Friday, October 24, 2014

Ottawa Strong


I have been struggling with what to do for a post today. At the beginning of the week I had a whole other idea of what I wanted to write. The events in Ottawa on Wednesday made me question if I should say something on here today or not. It’s taken that long to even fully process what has happened.

Ultimately I decided to write something. There are many times that I  re-read old posts of years ago. It makes me happy to read about the happenings in my life and what I felt.

Here’s the thing, I believe that the coward from Wednesday and the people who think like he does, want the attention. They want to be written and talked about. They want to get a reaction out of Canadians. I believe they are still getting joy out from our emotions after the horrible event.

So instead I am not going to turn this into a sad post. I want it to be uplifting and a true reflection of OTTAWA STRONG!

- I think that it is amazing that Canadian soldiers volunteer their time to stand at the tomb of the unknown soldier! Day after day, a young man or woman braves the Canadian weather to pay respect his past men/women in uniform. They smile for tourists and proudly stand tall. Actually, the people who serve their country through the military astounds me. They are not only hero’s for risking their life for our country, but for leaving their loved ones for extended periods of time to to do their jobs.

- Yesterday I started proudly wearing my poppy. I know that it the veterans who have shaped Canada into what it is today. We are free because of them.

- I think of myself in a situation like a shooting and I know my reaction would be to run for my life. While other’s are running for safety, others are going straight into action! It must take a lot of strong nerves to know that you are going into a dangerous situation and still head in that directions anyways! Thank you law people!

- I am so thankful to be able to work basically at my home. No travelling at all. Many other’s I know have to travel to downtown Ottawa to work for governments and other businesses in order to help our capital  and country function. That takes hours a week of commuting and taking yourself a far distance away from your children and homes. Thank you!

We have always been a very proud and united country and I can’t help but laugh at anyone who thinks that inflicting tragedy would change that. These terrorists need a newsflash because the country they live in believes in compassion, love and unity. There is no way that is going to change.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I’ve Reverted Back To Teenage Ways


Happy Wednesday everyone! I am feeling a bit of cabin fever as it has been so rainy and cold that Sam and I have not stepped outside in the last two days! Usually we are out 1-2 times a day to get a little fresh air! Today we are getting out and Momma’s getting a break!

I’ve recently turned 27 and to be honest, that number gives me goose bumps. That age is scary close to being in the 30’s! In many ways, I feel like an adult! More so this year then any time else! Having my own child certainly slaps you into reality over and over again.

There are some childish things that I still kind of do. Random dance party? You bet that I am starting it and breaking it down on the random dance floor.

Crying over ridiculous things? I blame the hormones but I am also a true believer in a REALLY good cry is amazing medicine.

Cozy up at my parents? Absolutely! When I am at their home, I feel like the adult version of their child. They have a way of wanting to do stuff for me still out of habit of being my parents. Truthfully, I love it. I find myself doing similar things for Sam and for now, it’s nice to still be the “child” to someone else.

All those things are just small examples of how I still feel a bit of adolescence but it’s not the worse. The thing right now in my life that has be reverted back to my teenage ways is none other then my current obsession with….



Recently I noticed that my beloved Netflix had the whole series of Gossip Girl. I have gone through a couple of series of shows since Sam was born as I use my phone to pass the time when he is nursing. After the first episode, I was hooked! I never watched the show when it was on T.V (and actually a teenager) but now I am enthralled. It has me captured by the complicated love triangles, handsome men, girl drama and mega city backdrop!

Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed about my love for Gossip Girl. Not only is the show’s content not 100% current (flip phones versus smart phones makes this very evident!) but the plots are even slightly unbelievable! It doesn’t matter though! Only a couple weeks in, about 2 shows a day and I am hooked! I find myself throughout the day thinking about what will happen next and counting down the time till I can press play again!

Is it just a fascinating show good for all ages or a new mom hanging onto a last thread of youth? Please someone tell me I am not alone!

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, October 20, 2014

The Weekend Where We Spent Alot Of Time In Our Car


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone’s weekend was wonderful! We saw the inside of our vehicle a lot this weekend! I said to Ryan last night, we are really SO lucky. Sam spent ALOT of time with us as we carted him around with us and he hardly fussed. It has made the adjustment into parenthood so smooth when we have an easy baby.

