Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Girls Trip To Nova Scotia- Part 1

Ugh! I feel like I have a vacation hangover! Typically, I am itching to get back to my scheduled life. But this time for some reason, I'm not!

Don't get me wrong. I am SO glad to be back to my boys! The longest I had ever been away from Sam was 24 hours before this trip. I loved being back last night and watching how he's changed over just 5 days. He looks, talks and acts just a little different to me after being away.

But I am missing the slow and peaceful mornings right now! The adventurous lunch and early afternoons. Then evenings crashing on the couch with snacks, wine and netflix! But, let me recap! 

We had a Wednesday afternoon flight. We had a quick bite to eat, grabbed a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and waiting for our flight which was a little delayed. Let me just say, a momma REALLY appreciates the ease of traveling when they don't have their toddler with them. No diaper bags, milk, snacks, toys, stroller, etc! Who cares about schedule! I actually watched a movie on the flight that didn't have cartoon characters in it! Heaven! 

We were so excited to land in Halifax! We had a quiet evening planned! Pizza delivered and Big Brother Finale. We had a little hick up when we went to get our vehicle at the park and fly. The keys had been mixed up but thankfully there was a spare set. We had to sit and wait for the new set of keys and made friends with the bus drivers. 

I was so excited and happy to not only get to the cottage but to see this waiting for me and a beautiful bouquet of flowers! It was all the supplies we would need for the coming days! An early birthday gift for me from my brother, SIL and kiddos and flowers from my Mom!

The next morning I woke up to this beautiful view. My happy place! 

A walk, coffee, reading and down time in the morning and we were on the road around 11 to head to Peggy's Cove! I had gotten to see Peggy's Cove for the first time in August but stayed VERY far away as Sam wouldn't have done well walking around. This time we got to go right up to the light house and sit on the rocks and enjoy the view for a while. 

It was a little bit windy! 

I LOVE Peggy's Cove. The little shops, the bag pipers, the view. It has definitely become one of my most favorite tourist spots in the East coast.   

Leaving Peggy's Cove we stopped at the Swiss Air 111 Memorial Site. Another thing that I really wanted to see our last trip but it was Sam's nap time. The mood was very sad but it felt right to stop. A lot of my family around the area still talk about this day with vivid memories. Such a tragedy. 

Rather than eating at the restaurant at Peggy's Cove, we stopped at the Finer Diner which is just outside of the area in a little fishing village area. It has become one of my favorite spots. It's really close to the cottage and it has a fun vintage vibe about it. I LOVE the seafood chowder with homemade tea biscuit. 

We actually came home and napped on this day! I think we were still getting our "sea legs". But we had a quiet evening with wine, snack foods, reading and 2 movies on Netflix! A perfect beginning to our girls trip! 

Stay tuned for Part 2 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'm Not Pregnant, Just Fat

I know you are all cringing right now after reading that title because we all know this is the lowest form of female torture: the false pregnancy identification. 

Here's the thing, while Saturday night at the wedding was a complete blast, there may have been one thing that I left out of my Monday weekend recap post.

Let me set the scene.

I was having an awesome time. I had a few drinks and had spent the majority of my time either visiting with friends or dancing. The midnight lunch was being served. Ryan and I got in line and grabbed our grub. Fries, onion rings and a hamburger with all the fixings! It all looked so yummy.

As I was walking back to a table with a plate of food, I was stopped by an acquaintance who is about my age. She proceeds to put her hand directly on my stomach and says, "Congratulations on your second pregnancy. You must be so excited!"


I quickly answer back, "I'm not pregnant, just fat...but thanks." and sat down with Ryan. I could tell she was a little shocked by my answer but I just walked away.

I tried my best to nibble at a couple fries but tears were welling up in my eyes and I didn't want to make any sort of scene. I quickly headed to the bathroom where I locked myself into a stall and as quietly as possible had a massive tearful breakdown and intense scrutiny of my insecurities.

That's the cruel thing about pregnancy. While I easily managed to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, like most women my body was very altered. I mean look at how big my belly was! It housed a beautiful 8.8 pound baby. There is a chance that it will never be perfectly flat or firm again. 

