Friday, April 29, 2016

A Few Things This Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your week has gone by super quick! I know mine did! But that is Spring time. The days are full and fly by! But that doesn't mean that I am not excited to see the weekend to come! At the farm, we are started weekend work this week! This is both a good thing and a bad. It means that my relaxing weekends and getting SO much stuff done is coming to an end. The good news, is this weekend I don't have to work. I already booked it off! Woo hoo! 

After a super long post on Wednesday (Sorry about that), I thought I'd keep this one a little more light and airy. 

1. The other morning, a tired Lindsay and a tired Ryan had a big fight over 1 slice of pizza. 

Have you ever had a fight with someone and at the time it seems SO important and then you look back and realize just how stupid it was? That was us. 

I had made homemade pizza and we had 4 slices left over. On Monday, Ryan had 2 of those slices on his lunch and I had 1. That left 1 slice leftover. On Tuesday morning, I went ahead and put the slice in Ryan's lunch. He took it out and said he didn't want it (I had spaghetti leftovers for the day). So then for the next 20 minutes (at 5 AM) we proceeded to fight over this slice of pizza. He said he just wanted a ham sandwich and I blamed him for always wasting food. The pizza first ended up in Ryan's lunch kit as he said "Fine. It's in my lunch. Happy now?" and in a mad fury, I took it out of his lunch and threw it in the trash and said, "STARVE THEN" before walking away. 

I couldn't help but giggle at the thought now and how ridiculous it was to be fighting over this one little slice of pizza. I guess we are pretty well off if that's what we fight about. 

2. I have a new obsession. It is always a struggle for me to stay awake after Sam goes to bed. If I'm not doing something, I just want to go to bed. In the winter it's practicing piano for 30 minutes a day and in the summer is gardening. But the Spring is tough. I'm on break from Piano and there is no gardening to do yet. So, I've been picking up my knitting needles and have been clicking away at different projects. One of my favorites was this little baby girl set for a new baby at daycare. Since then I've been making a couple of other projects to have as future gifts as friends or family have little ones. But I'm really hooked on knitting right now and I don't see it stopping for a while! 

3. That being said, I am REALLY anxious to get my garden going again! It was super successful last year with my new raised gardens! This year we have hopes to expand it a little bigger so that I can add a couple other different plants. My hopes is that eventually (in a long time!) I will get a little greenhouse to pre-grow some of my veggies and flowers. 

4. Speaking of projects, we have a couple BIG ones on the go. With some birthday money for Sam, we bought him a new play structure! The plan is to make the "play" area bigger and full of sand and a little rock quarry for all of Sam's trucks. We also have all the material to finish the bathroom at the pool. The problem? It's just Ryan and I and it's busy season so we slowly putter away at these projects and hope they will be done by the end of the summer! 

5. Wednesday we had friends over for supper. After supper we were all chatting and she always (thankfully) does, Amanda reminded Ryan to get me something nice for upcoming mother's day. Ryan rolled his eyes but he knows (and I've sent him LOTS of reminders) that I have my heart set on porch swing or a swing for near Sam's new play area. I have always dreamed of having a porch swing and this one matches our rocking chairs! I also like the thought of an adult seating area so that when Sam is playing, I can sit back and sip on some wine water. 

I hope that you all have a great weekend! 


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Things I Never Buy, Anymore!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that you are having a good week! This week is going WAY more smoothly then last week. I feel as though I'm into a groove this week. I guess it took a hectic week last week to get into the Spring rush! It's busy. And I hardly have time to think but it almost feels more manageable this week? Weird! 

Remember the other day how I mentioned that I didn't think I would ever buy BBQ sauce ever again because I had enjoyed making it so much? 

Well it got me to thinking! BBQ sauce is not the only thing that I refuse to buy anymore! Not only out of cost and convenience but also because I really like to know what goes into things! 

Here is some other items that I either never or hardly buy: 

1. Pizza 

There is no place that delivers pizza to our house. If we want pizza, we have to order it and go pick it up. It's also CRAZY expensive in my mind! Buying something that is over $20 when I can just make it at home for less then half the cost! Not to mention I know exactly what is going into it! 

Recently I have been trying out making dough in my bread maker. It's a little tricky as I have to make it ahead of time and delay start it. It takes a little longer but I have to admit, it makes for a fluffier pizza dough! 

Either way, sometimes I will pick up a quick frozen pizza to have but that is rare! To me, homemade is the way to go! 

2. Pre-chopped garlic 

You know those little jars of pre-chopped garlic? They gross me out! There's something in the oil or preservatives that gives it an off taste. I invested in a good garlic press and I've never looked back since! Garlic bulbs are cheaper, healthier and taste better! 