The weekend started out with a busy Friday of getting stuff done! I knew that we had a busy weekend ahead of us and would not be able to do anything around the house over the course of the weekend! Sam just hung out and played with his “phone”.


We were all in bed early as I knew there was a busy weekend ahead. On Saturday morning Ryan was busy doing a lot of outdoor jobs while Sam and I made him some new food! My boy has been an eating machine lately! He eats WAY more then I ever expected him to. He quickly ate through my first freezer stash of baby food! He had (and loved) eggs for the first time this weekend so I warned my Egg Farmer brother that our yearly amount should be increasing!


Around lunch time we loaded up the car to head to a very special birthday party! Our niece, Sophie was celebrating her 1st birthday! The theme was Minnie Mouse and it was adorable! White and pink dolka dots everywhere! We couldn’t stay long unfortunately but were glad to stop in and give birthday wishes to her!


Photo taken by my father-in-law, Eugene Hamelin

The reason we had to rush our birthday visit? Car Rally 2014! We were excited to be able to participate as some of our best friends were organizing it this year! I knew the effort they have been putting into planning this years route and knew it would be great! Other besties, Amanda and Josh, agreed to be our teammates this year! The theme was “Celebrating 2014”. Since the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup last year, we decided that we would represent them in our costume and team name.



We enjoyed driving around the back roads of Quyon/Bristol answering the questionnaire we were given! Our teammates have never done a Car Rally before so it was fun to watch the excitement they had for the event! Getting to spend the day doing this fun event with amazing friends makes me feel so blessed!

Unfortunately, Sam and I couldn’t stay to hear the results as it was WAY past his usual bedtime! But I hear we did pretty good! 14th place (about 60 teams total). Thank you so much to the gang who organized and planned the route this year! It is so much work and your efforts are SO appreciated! We SO enjoyed our day on the road!

Sunday morning we were up early, drinking coffee and then hitting the road. Since Sam was TOTALLY off schedule from his late bedtime the night before, we opted to skip out on church! I knew he would not be a happy camper that morning! Instead, we headed to watch Ryan play his first hockey game of the year.

We grabbed a quick lunch afterwards and then headed to do our October date. More on that another time!

It was SO cold yesterday and as we were driving a little snow was even falling! A big Tanger Outlet had opened up on Friday in Kanata and so we headed in that direction to see what all the hype was about!

Ryan’s parents had gifted me a Tanger gift card for my birthday and I was easily able to use it and as pretty much every store had special sales for their opening weekend! It was very busy but manageable to get around! It was a great day spent together as a family!


We grabbed a quick pizza on our way home for supper and then all crashed early as it was a busy, yet enjoyable weekend!

How was your weekend?


Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Year of Dates–September


Happy FRIDAY! We have a fun weekend ahead and I am so looking forward to it getting here and spending it together as a family!

Right now I can’t believe how fast October is flying by! I thought it was best to recap on how our date went in September. It was our FIRST date post-Sam that we had alone!



It says, “Wow! September already! It’s hard to believe the year is gearing down already! This month let’s talk about a picnic food options….Lindsay will pack a picnic (that will include some beer!). If Lindsay can, e take our bikes out along the PPJ trail and find a nice place to stop and enjoy our picnic! If Lindsay cannot bike, let’s try to find a nice place to walk to, stop (with a nice view) and enjoy our lunch!”

I was excited for this date! I’m not the greatest of bikers but we have this amazing trial right in our area! People come from far away to use it and I have never seen it without snow on it! ha ha! The only problem, the day we decided to do our date, IT WAS FREEZING!! It was one of the coldest days in September! But we dropped Sam off at his Nana and Grandpa’s, up packed our bikes and hit the trails! 


Despite how cold it was, it was beautiful! These trials are amazing and so easy to bike on! The fall colors are great around our area and there was no better way to enjoy them!


We were leaving the next day for a week in Nova Scotia. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of groceries that would sit in the fridge. We actually decided to grab Subway to get to enjoy! It was the BEST idea! It turned out perfect! We even found a picnic table to use!



Although this date wasn’t a long one, it was a good way to start learning to leave Sam so that we can have more uninterrupted “husband and wife” time!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thanksgiving and Birthday Celebrations 2014


Happy Wednesday everyone! The week has certainly gotten away with me as I pick up and get back into schedule! Read: #lifeafterturkey

I’ve harped about it before and I’ll do it again, I HATE that my birthday lands on Thanksgiving weekend. I know this is where I am suppose to write, the weekend was AWESOME. But I can’t. When Ryan and I were lying in bed on Monday night he asked me to rate the weekend. My response? A solid 5!