I calmed myself down and tried my best to put on a happy face for the rest of the evening. When in reality I was feeling very sad and embarrassed. A friend saw my dampened mood and I quickly told her what happened (Sara). Immediately, she had a look of recognition and disappointment on her face being that I know she has had a similar situation happen before. 

I believe it was during "Summer Nights" that she said to me "It doesn't even matter though! You wouldn't trade it for anything. When you are holding that baby and he smiles at you, it is all that is important". 

I kept repeating that sentence to myself over and over for the rest of the weekend. There were many instances that I was tearful and feeling very down on myself. Many times I had to keep telling myself to "snap out of it" and "get over it". But I had a hard time shaking it. I think the worst part of it was that this woman proceeded to be at the reception for the rest of the night and never once attempted to apologize. 

Like most phases of grief, the sadness has surpassed and now comes the anger which is the whole point of this rant. 

Consider this a public service announcement: Do not consider anyone is pregnant unless they are obviously pregnant and wearing a "FETUS IN PROGRESS" t-shirt. Otherwise, let your curiosity go. Whether I was pregnant or not was not going to effect this woman's night but her need to assume certainly effected mine. Anyone who you really need to know the status of her uterus will actually invite you into that knowledge of her life without you having to question. 

Basically, when is it OK to ask a women if she is pregnant? 

Unless you are sure, do us all a favor- DON'T! 


Monday, September 21, 2015

Wedding Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Ugh! I thought Monday after a long weekend was hard, it has nothing on a wedding weekend Monday! 

I think a big part of the BLAH Monday feeling is from lack of sleep. We are pretty use to our regular sleep. And although not super long hours usually, it beats VERY little shut eye we got on Saturday/Sunday. 

But to be honest, it is TOTALLY worth it! 

Friday night, I went to go to Sam's daycare at the usual time but did not immediately pack him up to go home! We were staying to visit and have supper to celebrate 1 year since the opening of the daycare! 

It made my week to be there with Sam and watch him play with his friends. I realized how much he has become so social and imaginative since his first day of daycare. Ryan was there as well and we had a good time getting to know some of the other parents. I have probably mentioned it a few times before, but I feel so lucky to have found Sam's daycare. The whole family has become a big part of our lives and quickly we have all become friends. When I drop Sam off everyday, I still miss him but I know he is at a "home away from home". 

Friday in general was a VERY busy work day. September is a very crazy time. When I went to get ready for bed I looked down and saw how dirty my feet were! Yuck! Too much walking through dirt that day! So glamorous! Ha ha! 

Saturday morning we were all up at our usual time. We kind of all lounged around for a while. Ryan left to get started in the wedding festivities (he was a groomsman) so Sam and I had a great morning and afternoon together! 

During his afternoon nap I packed up our bags and got ready for the wedding myself. 

The biggest challenge of this weekend was finding a sitter for Sam. This wedding was not only for close friends but the groom also happens to be my first cousin! Therefore both set of grandparents were invited. We were feeling very unsure as to what to do. We then thought of Ryan's Aunt and cousin and asked if they were interested. Without hesitation, they agreed and we were so relieved! We knew Sam was going to be in great hands! Actually, I think we had a great set up. Sam would be staying at Ryan's parents place overnight and we got to sleep there as well in their trailer. Which also happens to be a 1 minute drive from the reception! Woo hoo! 

The wedding was so beautiful and after the ceremony, it was straight to the reception where I laughed at the amazing MC's! Their entrance and kissing game really broke the ice and helped set the fun tone for the evening! 

The midnight lunch was awesome! Hamburgers, fries and onion rings! Yum! We had a little photobooth fun and danced the night away. It was an awesome time and we stayed up WAY past our bedtime but it was so worth it! 

Congrats to the awesome couple! 

Sunday morning we were up early thanks to our internal alarm clocks. But it was good because we had to pack up and take a little road trip to do some work. The good thing is that Sam got to be with us. It was a beautiful day and we had fun reflecting on the night before.

Sam was our little helper and I can't help but love a little boy in overalls! Melts my heart! 

