Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Feels Like I Spent My Weekend In My Car


As I think I’ve mentioned before, during the winter months it is a lot quieter here on the farm. Even though there is still a lot of work to do, the phones are quieter. Because of this my brother takes Fridays off and I take Mondays. So far, it has been heavenly being able to sleep in on Monday and then I have designated doing something wedding related while I am off as well.

Yesterday was no different. Luckily, yesterday morning my day started out with a hair cut (trim) at my hairdresser and friend, Lisa’s. The appointment after me was Jilly, who is also off on Mondays. It was great spending the morning with the ladies catching about the weekend.

I had great intentions on writing my weekend recap yesterday but girl gab took over that but I still wanted to do one this morning.

I like to pretend Friday didn’t happen. It was one of those days where it seems everything goes wrong and some things did go REALLY wrong.

Saturday morning I visited with Dad who was over to work on my new office and then headed to a shower for Amanda, the soon to be bride!

Amanda's Shower 012

It was fun watching Amanda open her presents and the food…omg, the food! What a spread there was! The ladies did a great job hosting such a wonderful shower!

It started to snow like crazy and I headed home instead of heading to Ladysmith to visit Bekk because the roads were too snow covered.

Sunday morning, Ryan and I were up BEFORE the birds and on the road at 3 AM! I mentioned before, here, that we had this awesome gift for the groomsmen but that they didn’t allow international shipping. The closest location was 6 hours away in New York state. So, Ryan and I took a road trip.

It was my first time crossing the border near Ottawa and I never realized how close it was! Such an easy drive! Unfortunately, the simple 6 hour drive there took 8 because of snow and traffic. A stop at the Olive Garden (Canada totally needs one!) for supper and another 7 hours to drive home our mission was complete and the groomsmen gifts are now done!

I can’t wait to show you all what it is someday soon and I hope the guys all like it too!

How was your weekend?


Friday, January 27, 2012

Reason #3 Why I Love My Small Town


Happy Friday everyone! It has been one heck of a busy week that I am kind of glad see come to an end! I hate to wish the weeks away right now but this was one that I just wanted to get under wraps!

It’s suppose to be a fun filled weekend and I can’t wait for it to get under way!

Reason # 3 Why I love My Small Town

It might not seem like a reason but you really have no idea how grateful I am for this particular item. It also may sound a little selfish but still so true.

I love the fact that my parents and Ryan’s parent’s live so close to us!

Engagment Supper 010

Silly reason? Maybe. But it is still one of the highest things on my list!

Ryan and I both know that both sets of parents are just a phone call away if we ever need anything! My parents live pretty much 30 seconds away and Ryan’s 10-15 minutes down the highway.

I am kind of a chicken! Especially, since I live by myself. I’ve been known to pack up Tucker and drive down to Mom and Dad’s during a bad thunderstorm! For some strange reason I feel safer there then in my own house.

There’s a comfort knowing that now and in the future that we have the support of our parents who love us and would be there on our door steps in an instant if we ever needed them.

I LOVE that about my small town!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Saying “Yes” To Another Dress


Happy Wednesday everyone! It is VERY believable that the week is almost over. It’s been a very busy week already so far and I imagine it will continue to be until the weekend! It’s tradeshow season in our industry so I am on the roads lots now!

I am slowly but surely crossing off items on the wedding to-do list. Although, still alot of items to take care of but I feel in control again. This month has been CRAZY for getting things done! It’s been item after item that had to be taken care of immediately.

As I mentioned last week one tradition that Ryan and I will be doing is the “Last Dance”. The Last Dance will happen towards the end of the reception, after the midnight lunch, at probably 1 – 2 AM. Ryan and I want to depart for our honeymoon when we still have guests there but not leave too early as to miss the party!

In the final moments before we leave to start our honeymoon we will say good bye and thank you to all of our friends and family. We will then share one final dance at our wedding and leave together to start our new lives together.

A little corny, yes. But I really want to soak in those last few moments of our wedding!

The last dance isn’t a tradition that is very common now a days. Being that Ryan and I decided to leave on our honeymoon immediately this posed a problem with my wedding dress.

I didn’t want to have to wear my beautiful wedding dress to the hotel and then on the plane. What would I do with that dress all week?

That’s when my Mom suggested that I do what she did when she got married and change into a “going away outfit”. I thought that was a great idea. I would change into my going away dress before Ryan and I have our last dance. Then, my wedding dress would be left with Mom and would be safe and sound!

