Friday, March 29, 2013

Were you there?

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Were you there when they nailed Him to the Cross?
Were you there when they nailed Him to the Cross?

Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble
Were you there when they nailed Him to the Cross?

Were you there when they laid Him in the tomb?
Were you there when they laid Him in the tomb?

Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.
Were you there when they laid Him in the tomb?

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Sure Sign Of Spring…Is It Just Us That Get’s Excited For Robin’s?


I know it’s spring if you were going by the calendar. It’s even beginning to feel a bit like spring! The sun is out and that STUPID snow melting…finally! But in this family, it’s not REALLY spring until someone see’s the first robin.


My Dad always says that it really ISN’T spring until the first Robin is spotted! I don’t know what scientific proof he has of this but it’s something that he’s made both my brother and I believe since we were kids.

For as long as I can remember my brother and Dad have had an annual competition to see who can see the first Robin. The rules are that whoever see’s the first robin must notify the loser immediately and state the time and day of when the robin was spotted. If a way of contacting the loser is unavailable, there must be a witness.

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 027

Every year the loser knows he had lost if he hears…

“Hello. On today’s day of March (enter date here) at (enter time here) AM/PM I (heavy emphasis on the “I”)saw the first robin.”

Then, usually there is some profanity getting spewed by the loser.

It’s a fun tradition that Dad started when Jared and I were kids. I sit back and love to watch them both sweat and drive abnormally slow during the spring as they start the search for this red breasted bird.

There’s no money on the line. Simply just bragging rights for the rest of the year that “he” was the one who was LUCKY to see the first Robin.

This morning at the office, our last day before Easter weekend is to start, my brother is an unhappy camper! Yesterday afternoon he got the famous call from Dad as he was parked right in front of a Robin on his way home from the city. There is a lot of gloating and bragging going on in their end of the office. And I am here smiling like crazy for a few reasons….

1. The fun tradition my dad has started with us. It’s a way of making us look forward to spring and anticipate the arrival of this fresh season after a long winter.

2. It is finally spring! The first robin has been seen and I can’t wait to see the first one with my own two eyes. It really isn’t spring in our family, until that robin is spotted!

What are some fun family traditions that you have?


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flying Elbows Widow and Birthdays Galore!


Every year, at the end of March, there’s an event in the next small town over called The Flying Elbows Hockey Tournament. This event has been run for many years and it brings teams in from many places to play and raise money for a great cause! This year’s cause was Do It For Daron (D.I.F.D) which raises money towards mental health. A great group of guys from the community organizes this event and helps to ensure it runs smoothly. One of those people, my husband. I had to laugh on the weekend was I was a fellow Elbows wife post that she was a “Flying Elbows widow”. You see, even though the event is only held 20 minutes away, the men stay over at the arena (in trailers, Uhaul’s, and ice fishing shacks!) from Thursday to Sunday. We do not see our men at all during this time…unless you go and watch a game or two.

What’s weird about Ryan not being home during those days is cooking for one again. It’s almost like I forgot how to. So weird. The good part is though that I can make whatever I want...even if Ryan doesn’t like it! Hence, Friday nights pita pizza FULL of veggies! Yum!

pita pizza

Also, a great treat for this solo weekend was an Arbonne party at friend/cousin/fellow blogger Stacy’s! Although I opted out of the facial, I did REALLY enjoy my foot soak! Heavenly!

Foot spa

Saturday morning I was up early to make food and wrap presents for a birthday breakfast party! We were celebrating Faiths 4th, Clarks 2nd and my brothers 30th birthdays! Everyone was in pretty high spirits including Clarky who had decided he wanted to start the party that morning at 1:30 AM.

Clarks second birthday 001

Clarks second birthday 003

The kiddos had a blast playing and running around the house! Their cousin Riley was there for the fun too! I had fun chasing after the 3 of them trying to get a picture!

Note: Faith’s 1st outfit

Clarks second birthday 005

Riley is a great little poser for pictures!

Clarks second birthday 017

The birthday girl was SO into her party! It’s such a fun age! She really understands what everything is about now!