3. Speaking of garlic, garlic bread is another thing I never buy. 

Frozen garlic bread from the store never tastes as good as something from home. I use this recipe with my bread maker and have some in the freezer. If I don't, I use either some homemade bread or buns and I mix some fresh minced garlic and butter together and spread it! Pop it in the oven for 5-7 minutes, top with cheese and it's an easy and cheap garlic bread alternative! 

4. Oatmeal 

Did you ever see packages of those pre-mixed flavored oatmeal's? I shake my head at that! Who knows what is in there (not real blueberries!) and so much sugar! A bag of oatmeal is CHEAP at the store! I like to take 1/4 a cup of oats in my cereal bowl, 1/2 cup of water and microwave for 1.5 minutes! I add peanut butter, a few chocolate chips and half a banana! Super easy! 

5. Cookies 

I NEVER buy cookies from the store. My husband is spoiled, he always get's homemade cookies for his lunch. Yes, it would be so much easier to buy them but I actually enjoy making cookies. I've never cost compared. I think a box of Oreo cookies would likely be cheaper BUT to me, homemade cookies always best better! Hands down! 

6. Hamburger buns 

I have to thank my friend Sara for this one. She actually gave me the idea because she mentioned she makes hamburger buns with her bread maker. Since that day, I've been doing the same! I love knowing what is in them and it is very easy to do! I KNOW this one is cheaper and I KNOW that it is healthier. Have you ever wondered why a store bought bread can stay "good" for so much longer then homemade bread? I've recently been thinking more about it and the thoughts of all the preservatives kind of freaks me out. 

7. Cards 

Am I the only one that thinks the price of greeting cards is CRAZY? So expensive! Now, I don't always make my own cards but I do try to every once in a while! I use my silhouette cutter to help me with this one. Card stock is cheap! You can get it from the dollar store. A few minutes of time to make a card will not only saves me money but I like putting the effort into a card for someone. 

8. Mashed Potatoes 

I love an easy meal as much as the next person. But I CANNOT imagine making boxed potatoes. They kind of creep me out. Plus, a bag of potatoes is pretty cost friendly and potatoes in many forms are easy to make! 

9.  Static Sheets 

This is kind of a weird one but I started using Norwex dryer balls a few years ago. After many uses, they got worn and I've never had them replaced. You know what I noticed? Not much of anything. We don't use any static stuff in our dryer and I actually find the smell of static sheets to be too strong now. I don't blame people for wanting less static! But there are way better, healthier options. Want to see some ingredients, read this

10. Feminine hygiene products 

Ok...I may have saved the strangest (and most gross) for last. Please just leave if this kind of stuff grosses you out! 

After having Sam, I was having a little trouble with my monthly cycle. Not only was it random times and all over the place, but tampons hurt! It would give me a painful sensation if it was there for over an hour. And, I hate pads! 

I had heard from MODG about THINX underwear. These work great on the lighter days but being that I hate pads, they weren't my best option. BUT they worked and I now have three pairs of these and LOVE THEM! 

Through some research, I had heard about a cup! A menstrual cup is a silicone bell shaped cup that basically collects the blood. You use it month after month. I was SO grossed out and skeptical but I needed to try something! For 30$ I figured it was worth a try. Well, that was in December and I have not bought or used a tampon or pad since then. My Diva Cup has already paid for itself. 

It has honestly changed the way I think about my monthly cycle. I don't dread it AS much. For me since using the cup, my periods feel shorter and I have had WAY less cramps. I read somewhere once that your period is technically not shorter but it feels that way because you aren't always in a bathroom changing your tampon. I place mine in the morning and once at night and that is it! I never look at it again throughout the day. 

These are just some of the random stuff that I have stopped purchasing and I am always looking for new ways to not only save money but to also improve some things in the home. For me, it is important to be easy, cost effective and something that fits into my already busy life. 

What are some of the things you never buy? 


Monday, April 25, 2016

Oh Spring!

Wow! It was a special week last week. I cannot apologize for the lack of posting. There just has not been enough hours in the day! Literally, it has been chaos! But it wasn't just work! Life has been crazy too! But that is Spring at the farm for you! Add in a sick toddler and a visit to CHEO. I got a call on friday morning that Sam had just been very needy and couldn't stop coughing. Without hesitation I went to go get him and after a quick stop to tie up loose ends at the office, we headed home for PJ's and R&R! Just what my sick boy needed! And maybe me too. Because it really doesn't matter how busy work and life is, Sam always comes first and sometimes you need to drop everything for a sick boy who needs cuddles! 

Waiting at CHEO 

We had a quiet day and night on Friday but by Saturday Sam was really on the mend! He was way more active and like himself. After a large breakfast, we packed up the car to go and help get ready for a poker tournament! The Canada Day Committee was hosting the tournament to help raise funds for the the Canada Day festivities for this year. 