I really enjoyed the time with family, the delicious Thanksgiving meals and special birthday moments! But the good stuff was overshadowed by a fussy, non-sleep, teething/cold baby! Truth, my mommy patience was stretched thin at some points. There was once on Sunday night where I literally turned off the baby monitor for a short period of time. I stayed awake but I couldn’t listen to the crying anymore. But we got through it and I’d like to remember the good points from the weekend!

First of the festivities, was Thursday night when best friends Amanda and Josh surprising showed up with supper! It was a really fun night with friends! I didn’t have to cook was an extra bonus! After Sam went to bed we had a quick game of 1’s and 5’s!

Being that I agreed to host Thanksgiving, Friday was all about prep work! Turkey, buns, stuffing, pies and etc.! Sam and I even got to enjoy some time fun time together! I had a relaxing evening with homemade pizza and then early to bed so that I could wake up early to put the turkey in the oven!

Saturday morning I snuck downstairs to stick the turkey in the oven. I slowly sipped on my coffee as the house was still quiet, enjoying those few moments before the house started to stir and the day got busy.

Soon enough Ryan and Sam were up and it was time to get the rest of the food ready for our late lunch (1 PM) with my side of the family.

It was dessert time and I knew what that meant…Candles in my pumpkin pie (and the kids gluten free brownies!). Ha ha! It was one of the highlights from the weekends. I had the kids set so help blow out the candles. This is how to conversation went:

Me: What should I wish for?

Faith: Titi, you should wish for another baby!



We all headed outside for our annual family picture and play time! Time to work off some of that yummy meal!





I love watching Everett and Sam interact this weekend! I couldn’t help but imagine life with these boys in the future! They is a 9 month age difference and they live right across the road from eachother! They are going to grow up to be more like brothers! It’s going to be fun to watch in the years to come!

thanksgiving 3

That night we all went to bed early, full of turkey and satisfied with the fun filled day! Little did we know we were in for a treat. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night and Sam just wasn’t himself. He woke up that morning with a running nose, red eyes and VERY cranky! Even though Sunday was my actual birthday, Ryan and I decided to celebrate together on Monday! Sam went down for an early nap  and we all got ready for church! Sam and Ryan went down with the Sunday school kids and I joined him because I could hear him crying from the basement. Fun! ha ha! But I did get this adorable surprise from Maddy and Tanner (with some help from their Mom, Stacy, I’m sure!)!

thanksgiving 4

When we got home from Church Sam went down for a 3 hour nap! I puttered around the house and relaxed as our boy slept. I could tell instantly that Sam was still out of sorts when he woke up. I was wondering if we should go to our next Thanksgiving meal but the thought of not seeing Ryan’s family mad me sad. So we headed that way anyways. Unfortunatley, our boy was very upset pretty much the whole time. I carried him around in the ring sling the majority of the time! We got to enjoy Bev’s (MIL) delicious turkey dinner which was good fuel for the “fun” night ahead. But we hit the road running soon after dinner was over to deal with our cranky boy!

thanksgiving 2

The night was interesting. We all were up for most of the night! Our poor boy was so stuffed up and had a light fever. We tried our best to make him comfy but he was just not having any of it. We decided early in the morning on Monday that we were all going to veg around the house! That is exactly what we did! We celebrated my birthday and the boys gave me the birthday gifts they picked out! We also bundled up and went for a nice long walk! Ryan got a taste of what it was like to be pregnant when he carried Sam around. When he complained of his back being sore, I couldn’t help but give him the evil eye!

thanksgiving 1

We have battled Sam’s first ever cold this past Thanksgiving weekend. Although that put a damper on some of our weekend, we still had a pretty good weekend together!

How was your weekend?


Friday, October 10, 2014

Samuel–6 Months




On October 2, 2014, 1 day before you turned 6 months, you weighed in at 18.1 pounds, 28” long and a head circumference of 45.5 cm.


You are wearing mostly 6 month things. Joe Fresh size 6-12 month and mostly 6-9 month onsies. PJ’s are 9 months! Hats are still an issue and we just go to the toddler section to find hats that fit you! You are in size 3 shoes! You are still wearing size 3 diapers and your cloth are getting a little small and will have to do another adjustment soon.