Note: Faith’s 2nd outfit of the morning

Clarks second birthday 028

Finally, after breakfast it was present time! Faith ripped right into her stuff and Clarks. Ryan and I gifted Faith this new Ballerina bathing suit!

Note: Faith’s 3rd outfit

Clarks second birthday 040

Faith with her new detective kit from her grandma!

Clarks second birthday 045

Clarky opened this new tractor and could care less about anything else for the rest of the day! Such a boy!

Clarks second birthday 049

Faith and Clark’s big gift from their parents was their very own violin! Our whole family is very musical and both kids have showed an interest in playing some sort of instrument!

Clarks second birthday 054

Then, it was cupcake time! Always my favorite part of a birthday party!

Clarks second birthday 069

Clarks second birthday 073 

It was a great party with family and friends celebrating 3 very special people!

Saturday night I first stopped in at my parents home to visit a cousin from out East that my mother hasn’t seen since they were kids! It was great meeting Heather and hearing all kinds of family stories!

That evening I went to the arena to watch Ryan’s hockey team, Chainsaws From Hell play! Although they lost, it was a great game but the best part was sitting with friends and chatting!

Flying elbows

Sunday it was off to church for Palm Sunday service and then a DELICIOUS breakfast for a Lionettes fundraiser! It was one of the best fundraiser breakfasts I’ve ever been to!

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Prison Break, doing laundry, putting up Easter decorations and making food!

And, I am happy to report that my husband is now home in one piece after his weekend away!

How was your weekend?


Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Clark


Dear Clark (aka Clarky),

On Saturday, it was your birthday! And Ti-ti didn’t write you blog for your birthday…second child problems! But, my special Monday spot is dedicated to you!

Clarky it’s your second birthday but for some reason you feel so much older. You have an old soul. You are this quiet, emotional and sensitive kid. You are very head strong and know exactly what you like.


Your smile is one that get’s me every time I see it! Your dimples are absolutely adorable! You have this cute gap in your teeth that adds to how adorable your smile is! It is so infectious and I will do anything to try and make you smile. Although, it doesn’t take much! You smile as soon as you walk into a room!

clark turns 1

You are a “guys guy”! Tractors, dirt, cars and playing rough! You love it all! When you come into the office you go straight to Grandpa! You were always a grandpa’s boy! The winter has been hard on you! You stand at the door whining to get out! You really aren’t a fan of staying indoors or watching t.v! You want to go outside and explore and find someone on the farm to take you on a tractor!

Easter weekend 002

You are very big for your size! When you were on the Disney cruise this winter the cast couldn’t believe that you weren’t even 2 yet! You were late to walk and you hardly even talk. We call you Beaker (like off of the Muppets) because you hum your words instead of opening your mouth and saying them! But for some reason we know exactly what you are saying! You always know that you are in the room when we get the notorious Clark “Hellllo”!

Daniel and pool parties 050

Good luck getting any pictures of you Clark! You are too busy exploring to bother! You are very independent! You have this funny way of trying to figure out how everything works! Your Daddy is the same way. Instead of just playing with a toy, you want to take it apart and put it back together!

Ti-ti and Uncle Ryan are very lucky to be called your Godparents. It means a lot to us to have this special title with you!

Thanksgiving 044

Valentines Babysitting 003

It’s been amazing watching you grow for another year little buddy! Your gentle and old soul reminds me of your great Grandpa Hamilton sometimes. I know he would have adored showing you around the farm.

I think it’s going to be a great year ahead Clarky as you become a big brother in July. I am very much looking forward to hearing what your voice is really like! You love being outside on the farm and I so look forward to watching you explore this coming year. I hope that the year ahead is full of giggles and grins!

Happy Birthday Clarky!

Faiths 4th birthday 001 


Ti-ti & Uncle Ryan


Friday, March 22, 2013




Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week went by in lightening speed! It did around these parts because now the office has this little spring buzz going on. It happens every year as we are gearing up for the busy summer season!

How do I know there is a buzz in the office? Well, the most tell tale sign is the phones begin ringing more then usual. People looking for prices, information and an abnormally high amount of telemarketers.