Once that detail was decided it was time to find another dress.

I didn’t want to get another white wedding dress. I wanted to get a dress that was classic and that I would wear again.

I had lots of intrigue during the time of the Royal Wedding. I love everything about Kate and her style.


When Will and Kate visited my own neighborhood of Canada, she wore this beautiful navy lace dress by Erdem. It was a classically beautiful dress. It looked vintage inspired yet still very “now”. When researching for a going away dress I thought this would be perfect!


Of course, the original is both unavailable and way too expensive but now that the dress is famous there are a couple of knock off’s. One being at Macy’s. Luckily for me, Macy’s now delivers to Canada!

I ordered the dress in my size and in less then a week it was on my door step, woo hoo!

Yesterday was the first time I tried on the dress even though I’ve had it for a week (yes, it’s VERY busy) and I am so happy to report that it fits like a glove! The navy lace is soft, delicate, and goes perfectly will my wedding shoes!


It’s a very special dress that I believe I will get alot of wear out of. It will always have special meaning between being a replica dress that Kate Middleton wore in Canada as well as the dress I will wear as I leave for my honeymoon!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Being An Apostle


Happy Monday morning all and welcome to the last full week of January. The winter is passing by way too quickly!

Friday night Jilly and I headed to the city for supper! I had been craving Montana’s hard core and with Ryan gone to a “boys camp night” Jilly agreed to come to supper. We laughed so hard, had a couple pickled Caesars and ate WAY too much food. It was nice chatting and visiting!

At this household we are currently working on House Renovation Project Number 204…Well no, that’s an exaggeration but this is actually the LAST room of the house to be renovated so the end is near! 3 years later and the process of making my parents old house my own is almost over. And just in time for a wedding and a husband to move in! :-)

Saturday Dad and I worked all day at painting the new room and removing the old floorS it was a long process but the room is small and a little progress makes a big difference.

Picture 0005

We parted ways but later I saw my Dad again at Gavan’s where we (and most of the town) gathered to celebrate with the soon to be husband and wife, Luke and Amanda!

I had fun chatting with the girls at the stag and was SO surprised when Ryan showed up! I wasn’t expecting him home till the next night!

Sunday morning I headed to church with Mom. Nancy, who I wrote about here, is our student minister. Nancy is also a blog reader and you can see some of her comments on alot of my blog posts! Nancy had me reflecting yesterday about being a follower of Jesus. I have mentioned on here before that I am a Christian. 

Nancy spoke yesterday about being a follower of Jesus. She mentioned myself, Jill’s and Stacy’s blogs and how us talking openly about about faith on blogs makes us apostles.

What is an apostle? Well, a Christian Apostle is someone who convey’s the “message”. Thus, a messenger in common translation. A messenger who who is “sent away” to tell about the good news of Jesus Christ.

At first I was taken aback. I know some people (AKA my parents) think blogging is silly. So, for Nancy to stand up in front of the whole congregation and mention how proud she was of us girls for openly praying and telling of our faith on our blogs was amazing.

I shook my head when she asked me if I knew I was an apostle. Of course, I never considered the words that I write on my blog about my faith to make me an apostle but I quickly learned otherwise.

I am a Christian, I am a follower of Jesus and now I have another title, I am an apostle too! Thank you Nancy for a wonderful sermon, it has really made me reflect.

After church, Mom and I joined the boys for breakfast and then after a long relaxing morning the renovations continued on for the remainder of the afternoon!

How was your weekend?


Friday, January 20, 2012

A Very Random Friday!


Happy Friday everyone! Are you as excited as me to see the weekend finally arrive?

I feel like I’ve been kind of scatter brained lately. It’s like I have a hard time focusing on one thing right now! Different thoughts keeps twirling and whirling around my wee brain! I thought I’d give you an inside look.

- I thought January was suppose to be the month where you get back on track and get more fit/organized/financially smart? Nope not me! My theme this month is the more scatter brained the better, apparently. Between wedding to do’s, stupid year end work, new fitness from hell video, and other random requests, I literally feel dizzy some days!

- I know I've said it before and I’ll say it again…I HATE SNOW!

I know this isn’t new news to you all but I’ve discovered a new reason why I hate snow/winter...

It makes me lazy!! There’s nothing more that I want do on a cold, snowy, winter day then curl up on the couch (with blanket, of course), eating chips and watching mindless T.V. I look out the snowy window and laughed to myself thinking I fooled winter from making me cold! Ha!