I am sad to see some of your summer stuff that still fit you, have to be put away because it is too cold now. Thankfully, we have some adorable fall/winter stuff that fits well. We went to a big kid sale and got some fall/winter/spring jackets and a couple winter snowsuits.



Finally, we are making headway! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get a normal nights sleep ever again. Sam would spoil me with a couple great nights sleep, only to go right back to getting up 2-3 times a night! We were in Nova Scotia when we did a little tough love. It seemed to work and now for about 2 weeks we have had a great sleeper! Sleeping by 6:30-7 PM, up at about 5 AM for a quick feed and then back to sleep till about 7-8 AM! We have a solid nap schedule as well! Sam is really great at letting us know when he needs to go to sleep! As soon as he starts rubbing his eyes, you know it’s time for him to go to sleep.



Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news, we are still breastfeeding. The bad news, I gave Sam cereal about 2 weeks prior to our ultimate goal of 6 months straight of nothing but breastmilk. I was at the end of my rope and Sam just seemed ready for something else! He took the cereal like a champ and we haven’t looked back. Until he turned 6 months, he got 1 snack of cereal at around 4-5 PM.

I am glad we are still breastfeeding but sad I gave in early. I still plan on breastfeeding him for as long as possible (ultimate goal of a year). I am a little anxious about starting him on other foods. I put so much effort and time in learning for to be a nursing mother that I kind of forgot to look into the next step. Now that it is here, I feel very intimidated about what to give him.



Oh my brown eyed boy! He has his Mommas eyes! His beautiful mohawk started to get droopy about 1 week before his 6 month birthday! Now it’s a little more of a style, I find you look more like a little boy!

Your smile is infectious. When you smile, your whole face lights up! You are starting to grow into your big cheeks and again, are looking so much more like a little boy versus a baby.



For the most part, Sam is one happy little dude. You are honestly a fun little guy! I enjoy watching you play and learn!

I think I am going to have a Daddy’s boy on my hands. Yes, I am his food source and comforter. But there is something about the relationship between my boys that is very special. Sam’s smile gets bigger and he is genuinely entertained longer when Ryan is with him.

Sam loves to examine things very intently. Feeling the texture, chewing on the surface and then tasting it! It can be anything new! The smallest thing can hold his attention for a long time.


Sam’s favourite toys are his scratchy book, keys, Mom or Dad’s hands, excersaucer, and any of the plastic blocks.

Walks are also something that is very much loved! If I have a fussy baby on my hands, I know some outside time with a walk will sooth him. He won’t fall asleep on our walk but he loves to sit back to relax and look around.


This list is getting shorter and shorter!

Sam is not a fan of lying on the floor to play anymore. He would rather be sitting or standing. If he is on the floor, he is on his belly and looking around.

Now that we have started cereal, I wipe your face after every meal…you hate that!

You still kind of fight going to sleep but it is getting better!


On September 3, you got to meet your little cousin Rylie! You seemed very fascinated by her!


You took your first ride in your new car seat on September 9!! Sad to see the convenient bucket seat gone but you were getting to heavy to carry in it anyways.


On the same day, you sat in a highchair in a restaurant for the first time!


As a grass farmer, I thought it was important to introduce you to our product for the first time on September 16.


Met your new neighbour and future buddy Hayden on September 17!

Momma was getting tired and you seemed ready so on September 22, you tried cereal for the first time. You were a little unsure.


On September 23, you took your first flight!! Thankfully you were a rockstar and slept for most of it!


Also on that day, you saw Nana and Grandpa’s cottage for the first time in Nova Scotia! Get ready to have many more visits there!


You met your Great Aunt Lil’ on September 25.


On September 28, you got up close and personal with the ocean! First time in the Atlantic ocean.




I am starting to gain a lot of independence this month. I am less apprehensive about leaving Sam with someone (usually Ryan) and doing my own thing. I went for the longest time yet without Sam for a few hours of shopping! I SO enjoyed myself!

I am sad at the prospect of Sam needing to nurse less because of solids. It’s just a matter of letting go. The hardest part about breastfeeding right now is the independence that I talked about. I love that I can pump and then get out but I can get SO uncomfortable from engorgement.

