Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Eve Of Christmas Eve!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's the EVE of Christmas Eve and my last day of work before SANTA comes! I can't lie, I woke up with a little bit of a spring in my step! As I got ready for the day I was filled with cheer as I did a couple last minute touches on daycare Christmas gifts, party food for today at the office and PJS set out for Sam to wear today! 

As I woke Sam up and got him dressed we sang "Jingle Bells", his favorite part is the "HEY"! It make me so excited at the idea of the next few days with him enjoying the Christmas season. 

Here are a few things I am loving today! 

1. I mentioned before that I am READY for Christmas. Baking, done! Shopping, done! Decorations, done and wrapping, DONE! This was a bit of a task considering this year we had quite a few homemade Christmas projects that I will share with you another day! These projects began in September and have been on going until yesterday! But we are DONE! It is a huge relief! 

2. I was super worried about Sam's gift opening abilities because on Saturday when we had my family Christmas, Sam had NO interest in gifts and opening. I chalked it up to he just doesn't understand right now and hopefully by next year it will be different. My vision of Christmas morning completely changed. Of course I knew that he wouldn't get what all the excitement was about but I had hope that he'd be into ripping paper.

Thankfully, the next day we had friends over for supper and he was MUCH more into opening his presents! Ripping the paper to see what is inside! Now I do have my vision back of paper flying everywhere! 

3. Recently, Sam has started to cut out his morning nap. At first this was very sporadic but now it's almost everyday. The adjustment was hard at first and he would have a hard time being happy until lunch time. Now, I love it! In the afternoons after we get home, he is a MUCH happier boy! It's as if the afternoon nap is much more quality!

4. This is going to be a touchy subject for some (*Jill*) but I am LOVING that it is green and it is going to stay this way through till Christmas. I think snow is pretty but in reality my husband has been getting normal amounts of sleep, hasn't been sick (from lack of sleep, food and etc) and has been around more because the weather has been so nice! Usually this time of year we have to juggle his snow hours with our life and have to cancel attendance. This year there has been NO issues! 

This Christmas I know I am going to have Ryan and my dad around, guaranteed! They are going to be well rested instead of trying to get through Christmas morning between shifts. 

Also, we are still selling sod! We just sold some sod yesterday to a client and while it wasn't much, the fact that this seasonal business is still able to produce a product at the end of December is remarkable! In fact, just because we can, we are going to cut sod on Christmas day! Just one roll to mark down as the latest into the season we have ever cut! 

We are ready for when the inevitable does happen and we get a dumping of snow. No panic trying to get the roads in safe conditions for commuters. 

Bring on the GREEN Christmas! WOO HOO! 

5. This is my last day of work before Christmas and I just wanted to take the chance to wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas from this little ol' blog! Thanks for reading along! :) 


Monday, December 21, 2015

READY For Christmas And Another Inductee!

Happy Monday!! Welcome to CHRISTMAS week! It's only a short 4 sleeps away and I am very excited! One of the reasons I am so excited is because our weekend was a little bit more relaxed with more time at home which meant we got lots of Christmas things done. We also enjoyed a lot of Christmas activities! 

Friday afternoon Ryan grabbed Sam and a pizza. I was spent from the week! When the boys got home I noticed this cute little snowman that Sam (with help I imagine!) had made at daycare! I thought it was SO adorable! I instantly brought it downstairs to put on our special Christmas tree! 

We all enjoyed our pizza supper, played and then put Sam down to bed. When Sam went down Ryan and I got to work! We brought out all the Christmas presents (minus stockings and for each other) and got to wrapping while enjoying Miracle on 34th Street and 8 Crazy Nights! Two great Christmas movies! 

Saturday was on of the first days we actually had to ourselves at home! I can't remember a day that we have spent entirely at home! It was awesome! We played outside, I made some buns and we just really enjoyed ourselves! 

We all had a Saturday afternoon nap and then got ready for Christmas with my family! 

It is a lot of fun and crazy with 4 young kids at Christmas! They are all a ball of energy and feed off of eachother! It is so much fun! We had a delicious turkey dinner, Christmas ice cream cake for dessert and headed up stairs to exchange gifts. Paper and bows were flying everywhere as parcels were opened! 

Sunday morning Sam slept in and then we had a relaxing morning before getting ready for church! Ryan had worked that night starting at 2 AM and was getting tired but decided to join us for church and take Sam down to Sunday school so I could enjoy the sermon. 

We had a quick lunch and then both my boys headed to bed. While they slept I put on White Christmas and FINISHED my wrapping by doing my secret stocking person and Ryan's gifts. I am so excited to be done! 

