Friday, March 30, 2012

Car Troubles


Happy Friday! As I am sure it is the case with everyone, I am so happy to see this day come! It’s going to be a busy weekend ahead and the last one until April.

April is a big month in my mind! It was the month that I looked and thought, “going to be REALLY real that the wedding is around the corner is April”.

April is the month of many events. Shower, bachelorette and stag not to mention the endless meetings with vendors as well! It’s going to be an exciting time.

It’s all a little overwhelming at times. Endless thought’s and emotions are running through my head. When I need a moment, I take a drive.

Funny though, my best thinking I do is in my car. Life is so busy that I’m not able to take a moment to think. When I’m in the car? Sure, I’m listening to the radio but for the most part it’s just me and my thoughts.

My car has been on endless adventures! Especially fun road tours to and from Guelph, my old University town.


My car was a place of refuge when Tucker and I were moving home from British Columbia.

october 2008 010

My little red jeep has been loaded to the rafters as I’ve gone for work and delivered product to clients.

jeep 1

My car has been good to Ryan and I. Taking us to and from airports, camping trips, road tours. Endless portraits in the front seats.

jeep 2

More recently, my car has been a therapist. It’s seen my tears and smiles. It’s the place where I do my best thinking. I sit and reflect while I’m driving on the open road.

jeep 3

So, as you can see, I really love my car. Unfortunately, it’s mileage and age is starting to show and it isn’t as reliable as it once was. Almost daily, for the last month, a new problem has developed. It is literally falling apart. It’s time for a new vehicle.

I’m been doing some looking around for the last two weeks and I’ve decided between these two vehicles.

1. Ford Edge

ford edge

2. Chevrolet Equinox


I have to say I do have a small preference between the two but you tell me. Which one do you prefer? Are you a ford or a Chevy person?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Bridal Shower


Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s down right gross around here these days. We were so spoiled with the nice warm weather for the last two weeks. Now, they are screaming freezing rain and the whole town stops and says, “I thought it was spring?” People it’s March and Canada! ha ha!

In truth, my wedding Wednesday post this week was NOT going to be about a bridal shower. I don’t know what I would have chosen for a subject but I can pretty much say it wasn’t about a shower because I had NO IDEA that there was going to be one last weekend!

I mentioned that I had a bridal shower on Monday but I wanted to save the special details until today!

As I mentioned, to say that I was surprised is an understatement! I think my radar was down being that it is still March. Another factor is that with the nice weather, work has been NUTS and I have been going full speed not focusing on much except getting through everyday life.

The shower was considered a “community/church” shower. Where neighbors, friends and church ladies all attended. It was held in the beachbarn that we are trying so hard to rebuild but so beautifully decorated you hardly even knew it was the same place!


White table cloths and chair covers.


Chandelier in the middle

And with lots of vintage touches, just like the wedding theme!


Lace and family artifacts acted as decorations.

The food (a brunch) was prepared by the Cafe 349 and was delicious!

I was very shocked to be at a shower in honor of myself. It is a very surreal and humbling feeling looking out at everyone who was there happy for you and your upcoming nuptials!




I was “showered” with such beautiful things! Each and every gift was so special and appreciated! With each present I opened I kept picturing using it in the future when I am a Mrs.!


A quilt that I was told was being used as decoration was actually a family heirloom. The quilt it over 100 years old and has been lovingly repaired (many, many hours of labor!)  by my cousin Shirley Mae and passed down to me by my Aunt Elaine.


All the pictures were taken by my sister in law Holly. I wish I could have gotten one of her and I because it was Holly who thought up, organized and put on this amazing shower for me! It was so unbelievably special and I am so thankful to her for planning such a wonderful event!

I know that I have been in bride mode for over a year now. However, being that I am not an overly girly person I haven’t had many moments where I have truly felt like a bride.

Last Saturday, I had that feeling. That special feeling and realization of, “wow I’m getting married”.

