Monday, April 29, 2013

Poker Tournament, Camping and It’s Spring!!


Happy Monday everyone! Wow! What a great weekend! I just feel rejuvenated, slightly tired but overall super happy with the way that the weekend went!


The weekend was ALMOST here and at the office we had our first Friday Lunch of the year! My niece and nephew came to join us for lunch too and Faith and I got to taking some silly pictures.

Faith and I

It was an exciting day on Friday as well because a tractor arrived at the farm! There’s always a bit of an excitement buzz when a new piece of equipment gets purchased! This year though it was EXTRA exciting for one little boy. Clark is in LOVE with anything tractor or truck related! The boy goes bananas about it! So, he and my brother took the new tractor on the maiden voyage. To say that he was excited would be a complete understatement. In this new tractor there is even a little child’s seat with seatbelt so that it is extra safe!

New Tractor

Friday night we gathered at a fellow book club members beautiful home (Hi Holly)! We were discussing out latest read, The Glass Castle! There was LOTS of discussion about the book and personal experiences and stories. It was a great night chatting about the book and life!


The following day Ryan and I were up early to get ready and off to the Lions Hall to set up for our Canada Day Committee poker tournament! This was my very first tournament that I was attending and I was playing in it as well! I was a little nervous because I hadn’t played a game of poker since University, over 6 years ago!

When we arrived at the hall we took assessment of the flood damage. The parking lot was completely underwater but we were able to park on the street and walk in through the park!

Poker Tourney

The games got started and it took me a little while to remember how to play. Quickly, it all came back to me and I was starting to relax. As more and more people got out I kept moving from table to table. Finally, it was announced that there were only 10 people left and those people would go to the final table!

poker 2

I was sooo excited! My first goal was not to get out before supper but I never imagined I would make it as far as the final table! Although I wasn’t there long I was still excited to do as good as I did! And, I can’t wait to play my next game of poker!

poker 1


Sunday morning Ryan was off with my Dad for a round of golf and I headed to church with mom. It was Camping Sunday which was fun to bring back a ton of memories of my days of Golden Lake Camp. I spent many weeks in the summers going to camps and I have so many fond memories of that time.

Camping sunday 

After church I had to drive Ryan’s monster of a truck down to the city to pick him up from the golf course. We were heading to go purchase some important items for the upcoming pool renovation! It was such a beautiful day out and my first day of the year going without socks! Did I ever mention how much I DETEST socks?


No socks

We were pretty excited to get our big purchases made even though it severely hurt the bank account! We had a relaxing drive home and were going to stop in Carp for ice cream but the stand wasn’t open! :(

We opted for some cold lemonade instead!


That evening I pre-made some food for the upcoming busy work week and headed to bed early! We were pretty tired from all the activity from the weekend! It feels like we squeezed a lot of stuff in! But, that’s what I feel summer is about! Getting out, having fun and enjoying the beautiful days when they are here!

What did you do this weekend?


Friday, April 26, 2013

Reason # 15 – Why I Love My Small Town


Happy Friday everyone!

There was an interesting conversation happening yesterday at the office. Some of us were gathered around the island talking about the party in honor of the Kennedy family last week. It was such a great event for a wonderful family and a great cause. This party brought people to our little town from all over. And one piece of conversation between those out-of-towners remained the same, Quyon is one of the best examples of a strong  community.

Kennedy Party 146

This fact, I can’t argue against because I agree. We may be a very small town but our spirits are large! To me, there is no other community in the area that can rally together to make dreams a reality, better then Quyon.

With lack of people, funding and businesses in our small town, it appears to be a little run down place. But, when something needs to be accomplished the whole community rallies together to make it happen! A great example of that is all the fundraising for our new hall! It’s going to happen. The money is there and it only took 2 years to collect enough money through fundraising to get the communities portion! It is through generous donations, a lot of hard work and parties honoring those who do so much it is our town, that is making the new community centre happen!

Rolly 086

Party in honor of Rolly Bernier

Vegas camera 086

Party in honor of Mae McCann

Other committee’s and groups plan fun events as well! Car rally, duck race, murder mysteries, suppers and breakfasts! All that funding goes right back into making this town a better place! Not to mention how fun it is to participate in these events!

 Car Rally 016

It upsets me when someone says that our town “sucks” or that there is “nothing to do”. Yes, our town has it’s problems. Which town doesn’t? But to me, our community is so good at focusing on the positive of our town rather then the negative! If someone truly believes there is nothing to do, that is because they are not getting out there and taking part! Parties, shows, parades and fun events are happening almost every weekend! It is the people of the community who come out and participate that realize how great this place is. How coming together at these fundraisers DOES make our small town a better place. If you want to make the town you live in better then you have to get up, get out and help! Complaining at home and not participating is certainly not changing anything!