Sam was really into helping! Being that he was sick, I opted out of playing poker this year to give him another day to get better! 

While Ryan played, Sam and I went home for his afternoon nap. When he woke up, we headed back to the hall to see how everything was going! We had supper, time at the park and ice cream on the way home! It ended up being a quiet night. But I hear that the tournament did wonderfully! 

Sunday morning, we opted out of church and instead decided to spend to morning together and run to Shawville for groceries! I actually ended up dropping the boys off at the park to play. I grabbed a coffee and enjoyed a peaceful shopping trip! 

We ate lunch at home and the headed outside before nap to work outside for a while. Sam went down for a nap and I puttered at getting the office ready for our new administration person that starts today! I am so looking forward to adding in this essential part of the team! I worked on MVT work at home, made pizza dough for supper and Ryan got working on getting Sam's playhouse in working order! Busy afternoon! 

We had a quiet evening getting ready for the week ahead! I did manage to go through and empty Sams closet and put in better fitting stuff! He is in this awkward stage where size 2T shirts are WAY too small but 3T shirts are just a tad too big. Lots crossed off the to-do list this weekend! 

How was your weekend? 


Monday, April 18, 2016

April Weekend In Review - Finally Some Nice Weather!

Happy Monday everyone! Spring is in the air around here and it is BUSY! The days fly by but I am loving how quickly the days pass by! 

Friday afternoon I ended up picking Sam up early from daycare and I had to pick up a few things from the grocery store. This was the first time Sam was in a "car" cart and loved it! Rolled around the store making all the sound effects and steering. 

He also wore his new Raptors jersey that we picked up from Toronto.

On Friday night we were invited over to a friends place for a BBQ supper! Our first BBQ of the year! Sam had a great time playing with all the other kiddos! 

Saturday morning we were up at our normal time and headed out for breakfast at Tim's and grocery shopping! Sam was loving this helmet from Walmart but unfortunately they had no small! Plus he really doesn't need one yet! 

We got home, unloaded the groceries and pretty much spent the rest of the day outside! I opened all the windows in the house and hung laundry up to dry! I LOVE Spring and how fresh it makes everything feel.  

Ryan was gone for the whole afternoon but Sam and I had a blast together playing out side and exploring! He is so fun to be with right now! He wanted to explore every piece of our property! Asking what the names of things were! Momma tired him out and he had a great nap! 

He also insisted on taking Tucker for a walk which was both funny and odd because we don't normally walk Tucker so I have no idea where he got this idea from. 

After a quick pizza supper we went to get ICE CREAM from a new stand that opened in our little town! We are SO excited for future ice cream dates to come! We would usually have to travel a distance to an ice cream parlor but now we have fun 5 minutes away! We will be frequent visitors! 

Sunday morning we headed to church and then got home and had lunch with my parents. Uncle Jared was doing some work in the tractor and took Sam and his sons out for a little tour! 

Again, we spent so much time outside! It was so beautiful! We got some of our stuff out from storage including Sam's picnic table. 

I even cleaned off my rocking chair that sits on the front porch and enjoyed it for the first time this year! It's my little piece of heaven! I love to sit out there. Sip coffee, knit or just read! Love it! 

We decided to clean the BBQ and make our first outdoor meal! Steak, potatoes, corn and homemade garlic bread sticks. While Ryan was getting the BBQ ready, I was gathering ingredients and realized we didn't have any BBQ. A quick Pinterest search and I found a really easy recipe and I had all the ingredients. It was SO simple and tasty! I will never be buying BBQ sauce EVER again!  

How was your weekend? 


Friday, April 15, 2016

Whirlwind Toronto Trip

Happy Friday everyone! This is only day 2 work day for me as I was away in Toronto Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

For Ryan's birthday this year I wanted to give him something special that I knew he would love! So, I gave my sports loving husband tickets to Toronto to see a Raptors basketball game and Toronto Blue Jays baseball game! We have been counting down the days to our trip ever since. 

We started our trip by dropping Sam off at Daycare. My parents graciously agreed to pick him up/drop him off and take care of him while we were gone. But it was hard to say good bye. This was going to be the longest that BOTH of us were going to be gone from Sam. 

But we were ready for a little getaway together. After a long winter of night shifts and an upcoming busy season at work, we really wanted to take a couple days to be together uninterrupted. 

After dropping Sam off, we proceeded to be stuck in REALLY bad traffic. Two accidents right in our path. We literally ran for our train. It was scary how close we were to missing it. 

But we did, and that allowed us to arrive in Toronto before check in time at the hotel. We dropped our bags off and decided to kill a couple hours at the new Ripley's Aquarium. It was awesome! A must see for anyone visiting Toronto!

We decided to head back to the hotel and check out the view. We were staying at the Renaissance which is connected to the Rogers Center. At the bar, we were seated right at the windows overlooking the stadium. 