- Speaking of mindless T.V…I watch ALOT of it. Here’s the short list:

Say Yes To The Dress, Four Weddings, Toddlers In Tiaras, Duggers, American Idol, Biggest Loser, Teen Mom 2, Jersey Shore, True Life, Rich Bride Poor Bride, Cake Boss, X-Weighted, Bulging Brides, Moving Up, Bachelor, House Hunters, Property Brothers, Property Virgins, Sarah’s House, The Challenge, Survivor and Hoarders.

Like I said, that’s the short list! :-)

- Yesterday, I got my wedding shoes in the mail! All of my mail comes pretty much right to where I work, in the office. So, when my shoes arrived yesterday I just HAD to try them on! But, it didn’t stop there, I then had to prance around the office to test out how comfy they are!

They fit like a glove and are surprisingly very comfortable! Bad news; they seriously clash with my work uniform!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Traditions We Will Be Keeping And Ones We Won’t

Happy Wednesday everyone! Another week flying right by us!

I’m a pretty traditional girl. I think most of you know or could have guessed that! I like things how people did them in the past. I don’t like to sway to much to “trends”. I like traditions. Scratch that. I LOVE traditions. I can actually get quite anxious at the thought of something being out of the ordinary for me.

So, no doubt, when we began this wedding planning process I wanted to keep a lot of things traditional, but not everything.

Traditions We’re Keeping:

Asking Father’s Permission:

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Before this whole process began my future husband and I had talked about getting married before. During that conversation I had mentioned it was important for Ryan to ask Dad for his permission to marry me.

It may have been very old school but I’m a Daddy’s girl and it was important to me. Luckily, my fiancĂ© obliged and Dad said “yes”.


Wearing White:

As daunting as the wedding dress shopping was at first, I was able to cross that very important item off my list and say “yes” to my white wedding dress! I couldn’t (personally) imagine getting married in any other color.

Tossing Of The Bouquet and Garter: 

I will definitely be carrying a bridal bouquet and wearing a garter.


That’s my new garter that I got at this AWESOME etsy shop called the GarterBoutique.

I loved that it was very affordable and in my wedding colors! There’s 2 pieces to it, a keep and a toss garter.

So, at the end of the night Ryan and I will be continuing the tradition of tossing the bouquet and garter.

Last Dance/ Leaving For Honeymoon:

One tradition that was important to me but that I had noticed wasn’t common anymore is the last dance and sending off.

My mother still has her “going away” outfit that she wore back in 1978.

Back when my parents got married my Mom changed out of her wedding dress and then into a going away outfit. Then, Mom and Dad shared a last dance before leaving to go on their honeymoon!

Being that Ryan and I plan on leaving right away on our honeymoon we thought it would be nice to be able to share one last dance together. We will then say farewell to our guests and leave, symbolizing starting out lives together as husband and wife.

Wait till you see my “going away” dress. (Next week)

Traditions we won’t be keeping:

The Trousseau Tea:

I was so confused when my mom told me about the Trousseau Tea. I even gave her the “what the heck are you talking about” look!

Apparently, this is a party that is hosted by the bride’s mother; with neighbors and acquaintances who are not on the wedding guest list. The mother of the bride would lay out the brides trousseau (bridal shower and wedding gifts) for the attendees to admire. It would be set up for about a month after the wedding so that people can stop in at anytime to have tea and admire all of the gifts and give their blessings to the bride and groom.

Mom stated that this is what happened to her. In fact, my grandma opened all of Mom and Dad’s wedding gifts while they were on their honeymoon so she could set them out to begin the trousseau tea while they were away.

Although the thought is nice it’s just not common anymore and a tradition we won’t be participating in.

Wedding Matches and Fruit Cake:

Although I did cave to the whole napkin with your names on it thing. When I was told you were also suppose to give away matches and fruit cake at your wedding, I said no.

For one thing, I don’t know that many people who still use matches.

Also, I hate fruit cake. It’s a taste I never became accustomed to and will not be serving. 

Now that the wedding get’s closer and closer the small details are needing to be taken care of. It’s the things that you never thought of and last minute details that have to be looked after. As daunting as the tasks can be it is so important to stay organized, use your gut instinct to make your decisions and always consider what is best for you!

Happy Wednesday!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Food On Friday


Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know if it’s because it’s the New Year and I am feeling really ambitious but lately I have been trying new foods and crafts!

