece. This little lady loves her music. One of my favorite moments from this past summer was rocking out to the tunes with her in the car. As her auntie I want to shield her from all this negative female propaganda.  I want her to grow up to be confident in herself. To know that a good man is going to love her for her heart, her smarts, her kindness and her humility. That her looks is just going to be something FAR down the list of reasons why he loves her and really, hardly a reason at all. That he will find her reading a book to be sexy. Or laughing at a funny commercial to be sexy. That all the antics that some young women think are needed to get a males attention is not the attention that you want. Those men will drop you so quick when another “sexy” thing comes to shake her ass on him.

Call me old fashioned if you will, I probably in some way am. But, I feel a bit of fear for the young girls who are growing up to be women. Society has come so far over the last 100 years! Women are equal in every way to a man. But, the antics and acceptability of women being overly sexual is bringing us down to be objects and not as easily respected. Such a shame.

That’s just my two cents for today…

Happy Wednesday.


Monday, September 9, 2013

A Very Quiet Weekend


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know I did! It was a weekend FULL of relaxation for both Ryan and I. We literally felt like we were on holidays. It’s rare that a full weekend passes with absolutely nothing in particular to do! Where you can do whatever your heart desires! Heavenly!

The weekend started out with a little tradition. When I was a kid, every Friday night at our house was “Movie Night In Beechgrove”. The whole family would have spaghetti for supper and then rent a movie and have snacks! It was a tradition for YEARS in our home and one that I know my brother has passed on since having his own family. While Ryan and I don’t have any kids, we do like the excuse of this tradition to stay in, eat junk and watch a movie together!

Thankfully, the days of going to the store to rent a movie are now over because of Netflix! We decided on Friends With Benefits and both really liked the movie! We did lots of laughing!

Saturday morning we were up pretty early because Ryan had to go and get his hair cut! We decided that since it was such a quiet weekend it would be the perfect opportunity to do our September Date.

sept 7 1

After a quick breakfast at the local golf course we hit the road for our date! But, more on that another time!

We grabbed some groceries and then spent the rest of Saturday afternoon relaxing! My bestie Jill has been going on and on about Dexter. I had noticed it on Netflix a while back and on Saturday Ryan and I started watching it! We are hooked! We went through a whole season this weekend!

Because we had stayed up so late watching Dexter on Saturday we ended up sleeping in till almost 10 AM on Sunday! I can’t even remember that last time I slept in for that long! It was shocking but so nice!

For the rest of Sunday we stayed in our P.J’s! Literally, we never got dressed! We did laundry, hung a couple new pictures and I got all of my tomatoes canned! It was a fairly successful day but still so relaxing! We would make an agreement before watching another new episode of Dexter! We would say, “O.k this one episode and then we would do this ABC chore”.

It seemed to do that trick! ha ha! We could relax but also get something accomplished!

We are now well into the second season and wishing the days were longer so that we could watch more! Ha ha!

Overall, it was an amazingly relaxing weekend! It wasn’t an overly exciting weekend but sometimes those are nice! Time to just be together at home resting and relaxing!

How was your weekend?


Friday, September 6, 2013

Year Of Dates–August


Happy Friday everyone! Ah…the ending of a short week! Just wonderful! It’s a chilly and surprisingly frosty morning today! There is no doubt now that Fall is here and I love it! Fall is my absolute favorite season! Bring on the sweaters, the pumpkins, and the beautiful fall colours!

Ryan and I were looking at the basket that holds our yearly dates and remarking about how few we have left. We are even already starting to come up with ideas for next year! I think we have a new tradition!

For the month of August it was Ryan’s turn to plan something. When he planned our August date back last December, he took into account that August is typically a very busy time for us and work.

August date 6

August date 5

“A beautiful romantic BBQ meal at the newly renovated pool. some good cuts of seat, twice baked potatoes with Caesar salad and a nice glass of your favorite wine! With me”

Sounded like the perfect date to me! A night off of any cooking/cleaning duties, woo hoo!

But, the best part was Ryan really did go out of his way to make it super special. He went and got all the groceries he needed for this meal. Including a stop over in Ontario because the LCBO carries my favorite wine. He marinated our steaks for 2 full days! The man worked hard to make sure everything was perfect and that meant a lot to me.