I woke both the boys up at 4 as we were having best friends Amanda and Josh over for our Christmas together! Sam was in such a good mood with the excitement of having friends (and new people, ha ha) to play with! He was just giggling away and running around enjoying all the extra attention! 

We all exchanged gifts and Amanda and Josh got us the coolest gift. Dates bags! Little bags with tags and date supplies! Example, movie date bag that contains popcorn, snacks, popcorn bowls. 

We got them a couple of new games and treats! One game we opened to enjoyed after our Taco supper! Exploding kittens! If you see it, GRAB it! We laughed and laughed at this game! It is so fun and intense! It's like Russian Roulette and a little poker all rolled into one card game! It's awesome! 

We had an awesome time with enjoying and appreciating great friends this Christmas! 


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Inductee's Onto Lindsay & Ryan's Christmas Tree

Wow! I can't believe I have been doing a post about our special Christmas tree since 2011! Here's a little review...

Rather than buying a whole bunch of souvenir's when Ryan and I go somewhere together, we always picked up a Christmas ornament instead to remind of us of that special trip. We also put  special ornaments that people have given to us and ornaments that represent a special time in our lives. 

Here's the past posts...

Oh I loved reading through all of those and remembering all the fun times that we have had and how much our lives have changed since we started this tradition together! 

Every year my MIL gets the girls a special ornament from her! Last year I received this adorable snow man! 

Sammy also got his own ornament for "baby's first Christmas" from his Nana. A cute little Mickey Mouse! 

Ryan and I were also given our own Mommy and Daddy's first Christmas with Sam! It was given to us by Aunt Shirley and cousin Katelyn! I don't know where she finds these neat personalized ones but she always does! 

We also got this little reminder of our first Christmas as a family of 3! Our first Christmas with our boy, such an exciting time. This ornament was from best friends Amanda and Josh! 

I have gotten so much better at marking the boxes the ornaments sit in to be sure to mark who it is from and the year but somehow this one got missed. Eek. I'm PRETTY sure this one was given to us by our neighbors and family, Uncle Jared, Aunt Holly and Family. A special ornament for Sam! 

This next ornament I picked up on my own, when I was not with Ryan and Sam. This ornament actually represents the first extended time I was without Ryan and Sam on a much needed girls trip with best friend Jilly! We traveled to Nova Scotia to relax and take in all the sights and sounds of the east coast! It was such a fun trip and one I hope we can repeat again! :) 

At our company Christmas party an employee handed me this ornament brand new in the box that he wanted me to have. It had belonged to his Mom and he never used it to decorate a tree. I thought it was so sweet of him to give it to me. I love vintage Christmas stuff. 

This last edition was just given to me on Monday night! Sam's FIRST homemade Christmas ornament! When I was a kid, my parents tree would be decorated with mostly homemade Christmas ornaments that my brother and I had made. It's pretty neat to be able to hang Sam's first homemade ornament. The first of many I am sure! 

Happy Wednesday! 


Monday, December 14, 2015

Parade, Piano and No Time To Rest!

Happy Monday everyone! I have to admit, I am sort of glad to see this weekend come to an end. It's not that it was necessarily bad, just busy. Too busy. I feel like we did so much running around that it was hard to focus on family time. We was all about timing and getting from one location to another. 

But with that being said, it was actually still a good weekend! 

Friday night, I kind of kicked the boys out of the house and my MIL graciously had the boys over for supper so that I could get ready to host our Christmas book club without a toddler attached to my leg. I got my food ready, tidied up the house and eventually sat back with wine and my knitting. It was a very relaxing way to get ready for an event. 

Book club was great! There were 11 members there which makes for lots of pot luck food options (yum!) and good book discussions! We covered "Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner. A good read if you are looking for something light! 

Saturday morning I was up early to get ready for our busy day! When the boys got up Sam was so excited to see a kitchen stool! A friend from book club had an extra and parted with it for the small fee of a donation to a good charity. Sam knew exactly how to climb up on his own and proceeded to help me make breakfast! It is so nice to have it and I don't feel like I have to watch him every second when he is up there, scared he is going to fall down! 

We headed to a Quebec liberal brunch and then the boys left to go home and I stayed in Shawville to have lunch with my parents. I had to grab a couple of groceries. We are having a "no spend" week this week! Eating whatever we have in the home already and only bought $30 of groceries this week to get us through. 

I had a few minutes to spare so I looked over my piano music because it was recital time. I was a little nervous. I had never played piano in front of many people before. I had been practicing both melodies of Away In A Manger for weeks now and when it was my time to perform, I froze. 

I completely sucked. My fingers were shaking, my eyes blurred over so I couldn't see the music, it was honestly a huge disappointment. I know the pieces so well and I played SO badly. It was a little disheartening when you have worked so hard at something and then fail at the execution.