At home we relaxed, made an easy supper and played lots before we all were in bed VERY early! But it was a very fun and memorable weekend! 


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Fall Favorites!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I know, we are still 1 week away from the first "official" day of Fall, but it's been fall in my heart for the last two weeks!

It's no secret, Fall is my favorite season. I love Thanksgiving, Halloween and my birthday lands in this beautiful season as well.

Every year there are more and more things that make my Fall special. I try to soak up every last minute of the not-to-cold weather and colors! These things have particularly made my Fall especially great so far!

1. I've been limiting my purchases for clothes to the bare minimum this year. When I saw this sweater though, I KNEW it had to be mine! The hood, the pockets, thumb holes, long enough for leggings and just overall comfort! Add in the forest green color I chose, it was PERFECT! Thank you Old Navy for this Fall staple. I may (Ok....totally) wore this sweater everyday last weekend.

2. PUMPKIN! While I am not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, I do love pumpkin in use of baking! My most favorite pumpkin bread recipe has been used at my house 2 weeks in a row! It is so moist and works as bread and muffins! Ryan loves this treat in his lunch and I love the smell that radiates in the house when it's cooking. Pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves...YUM! Recipe found here.

3. Warm drinks is not something that overly enjoy. To me, I avoid them and prefer ice cold beverages for the summer. But now that Fall is here I am loving a cup of tea in the evenings or hot chocolate. I have yet to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte but plans are in the works. Our church is having an Epicure fundraiser and while perusing the catalog I saw a Soothing Wellness tea that contains lemongrass and ginger! It sounds AMAZING and already added it to my ever-growing order. The recipe with the tea for is this:

Soothing Hot Remedy
1 cup of brewed Soothing Wellness tea
1 oz of brandy
1/2 tsp of honey
Orange slice

I'm hoping that I don't get any illness this Fall but being that it is unlikely, I am keeping this as a little cold cure.

4. While work is NOT winding down, the end is in sight. We have a couple really fun Fall Promotions that we have going on for our customers. I also got our first order of company toques in a new style and new color (also comes in black)! While this seems really little to most, we have had the same company toques for 10+ years! The change is nice and exciting. Can't wait to start handing them out to clients and employees!

5. New Fall Shoes, for too! Sam was in need of some new shoes! My little guy had outgrown his latest size and needed a new pair in the next size up. While walking around Wal-Mart during my last visit, I saw a display of knock off Converse shoes for Mommy and little boy! I got a navy blue pair for Sam and decided NOT to buy myself the red ones! I've been kicking myself ever since! But Sam's are SO cute and perfect for the Fall. He looks so grown up in them!

I can't believe Fall hasn't even officially began yet and I am enjoying it so much! 

What are your Fall favorites? 


Monday, September 14, 2015

It FINALLY Feels Like Fall

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday at Sunday School we were playing a question game. I asked one little boy the selected question, "What is your favorite season?"

He quickly answered, "Fall!" Me too buddy, me too! 

The temperatures have dropped and it is REALLY feeling like fall. It rained all weekend and it just added to the coziness!

We had very few plans this weekend. Ryan was playing in a local ball tournament all weekend and Sam and I hung out! 

Sam has started to want to carry his own backpack at the end of the day! I can't help but get a little chocked up when seeing him walking with it. I am not going to handle his first day of school well! Ha ha!

I had to rush off after dropping Sam off because I was meeting the girls and loading up to head out for supper to NOT (read: totally) celebrate someone's birthday! ;) 

I LOVE Montana's and I am never disappointed with my meal there, Chicken Taco's! Yum! 

Pic via Jill's facebook 

Saturday morning we woke up to another gloomy day but we packed up early, grabbed Tim Horton's for breakfast (Sam is really into bagels with cream cheese right now) and then grabbed some groceries! We have this weekend routine down to a science now! Sam always naps in the car ride home after groceries and then goes in his highchair for a snack as soon as we get back. The time that he is having his snack allows me to unpack and organize the groceries. 

