Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas – Back To Reality


Hi! Remember me? I know I kind of took a little blogging break over the holidays and truthfully, it was wonderful! Time was filled with festivities with family and friends. It was also filled in with Ryan and Lindsay time spent relaxing and being together. Here’s a little Christmas review for you.

The Christmas festivities started on the Friday before Christmas. It was the last day of work for a while and I celebrated by getting a good buzz on at 8 AM. Who knew you weren’t suppose to put the whole bottle in the coffee mug at the same time? Woops!


The festivities continued at lunch time with our annual beer and music Christmas party before the holidays began. I had yet to have anything to eat and the beer hit me hard! But, it was a super fun party with a small group of us singing and laughing.



I stumbled walked to the house and the plan was to continue wrapping Christmas gifts up. I only had gifts left for Ryan to wrap. Well after one hilarious attempt, I just couldn’t keep focused and fell asleep on the couch instead!

I woke up with 15 minutes to get ready for an annual movie night with Jill. We opted to go to a movie in theatres this year but had to quickly change our plans because of bad weather. We stayed in, made supper, snacked on chips and watching Trouble With The Curve instead.

trouble with the curve

Finally, after a busy weekend preparing for Christmas, Monday (aka: Christmas eve) had arrived! Christmas eve is spent with my family having turkey dinner and exchanging gifts. This year I volunteered to have the meal at my place which meant cooking all the food! The house smelt divine that morning.


After a delicious turkey lunch/dinner we all headed to the tree to exchange gifts. Faith was great opening gifts but Clark was not having it! Eventually Clark went down for a long sleep while Faith got to play with some of her new toys and continue opening gifts.

Christmas and recipe 007

That evening, we all freshened up to head down the road for the Christmas Eve church service. It will always be my most favorite of services.

After church, Mom and Dad came back to our house for a night cap and Christmas Eve snacks! We also read, “T’was The Night Before Christmas”, a Hamilton family tradition.

I MAY have broken down into a full on panic attack after the church service when we got home. I began shaking and crying complaining that I don’t think I could EVER handle children! The craziness and mess got to me and I proceeded to doubt if I would ever be able to do that full time as a parent. Eventually a glass of wine calmed me down! ha ha!


Early Christmas morning I laid awake in bed just like a child! There is something still so magical about Christmas! After coffee, Mom and Dad came over for stockings and presents! We are all so spoiled and so blessed.



Bacon bunny breakfast! Yum!

Ryan and I picked up a bit and then got ready to head out for Christmas at Ryan’s parents. Funny thing, I had mentioned that one of my “Santa” gifts was not under the tree when “Santa” told me it would be there. Ryan argued with my that in fact I had opened this gift and then he quickly changed his tune. We headed back to the tree where Ryan proceeded to go on a search and rescue mission for 8 of my Christmas gifts that he had forgotten to give me. Woops! ha ha! It was like Christmas morning all over again!

We got to Ryan’s parents where we had a great time visiting, exchanging gifts and eating with family.

We were pretty tuckered out from all of the fun and eventful Christmas festivities. With full bellies and hearts we headed to bed after an amazing time! Christmas 2012, our first Christmas as husband and wife.



  1. Glad to have you back girl!!!

  2. I know Christmas Eve service is barely controlled chaos, hope it didn't contribute to your melt down. I find by the time I get home after it I am exhausted and need to calm down myself!