I am so thankful and appreciative to all those who organized, orchestrated and attended my very first shower. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Monday, March 26, 2012

A Surprising Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! What whirl wind of a “quiet” weekend. I had been bragging for sometime that this past weekend was going to be one of the last “quiet” weekends until the wedding…..NOT!

It all started on Friday. As some of you might have read it was my nephews (and brothers) birthday! So, he of course came over for a birthday snuggle!

clark turns 1

That evening it was off to Gavan’s for supper and to celebrate Brittany’s 18th birthday!! With a visit from the cops, drinks, crazy dance moves, and birthday cake of course! It was great getting out with friends!

Brittany 18

Saturday morning I was up fairly early with my grocery list and Ryan. We picked up Dad so that we would be able to drop him off at the curling rink to play a game while in we did groceries. We also had to pick up another team mate in Quyon on our way to give him a lift too….or so I thought!

We pull up to the beachbarn and I see alot of cars, a few of them familiar but I figured it must be because of the “Lions” curling tournament (Which Dad told me it was….)

I mentioned to Dad how his vehicle was in the parking lot. He just laughed at me and said, “Geez your stupid". And excited the jeep.

I looked at Ryan and asked him where we were going thinking that Ryan was about to take me on a fun trip or something. Then, I clued in…it was a surprise bridal shower!!

To say I was shocked would be an understatement but the rest you’ll have to read about on Wednesday!

bridal shower preview

Sunday morning I walked to next door for a special birthday party honoring Faith, Clark and Jared.

We enjoyed breakfast and visiting with Holly’s family.

March Birthdays 022

All the kids had so much fun playing and dressing up!

March Birthdays 027

After breakfast it was time for presents

March Birthdays 057

And birthday cake!

March Birthdays 046

That afternoon I did a little work at the office and took a nap for a special evening out.

Jilly met Ryan and I and we headed off the to city for a bite to eat.

Jill and Linds

Then we met Luke and Amanda at the theatre to watch…The Hunger Games!

hunger games

I was a big fan of the book series so I was pretty pumped to check out the movie. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint! The movie was fabulously made! There is so much description in the book and they did a good job at covering the most important aspects. Highly recommend!

How was you weekend?


Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Clark!


Today isn’t just any ol’Friday! Today is a special day!

1. It’s my brother’s 29th Birthday!

and 2. It’s my nephew/god son/favorite little man’s birthday!

Dear Clark,

Today, at 7:48 AM, you turned 1! It’s unreal how fast a year has passed and how much you have changed!

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 007

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 054

We were reflecting the other night at your Daddy’s birthday dinner that we were still anticipating your arrival! You kept us waiting but we were just impatient. You however know better and wanted to give your Daddy a special birthday gift, a son!

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 030

You are a very special boy and you really resemble your Daddy’s side of the family! You are pretty much the COMPLETE opposite from your sister at this point.

You love to sit and watch the happenings around you. You love snuggles and being with Grandpa. You have the most infections smile! Your blue eyes light up everytime anyone even talks to you. You are a very sensitive little boy and I hope it’s a trait that you keep.

Christmas 047

I have NEVER seen a baby eat as much as you do! It’s like you have a robotic arm that just keeps going to your mouth! ha ha!

Uncle Ryan and I are so blessed not only to be your aunt and uncle but as well as your god parents! We hope we can help guide you spiritually as you continue to grow.

Easter 2011 038

Valentines Babysitting 001

Clarky, we love you ever so much! You are a wonderful boy and we are so proud to call you our nephew! We so look forward to all of the fun times that are to come in the future!

Happy First Birthday!

Jared and Clark

And Happy 29th Jared (we love you too!)


Uncle Ryan and Ti-Ti


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Please Raise Your Glasses…


Sorry for the delay! Small towns are great but sometimes the internet isn’t…. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is one heck of a weird week as far as weather goes. I mean we are at the middle-end of March and we are hitting temperatures that are sometimes not even seen in the summer? +24-26! Wow!