Sam and I played inside, had lunch and then he went down for his PM nap. During that time I made my to-do list and got to work! Picked tomatoes, made some freezer pizza's, wash and organize Sam's fall clothes and make pumpkin bread! All the while it wind was blowing outside and the rain was falling. I snuggled in for a quick nap before Sam woke up! 

For supper I tried a new recipe was Pinterest. This bacon and cheese bake was good. Tasted just like Bacon Bunnies. I likely won't make it again being that I prefer bacon bunnies better because they get crispy. 

My brother and his family are at the cottage right now so we have been keeping their dog and feeding the fish. Sam has really enjoyed coming with me to feed the fish and watch them swim around! He knows the routine now and pushes his step stool closer to the tank.

I had a quiet night alone at home. Sewing more clothes for Faith's doll for Christmas, watching a movie and then bed early! 

Sunday morning I was excited and nervous to head to church. Sunday school was back and I was so looking forward to being with my church family again. But the last time we went, Sam wasn't walking yet. I was worried about the time before Sunday school starts. I was worried he'd climb the stairs to Grandpa, run down the aisles and just be very distracting. Thankfully, Sam surprised me and was happy to sit and look through a hymn book and then sit with me for Children's time. Downstairs he had his snack and played with all the toys and other little ones. It was just an over all successful morning and I love being back to our church schedule! 

The rest of Sunday I processed my tomatoes, got supper's ready for the week and hang out on the raining day with my boys! 

How was your Fall(ish) weekend? 


Friday, September 11, 2015

Flashback Friday - School Picture Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Over the last week or so my social media outlets have been all about back-to-school! With all of the first day pictures flooding my wall, I can't help but look back and think about my own experiences with school. The thing is, I LOVED back-to-school time. I couldn't wait to get ready for my first day. Pack my lunch, plan my outfit. The smell of brand new school supplies had me so excited. Another big day in my life, picture day! Here's a little flashback of my school pictures. 

I couldn't find my Kindergarten picture but I remember it being a bad one! Some how we never got word that it was picture day and I was wearing my super joggers with my hair not even brushed. 

 Grade 1: 
My mother still dressed me. Oh the bangs and toothless grin! That was the same dress that I wore in the Pre-K production of Goldilocks. Being that my hair was so not blonde and all, I played Goldilocks.  

Grade 2: 
The year of growing out my bangs. Also the time when my front adult teeth were coming in and they were very buck tooth. I loved that dress with matching headband. 

Grade 3: 

My Parisian stage. This year I started picking out my own clothes and decided a beret was a great fashion statement!  I also wanted my hair curly that day so my mom rolled my hair in rags the night before! 
Grade 4: 
That crochet vest? My moms! ha ha! Such a 90's look! 

Grade 5: 
Speaking of 90's, check out the choker!

Apparently I had BIG ambitions in grade 5. This was what my answer was in Grade 5 when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think this is around the time I started to love politics. 

Grade 6: 
Last year of "little" school and first picture showcasing my new teeth accessory....braces! Also, check out how I signed my name in that grade. The "i" was made into a smiley face. Pretty bad ass....*side eye*

Grade 7: 

I present to you, my most awkward school picture!! Oh the early teen years are rough! New glasses, braces, no idea how to do my own hair and someone might need to start wearing a real bra. I hated this picture and I hated my first year of high school! Thankfully, it got better! 

Grade 8: 
The summer before grade 8 I was singing at the Ottawa EX and the organizer wanted all the girls to get their hair braided. I actually loved it! It was easy maintenance all late summer and early fall. Also, my braces came off the WEEK before this picture was taken. I smiled everywhere I went! 

Grade 9: 
This is the year I really started coming out of my shell. Made some amazing friends, joined clubs, cared about my grades. I love high school from here on out! 

Grade 10: 
Same thing, loved high school! Felt confident in myself and who I was! Traveled with the school to New York and to Europe! 

Grade 11: 

This isn't my official graduation picture but my final year! My most favorite school year! I was head girl and really involved in school. I had good grades, I was accepted into university for next year and just felt like I really had my stuff together. I had my close group of friends and tried to be nice to everyone in school. Check out the duck necklace I am wearing, I had a weird infatuation with ducks back then! 

