Friday, November 28, 2014

Today I’m Thankful For…


Happy Friday everyone! And happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my friends south of the border! Thinking about this holiday (again) made me think of some things I am very thankful for!

- Today I’m thankful for amazing friends and family! This is kind of obvious but I know how lucky I am. Yesterday I enjoyed a delicious  homemade lunch with a fellow Mommy friend! Talk about a great way to spend a Thursday. She even had a plate and seat for Sam! Also, the family in Sam’s life. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a super close relationship with my grandparents but I know he will. They are always more then willing to help Ryan and I out by watching him for us. Never any hesitation.

- I’m SUPER thankful for the Black Friday sale items I scored yesterday and today! Winter coats for the whole family and Christmas gifts crossed off the list at a fraction of the price! I talked earlier about my 10 year old jackets not being able to function for me anymore and the fact that I could replace those for a fraction of the price is even better!

One of my new jackets!

- I’m thankful for Christmas parties! It’s going to be an exciting month and it starts today with the company Christmas party! Even though I am on Mat. leave, I still had a hand in helping to organize and participate! We are changing it up this year and hosting it ourselves! I am excited for the change and I hope it goes over well! Planning the door prize game yesterday made me excited for all the shenanigans!

- I’m thankful, oddly enough, for Ryan’s winter hours. It was a big adjustment to move from day to night shift but now that we kind of have a schedule, it makes life a little more predictable. Once Ryan sleeps in the morning he gets to spend the afternoons with Sam and I!

- I am thankful for Christmas decorations that make the house feels cozy and festive!

Christmas decorations (28)

- I am thankful for our latest book club book, The Rosie Project. For a long time I haven’t felt like reading because it was a long time since a book captured me. This book, I haven’t been able to put down! It feels great to have book that you are willing to stay up to read “just one more chapter”.

- I am thankful for my new socks. Usually, I am a hater of socks. I avoid wearing them at all costs. On a whim, to wear with a specific pair of boots, I picked up some wool work socks and I feel in love. They are warm, don’t slide down and so comfy! It almost feels like I am not wearing socks at all!


What are you thankful for today? Did you indulge in any Black Friday deals?

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Picture-less Weekend And Christmas Problems


Happy Wednesday! Holy rain! As I type this, ll of the snow that we got is officially gone! Woo hoo! As I always say, I’d be more then happy to have a green Christmas!

The plan in my head for this past weekend was to get lots done for Christmas! I thought our lights would go up, the trees and maybe even some baking! The problem with that? I had forgot that Sam and I were on our own for all of Saturday!

Ryan had a sledding security course all day and then hockey right after at night! After a busy week I was looking forward to spending the weekend together and was sad when I remembered that we actually wouldn’t be seeing much of Ryan! I was even more disappointed to miss a party for good friends that are getting married this January in Mexico!

But, Sam and I had a good time together. Relaxing, playing and just spending time together!

It is less then 1 month till Christmas and considering a week ago I thought I was WAY behind, I am feeling very prepared. I am not a last minute shopper and while I hoped to have ALL of my shopping done by December 1, Ryan has agreed to watch Sam some afternoon so I can have a solo trip! I’ll need that trip to do all of my shopping for Ryan but it’s going to be hard!

Every year Ryan and I sit down and write down Christmas lists. This is a good thing not only for ourselves but for numerous people who ask for ideas. We also set a small budget every year. We don’t want to spend a lot of money on each other for Christmas as we have a Nova Scotia trip approaching that we want to save our pennies for. This year, the budget is $150 each. The issue, NONE of Ryan’s gifts on his wishlist are under that amount!

I give Ryan credit, when it wants something, it is usually big. He doesn’t buy random things for himself through out the year. But it makes him VERY difficult to shop for.

This year he wants;

A side-by-side – $15,000


Some special camera called a GoPro $350-$400

A GPS Nike Watch – $200-$250

Basketball tickets plus travel and stay in Toronto $500-$800

Seriously, what is a girl to do? Ryan works really hard and is a great husband and father. I want to get him something nice for Christmas but his wishlist items are way over budget. Now I ask you, what do you get the men in your life for Christmas? Do they have expensive tastes as well? What is your Christmas budget?

Happy Wednesday!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally Joined The PVR World!


