Monday, October 19, 2009

Dare #5

What a hectic time of year! It seems that every weekend is booked with things to do from the end of September to Christmas! Between work, activities and get-togethers there is no time for anything else hence why I didn't complete the last dare until last week! ha ha!
But first, here is your dare for this week, if you choose to accept it :-)
Dare #5
In the spirit of Halloween I dare you to scare someone! Now don't go getting in trouble with the law or anything but some harmless scaring can cause a few laughs! I have some thinking to do before I decide who my victim will be....nobody is safe! :-)
Last week I decided that I really needed to go out and shuffle in the leaves and enjoy the nice weather before the snow came....IE: this week! I put the leash on Tucker last Tuesday and set out for a nice fall walk. I though I had put on enough clothing but it was WAY colder than I imagined! I had long johns, tuque, mitts, 2 shirts, pants, winter jacket and boots on! Even with all these layers I was still freezing....There's no way I will survive winter! :-)
To be honest I was kind of disappointed with my walk. Not only was it freezing but too many leaves have fallen off of the trees already! There were a lot of leaves to shuffle my feet through but with the bare trees it is a sure sign that winter is just around the corner! Here are a couple of pictures from mine and Tuckers walk:

The View

The leaf that I found

Have a great week!


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