Parades happen almost every season!


Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 031 

With a special visit to Santa. I don’t think the members of the Lions Club could ever realize how special they made this little girl feel at this event. It’s a memory that I cherish.

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 035

Canada Day Parade

Canada Day 009

Halloween Parade.

Halloween 025

A long time ago a group got together because they felt that our town should have fireworks to celebrate Canada Day. There was no monies from the municipality so they formed the Canada Committee and started raising the money themselves. That committee is still around today. Organizing events with 100% of the money going back into making sure there is a wonderful party and fireworks display FOR the town for Canada Day! Such great spirit!

IMG_3004canada day 1

Canada Day 029

As you can tell by the blog title, I’m from a small town. But after this post today, you may understand a bit more as to why I love it so much. It’s the people that make it. And I am so proud to be part of a town of wonderful people who work they’re butts off to make where we live the best that it can be!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I’m Loving


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. To be honest, I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday. Work this week has completely gone bonkers! It is at stage 5 crazy mode! Phones are ringing off the hook, problems happening, and I went through a whole sales order book in 2 days (that’s a lot of orders!)!

Today I’d like link up with Jamie and share with you all what I am loving this week:


- I am LOVING how fast the days are going by! One minute I just get back from lunch and the next it’s 4 PM! WHAT! Although, it can be stressful during the moment, it is pretty satisfying to have 3 hours pass in the span that feels like 5 minutes. Mini celebration happens at my desk when that happens!

crazy office

OH and this was my face yesterday when the office went stage 6 crazy…which FYI…is REALLY crazy!

- I am REALLY LOVING this weather! It finally feels like spring! It’s a good thing too because I was pretty close to protesting socks and winter coats!

- I am LOVING that Yoga started up again last night! When I first started Yoga I laughed and thought that it so wasn’t my thing! I am not some hippy, dippy or even bendable person. But, it turns out that I kind of am. I love how Zen (did I just use the word Zen in a sentence? Wow!) I feel after a session and I especially love the meditation portion at the end. Sometimes, I find myself taking “cleansing breaths” throughout the day! Who are you, yoga girl?

- I am LOVING the upcoming plans for the summer! Between weddings, showers and parties it is going to be full of fun activities! Kind anxious for all the fun to start. I know, I know Jill, ME looking forward to things that are WAY ahead? Shocker! ha ha!

- I am LOVING that we will soon be starting our big pool renovation. Be prepared, I’ll probably be complaining about the stress and mess of the renovation in a future post. But right now, I am so excited for it to get started so that we can enjoy our  new outdoor oasis.

pool renovation

- I’m LOVING my new baseball glove that my husband bought me! Ryan and I are playing in a charity tournament. I don’t do sports. But because it was for fun and for charity, I agreed. I’ve never owned my very own baseball glove before so I was pretty excited to have it as mine! Next step, learning how to use it! Yikes! ha ha!

baseball glove

- I am LOVING Groupon. I’ve had an account for a while now but had never purchased anything. I planned our May Date and when I saw a Groupon appear for 50% off for this May Date activity I jumped right on it! So, not only do I get a great date (planned by moi) with my husband next month but I also get it for 50% off…BOO YAH!

What are you loving this week?

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrating A Wonderful Family


Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was one heck of a busy but fun weekend around these parts!

On Friday, everyone at the farm gathered for a day for our company team meeting! To me, that’s our official start! Everyone is together and anxious for another busy season!! After a fun day of work it was home to quickly change and get ready for the curling banquet. Ryan and I had a blast this winter curling on a team with friends Amanda and Josh! I can’t say that we won any awards but the supper was amazing! Even Ryan had a ton to eat! And for a picky eater like him, that’s a good sign of a good meal!

Saturday morning it was up early and off to the Lions Hall (our community centre) to help the decorator with some last minute details! We were trying to make our run down hall look fabulous for a party that night honoring a wonderful and charitable family!

Kennedy party decorations

I went home for the afternoon to relax and get ready for a fun night ahead!

ready for kennedy party

Saturday night, a party was being held for a local family. Every year the Waterfront Committee has hosted a night of celebration honoring an outstanding member of the community. This year, after many suggestions, the Kennedy family was selected! The whole family is involved in so much over the years within the community. They often contribute to the community anonymously but Saturday night was an opportunity to thank them for all their years of charity.

Kennedy Party 136

It was a great night! The hall looked the best (I think) it has every looked! There was a yummy catered dinner, hilarious speeches and a band afterwards! To say it was a good time would be an understatement! A great and fun night, for a well deserving family!