Happy Friday friends! I still feel so confused this morning. I cannot get my days straight today! I was sure it was Saturday when I woke up! It’s not that I’m confused because of lack of sleep. I have actually been heading to bed VERY early the last couple of days. I have been going to bed early so that I can enjoy recorded shows because we FINALLY have a PVR.

Ryan and I have wanted a PVR for a long time! But we put off getting one over and over again as our extra budget money went to other things like trips! Finally, on Monday we declared, let’s call and get one, it will be our Christmas gift to each other. The amazing news? We got a SMOKIN’ deal on a PVR from Bell! It was installed on Tuesday and now I have a hard time imagining what watching normal T.V used to be like!

I have to be honest, although the thought of getting a PVR was exciting, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to use it. I thought that maybe the technology was far more advance then my skills. I didn’t want to have to sit through multiple teaching sessions with Ryan.

Thankfully, it was been a super simple transition and I now know what I have been missing all this time! For one, I have been wasting SOOOO much time on commercials! I was in disbelief the first night when I watched two hour long shows within 1 hour! I am so glad to now be able to not sit through boring commercial after commercial!

One of the main reasons I wanted a PVR is because I am an early to bed kinda girl! I wake up purposely super early in the mornings (currently 5:19 AM) and therefore need to go to bed early as well. The problem with that, most of the good shows seemed to start after 9 PM. This is not an issue anymore! I went trigger happy the first night and recorded lots of post-9PM shows! In reality, I wasn’t missing too much but at least I have the option.

For a long time I felt like I was was the last person to embrace this piece of technology! In fact, my parents even got their own PVR 3 years ago! It wasn’t because we didn’t want one, it just never made sense to splurge on one. Other things always ended up higher on our list of “wants”. But now I feel excited to have this “little black box of awesome” to get to figure out!

Do you have a PVR?

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

And Just Like That, It’s Winter!


Happy Wednesday everyone! It looks like I am living inside of a snow globe. One minute everything was still green and after Monday’s day of snow, we have a winter wonderland! The winter 2014/2015 is also the last season that I get to enjoy being at home with my boy. I was a little nervous thinking about winter and being home. It’s no secret that winter is not my favourite season. I hate being cold and I hate having to bundle up to go anywhere.

But I refuse to let my hatred for winter ruin my last few months with my boy. Truth be told, I don’t hate being at home. I don’t really have the itch to get out all the time because while Sam and I are at home, we have a very good routine! Sam naps better, eats better and I can predict what the days look like. But there are certain things that I’d like to do this winter!

1. Canal skating

Every winter Ryan and I head to the Rideau canal for a little visit! Usually we get a beavertail and sometimes even have a little skate. This year we’d like to take Sam with us so that we can continue the tradition this year and all the years to come!

2. Get cold 

Let’s face it, being cold sucks but it’s a big part of being a Canadian. When the weather isn’t dangerous, I have vowed to bundle Sam up once a day to head outside. Even if it’s for a short little walk. We purchased a little sleigh at a kids sale back in September and we got to try it out for the first time on Monday! It’s a great way to get around this winter!

nov 18

3. Go see a Momma and Me movie!

Because I had Sam in the Spring and summer’s are too beautiful to be stuck in a theatre, I only went to a Stars and Strollers movie once! Before I’m done Maternity leave I’d like to go to one more! It’s a nice little outing and I love the fact that I can take Sam with me for a little date!

4. Our own play dates!

After I had Sam Mommy groups from around the area began contacting me about joining them for all sorts of activities. It’s amazing that our area has such a great community of parents. The only problem was that I felt obligated to do all of these activities with Sam since I only had the year off. The other issue was that there is literally a new play group everyday of the week and we were running to them all the time. The times would mess with Sam’s schedule and I was getting stressed making sure I could get to them all. Eventually, I cut ties with these groups. Instead this winter I want to visit close friends who are Mommies that are also off right now. They are the ones that I’d like to spend the time with right now.

5. Be with my boy!

Never again in my life will I get to have such uninterrupted time with Sam. I am really trying to soak up the little things right now. The post nap snuggles, the way he reaches for me from his highchair, and the way he looks around for me when on his tummy. I’m consciously taking the time to make the memory last. I know he won’t remember the year off that I had with him but it’s something that I’ll always cherish.

thanksgiving 2


Monday, November 17, 2014

On The Weekends I Take Pictures Of Sam and My Husband


Happy Monday everyone! It’s looking pretty wintery around these parts which makes me want to wrap up in a sweater and sip hot chocolate all day!