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me! :) 

What was your favorite year of school? 


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Happenings Of The Labor Day Weekend

Welcome to a short work week! I have to say, that fact that it is already Wednesday is AWESOME! 

In the past, the week after labor day, I'd be telling you all about the fun we had at the Shawville Fair. And while we did attend this year, it was different then what we experienced in the past. Not bad, just different. 

For one thing, this weekend was DISGUSTINGLY hot! Just standing at the fair would make you break out in a sweat! It was too warm to be out walking for very long. Sam was just sitting in his stroller while getting pushed and was sweating. 

It's been really busy at the farm right now because we are cropping. This means there are certain people who are evening working well into the night! We usually provide supper for this crew and I was on supper duty! Home around 5, supper at 5:30, pick up meals at 6 and deliver them to the fields, bath/bed for Sam at 6:30. It was a full speed run to get everything done in the evenings. 

Thankfully Friday, the guys were done cropping for the week so we got to have quiet and more slow paced evening at home! 

Saturday we were all up and out the door by 7:30 and having breakfast at my favorite, Gabriels! I LOVE their homefries and eggs Benedict. Sam got pancakes and gobbled them up and then proceeded to eat 2 of Ryan's sausages. I still can't understand where he puts it! 

We grabbed a quick load of groceries and then hopped over to get Sam's haircut, something we have been avoiding. The last few times Sam got his haircut he had major meltdowns. Both Ry and I would have to hold him down. Sam's hair has gotten really thick and grows fast and was starting to get in his eyes. As we placed him in the car I even told the hairdresser, he won't be as quiet as your last customer. And he said, "I know, I remember him"...yikes! 

Well Sam surprised us and sat there quietly just looking at the TV and pretending to drive the car he was sitting in!! It was a success! 

We headed home for a quick lunch and Sam's afternoon nap. We got him up at his normal time and loaded up to head to the fair for the first time in 2015! We were surprised by how quiet the midway was but I think the heat turned a lot of people away. We decided not to get a ride pass for Sam this year as we would only be able to go on one ride. Next year we'll attempt to introduce to him the joy of Fair rides! 

Instead we enjoyed the Fair food! We got pizza and fries. Sam ate a few fries but instead gobbled down blueberries that I had packed him. On the way out I grabbed mini donuts and he was suddenly starving and ate most of them himself! 

We got home and put Sam to bed and we decided to have a fire and play a board game. We really wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather when we can! 

Sunday morning I was up to get ready as usual before the boys! I wanted to make a special recipe for breakfast. Pumpkin French toast! It was so good and I will be making this ALL the time now! 

We were not going to church as there is not Sunday school right now so we had a great quiet day at home. It so hot again and decided to spend sometime by the pool. We were given this puddle jumper from cousin/friend Tanner and are happy to report Sam FINALLY likes the pool! We will definitely be packing this on our winter vacation. 

That night I got ready, picked up Jill and headed to the Fair again. It was nice not to have a big diaper bag and stroller! The best part, taking our time and walking through the craft barn looking at all the beautiful stuff people submitted! I decided to step outside of my normal Fair food comfort zone and tried "The Scotty" poutine! Which was to-die-for!! 

We watched Doc Walker, visited to friends, had a lemonade slush and bevertails! It was a great Fair night! 

Despite my late night, I was up early again to get a head start on the day! Again, a super warm day but not too hot for my chihuahua! He loves that kind of weather! We headed to the Fair for lunch but did not stay too long because it was too warm for all of us!

 Hate to say it, but I have Christmas on the mind! I had an idea for my niece and wanted to get started this weekend. I am going to make her a bunch of new clothes and accessories for her special doll, Reese that we got her last year! So far so good! 1 tutu, 1 pair of pants, a toque and scarf! 

To stay cool after supper we decided to go for a ride around all the fields! It was a beautiful ending to the weekend. Sam was very chatty and silly on our drive and we decided to take a silly family selfie! Love weekends that allow me to spend so much time with my boys! 

How was your long weekend?