Sunday was a low key day. After a few errands, I went to change the winter bedding over to our summer stuff and Ryan FINALLY took my winter tires off! But, he also surprised me by washing my car! Isn’t she pretty when she is all clean?

car washed

For lunch, we checked out a local chipstand for some delicious wraps!


For the rest of the afternoon we decided it was a nice quiet day to do our April date! But…more on that another time! :)

April date 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dinner Party


Last week, a good real life and blogging buddy of mine came into the office where we work. Jill had heard on the radio a discussion between the Morning Hot Tub on the local station, 89.9. They were deciding and explaining their choices of dinner guests. If they could choose 4 people to have dinner with, who would it be. The catcher? They must be alive!

This got me thinking. A few of my choices I knew right away. They were people that I felt would make amazing company throughout dinner. Jill shared on her blog last week who her choices were and I thought I would do the same.

1. The first person that came to mind was Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton

I’ve always been fascinated by the Royal family but I think that if I were to have an actual Royal (like William or the Queen) that I would feel very shy and intimated. I find that Kate has a more relaxed and down to earth spirit about her. I believe she would have a ton of fun Royal stories to share and to laugh at. I would love to tell her how much I enjoyed spending the VERY early morning watching her wedding on T.V and then celebrating it at work with a champagne toast. I’d also like to tell her that my going away dress for my wedding was inspired by her navy lace dress. Of course, mine was a cheap knock off but I still idolize her style.

2. The next person I would invite is Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama

This one may come to a surprise to some of you. Why would I pick the first lady? I have always had an interest in politics but inviting the President himself seems like it would be a bore. I have always thought Michelle seemed to be very fun, kind and charitable. I think she would add some very interesting conversation to the table. I don’t find her the least bit stuck up. Again, I have always idolized her personal style. I also agree with and I’m  interested in some of the things that she is so passionate about. Like, her campaign on ending child obesity in the states. Plus, what’s a dinner party without some political talk?

3. The next person was inspired by a choice made by a radio host. As soon as I had heard it I had to agree. Ellen Degeneres would made an amazing dinner party guest.


Every one needs that person at a party that can talk and break the ice. Especially, when you get a group of people together that don’t really know each other. But, I don’t think she would just be the comedy relief. I also think she would have so much to add to the conversation! She is a very strong, smart and caring woman. There are so many charities that she supports and advocates for. She really does seem like one of those people that can get along with just about everyone. A perfect dinner party guest!

4. This last choice is the biggest surprise to most. It’s no body famous. In fact, I hardly know this person myself. I don’t have a picture of him (yes, the only man of the group) and I have never spoken to him either.

My Uncle Jimmy (James)

My mother’s birth mother died when she was really young. When she died she left behind 4 very small children. My mom was the oldest, then there as Jimmy, Debbie and Pam. Pam died as a young woman leaving Debbie and Jimmy as living siblings. I am very close to my Auntie Debbie and her children (Hi Stacy! Hi Shan! Hi Adam! Except he doesn’t have a blog, ha ha!). Uncle Jimmy left the area where we live when my brother was small. I might have been born but that fact is unclear. So, I have no memory of him at all.

I have heard that he isn’t the greatest of characters. And truthfully, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I’d like to meet him for myself before I make any judgment. Even if he isn’t that great of a character, I think it’s a shame to not use this opportunity to meet one of my living relatives. I can’t imagine living my life never meeting one of my Uncles. Truthfully, I doubt he would be a very good dinner party guest. But if given the chance, I’d like to say that I have at the very least met my Uncle Jimmy.

Who would you want at your dinner party?


Monday, April 15, 2013

Quiet Weekend Celebrating A Belated Easter and A Special Puppy!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I have to say, this was a really great weekend! It was FULL of rest and recuperating!

Friday started with our tradition of Pizza night! I have continued on with my vegetarian ways when it comes to pizza! I just don’t see the point of eating pepperoni if I really can’t even taste it! So, instead I LOAD up the veggies!

After supper, Ryan and I settled in for a movie at home! We watched A Time To Kill! A phenomenal movie with great acting and story!

Time to kill

Saturday morning Ryan and I were up fairly early. We got our days started with a quick workout and a leisurely breakfast afterwards. It was hard to tear my husband away from the TV this weekend because of the Masters. As much as I love to watch golf as well, I can’t do it all day long! So, I puttered and did house work in between watching some golf.

That afternoon, we headed to Ryan’s parents house for a delicious meal! Bev cooked a yummy turkey dinner with all the trimmings! I certainly had a turkey coma and slept so hard that night.