The beautiful weather has me out walking with Tucker, checking on my gardens and wearing shoes that don’t require any socks…it’s heavenly!

The beautiful weather also has me hoping for a beautiful May (specifically the 12th)! It makes me think of spring and all that is to come.

The actual wedding ceremony is one of my favorite aspects of wedding’s in general. I love watching the groom waiting for his bride and the look on his face when he firsts sees her.

My next favorite aspect of the wedding is the dinner. Let’s be honest, I know a majority of people don’t enjoy having to sit around and listen to speeches but it’s something that I love. I also think in order to make that portion of your wedding you need someone to guide the ship, fill in awkward moments and get the crowd toppling over in laughter.

You need a really great M.C.

That’s something that Ryan and I definitely have. 

This is Pat.

Christmas 016

Seriously the best picture I have! Boo!

I have known Pat and his family for all of my life. My dad still talks about his wedding to his wife Carolyn and the fun time that was had.

Pat actually works here on the Turf Farm and it’s rare that a day doesn’t go by without a few profanities and middle fingers getting thrown back and forth to one another. It’s just what we do. It would be weird it that didn’t happen.

Oddly enough, Pat also has a lot of great advice. Even though Ryan doesn’t know this, there has been a few instances that I have been upset with Ryan and Pat has been the one to calm me down and get me over it.

I’m not sure how this got started but for a long time Ryan has called Pat his brother. It makes Pat quite mad and he would usually answer back, “You are not my brother you no good….”

october 2008 015

Wayne, Pat and Ryan

Pat’s daughter caught on to the joke really quickly and for the last 2-3 years has been calling Ryan and I; Aunt and Uncle. 

Ryan and I were actually really nervous about asking Pat to be our M.C. We headed over to Pat’s house. Immediately, they offered us a drink of the rum they had just brought back from Cuba. Normally, I would decline a drink but I figured it would calm my nerves.

Well, needless to say by the end of the evening they had an empty bottle of rum (between Ryan, myself, Carolyn and Allison) and we had an M.C! 

One thing that is a fact, Pat has a real talent for speaking. He would totally disagree with this point but it’s true. He has a great speaking voice, a boat load of one liners and he knows Ryan and I very well.

The perfect combination for a great M.C!

I am very thankful that Pat agreed to be our M.C. I am sure that our guests will be quite entertained. We know that he is going to do an amazing job and really keep the evening flowing well.

Just don’t tell him any of this stuff, Ok? The meathead’s head is big enough as it is! :-)

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Tea, Birthdays and Hockey!


Happy Monday everyone! The weekend sure did pass by again in a blink! It was a pretty special weekend since it was Ryan’s 30th birthday!

The weekend started out by making two loaves of cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for the Irish Tea.

St.Patty's 5

Last year, the young ladies of our United Church got together to put on an Irish Tea. This year it was decided that we would continue with another tea this year.

St.Patty's 1

It was a great success yet again this year! I especially liked our youngest member, Tanner. I got to sneak in LOTS of snuggles with him.

St.Patty's 2

Being that Saturday was St.Patrick's day, I broke out my green gear and shamrocks for the day!

St.Patty's 3

Tucker did too!

St.Patty's 4

Early Saturday afternoon Ryan and I hit the road on our way to a special birthday supper at Wild Wings.

On our way down to the city we received the CUTEST video birthday message from Faith. You REALLY need to check it out.

My big leprechaun was excited to have some green beer on his big 3-0 birthday!

St.Patty's 6

After supper we headed to the Scotiabank place for Senators vs. Leafs game!

I wore my trusted leafs jersey and Ryan wore his brand new Ottawa jersey, a birthday gift from me.

St.Patty's 7

It was a great game. Worse seats I have ever sat in (last row of the nose bleeds) but had to be one of the most fun!! Our section was pretty rowdy!