We had a great weekend and it felt super long because on Friday Ryan got to be off work super early! With that extra time we packed up the car and drove across the border to pick up a couple special items for Sam’s Christmas. While we were wasting time at the nearby Wal-Mart, we spotted this gator. For a joke, I told Ryan to put Sam in the driver seat. Well the joke was on us because the instant he sat down it was like he knew exactly what it was. He started smiling and squealing and “driving” by turning the wheel back and forth. I never thought things like this would interest such a young little dude. But apparently they are born with it! Ryan was almost as excited as Sam!

nov 16 1

Some people asked if we bought it but I refused as he is still way to little! When he gets old enough to touch the pedal, maybe. Ha ha!

Someone was very curious on the way home as to what was in the packages!

nov 16 2

While it was not Sam’s first time on our hometown Ferry, he had never gotten his picture taken. Sam was starting to get fussy and of course was instantly happy when we took him out of the car! He loved the checking out the ferry and the beautiful landscape!

nov 16 3

Saturday morning we were all up early! My little man who would sleep till 7 has been waking up at 6 lately, boo! We had a little play time in Mom and Dad’s big bed before heading downstairs!

nov 16 4

Ryan had some work to do outside Saturday morning so Sam and I hung out inside! He went down for an early nap! I am getting the itch to start Christmas decorating but held off on Saturday! It’s the plan for this week though!

When Sam woke up Ryan declared that he wanted to go get his skates sharpened and he was taking Sam. They drove out the laneway and I realized it was the first time I had been alone in the house since Sam was born!! WEIRD feeling! So, I packed up and went to my parents so I could practice my weekly lesson on their piano!

That evening I went out and the boys stayed at home! It was the last weekend of the 2014 hunting season so Ryan took Sam back to a friends camp for a quick visit! I got these pictures later and Ryan said HE loved it! He loved looking around, listening to everyone talking and flirting with an adorable little 2 year old that was also visiting! I’m in trouble…Ha ha! 

 nov 16 5

nov 16 6

When I came home Sam was already in bed and I got to relax for the rest of the night! Ryan headed off back to the camp for the night.

Sunday morning we were all up early again and while Ryan had hockey, Sam and I headed to church! Sam and I go down to Sunday School now every week and he is loving the social time with all his buddies and I like the social time with all the fellow church Mommies! ha ha! It’s awesome to see all the kids playing, singing and praying together and I am so glad Sam will be apart of it one day!

After church I cooked breakfast for us and my parents to celebrate my Dads birthday. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed and got ready for a busy week to come!

How was your weekend?


Friday, November 14, 2014

It Takes A Village


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been fantastic! Sam had his first flu experience this week and that was absolute misery! Thankfully, it was a short one and the next morning he woke up like his old self!

My parents really came to the rescue the day that Sam began getting sick. Mom ran over to help me watch Sam while I cleaned up all the vomit and Dad stopped in at a pharmacy for supplies on his way home from the city. It was kind of ironic that it was all happening on November 11 and it had me thinking about how lucky I am to have them so close. 7 years ago on November 11, I arrived home from a long drive from British Colombia, where I use to live.


I was finished my last semester in University and had been dating the same guy since the beginning. Our relationship was rocky but love can make you do foolish things. When he announced he’d be returning home to British Colombia to work and invited me to come along, I agreed.

At first I thought it was the beginning of a very fun adventure. I was looking forward to experiencing life out west. It took 3 days to drive out to my new home but when I arrived I felt excited.

I got a job that I loved pretty quickly! My job started to become the only thing that I liked about being there. My relationship became a constant stress in my life and I wanted so badly to leave but my job and feeling of failure prevented me from packing my bags.

I came home for Thanksgiving in 2007 and the day that I returned to British Columbia, I quit my job and declared that I was leaving! I packed up what I could in my Jeep Liberty and drove 16-18 hours a day until I made it home! You can read a little side story about that here.

As I mentioned, I arrived home on November 11 and haven’t left home since (literally, I still live in the same house I grew up in as a kid). Since then obviously my life has changed dramatically. New job, married and now I have a son. There are many times that I remind myself how different life would be if I hadn’t returned home. How I would hardly know my niece/nephews, wouldn’t have met Ryan and how I wouldn’t have my close family and friends there.