As some of you might remember from this post, Ryan and I LOVE pizza. Especially homemade pizza. It’s our Friday night tradition. Every Friday I go home and make homemade pizza for supper.

I developed the homemade dough recipe when Ryan and I were really counting our pennies and buying a pizza from the local pizzeria for $20 (or more) dollars. Spending that much money on one meal was just not affordable for us at the time. So, I merged a few dough recipes together and we had a new favorite meal and tradition.

We love our pizza but sometimes it’s nice to have a little change but still keeping in the Pizza Friday tradition. So, one evening I made….

Pizza Bits

Here’s what you need:

- 2 cans of Pillsbury flaky biscuits

- 1 can of pizza sauce

- Pepperoni

- Butter

- Parmesan Cheese

- Parsley Flakes

- Oregano

- Garlic Powder

Outfit 006


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2. Melt 1/4 cup of butter in a small bowl. In another small bowl mix together 1 tbsp of Garlic, Parsley Flakes and Oregano.

Outfit 007

3. Grease your Bundt pan. Sprinkle a little parmesan cheese at the bottom of your Bundt pan.

Outfit 009

4. Open your can of biscuits and cut each biscuit in half.

Outfit 012

5. Flatten out that piece of dough into a small circle. Place a piece of pepperoni in the centre and then fold over the dough and shape into a small ball.

Outfit 013

6. Dip your ball in the butter and then in your bowl of spices.

Outfit 011

7. Continue until you have used all of the biscuits and they are all evening distributed in your Bundt pan.

Outfit 014

8. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove from heat and let it rest for an addition 5 minutes. Place a plate upside down over your Bundt pan and carefully turn your plate right side up again, turning your Bundt can upside down.

9. Place a small bowl of of pizza sauce to the side of right in the middle!

Outfit 018

10. Tear apart piece by piece and ENJOY!

This recipe was SO yummy and so easy to make ahead and then put in the oven before supper! Not to mention it isn’t to expensive either. It was a nice change from our regular Friday night pizza and most importantly, it was Ryan approved! 

Outfit 020

I hope you all pass a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – It’s All About The Shoes


Happy Wednesday everyone! The weeks are literally FLYING by. I calculated how many weeks till the wedding the other day and was in complete shock when it said 17 weeks.

17 weeks

That doesn’t seem like that far away, does it? Things are being added to the “to-do” list as fast as they’re being checked off!

Every bride knows when it comes to a wedding, it’s all about the dress. And, it is. Once you find the dress the rest just falls into place. The rest of the decisions seem minor in comparison.

Then, the day comes when you have to decide on accessories and you realize that that can be a super fun.

When I first tried on my dress WAY back in the summer I wore beautiful 4 inch heels. Do I normally wear high heels? No! However, I did like the effect they had on me. I felt I was standing straighter, felt skinnier and overall more elegant. I knew that at least for the wedding and pictures that I would want a cute high heel to wear under my dress.

It was hard to choose something that appealed to me so I used my favorite search engine, Google, and wrote “yellow high heels”, keeping in the wedding colors.

I found a wonderful website called Nina Shoes. They had so many fun colors and choices but one option that appealed to me was the “Design Your Own” feature. I immediately went to work designing my perfect shoe and this is what I came up with….


I loved the bright color of the yellow and I added a navy blue knot matching perfectly with our color scheme. I am in LOVE with them and I can’t wait to wear them in May!

I know, they are gorgeous but let’s be honest here. I am NOT going to be wanting to wear these all night long. I plan on shakin’ my tail feather at my reception and I needed something to change into. That’s where I saw these on LOTS of wedding blogs recently.

Silver Toms

Sparkly Toms! I love the idea that the company will donate a pair of shoes for the ones that I have ordered and wear as I dance all night long! They look comfy while also looking cute! They are also a shoe that I can see myself wearing LOTS post wedding!

I am so excited about both pairs of my shoes! They are both exactly what I pictured when thinking about what I wanted. I never had to extensively think or search for the perfect shoes! It was like they found me! I love my shoes!

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, January 9, 2012

A Weekend Recap


Happy Monday!

This was the first weekend after we all rang in 2012. After all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas, celebrating Christmas and then ringing in the New Year, this weekend seemed quiet! It was a nice break from the whirl wind of activity that has been happening lately.