The next morning Ryan and I slept in later then we usually do. We both did our workouts and I took a long and leisurely bath! Feeling energized I started on some spring cleaning! I emptied out every shelf and drawer in my bathroom and re-organized and cleaned it! It is now just how I like it! Everything perfectly lined up and clean!

tuckers birthday 1

I decided to paint my nails while watching some TV. I feel like they look like mini Easter eggs now!

tuckers birthday 2

With Ryan watching the Masters all day I decided I wanted to get some crafting done! I have had some beautiful material for over a year now ready for a new quilting project! I decided yesterday to pull it out and get started on it!

tuckers birthday 3

After a few hours of cutting fabric, it was time to start on supper! It’s a regular occurrence now in this house to have a plate like this out to snack on! Ryan is so hungry while I am cooking supper that he ends up eating these all up without even realizing what he is doing! I’ll get the veggies into him one way or another! ha ha!

tuckers birthday 4

Yesterday was a very special day at our house too! We had a puppy that was turning 6! 6 years ago, Tucker was born in Surrey, British Columbia. I was still in school in Guelph but would soon drive all the way out to BC! A few months later, home sickness would rear it’s ugly head and I would fill that empty feeling with a new puppy! Years later and both Tucker and I are home now in Quebec and very happy! He has brought so much joy to my life!

Tucker baby

We celebrated by making Tucker his very own mini hamburger patty! And yes, we did loudly sing “Happy Birthday”!

tuckers birthday 5

Happy Birthday little buddy!

tuckers birthday 6

That night, the Masters had gone into playoffs! So, while Ryan and I watched an intense ending to the Masters, I also started putting together some of the blocks of my new quilting project! It felt so relaxing and fulfilling to be crafting again! A sure sign of no more house renovations! My creative juices are flowing into a different avenue! 

tuckers birthday 7

How was your weekend?


Friday, April 12, 2013



Merry Christmas! I mean, happy Friday! Although this weather might fool you to think otherwise, spring is in full force around the farm. It’s a pretty exciting time. After a low key winter, the phones start ringing and there is a buzz in the office. Every spring, I feel very rejuvenated and enthused for the season ahead! This week, I had my first full day on the road visiting clients. It was a nice change of pace from my regular work schedule! It’s nice getting out and visiting clients after a long winter.


On Thursday, Mom and I played hooky from work! We had big plans for the day and headed off early to Bayshore Shopping Mall for a quick and small lunch at Moxie’s. Something a lot of you might not know about me is that I have very bad eye sight! I’ve worn glasses since grade 7 and my prescription is so bad that they have to special order in the lenses. Basically, coke bottles! ha ha!

This being said, because my eye sight is so bad, glasses can be VERY expensive. Upwards to about $500! Yikes! That’s why I always wear contacts! Typically, much cheaper in the long run. Actually, the last time that I bought a new pair of glasses was over 7 years ago! My prescription was pretty close to the same but over the years the lenses had become very scratched.

A few weeks ago Ryan and I headed to the mall and I decided to try to pick out a new pair of glasses! Finally, 2 and half weeks later my glasses were ready for pick up! Ryan actually picked out my frames. The only criteria that I gave him was that I wanted “nerdy” glasses! Ha ha! 

It’s nice to be able to have a fresh pair of specs after 7 years!


Mom also got a new pair of glasses! We did some shopping around the mall and of course I always end up at the pet store! I just love looking at all the little puppies! I fell in love with this little sweet heart! She is a Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix! Seriously, in love! I think Tucker needs a new sister! ;) Unfortunately, she’ll have to wait since she costs about the same as my new glasses!


Finally, after a quick coffee break (P.S- AMAZING iced coffee at cinnabon!!) we left the mall to head for a nice supper!


We decided on a nicer place to eat! We were famished after a long day of shopping! Al’s Steakhouse is a restaurant that Dad took Mom on one of their first dates! We had some wine and some steak over nice conversation!


Finally, it was time for the big event! We headed over to the Scotia Bank Place and found out seats for OPRAH! To say I was excited would be an understatement! I have always enjoyed Oprah’s talk show growing up! I would be sitting in front of the TV doing my homework with her on the screen!



It really was such an amazing and inspiring 2 hours. I really respect Oprah for her humble beginnings and what she has done with her life. She has pushed through racism, rape and more difficulty then more people could ever imagine. Yet, she has worked hard to become the successful woman she is today. As a business woman myself, Oprah is definitely an idol of mine. I was pleasantly surprised by how religious Oprah was. I appreciated how openly she spoke of her beliefs. 


I was also very surprised by how funny Oprah was through her talk! Mom and I were both giggling away! One of Oprah’s main beliefs is about betting yourself by doing more for other people! She believes in charity, quality and overall positivity. A great message and example!

Hope you all have a great weekend!