I was reminded again of this fact yesterday after I posted Sam’s 7 Month update post. Comment after comment came from my closest friends/family, people who are very important to me but who will also be a huge part of Sam’s life. I know the love they expressed for Sam is genuine as I feel the same about them and the important people in their life. I have a list  about 100 people long that I know I can call if I was in a bad situation, if I needed a helping hand or if I just needed a friendly face. 

While I am sure if I had stayed out West I would have had people I may have gotten close to eventually. But I wouldn’t have the same level of trust with those acquaintances and I wouldn’t have my family available to me with just a simple phone call. Sam is lucky to have this village of people to love him and watch him grow. Whereas Ryan and I are lucky to have so many people to trust and fall back on when we needed parenting help or advice. It’s the joys of living in a small community and a continued confirmation that I made the right choice in coming home.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Samuel–7 Months


4 months (4)


Truthfully, I don’t know. 7 Months is a weird age because you don’t really get any appointments! I can tell by your big cheeks and pot belly that you are gaining weight.


You are still in some 6 month clothes but barely! Mostly 9 month stuff but even that is starting to get small. The thing about your clothes is that you are so tall and lanky! You are getting too tall for some of your shirts and pants in length but the waist is so big still! You are in size 3 shoes but are almost ready to switch to size 4. Still wearing size 3 diapers but again, almost out of those as well. I can tell because we have had a couple accidents at the end of the month.

We are starting to get use to getting dressed warmly before leaving the house everyday but it’s a chore! I am loving your fall stuff but I do miss the ease of summer! Good thing plaid, hats and sweaters are so cute!



What sleep? Sam spoils me with one night by just one waking and then the next will be 2 or 3! He is great at naps! I put him down and he sleep for about 1 hour in the morning and 1.5 to 2 hours in the afternoon. Even when Sam goes down for the night he is awake and plays in the crib until he falls asleep! It’s just the multiple waking up part that is difficult. I know it is a phase and we’ll get through it eventually.


I have a food-lover on my hands! Once I figured out that he hated any form of baby cereal, it was smooth sailing. Sam eats 3 solid meals a day of pureed foods. He mostly prefers meat and vegetables and isn’t a fan of fruit! We also give him a bit of meat or vegetables from our own plates on his tray that he picks away at.

Sam is still breastfeeding 5-7 times a day as well as having his meals. I think he had a bit of a nursing strike this month and that was hard. Every time he went to nurse he would try to get away and cry. He was hardly eating at all for a couple days. Thankfully it didn’t last long!



My baby is looking more and more like a little boy. I get comments all the time about how old he is looking. Sam’s spikey hair is gone and we now have a little boy comb over.

My brown eyed boy can make me smile with the twinkle in his eyes! I love watching all the different facial expressions he has. Happy, shy, silly, mad and so much more!



Sam has always been a happy baby and it still continues to be that way. He loves to eat, watch Tucker, sit on the floor to play with his stacking cups and teething toys!

Sam REALLY likes bath time now and it is getting to be very wet! He instantly starts slashing when his feet touch the water.

Sam still loves being outside and going for walks! It doesn’t matter if it’s cold out, he just wants the fresh air!

His new favourite thing this month is sitting in the grocery cart! He smiles, giggles and looks at everything as it passes!



Being tired and hungry are number one on this list. He is very attached to me right now and wants me to always be right by his side every second. If I have to go to the bathroom or something, he cries the whole time! 

Lately, Sam has started to hate his excersaucer! He would rather have me hold him! Ha ha!

Sam is not a huge fan of getting in and out of his car seat or getting dressed to go outside!



On October 4, we had our first night away from each other! It was harder on me then you I think! Ha ha!


Your first Thanksgiving was on the 11 and 12 of October!


You really perfecting sitting on your own this month and I was finally able to catch it on camera!


On October 19 you were in your first car ralley! Sorry about making you wear the LA kings hat!


Carved your first pumpkin this year on October 27!


We all had so much fun on your first Halloween night! You were Mom and Dad’s great catch, our lobster!

Halloween (5)



This month I  think I realized how fun life is going to be. There are obviously very hard days but for the most part, we have so much fun! It is pretty impossible to imagine life when I wasn’t a Mom.