Friday night, as Ryan headed out on the sled, I opted to stay at home and rest. I rented a movie, popped some popcorn and snuggled up with my warm magic bag.

P.S I rented The Help which is a great movie but of course not nearly as good as the book!

Outfit 002

While watching the movie I also watched my new washer!!! I have been without a washer and dryer since before Christmas! It is a relief to finally be able to do laundry again!

Outfit 004

Saturday morning Ryan and I puttered around the house, made lunch, did MORE laundry and then got ready to head out for an afternoon ride on the sled. We met up with friends and headed to Fort Coulogne to George’s to hear a little Western music karaoke.

Snowmobiling 003

We then headed to Ladysmith for some wings but on our way there was a little accident with one of the sleds. We towed it to the restaurant, ate and then headed back home. On our way home Ryan wanted to stop to stay “Hi” to the guys at the camp. It was a fun afternoon/early evening trip and we the best part was catching up with friends!

Snowmobiling 002

Sunday morning Mom and I headed to church together to listen to a great narrative sermon about the wisemen.

After church (and hockey for Ry) we settled into the couch and decided to try to watch an episode of Prison Break, that so many people have been recommending.


The rest of the afternoon we were so into the show that it was a struggle to get up and cook supper! Very compelling show with lots of drama! Netflix is so great. To be able to watch old episodes of shows we would of otherwise missed or had to buy the DVD.

How was your weekend?


Friday, January 6, 2012

Internet…My Personal Style Thanks You!

I think anyone who regularly reads my blog now would know that I don’t really talk much about clothes, makeup or hair. I don’t actually consider myself all that “style savvy”. Do I like to look good? Of course! Who doesn’t? I try to put a little effort into the way I present myself but I don’t have a need to regularly do so.

You see, I work on a farm. I wear a uniform that is the same pretty much every day of the week. I work with 30-40 guys and I hardly have face-to-face interaction with people. In the summer I wear work boots and at any time could be lifting multiple 50 pound dusty bags of seed and fertilizer. Not to mention I’m up at 4 AM and work till 5-6 PM. There just isn’t a need in my profession to dress cute, wear makeup or do my hair.

 Royal Wedding 1 011

Jilly and I at the office in our work clothes, drinking Mimosa’s celebrating the royal wedding! Ya, I love where I work! ha ha! 

But, I’m still a girl! And I like pretty things! So, when I get the chance, like when Ryan and I are going somewhere, I like to put more effort into my appearance. As a girl, I am always looking for new ideas and trying to stay with the latest trends. The internet (blogs and Pinterest mostly) have really helped guide me to be more fashionable!

When Pinterest became popular I joined the site like many other people did. I wasn’t really that into it at first because I just didn’t understand it. Now, although I still don’t use it regularly, I LOVE that I can find so many great wedding ideas, recipes, decorating and style ideas….Especially, this look:



I recently became the owner of a beautiful mustard yellow cardigan and have been wearing it lots! I love the color and I love mixing and matching it with different things from my closet. I couldn’t resist trying out the look from Pinterest for a Christmas potluck!

Christmas weekend before Christmas 012

My hair is kind of boring. It is “virgin hair” which means it has no dye in it. My hair is also thin and naturally straight. My idea of “styling” my hair is showering, combing it wet and that’s it! I know, exciting! ha ha! But what can I say? I’m low maintenance.

About a month ago I started following The Small Things Blog where there are tons of great hair tips and styling ideas! When I saw this style I thought I'd give it a try for another Christmas potluck!

 Christmas weekend before Christmas 002

xmas gift exchange

Success! I loved the look and it was so easy. It held my hair back and out of my face!

One of my favorite blogs is Keeping Up With Kelly & Co. She has great style and I love when she does her What I Wore Wednesday found here, here, here and here. She takes item that are already in her closet and makes outfits without repeating!

This particular post (week II) I commented and said how much I loved her boots and the socks. I asked where she got them. She wrote me back and said they were just knee high socks. I went out and got a $5 dollar pair that weekend and been wearing them with my boots since! I love the look and I am LOVING the extra warmth!

Outfit 005

Not to mention I combined a cardigan and plaid scarf inspired by this pin.



Outfit 008

My version

From head to toe I get most of my style ideas now from the internet. Whether it is from some amazing blogging ladies or a social pinning website the inspiration is endless and appreciated!

Where do you get your ideas from?

