Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer Holidays 2017

Typically, Ryan and I take our holidays in the early Fall. It seems like a less chaotic time of year at the farm but we always miss out on some of that warm summer activities while we are vacationing! This year, we decided to take the week in July that would correspond with a week off our daycare has. We were excited for swimming and beaches! 

Shortly after Canada day, we packed up and were headed to the airport EARLY one morning to begin our summer holidays! A week in Nova Scotia at my parents cottage was all that we had planned. We were going to fill in the blanks as the days progressed. 

We had a boringly normal flight and ride to the cottage! We lounged, settled in and headed to the beach that first afternoon. We watched Moana with Sam and ordered pizza in! Super relaxing first day! 

But then the relaxation continued. We would wake Sam up every morning around 8:30 AM, eat breakfast, head to the beach around 10 AM. We would play in the water and sand all morning, even eating our snack and Sam's lunch picnic style in the sand. Smelling like sunscreen and salt air, we would head in at 1 PM for a rest. Sam would usually sleep from 1:30 pm- 4 pm and sometimes, so would Ryan and I. Or I would sit out reading, one of us would grab groceries for the supper that night or we would watch a movie. It was those hours that we completely relaxed and re-charged the batteries. 

Fresh Nova Scotia brown bread! YUM! 

We did venture out one day to Citadel Hill! Because of Canada's 150th birthday, all Parks Canada sites were free! We were excited to explore this historic site. Ryan even got to shoot a black powder gun! 

We'd visit with family, eat ice cream for supper and enjoy a boat ride! 

My parents joined us for the last two days of the trip and spoiled Sam with some extra attention. They even agreed to stay at the cottage during nap and Ryan and I went out to one of my favorite eating places, the Finer Diner! 

When people have been asking us how are trip was I just keep saying, "relaxing." Because that is the best way to describe it. We all felt so rested and yet like we weren't ready for our trip to end! We miss the family from the East coast and are so thankful we get to see them during our holidays. We loved taking our trip this year in the summer and hope to do it again next year! 



  1. Sure looks like fun. I miss Nova Scotia!

  2. Looks like fun. Glad you had a good time and relaxed :)