Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Healthy Summer Treat - TODDLER APPROVED!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I was suppose to be working in the city today but opted out knowing that my drive would have been a nightmare with the traffic because President Obama is coming to town! So glad I have the flexibility to choose which days work for me. 

Feeling excited over the last couple days as things gear up for the BIG Canada Day festivities hosted in our small town! We go ALL out and it's gearing up to be a great celebration this year! Very much looking forward to it.

Lately, I have been trying to make more and more things at home. Bread, jam, and even our own ice cream. I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite homemade Popsicle treats I have been making. 

- 2 cups of your favorite fruit - For this recipe I used strawberries but we really like it with orange or peach as well! 
- Coconut milk 
- 2/3 TBSP of maple syrup (we use 3, Sam likes it sweet!)

And that's it...pretty simple right? 

I always add my fruit first so that it gets nice and blended first. Then add a full can of coconut milk and the maple syrup. 

Blend it all up! I like to run it on the "blend" option first and then "liquefy". 

These ice pop molds I got at a No Frills 2 years ago for $1! I have used them SO much! 

Once everything is nice and blended, I slowly pour the mix into each mold leaving about 1/2 inch of head space for the stick. 

If I make these in the morning, by supper they are usually ready to enjoy! Just run each Pop under warm water for a few seconds to release from the mold. 

5 Minutes after giving it to my toddler....:) 

Because of the fresh fruit, the coconut flavor is very mild and the Popsicle tastes more like creamsicle! Yum! This is also really good with fruit that is getting a little mushy. I usually have all the ingredients on hand so it is ready way to whip up a quick and delicious summer dessert! 


Monday, June 27, 2016

Full Saturday And An Old Fashioned Sunday

Happy Monday everyone! What a glorious sight to wake up to this morning...PUDDLES! We have been in desperate need of some rain. Things were getting crispy around here. At this point, with irrigation things are staying alive but not really growing. 

Friday night I needed to get out! I was feeling a little cabin fevered lately. Ryan is away every Wednesday and Thursday for activities and week after week, I am at home. I love to be at home but I am envious of how carefree Ryan can be to just pick up and leave whenever he wants. For me to leave I need to ensure arrangements for Sam, supper needs to be made and other things laid out. 

Friday was my night out! We had some car arrangement problems but my brother came to the rescue and let me borrow his Mustang! Great way to start the night out! Top down on a beautiful summer day! 

First stop was for pedicures! My feet were in desperate need of some pampering! I really need to make an effort to do this more often because somehow when my feet are done, I feel more put together.  

Right next door is a yummy Italian place called Fresco! Where I got a salad and stone oven pizza! 

Finally, last stop was one of my favorite places, Value Village. Yes, I love a good thrifty shopping. And I also find the prices of Value Village to be getting expensive but with careful looking you can still find some great treasures and pieces that are way below their retail value. I got a pair of Ricki's jeans for $9, Reitmans shorts for $8 and this AWESOME wool Holt Renfrew for $4! I can't wait to wear it this winter with my grey pea-coat! 

I was up early preparing for a fun and busy Saturday with my boys! We were off to do some work but we were going to make it fun too! To save some money, I even made us breakfast for the road and extra bonus to eating on the road, getting the early start! 

After a couple of work stops, Ryan was busy doing some work and Sam and I quickly played at a park for 40 minutes! 

When the work was done we packed up and drove to Petawawa. If you are ever driving by (or just take a special trip), go to the Petawawa Civic Centre! This place is amazing! New play structures, mini putt, bathrooms, picnic area and huge splash pad! 

We ate our picnic quickly because Sam couldn't wait to get wet! 

I wish I could share with you his happy squeals and giggles! Sam was in his glory! 

Sam had a 1.5 hour truck nap and since he slept so good in the truck, we opted for one more stop, strawberry picking! We had opted out of picking our own last year but thought we'd give it a try. Sam wasn't the easiest but we were pretty much the only ones there so it didn't matter. He probably hate half a basket! ha ha! 

