Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

Happy Friday and more importantly Happy EVE of CHRISTMAS EVE! Sam is off to daycare this morning in PJ's and is all excited to celebrate Christmas with his friends and eat "pockcorn" (aka: popcorn) and chocolate milk while watching a Christmas movie! And he even declared to me this morning "Santa coming sooooon Momma!" 

This is going to be one fun Christmas! 

We have a special Lonestar treat here at work today and then we will gather at lunch time for music, Christmas drinks and then everyone will leave early! It just feels very festive here today! 

I certainly don't have everything ready. In fact, this is probably the LEAST prepared I have ever been. I keep putting stuff off until Saturday because "I have ALL day" but in reality, all those things are adding up and it's going to make for one busy Christmas Eve! 

But as my husband keeps saying to calm me down, "it will all happen". And he's right it will. So somehow I am not feeling so anxious. 

I am so looking forward to watching the magic of Christmas through Sam's eyes this year, being with family, and relaxing with my boys during our few days off. 

I truly wish you all the a wonderful Christmas and hope that the spirit of the season fills each of your homes with love and joy! 

Talk to you next year! 


Monday, December 19, 2016

Sick Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend! It was rough around these parts as we have all been battling colds. I actually ended up home early from work on Friday afternoon to rest a bit before Sam got home. I just needed to re-charge my batteries. 

We actually ended up having a fun night with friends Amanda and Josh for a little Christmas get together. We had a yummy supper, drinks and rounds of exploding kittens! 

I've been enjoying my new wine glass they got me all weekend! 

Sam actually slept in passed 8 on Saturday because he needed the extra sleep! But I was still feeling rough so when Ryan slept, Sam and I tried to stay quiet. We finished our Christmas baking, watching NEW episodes of Paw Patrol and played! We never did get dressed out of our PJ's until after lunch! ha ha! 

When Sam went down for a nap, I FINALLY got started on the Christmas wrapping. I turned on a Christmas movie and got busy! It felt like Santa's workshop in the basement but I got about 80% of the wrapping done between Saturday and Sunday! The rest I am hoping to get done throughout the evenings this week and on Saturday! 

On Saturday night my husband said he had a surprise. I go upstairs to Sam's room to see he had taken the front rail off of his crib. Umm..Yay? 

He thought that it was a good time and went ahead and did it. We did talk about doing this soon but when he wasn't on night shift so that we could both help in the night when he got up. 

Well, so much for that plan because 30 minutes of trying to get Sam to bed, Ryan left for work for the night and said "Good luck". Ugh! 

Sam did eventually fall asleep but fell out 5 times throughout the night. The first 4 times he needed me to get up and show him how he was ok and how to get back in bed. The 5th time was a success and I watched him through the monitor get back in bed. 

Last night was WAY better and he only fell out 2 times but got back in himself. 

While I am glad we are starting this as it is time, I did feel like strangling my husband for such a "surprise". 

We had a somber church service on Sunday morning as our minister of 8 years is leaving to begin at a new church closer to home. She has been a big part of our lives as she married Ryan and I and baptized Sam. We wish her all the best on her new chapter in her ministry! 

We had a quiet afternoon and Ryan and Sam went out for the early afternoon to shovel and plow our lane way. 

When getting ready for bed Sam picked out his new hockey book, one of his obsessions. And of course he picked out his hockey PJ's too! He was feeling pretty proud!  

How was your weekend? 


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Inductee's Onto Our Christmas Tree

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's snowy and gloomy this morning but I feel chipper because my morning started out wonderfully! Ryan brought me home a Tim Horton's coffee after his night shift and my brother backed my car out of the garage and turned on the seat warmer. So, I had a toasty warm car and a got Tim's coffee to drive Sam to daycare this morning! 

Every year we put up our downstairs "memory" Christmas tree and reminisce about what we have done since we have been together. All the ornaments mean something to us! 

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

The first new ornament I received in a blogger exchange. Actually my original swap partner never contacted me and so it was a bit of a flop! But one of the organizers, Leigh from All You Need is Love sent me this cute ornament so that I wouldn't be left out! I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful of her!  

Our church organized a Christmas Hour Tour every year the first Monday in December. About 4 homes open their doors to those who have purchased tickets to see how they decorate for Christmas! I love this annual event and I love to see how people "deck the halls" of their own homes! 