I am still loving my routine! Get up early, get some “me” time and then I spend the rest of my day being a wife/mother/worker. I am trying really hard to not be 100% mom all the time! 

This month I have experienced some letting go. It hasn’t been easy on me. For so long Sam depended on me and now that he are starting food, its the start of hi, needing me less. It’s a hard realization for me and sometimes I get sad thinking about it.



Daddy is loving this stage in your life! You are so active and love to play with him. He gets to be involved more in feeding which he has really enjoyed. He spent almost a whole day taking care of you by himself and I think it went really well. He amazes me more and more everyday how much he steps up and wants to be involved as much as possible.

Even though Daddy is enjoying this stage, he still has a tendency of wishing you were older. He is SO looking forward to the times ahead when you will play sports, talk, and get to go on truck drives with him. 

The other day I found a game that Daddy has on his Ipad. His screen name is “SammyDoodle”. Seeing that made my heart melt! It is a real reflection of you always being #1 on his mind.


The weather has been great around here so we are trying to soak up the nice fall days as long as we can! Sam loves being outside and I hope that continues when the snow starts to fall!


Sam sucked in the sleeping department this month! He hates going to sleep, staying asleep and waking up! Just not fun! ha ha!


You are starting to give kisses and I LOVE it!!


Play, play and more play!! You love to play! When you are awake we play the whole time!! I can tell you are going to be a very active boy one day!



My dearest Sam,

How has it already been half a year? Sometimes the time feels like a lifetime. Other times, it is going by in a flash and I want time to slow right down!

I am amazed with the wonderful little guy you are becoming! Every new milestone you reach is amazing. I love watching the wonder through you. Everyday is a new adventure.

With these new milestones, there has been a realization this month that you have less “need” for me. It makes me sad to learn this but I hope that you know that I am always there for anything. As I start to step back as being your sole caregiver, know that I am around and ready to jump in whenever you need.

This half a year has been the best of my life. Not every day is easy but even through the bad days, they are blessed. I am so looking forward to the next 6 months of your life.

I love you!






Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Giving Thanks


Happy Wednesday everyone! I had plans to post Sam’s 6 Month update today but I feel like it’s not ready! I love making the monthly updates for my boy. I hope to one day print them all off and gift them to him.

This coming weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada! While typically not my favourite holiday (it lands on or around my birthday every year! Boo!), I do appreciate the fact that we get some time together and gorge on a delicious meal! The whole point of thanksgiving is to reflect on the things that we are thankful for. Now, I know my family/friends, health, house over my head, are a given. So, I thought I’d give you a more random list of things that I am thankful for.

- I am thankful for naps. I am not talking about the ones that I use to enjoy. I’m talking about the amazing naps your kids take. I’m sure all those fellow Momma’s out there are nodding their heads. Those long afternoon naps are heaven. A days worth of work can get done now in the span of naptime. It’s time to breath, be functional and do stuff without the worry the baby.


- I’m very thankful for my Keurig. Many Christmas’ ago my then fiancĂ© gifted me a Keurig. At the time I thought it was a very unromantic gift but now I think it’s the sexiest thing ever!! The minute I crawl out of the bed it is the first thing I go to! I practically dance around in anticipation as the water warms up!

- I’m very thankful for yoga pants and leggings. Now that I am home my definition of “getting dressed” for the day is throwing on some stretchy pants! Not only are they comfortable but if I have to run out to the store, I do look somewhat dressed!


- Speaking of getting dressed, the one item I try to avoid is socks! I have talked about my hatred for socks before. Now that it is getting colder around this area, I get a side eyed glance if I am still sporting my flip flops. Thankfully around home we have heated tile floors so I don’t have to wear any socks inside the house! I keep a pair by the door though for when I need to head out!

- Since the program began, I am thankful for my PC point card. My local grocery store introduced me to this card and I have to say, I’m in love! The more you use your card, the better it gets. It now knows the stuff that I usually buy every grocery trip, so usually I get points for those items. I am going to be grocery shopping anyways so why not collect points to put towards free food? I’ve already cashed in 60$ worth of free groceries.

- Netflix. I am SO thankful for Netflix! For about $8 a month I can stream shows/movies for me, Ryan and even Sam! I can watch it on my phone, our Ipad, computer and T.V! On the early mornings in Nova Scotia when Sam was up before the rest of the house, we would put a kids show on the Ipad and it would keep him entertained until it was time to wake everyone up for the day!