That evening we headed to The Keg for a delicious supper. What would be a vacation without our favorite eating spot? 

Night one was the Raptors game. The last home game of the season! There was so much energy there and the Raptors crushed Philly. Even being away, Sam was on our minds and we bought Sam his very own jersey (he got a Blue Jays one too). 

The next morning we woke up at 7:30. I cannot remember the last time I woke up past 7 AM. It was glorious. We got ready, had a quick breakfast and headed to the Eaton Center for some shopping! 

We dropped our bags off at our room and then headed to the famous Real Sports restaurant and bar for lunch! It is very fun and distracting there with all the TV's! 

And the wings were AMAZING! Best I had ever had! Plus they were massive. 

We got back to change into our Blue Jays stuff and then headed to this adorable pub called the Town Crier. Over 50 different kinds of beer there available! We were meeting my cousin there! She is originally from out east and will be moving from Toronto back there next month! 

We hadn't seen each other in about 15 years and it was like no time has passed! It was an 1.5 hours of giggles and fun! For me, definitely a highlight of the trip.  

We headed to the stadium with about an hour before the game started. We explored and went right down to the field for a photo. We had pretty good seats, right behind first base about 7 rows up. When booking the tickets before Ryan's birthday I actually googled "best place to sit in a baseball game". Well they were amazing seats! We had a great view but the BEST part was....

Ryan caught a foul ball. It was like magic! He had brought our baseball gloves. Romine was up to bat for the Yankee's. There were tons of people around us with gloves of their own in anticipation of a ball coming their way. I knew it was coming towards us because everyone stood up. Well, almost everyone. I quivered in fear behind Ryan. I did not want to get hit by a ball! He was so silent. In shock I think. He quietly sat back down beside me with his glove closed.

 I just said "Did you catch it?"
His response, "YUP!" 

So I stood up and did the screaming in excitement for him! ha ha! It was a pretty awesome moment! 

He later said that it was if the ball had literally just floated right into his glove. 

The rest of the game was just as exciting as the Blue Jay's won 2-7! 

It was such an amazing trip and we were ready to head back home to Sam yesterday. But we had an GREAT time. It's crazy how much you appreciate the quiet moments together to talk and connect. It was the perfect little getaway. 


Monday, April 11, 2016

Dreary Beginnings Of April

Happy Monday everyone! When I think back to my weekend, it doesn't necessarily FEEL busy but as I try to remember the details I realize how much happened! I guess what it's a different kind of busy it feels enjoyable. I feel like lately I have been trying to squeeze in some extra fun on Saturday's because once May hits, weekend work starts for a few months! Then Ryan and I both start working weekends and balancing our schedules. 

Sam is in a HUGE Mommy phase! While I do love the extra cuddles, it does make it hard to get much done. I know this is just a phase and I need to soak it up. So that's what I did on Friday! Lots of cuddles while watching Wiggles waiting on supper to be ready. Sam is actually smiling on cue for the camera now and it is so fun to take his picture! 

When Sam headed for bed, I headed for Book Club where we were discussing Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. While the book wasn't my favorite, it was still a great book club discussion and visit! 

Saturday morning Sam and I spent 30 minutes playing with stickers! He loves them right now and is so focused! We all got ready for the day and the boys had a fun Daddy/Son day planned while I went out with some fellow Momma's! 

I had organized a Paint day with the Mom's from daycare. So often we see each other in passing but never get a chance to talk! As we are all in similar places in life, I figured it would be nice to get to know each other better! And I love the painting we did!

I got home around supper time and enjoyed a meal with my boys and then we headed out in the cold to get some fresh air! Ryan has gotten the RTV's out for us to use. 

Sunday morning I was up early getting some housework done and preparing for my Sunday School lesson! We were going to do a Noah's Ark craft and Ark Animal Bingo! The kids were so good and Sam sat at the "big kid" table doing the craft with them. He had lots of helpers too! 

Once Sam and I got home we had some leftovers for lunch and then headed out for some pre-nap hockey! Ryan got Sam his own stick and he is obsessed with playing "HAckey" and watching it on TV. 

Sam and Ryan both went down for a nap while I knitted and watch THE MASTERS! My favorite sporting event of the year! Sam even watched with his Tiger, Woodsey after he got up! It was an awesome year with the leader chocking on the back 9 and 3 hole-in-ones! 

2015 versus 2016 

Ryan eventually woke up (he's back on nights) and played blocks with Sam as I got supper ready. They are really into building towers right now and always call me in to see the latest creation before Sam knocks it down! 

It was such a great weekend spent with friends and family! It was so full but not at all stressful! I know that things will change as the weather warms up, but for now I am enjoying these low key weekends! 

How was your weekend?