There are hard days and sometimes I get insanely jealous of Ryan. I’m jealous of the freedom he has. If he is going out somewhere all he has to think about is walking out the door. My list is so long! Food for Sam, who’s going to watch Sam, working on his schedule, diapers, instructions and etc.

I am getting out once a week for piano lessons and that has been really good for my soul. The drive there and back is so peaceful. I also take a little time every night to practice. It’s that time that is a focus on myself that reminds me that I am still Lindsay, not just Mom.



As I mentioned before, Dad watches you once a week by himself so that Mom can get out for a bit. It’s funny to think that he use to be nervous about doing it all on his own because now he doesn’t even think about it! He is a natural with you!

Bath time has become his thing. When he is home, he is in charge of bathing you. He loves to watch you splash and sometimes spends an extra minute with you wrapped in a towel for a snuggle.

There are many days during the week that Dad will be driving the big truck a long distance. He always asks about you coming and I always have to let him down. Your car seat can’t go in the truck until it is front facing. He is DYING to have to come along with him for drives. I can tell you two are going to be the best of friends.



Your love for Tucker is so strong! If that puppy is in the room, your attention is 100% on him! He is even starting to warm up to you a little!


We started noticing that when you watch T.V, that you sit exactly like Mommy! It’s pretty cute!


You love to hold your own bottle now when you get one!


My Dearest Sam,

Happy 7 months! We are loving this stage in your life! You are so playful and funny! I try so hard to soak up every moment with you. I know that the days are short and soon I’ll be back to work. But for now, I am loving our time together.

This month was so fun because we got celebrate Halloween with you. You were a wonderful little lobster! We were so proud to show you off to some friends and family. Daddy and I love you for making us a “family”.

With Christmas approaching I am excited for the traditions we will start and the magic that we get to experience through you. Every new day is an adventure and a memory with you!

I love you!




4 months (5)

4 months (7)

4 months (10)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend In North Bay


Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was perfect because not only did we get to spend it together, but we also got to spend it with some other family members!

It was the longest Sam would be in the car for an extended period of time and we were a little nervous about his first  road trip. We loaded up on Friday afternoon right before his nap and things went pretty smoothly for a while…

nov 9 1

What would a road trip be without some Tim Horton's? Yup, typical Canadian’s!

nov 9 2

All was wonderful until the last hour where Sam proceeded to cry until we got to our destination! It was intense to listen to him cry for that long! We tried food, diaper, toys, soother, everything! He just wasn’t interested!

When we got to North Bay I couldn’t believe they had snow on the ground! I was so excited!

nov 9 4

Ryan’s Aunt Lynn greeted us at the door and we all settled in and had a very delicious supper! After Sam went down to bed, we all sat around and had a nice visit! It felt so good to catch up!

We declared that we were never leaving the next morning because SAM SLEPT ALL NIGHT! The first time in almost 4 months! It felt amazing and frightening all at the same time! While I was getting ready for the day I realized that I had grabbed body lotion instead of shampoo! Luckily, in our room Aunt Lynn had this adorable little box of goodies at our disposable!

nov 9 3

When we came downstairs Uncle Harv had arrived late in the night and we got to all sit down to a delicious breakfast! We decided to head to the Target that morning and I am SO glad that we did! In the hour that we were there, I got 3 people crossed off of my Christmas list!!

When we got back to Aunt Lynn and Uncle Harv’s house, Sam went down for his sleep and more people started arriving! Will, Michelle, Dean, Charlotte and Amelia all joined for a visit and supper! The girls were wonderful with Sam! They even helped me give him his bath! I was able to leave Sam with them knowing he would be kept safe and entertained! Some pretty cute future babysitters!

nov 9 5

We all watched the hockey game and then had a quiet evening sitting around chatting and laughing!

The next morning we packed and had some more time visiting before we had to hit the road towards home. We were sad to be leaving but glad to have had a great time with them this weekend!

nov 9 6

The reasons we had to rush back home was because I got to have the honour of laying a wreath on behalf of a relative of mine, Nursing Sister Mary Oderiah Mable Hamilton, at our hometown Remembrance Day service. 

nov 9 7

Photo credit: Cheryl Dolan Photography

It was a wonderful weekend spend with loved ones! It was nice to away together for a quick trip to visit with family!

How was your weekend?