What are some small things that you are thankful for?


Monday, October 6, 2014

Our First Overnight Away From Sam


Happy Monday everyone! Well this Momma is feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Leading up to this weekend, I was a wreck!

Before Sam was even born, we got a “save the date” for a wedding in a town about 2 hours away. We knew the baby would be about 6 months old and thought it might be possible to leave. When Sam was born and we had to send our RRSP back, we decided to go to the wedding. We booked our hotel room and asked my parents to keep Sam overnight.

It was a lot of work to get a sufficient milk stash to ensure that there was enough for Sam for his whole stay! It takes me a day and 1/2 to get enough milk for one feeding! Then is the question of packing stuff for him. I know for the most part he doesn’t need a lot but I was worried.

The day of finally came! We all woke up early on Saturday morning and dropped Sam off. It was only about 6:30 AM but we had to get on the road because Ryan had gifted me a pedicure and massage at the hotel spa. My parents were SO excited to have their grandson for his first sleepover. I didn’t want to leave. ha ha! We kissed our boy goodbye, he waved at us as we drove out the laneway and I then proceeded to cry halfway to our destination. Yes, cry! And not just a few teardrops….I mean full on BAWLING. It’s not that I was overly worried. I felt sad that we were leaving him and guilty for being away from him.

Ryan dropped me off at the hotel spa and he took off to the golf course. I was excited for my morning of pampering but I still had a heavy heart. My 60 minute Zen massage and deluxe pedicure were AMAZING! Just what I needed and when all was done, I was starting to feel better. My masseuse sat with me after my appointment and told me about her first time leaving her son. It made me feel better to hear her story.

Along with the stress of leaving Sam for the night, I also realized that morning that NONE of my dresses fit my new bust line. I was discouraged realizing that I had literally nothing to wear! After my appointments Ryan said he saw a clothing store near our hotel. We walked in there and bee lined it to the rack of dresses. I picked up one I liked, glanced at the tag and it said $216!!! I am not the kind of girl that is going to spend that much on a dress! I checked out the clearance rack and hit the dress jackpot! After trying on about 7 dresses I found the perfect one! Regular $180, on sale $30!

We grabbed a yummy lunch and then tried to check into our hotel room. It wasn’t ready yet and we had an hour before we had to leave for the wedding! In a panic, we drove around and I spotted a First Choice Haircutters. I ran in and was instantly escorted to a chair. 15 minutes later my hair was curled and wedding ready! I did my make up in the truck and then we threw on our clothes when we finally got to check in!

oct 4 3

Through all of this chaos, Sam was still on my mind at all times! Thankfully, my parents were giving me updates and even sending pictures! Everyone was well and having fun!

oct 4 2

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the rain held off so that happy couple could take some pictures outside! We had a delicious sit-down dinner and then the music and dancing got started! While I had go out every few hours to pump, I still had a blast sitting back watching the festivities and visiting with a great friend!

oct 4 1

We decided to head back to our hotel around 11 so that we could have a good nights sleep! It wasn’t long after our heads hit the pillow and we were fast asleep! Even though Sam is a pretty good sleeper, there are nights he still gets up once a night to eat. Having a whole nights sleep, without the anticipation of getting up with a baby, was wonderful! My eyes shot open around 5-6 and I wanted to get up to get ready to head home to see my boy! Ryan encouraged me to relax and take a long bath. Mom and Dad wanted to take Sam to church so I knew there was no rush to get back.

We got home about 30 minutes before they got home from church. I was pacing the floor as I waited for them to drive in! FINALLY, they walked in the door and I went straight to Sam! It felt so good to have my boy in my arms again!

Mom and Dad told stories from the weekend! Sam was great and even slept through the night for them! They even said, “he is such a good baby, we’d keep him anytime”! It was a relief to know that neither Sam or my parents were traumatized by their visit. Ha ha!

While getting away for the day/night was great, I had a hard time fully relaxing because it was my first time! I never fell the need to get away from Sam (yet). While the break is nice, I genuinely like having Sam with me and I miss him when we aren’t together. I can’t believe we are at the point in our parenthood lives where Sam is at an age that we can have him stay somewhere. I came to the realization now that my baby doesn’t need me like he once did. It is this weird happy yet very sad feeling, my boy is  growing up.

How was your weekend?