And that’s what’s on my mind on this particular Friday. Let me tell you that story.

This week has been a busy one for all of the guys on the farm. The last snow storm of the season is always a hard one to get through. You are sick of snow yet you have to be out there morning and night cleaning up that white stuff. My father was one of those people this week working on clearing snow. He was exhausted but he had some responsibilities to take care of in the office.

Just as he was packing up to leave the office to go home for bed the phone rang and it was for him. It was clearly a telemarketer because you could hear Dad saying, “No, thank you. I’m really not interested” but the guy was insistent and eventually my tired father hung up the phone on the guy.

Dad said his good byes and off he went home.

Not even 2 minutes after he had left the phone rang again. I picked it up and here is how the conversation went:

Telemarketer dude = TD

Me: “Hello, how may I help you?”

TD: “Hi there! I was just speaking to Bill and we have seemed to lose connection. May I speak to him again?”

Me: “I’m sorry no, he has left for the day.”

TD: “No he hasn’t. I need to talk to him. I was about to give him a very special quote.”

Me: “Yes, I know. I heard him speaking to you and I believe he said repeatedly that he hasn’t interested. Even so, he really isn’t here. He has left for the day.”

TD: “You are lying! Tell that little pussy to get on the phone!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

TD: “You heard me! Tell that little pussy to get on the phone with me!”

Me: “Excuse me but that is my father you are speaking about and I really don’t appreciate you calling him that!”

TD: “That’s not your father! You’re lying! Now, get him on the phone you little bitch!”

Me: “Excuse me? I’d like to speak to your manager, please.”

TD: “I am the manager! I own this place you little bitch!”

Me: “Well then I have no idea how you get any business. Have a nice day.”

*Hang up!*

I really wish that this was my only experience. Not even 2 months ago I got another call from a telemarketer. When I told him I really wasn’t interested he told me that I was “Pathetic”!

Can you really believe that? Has that happened to anyone else? I’m pretty sure that it was a ploy to try to keep me on the phone longer but have telemarketers really come to the point where calling people names is going to get them farther? Sell more? To me, you will always attract more with honey. Obviously, not everyone feels the same. I just don’t understand what the world is coming to. We laugh about it now here at the office but sometimes I get thinking about someone like my 92 year old Grandma taking a call like that and it worries me.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I truly believe in treating people with the upmost respect. I help to run our family business and if someone was to tell me that being aggressive and rude to people would get me farther ahead, I wouldn’t do it. I don’t treat or talk to human beings that way.

I believe in the golden rule, treat others how you would want to be treated.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Reception Decorations – Part 2


Woo Hoo!! Happy 1st day of spring everyone! I know it should mean nothing considering the amount of snow we received around there parts but I don’t care! Spring is officially here so it can only get better, right?

Last Wednesday, I shared with you some of the family heirlooms that acted as decorations around our wedding reception hall. Today, I’d like to continue.

An original horse drawn carriage that was used by my great grandparents has been parked at the farm for years! We decided to dust it off and carefully move it up to the hall. It is a fairly large piece to place in the hall but filled up empty space! When it was set up we decided that it would work perfectly as a place for guests to place any gifts! Not only was it very functional but very pretty as well sitting there!


You can see in the background an old saw and scythe that was used on the farm MANY years ago!

You can also see a couple of white signs that are on the carriage. They are descriptions of what things are. That way, guests could walk around and see where the antiques came from.


An old vase that was my great grandma Hamilton’s.


This old night gown..The sign reads “Eleanor Radmore (Grandma Faris) wedding nightgown 1871. Probably handspun which was done extensively in 1860’s during the Civil War in the U.S.A”


This doll’s crib was made during the civil warm time by a relative and brought to Canada and into Grandma Faris’ possession.


This old bench was from the original farm house on the Hamilton side. It was in ROUGH shape when it come into mine and Ryan’s possession but as a wedding present, my brother and sister in law had it painted and re-upholstered.