After work on Friday,  August 30 (cutting it a little close to our monthly deadline…haha), Ryan got home from work and went straight to work on our date. When I got home a little later, I changed into comfy clothes and watched TV. I didn’t have to lift a finger!

Ryan had everything set up at the pool as he was out there BBQ our steaks. Right before they were finished it started to pour rain so our meal had to get moved indoors.

August date 1

First course, Caesar salad with real bacon that Ryan fried up and homemade croutons!

August date 3

Ryan’s goal was the make the meal like our favorite at The Keg, twice baked potato included! It was cute watching him google “how to make a twice baked potato” on his phone that day. It turned out delicious and we were both too stuffed for the brownie dessert he had made!

August date 4

Of course the meal was amazing but that’s not what made the date so wonderful. Ryan’s effort to make it special was what put it over the top. Between planning and putting so much effort into the meal to making sure that I wasn’t involved at all! After a busy week I got to sit down after work and put my feet up!

“Garcon” even put my pepper on my meal for me! Ha ha!

August date 2

Thanks Ryan for such a special date night!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shawville Fair 2013


Happy Tuesday! Thank goodness for long weekends! There is something so wonderful about being lazy on a Monday off of work! What’s even better? Coming to work knowing it’s a short week until the next weekend arrives! Hooray!

Shawville Fair weekend was this weekend! Around these parts, that’s a pretty big deal! It’s one of the most popular and best fairs around! Years ago, I use to live at the fair! From Thursday to Monday I would be on the fair grounds visiting with old friends, going on rides, eating food and just having fun! For some reason, I’ve come to notice that my love for the Shawville Fair has diminished. The things that I use to go for has changed!

Don’t get me wrong, the times that I was at the fair, I had a blast! I could never go a whole labour day weekend and NOT go to the fair!

Ryan and I headed up on Thursday afternoon where I worked a booth for a few hours and he watched the truck pull! It was the only time that Ryan actually went to the fair! Since being with Ryan it has always been like pulling his teeth to try to get him to go to the fair! But, the truck pull is one event he doesn’t miss!

shawville fair 2 

Jeff getting ready to pull his tractor!

shawville fair 3

Friday, is another night I could usually drag Ryan to. It’s usually a quieter night with a great band! By late afternoon the dark clouds where rolling in and we opted to stay in instead!

Saturday morning I was back to the fair for a few hours to work the booth. But then headed home to get some house work done and relax before going back up with Jilly!

shawville fair 4

Last fall, we went to a show at a local bar where we went to see Chad Brownlee who also happened to be performing with Dallas Smith. That evening, we left the bar more impressed with Dallas then Chad! So, when we heard he would be performing Saturday night of the Shawville fair we were SO excited!

Needless to say, Dallas did not disappoint! He put on an amazing show and I loved singing along to every song!

Jill and I pretty much left right away after the show. Which is probably a good thing as I heard that things got pretty wild! Lots of fights!

Sunday Ryan and I stuck close to home and got some things done in the morning. We then got ready and headed to the city for supper with friends and family! We were celebrating the 30th birthday of Stacy!

The birthday girl and her little man, Tanner!

shawville fair 5

shawville fair 6

It was a fun night out visiting with everyone and having a yummy supper! Jill, Ryan and I stopped for an ice cream on the way home too!

Monday, wonderful holiday Monday! After sleeping in, Ryan and I headed to Quyon to help Jill move in some new bedroom furniture. Actually, Ryan helped to move stuff and I just enjoyed the show! Smile 

For the rest of the day we relax and caught up on laundry! It was the perfect holiday Monday! A true day of rest!

As you can see, I only ended up going to the fair on Thursday and on Saturday. It’s odd that I don’t really enjoy the fair like I use to! It’s different for me now. Now, I like to look around at the exhibits where as when I was younger I could have cared less.

shawville fair 1

I hate going through the beer tent in the evening because it is so crowded. And walking through a huge tent of extremely drunk people, when you are completely sober just isn’t a good time!

I don’t go on any rides but friends with kids spend hours in the midway. I just think I am at an in between stage in my life. Right now, the fair just isn’t my thing but I would never NOT go, at least 1 day! The Shawville fair is an important event in this little community!

How was your weekend?