But I headed home to a quiet house as Sam was napping. I rested, made supper and did more knitting. I was glad to have the 30 minutes of rest time! 

I was able to get out of my glum mood as soon as Sam woke up! It was going to be a fun evening! We ate a homemade pizza for supper, played before bundling up to head out to the Santa Claus parade in our home town! We were going to mess with Sam's schedule because it was going to be his first time meeting the Jolly Ol' fellow! 

The parade was beautiful! And Sam LOVED all the lights! He got a little stuffed giraffe from one of the parade floats and clung to it! We got to the hall and were one of the first people in line to see Santa. I was pretty sure Sam was going to cry his head off when we placed him on Santa's lap. He had been a teething grump all weekend. Well he shocked us and never even shed a year! Even had a couple grins. He was big on showing Santa his phone! 

The next morning we all got ready for church had a great service and then Ryan went home to give Sam lunch while I enjoyed a Wine and Cheese gathering next door at Jills! It was a relaxing visit with lots of congregation members. 

Oh and the boys made breakfast! 

When I got home, Sam and Ryan both went down to sleep and I got sewing! I wanted to finish my nieces Christmas present. Last year we got her a 18 inch doll and this year we made her a little clothing storage unit and lots of new items! Toque, hat, tutu, shirt, skirt, 3 pairs of pants, shoes, backpack, 2 dresses, skirt, new coat and a pair of glasses! I hope she loves it! 

We had a quiet evening at home for the rest of the evening and just as I was heading to bed, Ryan headed to work! 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, December 11, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the bit of random postings. Company year end has kicked my butt this year. So many numbers and balance sheets. My head is swirling. 

So we beat a record here in the Ottawa area yesterday. The hottest December 10th since 1946!! Wow! The latest we have ever cut sod on the farm is December 8th. We have officially broke that record and are greatly exceeding it!We are still shipping sod and in the near future, we don't see that stopping! 

It's been a kind of crazy end of season that way. While the order book is much quieter, there are some days we are sanding icy roads and shipping sod on the same day, weird. As a farmer you kind of live for the weather and roll with the punches. I don't necessarily believe in the "global warming" excuse for our warm winter. Historically, it was almost this warm in 1946. As a farmer, you just take the weather for what it is and do your best to continue to work with what Mother Nature gives you. 

In our home, we are still gearing up for a great Christmas together. I am never going to complain about a green Christmas! I know a lot of people disagree, but it still feels like Christmas despite the lack of snow! 

I brought out a bunch of Christmas books that I thought we could start reading to Sam during December. Actually, Ryan and I were hoping these new books would allow us to stop reading the SAME BOOK HE MAKES US READ EVERY NIGHT FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS! 

Literally, every night Sam whines and asks for the "truck" book. If he try to read him something else he has a complete meltdown. What is this book that he loves so much and that Ryan and I know now off by heart? 

"Everything's Better With A Beard" by the Duck Dynasty guys! 

He is obsessed with this book!! It's been a solid 3 months of reading ONLY this book at bed time! Ugh! 

I MAY have spoken too soon about being SO ready for Christmas. Yes, all the shopping and baking is done. But starting this weekend there are so many Christmas activities that I have zero time to do the final Christmas prep and wrap! Literally, no free weekend time! It will get done and I am going to enlist force Ryan to help! Time for elf duties to be split in this household! 

 How are the Christmas duties split in your home? 

Have a great weekend! 


Monday, December 7, 2015

Busy Weekend Before Weekends Get Even Busier!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing weekend! Ours was kind of relaxing with a little bit of busy thrown in there. It was a good balance. Which is a good thing because the next two weekends, the last two before Christmas are going to be NUTS! They are jammed packed with so many things happening! 

Friday night we had a quiet night at home! Sam was in his usual before bed crazy mood! I seriously think it is getting harder and harder to get a picture of him! 

But after he went down to bed Ryan and I had a "Netflix and Chill" night! One of my most favorite things to do now! 

Saturday morning I was up early because I had a to-do list of things I wanted to get done! Ryan always says he doesn't understand why I get up so early but I really do accomplish SO much during that 1.5 hours of alone time! 

That morning we had breakfast at home and then packed up for a quick grocery run and lunch at Subway. Sam LOVED Subway and we will be going more often as a quick meal option now that we know he loves it. 

When we got home we all unpacked the groceries and then I got started on a batch of cookies. It was still about an hour before Sam's afternoon nap so he helped me! I was surprised how into helping me he is! He is very good about waiting for me to hand him the measuring cup to dump in. He was loving watching the mixer go around and around. 