Bench 006



In this set up, check out the cabinet that the cake is on. This piece of furniture was built by Mr.Guthrie – an accomplished cabinet maker. After his death there was a sale and my great-great grandfather, (William Hamilton) bought it for 1$. My great great grandmother Emma Ruth Hamilton (Nee Hobbs) used it to store her preserves in.


This old latter was another piece from the farm. The little tricycle was my grandfathers.


The car that you see alot of mine and Ryan’s pictures in front of is just right behind our home in the bush. It’s was originally my grandpa’s car and when it stopped working he parked it there.


As you can see, family is very important to Ryan and I. So important, that we wanted to represent our ancestors in our wedding decor. It was as if having a piece of family around us reminded us (and guests) of where we came from. Having both families have special items around the hall represented our two families becoming one through our wedding union.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Weekend For The History Books


I was off yesterday for my winter “Monday’s” off! Truthfully, it will probably be my last Monday off because things are getting busy around the office. I am noticing that when I take my Monday off now that my work load on Tuesday is hectic.

I had one full weekend! But, it was one that I will remember forever and I was very lucky to be part of Quebec history.

Saturday morning I was up with the birds making sandwiches for our annual Irish Tea at our church. The young ladies of the church take the reigns and organize this fundraiser! The senior ladies of the church get to participate rather then doing all the work! It’s a great event!


I did feel bad however because after dropping my food off I had to leave immediately rather then stay and help. I had become a delegate of our local Liberal Party riding and was packed and on my way to Montreal for the Leadership 2013 conference. I felt honored to be part of such an event and to be one of the people from our riding getting to go and vote for our new leader. The last convention was held 30 years ago! At this convention, we would be voting for the new Quebec Liberal Party leader! I was literally going to be part of making history!

After the drive to Montreal, I checked into my hotel and then went over to register for the convention and pick up my name tag. I was in awe of the arena that was all set up for the first night, just like I had seen on T.V! The first night was for Jean Charest, the past leader of the Liberal Party who would be stepping down. The night was great and all the speeches to Jean Charest were very touching. It was impressive to hear of all the great things he did in his long running as leader. Late that evening the Pontiac delegates went out for a nice supper.


The next morning was St.Patty’s Day and Ryan’s birthday! I was sad I wasn’t there but I made sure to get to the arena 2 hours early to get one of the only parking spots! Otherwise, I’d have to take a shuttle bus from a more distant parking lot, no thanks!

Even though I had to wear my non-Irish business suit, I made sure to wear this little leprechaun!


It was an exciting day gearing up to the important vote! All the sections were cheering for one of their favorite (of the 3) candidates! I was in the green section cheering for Pierre Moreau!

By lunch time, it was time to vote! It is still always exciting to me to vote. I feel so lucky to have that opportunity and right to vote! There are still many people in the world that aren’t allowed to vote. We all anxiously waited for the results to be read to see who would be the new leader!

Although my choice had not won, I am very excited and thrilled for our new Liberal Party leader, Philippe Couillard! I think he will be a phenomenal leader and as an English Quebecer, I am extremely excited and encouraged with the direction the Liberal Party is taking. There will be some difficult months ahead being that our province is currently being run by a sovereignist PQ minority government but we have a fresh new leader who (I believe) will take control of Quebec again and make things equal for ALL Quebecers!


On the ride home I was exhausted! I was pleasantly surprised by how well I did at this mainly French convention! But, after being focused on understanding what was going on around me for so long, I was mentally spent! But, I wanted to rush home to get to my Birthday Boy!

I still hate taking these left hand off ramps!! So weird!


The birthday boy had requested Wendy’s for his birthday supper! He was pretty excited when I walked in the door with his treat! And I was just as excited to be home for supper to get to spend some time with him on his special day!


The ONLY vegetarian option at Wendy’s…The Baja Salad. Which turned out to be AMAZING!! It was SOO good! I actually can’t wait to go back for it again this weekend when I do groceries! Been craving it all week!


I love my husband for many reasons. One of those reasons being that he requests a McCain cake for his birthday! I luck out of having to make him a big fancy birthday supper and dessert! My man just wants take out and frozen store bought cake! ha ha! 