16 L of strawberries for our enjoyment! 

After such a busy Saturday, we were looking forward to quiet Sunday at home. I woke up before the boys and got to work at cleaning my berries. I also made some homemade bread which ended up as French toast. Strawberries with EVERY meal on Sunday! ha ha! 

Ryan has convinced me to start making (instead of buying) bread for the next month. One dough cycle makes two loaves and so starting this week, we will only eat homemade bread. It does taste WAY better but will I be able to always have some on hand? 

We puttered around the house, played in the sandbox, I weeded my garden before it got too hot, we made some strawberry jam and both boys when down for a afternoon nap. While they napped I went for a swim, read my book and knitted on the front porch! A great Sunday well spent! 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, June 24, 2016

New Play Area

Happy Friday everyone! And Happy St.Jean to all of my Quebec friends. Yes, I am working. We take the long weekend in August instead of this holiday. Which actually I kind of prefer. It was always weird to me to have two long weekends in a row and then none again until September! Yuck! 

Either way, the weekend is almost here and it is suppose to be beautiful! We are actually planning a little fun outing as a family tomorrow (as well as working) but we are gonna make the work day fun with Sam. Pack a picnic and head to a splash pad. 

We will also be spending a lot of time enjoying our home. Sam is LOVING his new outdoor space. As soon as we get home he plays until supper. Rushes through his meal and then goes back out to play before bed! It's been great! 

Looking back we really started this project before Sam's birthday! We wanted to get Sam a new play structure. The one that was there was mine. Rotting and almost dangerous in some area's. Everything just needed a little face life. 


We got this beautiful play structure on sale at Canadian Tire with birthday money Sam received. He is not a big swing fan right now but loves the slide and the little play area in the bottom!  

For a few days Sam just loved to play with his new play structure and then Daddy filled up the area with sand! 

We considered lots of things. Keeping it on the grass, mulch but then decided a sand filled area was better! Easier to maintain and we thought Sam would enjoy it more. He loves to drive it in with his trucks. 

We also wanted to get some kind of border. We considered lots of options but finally decided on Armour stone as we liked the idea of it being part of the play area. It kind of gives it a little castle feel. 

These stones ended up being the complicated part of the process. These suckers were HEAVY and hard to move and place. 500-700 pounds per stone! 

Since we were in the process, I also wanted to re-vamp the outside of the play house! Some little things that would make it feel more "homey". Shutters, new stairs, painted doors and windows, window boxes (with flowers) and....

A mail box! 

Since there were some curious people, here is what the inside looks like! Pretty plain but I want to tackle organizing, painting and making the inside as cozy as the outside! 

We made little fun stepping stones and Sam loves to go to each one telling us which color it is! They were easy and cheap to do! Took a big log from the farm, cut 5 into rounds, sanded them and spray painted them fun/bright colors! 

And here is the finished product! 

Not only do we love how it turned out but more importantly, Sam is loving this space! We are getting so much use out of it and I know we will for years! It was a lot of work but we get to enjoy it for the rest of the summer! 

Happy Friday! 


Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday School Picnic 2016

Happy Monday everyone! Where did the weekend go? We had a pretty jam packed weekend. For a bit on Thursday, as I was going through weekend plans and I started to get worried that we wouldn't be able to pull it off! 

A large amount of farm staff were off on Friday which made things a little crazy. And then a irrigation problem caused me to quickly become a bentgrass irrigation expert. Thankfully, Ryan was done early enough to go and get Sam because I wasn't sure how I would be able to leave. Which ended up being perfect because he was there to receive his awesome Father's day gift! 

Saturday morning the house was up early! I was up watering turf and Ryan and Sam were off for a delivery of sod. It is SO great to be able for Sam to go with Ryan! So much relief for me when I have to work too! 

We had a quick bite to eat, Sam went down for a sleep and then Ryan and I got working on finishing touches around the house to get ready for the Sunday School Picnic. Cleaning the garage, wiping down all the outdoor furniture! That evening we went for a delicious supper at Ryan's parents to celebrate a special girl who turned 14! 