Friday, November 7, 2014

It’s Friday and I have Some Confessions


Happy Friday everyone! The week has finally come to an end! It has felt like a long one….maybe the beginnings of winter blues? Sam has been a hoot this week! During playtime he loves to smile, squawk and laugh! I love to just sit back and watch him!

But enough about Sam for now! His 7 month update is almost finished! I was driving home from groceries yesterday and was thinking about some stuff that needed to be discussed about me for now!

I confess that I chopped off my hair again. My hair grows kind of fast so my last haircut had grown out into a length past my shoulders. I wanted a cute Bob style but knew it would mean chopping a lot off. I sat in the hairdressers chair and said “cut it”. There was no hesitation. I’ve been calling it my “Mommy hairstyle”. A big part of the reason is that it does take me less time to style! So far I love it and I don’t foresee going back to longer locks anytime soon.


I confess that I have yet to purchase 1 Christmas present. This is very odd for me. Usually I like to be almost DONE shopping by now. I’m feeling a little bit of denial when it comes to Christmas. My favourite holiday also means that the time has flown by and I’ll have an almost 9 month old. I have an awesome list and know exactly what I’m getting people! If I had a full day to myself to go shopping I know I could get it done but I kind of don’t want to!

I confess even through I am denial about Christmas being less than 2 months away, I have already purchased Sam’s special Christmas outfit! Most of Sam’s clothes are used but for special occasions we always get him something special! I also got a new Christmas dress for myself! There maybe no presents, decorations or baking at my house but we will certainly look good!

I confess that I am also in denial about losing the last little bit of baby weight. I knew that nursing Sam meant holding onto a little bit extra. I am making a little less milk now because my boy loves his solid foods! I should be able lose that extra bit but I have zero will power! I think I have eaten every piece of chocolate out of our whole bowl of Halloween candy! In fact, it’s worse than no will power, because I am making less milk, I’m not burning as many calories and have started to put on a couple extra pounds! Eek! I weigh more now than I did a month after Sam was born! Here’s hoping I can say “see ya” to couple extra pounds before the indulgence of the holidays begin!

I confess that my love for Gossip girl isn’t over yet! I am sad at the idea that I am almost done all of the seasons! I also worry about the characters health! They have literally all slept with each other, better put in a little STD testing in the next episode!

I confess that I am on the look out for a Blaire-like winter coat! She wears a cape style all the time and I love the way it looks! It’s impossible to find one at a decent price through!


I confess that both of my winter coats, my red pea coat and blue Columbia jacket, were purchases in my last year of HIGH SCHOOL! I’ll be graduated from High School 10 years this year. I want to update both coats but don’t want to spend the money! I also have a hard time committing to a style and color! Commitment issues I guess. When you keep an article of clothing for 10 years, you want to REALLY love it.

Blue jacket

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Year of Dates–October


Happy Wednesday everyone! I woke up today thinking it was Thursday, talk about depressing! Ha ha!

The fact that it is already November still hasn’t set in! I love this time of year but I want to enjoy it and not have it fly by! Before the time gets away with me I want to remember the wonderful date we had in October!

It was Ryan’s date to plan this month and he was very excited for me to open the envelope because he knew that it was a date that I would love!



It reads, “Hey babe, its your birthday month, what better way to spend our awesome dates underground! Yes that’s right, underground! We are heading three stories underground to the diefenbunker, its history and also your grandfather had helped with the project. Love you always, Your hubby”

I was REALLY excited! So far, my favourite date this year! The funny thing is that I almost planned the same date for this year! Great minds think alike! I have always wanted to go to the Diefenbunker! I am a person that loves anything to do with history! This landmark is a very short drive from our home (once you cross the ferry). We packed up for an afternoon of fun and I was a little nervous with anticipation and fear of feeling claustrophobic.


It was surprisingly busy at this iconic site! I expected it to feel like this underground cave but it was surprisingly comfortable down there. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to take pictures at certain things but I snapped this one real quick! 


It’s amazing that in the small down of Carp, there is this underground living facilities and all the stuff needed in case of a crisis. They had altered a bunch of sleeping quarters into exhibits. It was all very interesting and I only wished we had the time to look at it all more closely! I felt this uneasy feeling throughout the whole thing. I can only imagine the fear that was felt that made them build the Diefendunker.

Here is the tunnel you go through to get to to the living quarters:



We had a great visit and I love being a tourist in our town! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to visit this amazing landmark! By far my favourite date so far this year!

Happy Wednesday!