How was your weekend?


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day & A Happy Birthday


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

AND ….

what makes this day even MORE special to me is the fact that I get to wish my husband a very


Happy Birthday Ryan!

St.Patty's 2010 009

I love you!


Friday, March 15, 2013

What’s Going On Around Here


Happy Friday everyone! I am feeling so “blah” this week and I am so glad that the week is over. The biggest thing that has me down is the weather. The weather was very “spring like” earlier this month and now we are back to winter. Snowing and cold temperatures are depressing.

There are a few things that are new in my life and things that are on my mind lately that I figured I should get out via blog post. Let’s start with…

My Hair!

Earlier last week I decided that it was finally time to get a hair cut. My last trim was 6 months ago. It was LONG overdue. I had been getting sick of the lack of style so I took the plunge and chopped off a bunch of locks! So far, I’m loving the shorter style. It’s fairly easy to take care of because my hair is naturally very straight. I'm sure I’ll be sick of it in another month though…ha ha






I swear, it seems like every blogger and their dog is in an uproar about Google reader going down. And honestly, I could care less. I never used my google reader and read all my blogs though the Dashboard. So, I don’t really get the big deal. I will NOT be getting a bloglovin’ account and I will not join bloglovin’ to read other blogs. I mean, what if a blog I like doesn’t start using bloglovin’, I won’t be able to read it? So I say, screw bloglovin’ and everyone should just use the dashboard! So much easier!

It would have been an awesome drinking game though! Taking a shot for every blogger that said “bloglovin’” yesterday via post or twitter…I would have been HAMMERED!


Four year old…*tear*

I MAY have gotten a little choked up on Tuesday when I went over to visit this little cutie on her big 4th birthday! I was a little proud that she loved her new Easter dress that we got her and insisted on putting it on right away! She is such a girly-girl! There’s just something about the age of 4 that seems special to me. First, it makes me feel super old that 4 years have passed since she was born. Second, 4 just seems so grown up. She’s a kid. A full blown, ankle biting, talking back, attitude giving and yet amazing child. I just love her so much!


Clearing getting ready to bite my ankles here…

Faiths 4th birthday 010 

Michael Kors

My husband (and a bunch of guys) are going to Myrtle Beach for a golf trip early in the spring. Where he is staying just happens to conveniently beside an outlet mall. I may have warned him within an inch of his life that if he brings back a rinky-dinky Myrtle Beach key chain when he is BESIDE an outlet mall he will be in trouble.

So to give him some help, I’ve been texting him pictures of potential souvenir options.

For example:
Get shopping hunny! :-)


Truth be told, I actually don’t mind working out. But, I am REALLY getting sick of indoor workouts. I want some fresh air and sunshine! Shockingly, I want to get running outdoors again! I haven’t run all winter long and I want to get out there and get moving again.

I think I need this shirt though for that extra “push”! ;)


That little teaser of spring got me thinking about my current wardrobe! As you may remember, I went through my closet and tossed a bunch of old stuff. Most of that stuff was from my college days. The “fancy” things that I’d wear out to the bars. I have no need for those kind of cloths anymore. Now, I wear a uniform every workday and immediately when I get home, change into yoga pants. On occasion I go for supper out, church and maybe a couple other birthday/shower events as well.

While going through my current wardrobe (and using my pinterest style board) I started trying to make different outfits with the pieces that I have. I am need in some basic things one of them being a striped shirt like this one below! I need a spring shopping trip, STAT!


Being that I live in a VERY small town, we don’t have any where to actually go for coffee like a Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Sometimes, there will be workers coming from the city and will bring coffee (sucking up works!).

Roll Up The Rim To Win contest is famous in Canada and every year us Northerners roll up our rims to try and get some free stuff.

Being that I don’t easily have access to a Tim Hortons, I don’t play that often. But, I am really lucky this year. For the 3 times that I have actually had a Tim’s coffee, I have won every time! Going on 3 for 3! 2 donuts and 1 coffee! At this rate, I’ll win something big soon….hopefully!



Happy Friday everyone!