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Some Random Things

Ok so, it’s official 2012 which means that it’s wedding year! I kind of took a little wedding organizing break in the month of December so that Christmas could get my undivided attention. I enjoyed the holiday season but by January 1st I was already back to wedding mode, thinking about what needed to get done in the new year.

It really is hard to believe that in a little over 4 months (129 days to be exact) time it will be our wedding. I’m so stunned by the beautiful snow and blistery weather that the thought of spring still seems so far away….but it’s not. This week I am on the ball with organizing! There are a few things that needed to be ordered and taken care of.

While I’m busy doing that I thought I would take note of some things that have been taken care of that I can now officially cross off the list.

Hair Bling:

I knew that I wanted to have my hair up for the wedding. My hair is pretty stubborn so the thought of keeping it down just wasn’t going to happen. I always knew that I wanted it back and out of my way! Although I haven’t purchased my veil yet (better add that to the list) I was searching through etsy and found this hair gem and hairstyle.



Via FineNFleurie

I knew immediately that was the perfect little jewel to have in my hair on my wedding day!


Apparently, in my mother’s day’s when you got married you had three things.

1. Matches with your name and date

2. Napkins with your name and date

3. Fruitcake favors

Although we won’t be having two of the items I caved and we ordered napkins with our names and wedding date on them.

Napkins 001

They are in our wedding colors and will be set out at the bar and at the midnight lunch. I have to admit they are kind of cute and will make a cute souvenir for my scrapbook. Good call Mom!

Speaking of Bar:

Etsy is seriously a brides best friend when it comes to finding cute things to add to your wedding day! The bar is a hard place to decorate. I mean between drink tickets and booze bottles it’s just not an attractive area. Then I saw these cuties…


Via isakayboutique

I loved the retro feel of the stripped paper straw and thought it would go perfectly with the whole vintage theme. It’s will dress up the bar area with these on display and make everyone’s drink pretty too! 

During the months of November and December big stuff for the wedding were already planned and things had kind of taken a stand still. Now, I’m excited to get back into the swig of things and start doing some of my DIY projects and other smaller things that need to be done before the wedding!

Even though the list is a little on the long side, I have every Monday off in December and plan on using that day to get things done. I am excited to show you lots of wedding projects!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ringing In The New Year

Welcome to 2012! The holidays are over! It’s now time to get back to reality! Get back on a schedule, clean up and organize!

The weekend started out right and I Ryan and I took the snowmobile out for it’s maiden voyage! Ryan had spent about 2 hours the week before cleaning the machine, top to bottom! It was sparkling! We met up with Jen, Kevin, Sarah and Ian and rode from Shawville back to Quyon.


Saturday morning it snowed, meaning that Ryan and Dad had to head into the city to snow plough. I was suppose to meet Ryan down there so that we could go out for an anniversary supper but the roads were bad!

Once Ryan got home and headed to bed he slept until 9 PM and then we changed and went to ring in the New Year with Kyle and Krista who had just gotten married a few hours prior!

Sunday morning I was relaxed and energized so decided to go ahead and tackle taking down all those Christmas decorations! I’m kind of sad to see them all gone. The house looks so bare without a beautiful Christmas tree in the living room! 

Christmas 022

Sunday afternoon Ryan and I got gussied up and headed to the city to our favorite special dining place, The Keg. We were celebrating our 4 year dating anniversary. It was a really nice meal out and we had fun talking about how next year we will be celebrating wedding anniversary rather then dating anniversary.

Monday was another glorious day off! After sleeping in I had a ton of energy again! Ry has been bugging me for months now to go through the 6 or so containers of my old high school/college storage.

See these boxes?

Christmas 021

They are the boxes of my youth! It was a little crazy going through them and looking back at what interested me at the time. The stuff really did seem ancient to me now but it was fun to look back.

I was super excited about finding this item.

Christmas 023

My old yearbook! I thought I had left this graduation yearbook out west! I was sure I would never read all those signatures because it was lost! Happily I read through them all yesterday laughing at my own appearance and remembering some fun times.

Christmas 026

Christmas 030

After lunch, Jilly picked me up and we went for visit to see Josee, Evan and baby Landyn who made it home for Christmas!

Christmas 017

It was so nice to see this beautiful little boy and get to hold him!

Christmas 014

As small as he is, he has the cutest little facial expressions! It was the perfect way to end the holidays!

Christmas 003

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and that 2012 is a wonderful year for you! I am so looking forward to the year ahead and have a great feeling that it is going to be epic! :-)