St.Patty's 8

Unfortunately, for the birthday boy, the Senators lost 3-1 against the leafs. (Woo hoo!)

Sunday morning Ryan was off to hockey and I headed to church. I was all by myself in the pew this Sunday but really enjoyed the World Day of Prayer service.

For supper I had made too much and Dad came over for supper and told us all about their weekend trip away. After supper, being that the weather has been so nice (+20) we took our rocking chairs out of the garage. We sat and enjoyed our first rock of the season, pure bliss!!

How was your weekend?


Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Irish Blessing and Happy Birthday


First and fore most I want wish the love of my life a VERY happy 30th birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Ry!! xo

Craift Fair Skating 020

And an Irish blessing to you all;

May you always be blessed with walls for the wind.

A roof for the rain.

A warm cup of tea by the fire.

Laughter to cheer you.

Those you love near you.

And all that your heart might desire.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!




Friday, March 16, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Part 2!


First of all, happy Friday! Last week, I left you all off with part one of our trip to Vegas. The reason I wanted to do this trip in two pieces on this blog was because there is a clear distinction of the week.

Part 1 – Tourists and fully remember every detail.

Part 2- Work/Going out at night so the days started to blend together.

As you will see, I never brought my good camera any where from here on out. Too afraid of something happening to it.

Wednesday and Thursday of our trip (during the day) consisted of going to a tradeshow. This is the monster of all golf industry tradeshows!

vegas part 2 12

During the evenings we would go out to dinner with a group of other industry guys and then out for drinks after.

And then when it starts to get blurry….literally…

On our walks we would check out the sights.

The Bellagio

vegas part 2 11

Bellagio Fountains

Vegas part 2 10

Volcano Action at Treasure Island

vegas part 2 9

And a really big shoe (????)

vegas part 2 8

Then, every night we would land into Gilly’s, in Treasure Island and stand in the same spot. Near the bull riding and the dance floor/stag! This bar was awesome!

Did you catch me say bull riding? :-) Check out cowboy Ryan.

Those nights were FUN! Too much fun but still a good time! You know you’ve had too much fun the night before when you have to sport your glasses instead of your contacts the next day!

vegas part 2 7

On the Thursday night we took a cab down to Freemont street. When I imagine Vegas, Fremont is what I thought it looked like!

vegas part 2 6

Random weirdo’s on the street, cheesy casino’s, half dressed women dancing everywhere, zip liners screaming over top of you and cheap drinks flowing GALORE!

vegas part 2 5

We had our fill of Fremont street pretty quickly and headed back to the Vegas strip in a…LIMO! Woo HOO!

vegas part 2 4

Friday the “work” portion was done of our trip. That didn’t really mean too much since a lot of the customers that we deal with are also friends and we still hung out with them for the rest of the week.

Vegas part 2 3

Friday night I had been anticipating ALL week long! Garth Brooks day! We started out with the best steak supper I have EVER had at the SW steakhouse in out hotel.

Then it was time. Unfortunately,  you aren’t allowed any photo’s or video’s during the show. But, if you are going to Vegas…GO SEE GARTH BROOKS! It was amazing!

vegas part 2 2

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to see Saturday come. I was getting home sick and I had about all that I could take of Vegas.

We went out for a nice supper with friends and I enjoyed my last trip beverage.

vegas part 2 1

Don’t get me wrong, Vegas is an amazing sight. I would recommend ANYONE going to see it. We hardly gambled and still filled our week with lots of fun activities.

However, a week is Vegas is too long. It’s an intense place and after a week of seeing the same lights and sights we were exhausted and wanted to come home. Vegas isn’t necessarily a place where you do much relaxing.

Would we go back? Heck yes! In a heart beat! I would love to spend another long weekend in Vegas. It was a fun trip!! We got to see one of the wonders of the world and go out and party before the big wedding. It was great to let loose!

Viva Las Vegas!

Have a great weekend!