Monday, January 21, 2013

Back To The Daily Grind


Happy Monday everyone! WOW! Do I ever feel lost and like I am starting new! Truthfully, I haven’t even been at this computer since January 4th! That’s CRAZY!

Back on January 5th, Ryan and I left for Florida for a 10 day stay and visit with this guy!


We had a blast and I want to fill you in with all details but I couldn’t when I got back last week because the day after I got back I just put my suitcase right back into my car and drove to a 2 day tradeshow/conference!


Finally, I was at home but then at 2 AM Thursday morning I woke up with the flu! I spent the next two days focused and willing myself to get better because one of my very best friends was getting married!


Luckily, the flu passed through my system quickly and I was well and able to celebrate Bekk and Josh! (Recap to come!)

bekk and josh

So, I’m back to work for the first time in over 2 weeks and I am sure today will be crazy but this little blog is back to it’s regular schedule!


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  1. YIKES! That sucks that you got the flu! Glad you were better in time for the wedding! Now you need to chill and relax before you get sick again! Haha