Unfortunately, because of watering we had to head home early. I put Sam to bed and then that evening Ryan and I worked at getting Sam's new play area completed! The rocks were the last thing to get done and we are so pleased with how it turned out! We still have some finishing touches but overall, it is great and Sam has loved his new play area. 

Sunday morning I let the boys sleep in a little. I ran out to do some more watering, in my Pj's. True sign of a farm girl! 5 AM watering of fields in my Pj's and housecoat. 

The boys eventually got up. I made Ryan a special Father's day breakfast and Sam and I gave him his gift and homemade card. We didn't celebrate long and worked away at the finishing touches before our church family arrived. 

Thankfully, while Ryan and I were working away, Sam explored his new play area. He was so content on playing here for almost 2 hours! It made getting things set up for the picnic SO easy! 

By 10:30 everyone was there and the service had begun! We enjoyed the service in the shaded garage (except for Sam and Tanner, ha ha!) and the kids received their end of year books! 

I was a little worried this year because my parent's weren't going to be there. Usually my Dad cooks the hot dogs and Mom keeps an eye on Sam while I help set out other food items. I had did my best to do as much as possible but there was no need. Church family always seem to step in at the perfect moment! Taking Sam for play time, walks and even a swim! Helpers even stepped in to help Ryan get the hot dogs cooked. We are so blessed with such support. 

The rest of the party we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed some pool time! It was a GREAT picnic and we loved having everyone over! 

After Sam's nap he asked to go right back to the pool. Cousins from next door were over enjoying the pool and so Sam had some playmates! 

Ryan and I were pretty tired (and sun burnt) from a busy weekend and so we actually went to the chipstand for supper. I was just not into cooking! Sam was VERY happy to have french fries for supper! ha ha! But it was a great supper for a wonderful Daddy who deserved the best on Father's day! 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, June 17, 2016

Sammy Summer Things

Happy Friday friends! Hooray to Friday! I am glad to see this weekend come! I am anticipating a very busy weekend but I also know that it is going to be SO fun! Once I get work over with tomorrow, it is going to be here! The weather has finally smartened up and now I think I can (cautiously) say summer is here and we are really hoping to make the most of it! 

Sam is in full force Toddler mode! I have to admit, closer to the 22-23 month he started displaying the typical "terrible two" symptoms. But that was short lived. While he still has that short temper, it is more manageable. I can kind of tell when it is going to be brought on. He has a few triggers. 

1. When he is trying to tell me something and I don't know what he means 
2. Leaving daycare. He just doesn't want the fun to end! 
3. Bath 

Other than that, he is A LOT of fun! Literally, a BLAST! And I think Ryan would agree with me when I say, it's just really fun to hang out with him. So this summer has already been gearing up to be the best one yet! 

We have some minor plans set this summer. We aren't going anywhere until later in the year and so for the most part we are going to enjoy doing things at and around home! Picnics, days by the pool, walks, s'mores! I really can't wait for this lower key time! 

Even though we have had to work some Saturdays and weekends have not yet been fun of lots of summer fun, Sam is LOVING this time of year. This kid is honestly obsessed with being outside. He wants to spend every waking moment out side. The moment he wakes up he asks me, "Mama, no waining (raining)?" I assure him it's not (or break the news, which is so much harder!). 

His activities of choice? 

Rides on the Kubota! 


And his newest favorite, THE SANDBOX. We did build Sam this beautiful new play structure last weekend. On Monday night Ryan filled the rest of the area with sand. And since then, the play structure has been nonexistent. There's digging, mountain making and truck driving to do all throughout the sand box. The boy has been on a mission every night and has been sleeping SO well with all the play. 

In fact, he has even been staying up past his bedtime almost every night this week (for those of you who know my scheduled self, this is unheard of!). 

The summer has just gotten started and already we are off to an amazing start! I was never a huge fan of summer but Sam makes me appreciate this wonderful time where we can get outside, explore and be together. 

Monday will mark the first "official" day of summer! What are your summer plans?