Last year a Norway Bay home was featured and one of my fondest memories was the little playhouse under the stairs and the homemade ornaments. For a small donation to a local food bank, you received one of these beautiful homemade ornaments! 

My fellow crafty friend, Sharon had done a craft day making this ornaments! Last year I was surprised with one that she made that was gifted to me. I love the art of quilting and hope to learn one day and she is my go-to crafting friend for questions. This ornament always gives the appearance of being quilting but it's an art form of fabric folding and pinning! 

Every year my mother in law gifts every one a special ornament from her! This year was an adorable Santa! 

And Sam was included in the tradition and got to hang up his own snow man this year on our tree. We explained that Nana had given it to him last year! He likes to point out his "Nana no man" now when we are downstairs. 

Our traveling has been limited since we have Sam but we hope to do a little bit still as he grows up. It started last year with a family trip to Disney and a Disney cruise. The intention was to go when he was still really young and free to fly! We were so glad we went and there were a few challenges but we loved our first Disney Cruise and will do another likely in the next couple of years! As tradition goes, we had to pick up an ornament to commemorate our first Disney cruise!  

What are your most special ornaments? 


Monday, December 12, 2016

Parade, Santa Visits and Christmas Pageant

Happy Monday everyone! The flu hit our house after all but we are on the mend and got to enjoy our weekend! 

Saturday morning we had a relaxing morning and Sam was DYING to get outside. He saw the snowmobile sitting there and was prancing around itching to get out and see it! 

This winter we got Sam his own helmet and so Ryan and Sam could drive around the fields more! He was all excited to be suited up! 

And both boys very excited to be on the "neige doo" for the first time this year! And Momma got to put her feet up and watch some Fuller House! 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I stick to a pretty strict schedule with Sam. And skipping nap is a big no-no! But Saturday was the Quyon Santa Claus Parade in at 2 PM. Smack dab in the middle of nap time. But we really wanted to take Sam and so opted to skip nap. 

Instead Sam snuggled up with Ryan and we all had quiet time in the dark living room for about 30 minutes before the parade. It seemed to do the trick to recharge all of our batteries. 

We bundled up and headed to Jilly's for the big parade! While we waited, Sam kept flopping himself down in the snow and doing snow angels. 

The fire truck sirens alerted us that the parade was about to start! 

I'm a little bias but I always think it's a great parade! The kids love it and they end up with a pocket full of candy and a new teddy bear! 

Then it's off to the hall for free hot dogs and hot chocolate and to wait in line to see Santa! 

This year Sam has had a big interest in Santa and points him out where ever we go. We were waiting for our turn and explaining to him that Santa would pick him up to go on his knee. We find when you explain things to Sam ahead of time, he handles new situations better. 

Well it was almost his turn and Ryan started carrying him towards the stage. Sam then stopped Ryan and said "No, just Sam". He asked if he was sure which insisted he was. So, up he went all by himself to see Santa. Ran right to him for a hug! 

They had a good little chat and giggle! And a bag of Gummy Bears from the elf! 

We got home a little before 4. Ryan had to run out to get a trail pass so I stayed home, whipped up a quick lasagna and finished the bread sticks I had been making in the bread machine. It was a great supper while we watched a little Christmas movie with Sam before bed. 

When Sam went to bed, Ryan and I headed downstairs, turned on Elf and started our wrapping. It was a perfect Christmasey day. 

Sunday morning we all slept in! It felt great! But then we headed down stairs and saw that Princess had been busy making some Christmas cookies! I thought I had heard something...

We got ready for church were we were all Sheppard's in the Christmas story. Sam wasn't all that fond of his costume and I had to bride him with a chocolate bar to get him to put the head piece on. But we got through but he seemed tired and decided to lay down in the end! ha ha! Oh the joys of "cooperative" toddlers! 

We had a great breakfast at my parents and then we all had an afternoon nap. I didn't sleep too long and instead binge watched Fuller House! 

How was your weekend? 


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weekend Recap On A Wednesday! Woops

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's been a crazy couple days. Sam was sick to his stomach on Sunday night so he and I stayed home together on Monday. We had a great day but ended up doing so much, I didn't even take my computer out! 

Friday was the girls Christmas pot luck and crazy sock exchange! I loved this new idea of just Christmas socks filled with some goodies! 