It was just one of those moments that was etched into my memory. I always dreamed of baking Christmas cookies with my child/children and this was the very first time that happened. 

That afternoon Sam went down to sleep I got his Shepherd's costume for the pageant ready! A 0.99$ pillow case cut right down the middle, cup a spot for arms and shortened. A tie for around the head and a dishcloth for his head. Easy! 

We had a visit with the little cousins across the road and finished decorating the house. We had a quick supper and when Sam went down to bed we had a little date! Our November date actually! Pizza and Mario Cart Tournament! We also threw in decorating the our Christmas tree with all of our special ornaments. 

Sam reading his own bedtime story! ha ha! 

The best thing I got this year is this "treemote"! Who ever invented this thing is a GENIUS! You plug it in and plug your tree to it. Instead of trying to reach around and plug it in every night, without knocking any ornaments off, you just click the "on" button! It is awesome! 

Sunday morning we got ready for church and headed there early to get Sam dressed. The pageant went off perfectly! Sam walked down the aisle as planned but he had NO interest in the rest of the service. He wanted to help Grandpa play piano, play with the candles, stand on pews. I was sweating after the service with my toddler! Ha ha! 

After church we had a great brunch at my parents house and then settled Sam down for a nap at home. While he slept, I got supper ready as we were having special guests over that night! 

Sam's daycare provider (and family) all joined us for supper! I think Sam was a little confused when he woke up from his nap and saw them there! But very excited to play with his friends! We had such a fun visit and the house felt kind of lonely after they left! Looking forward to the next visit. 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, December 4, 2015

My Family Christmas Traditions

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your weekend went by smoothly! 

Listen, there is a lot out there about Christmas! And guess what? I am totally into as well right now! I am happy to report that I am DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Everything from stocking stuffers, bows and paper and Christmas baking supplies. 

This is kind of exciting for me! I feel like I am able to sit back for the rest of December and slowly prepare for the exciting day. Wrapping at a leisurely pace and just enjoy all the holiday time with my family and friends. 

I think one of the reasons that I get a little stressed during the holiday season is because I want to fulfill all of my normal Christmas traditions. It's a short time frame but I really want to fit all of those special traditions into this time. Without them, it just doesn't feel like Christmas! 

1. Decorating for Christmas just isn't the same without Wayne Rostad's, Christmas In The Valley. There is something about those songs that makes me feel so cozy and warm. I have been listening to those songs since I was a kid and we would listen to it as we decorated our tree. When I was younger I would roll my eyes at the old fashioned songs but now they mean a lot more to me. 

2. We were pretty slow at unwrapping gifts. It would start with my parents torturing my brother and I as we waited to open stockings while they made coffee. Finally, the would settle in their room and begin opening stockings. Youngest (aka: me!) always went first! Stocking gifts were always wrapped. One by one we would open  gifts and then when stockings were done we would head down to the basement to see what Santa had brought. But not before Dad would torture us at the top of the stairs saying that Santa had been there. We were SLOW opening gifts. One person at a time. The big thing was that we would have name tags, sometimes silly ones. Sure some said "Love, Santa" but a lot would say something different. Love, Mrs. Claus, The Elves, Frosty, or even Tim the Tool Man (a little hint there). 

3. Around the Christmas season, Mom would make short bread cookies to enjoy. Once Jared and I got older we would begin wanting to help her with this task. One of our "jobs" was to roll the shortbread cookies. One year we were being silly and as we were "rolling" the cookies we thought we'd be funny and instead make them into the shape of worms. Mom would act all mad but would proceed to bake our worms anyways. From there on our we always had special Christmas shortbread worms! And the tradition continues in my own home. 

4. Every year it was my Dad's job to put up the Christmas lights. He is KIND OF meticulous about the task and it would take him all day to do it. One the first Sunday of Advent we would all head outside and the "lighting ceremony". We would walk a piece down the road as someone plugged the lights in. We would all "ohhh and ahhh" at the pretty lights! Another tradition that I drag Ryan into! ha ha! 

5. Christmas eve is just as important to me as Christmas day! There are some things that HAVE to happen! For one, Christmas Eve church service. I think it is so important to take that time as a family and reflect what the true meaning as to what the season is all about, the birth of the Son of God. It is such a joyous service and a great time to reflect. At the end of service we all sing "Silent Night" which is lead by acoustic guitar while the whole church is light by candle light. It really is one of the most beautiful moments of the year. 

After church, we head home where we have some special treats, set out cookies/milk for Santa,  carrots for the reindeer and read "T'was The Night Before Christmas". Christmas Eve is just a really special time and the beginning of the celebration of Christmas as a family! 

What are some of your Christmas traditions?