Saturday morning I was up early to go to AGM and political breakfast for our local provincial MNA. It's not very often that I get to dress up and put lipstick on! 

But after the breakfast it was home back in scrubs. Made the boys lunch and when Sam went down for a nap I got most of the rest of my Christmas baking finished and in the freezer! 

It's kind of become a little tradition that Saturday night we sit in the living room with our supper and watch a Christmas movie with Sam. I've been dreaming of the day when I could start "Movie Night in Beechgrove" with my own family and I think it's starting! Woo hoo! 

A while back, I got an email from a local theater to say they were doing the musical Little Mermaid. I love The Little Mermaid and thought I could take my niece Faith with me. I surprised her with a full girls afternoon. A quick shopping trip, lunch out at Boston Pizza and then the show! It was a two hour musical and I thought she'd lose interest but surprisingly she sat in awe the while time! It was really great spending some quality girl time with her! 

Got home, made a quick supper and then bathed and got Sam in bed. About an hour later he started crying really hard which is unusual for him. Went up to check and sure enough he and his bed were covered in vomit. Yuck! Cleaned up everything, got him back to sleep and went to bed myself as Ryan was leaving for work that night. I was sure I was in for a long night. But surprisingly he slept through the night and was fine the next morning. But he needed to stay home just in case! And we had an awesome day hanging out! 

And thanks to a visit from my mom, during their play time I took sometime and decorated the sugar cookies! 

Lately, I am feeling like Christmas is right around the corner but it is still 18 days away! I have felt pressure to get things done and felt like I was falling behind. But now I don't feel that way. After a very busy weekend, the following ones are a bit quieter. And I feel ready! This Saturday I hope to watch a couple of my favorite Christmas music and start wrapping! 

How are your Christmas preparations coming? 


Friday, December 2, 2016

5 On Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I have a post almost finished about our 2016 ornament inductee's but totally forgot to take pictures yesterday of them so it will have to wait. 

I am feeling the pressure this week of Christmas. I know, it's still a LONG piece away but events are now overcrowding my weekends which is great but leaves little time for some of the Christmas that I love to do like baking, watching Christmas movies and wrapping. The to-do list is growing but hoping to get things crossed off this weekend! Cards ready for the mail and maybe mostly all the baking's hoping! 

1. End of year around the farm means inventory of all items. We are talking about probably over 100,000 different bags and boxes of stuff to be counted. It has been my life for the last three weeks! Inventory is checked. And then re-checked again to ensure that it was correct or to try and find missing product. Ugh! Yesterday it even involved my brother and I doing fertilizer counts! Thankfully, he did all the climbing! 

2. The other day Sam ended up with a fat lip at daycare. It isn't his first and will not be his last tumble! But it always seems to be on the same side! And this kid is a bleeder but does not want to stop playing long enough to get cleaned up! He's pretty tough! 

I thought he still looked pretty adorable with it! 

3. We got new toque style this year at the farm. When I saw them, I loved it but myself and Jill didn't think the guys here at the farm and male customers were going to like them. Well, we were very wrong! Mostly everyone LOVES them! I can't keep them here. Sam loves to wear mine all the time so that he matches Daddy! 

4. I offered up wrapping as a donation for our church's online auction! A friend ended up winning it and brought over some stuff to wrap! I LOVE wrapping. It has to be one of my favorite holiday things to do. With it she dropped off a present for Sam and a bottle of wine for me with a fun Christmas drinking game! I am sure that the bottle will be gone in no time if I follow the instructions! 

ie: Take a drink every time you lose the scissors or tape! ha ha! 

5. We have an Elf and we read Sam the book for the first time this year since he somewhat "gets" it. He named his elf Princess. Princess brought us some treats on her first visit from the north pole! Chocolate advent calendars for Mommy and Daddy and a Little People advent calendar for Sam! He has loved looking for her so far! 

Bonus: Ok...Someone tell me I'm crazy and talk me out of it BUT I REALLY want a puppy! My cousin runs a kennel called Mohr Over Kennels and breads mini bernedoodle! I am in love! Apparently they don't shed and are very good family pets! She posted pictures of the whole litter but this little guy/girl caught my eye with the white markings! Think Santa would bring me him/her? :) 

What they look like full grown. 

Wishing you a great weekend!