Friday, March 3, 2017

Baby W #2 - 16 Weeks

Actually didn't have time to pre-write so written at 16 weeks 6 days. 

This Week:

Into the second trimester and the 15 week energy has disappeared this week. I blame it on some busy work days and a sick little boy who hasn't been sleeping all that great. 

Baby This Week:

I read somewhere that baby is going through a growth spurt this week. And you MAY be able to start to feel movements. Also baby can see light now apparently. Baby is the size of a action hero! We'll pick Spiderman since that is Sam's current favorite. 

Maternity Clothes:

YES! I've been pretty excited that I haven't had the need for maternity clothes yet as I actually kind of hate them. But while my regular pants are loose in area's like around my butt, they are getting tighter (especially in the afternoons) in the waist. I went to the movies at 16 Weeks and my jeans were feeling uncomfortable around the middle. So, for the duration of the movie I sat with my pants undone. I figured, lights were off, no harm! 

Except the movie I was watching was 50 Shades Darker and when the lights came on suddenly, I had to stand up and re-do my pants. I am pretty sure anyone witnessing would have thought I was doing something inappropriate during the movie. 

Stretch Marks/Weight:

I am actually seeing a few of my stretch from my previous pregnancy darkening a little. And for weight, I was actually surprised I only gained 1 pound in 2 weeks. I was SURE it was going to be more because I have been able to eat more. My waist certainly reflects more then a 1 pound weight gain. 


YES!!!! It might be because I am more receptive to it being my second, but I have felt movement this week. At first it took me by surprise and then it kept happening. Pretty much after every meal now it feels like baby is rolling or stretching or something. It's not definitive kicks yet but I know soon!  

Food Aversions/Cravings:

After being sick off of tomato soup on Monday, I couldn't even smell it the next day. Blah! It's been a rough week for sickness. I blame the "growth spurt" that is suppose to be happening this week. But I don't know. 

I am starting to have sometimes random and strong cravings. They are WAY more intense then with Sam. This week was the lime slush puppy! OMG! It was all I could think about. Then I got the treat and I've yet to crave it again. 


Puking is a rough one again this week. I am always tired and I have no idea if I should blame the pregnancy, work or sleepless toddler. I look forward to weekends now so that I can get an extra 2 hours of sleep in the morning! 

Another weird thing this week is how low the baby is feeling. Like I am pretty sure it is sitting RIGHT on my cervix. It was getting very uncomfortable and scared me actually a little bit. Then all the sudden one morning I woke up at 16 Weeks 5 days, I woke up and the baby felt higher up. Closer to my belly button. Hoping it stays like that. 

What I Miss:

Feeling like me? Is that a thing? It's no secret that I don't LOVE being pregnant. And I hate to even say it because I know I am so blessed and I love my babies. BUT actually being pregnant is not really my thing. It's over 9 months of not feeling like myself, being uncomfortable and even being restricted with certain things. I feel so guilty even saying it but it's the truth. 

Labour Signs:



Team green! Sam has always been insistent from the beginning that it's a girl (SEEster) but lately Ryan and I have been trying to add in the fact that it could be a brother. He just looks at us like we are crazy and says "NO! SEESTER"! Want to avoid any disappointment for him if it is a boy! 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button:


What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

Hmmm.....I guess just the weekend. A little more sleep, maybe? 

Daddy This Week:

Daddy SAVED the day the other day when he searched 3 stores in Shawville to find the perfect flavored Slush Puppy for me! He didn't even tell me he was looking for it and just showed up at home with it after I casually mentioned my random and silly craving. I seriously cried a little with joy. Stupid hormones. 

Big Brother Sam:

Sam is getting on board with baby! Got him a new "big brother" book that he likes us to read right now. He was off sick one day this week and a Huggies commercial came on TV and he said "Momma, BABY (pointing to TV) like in you belly! And Sam's belly too". He also said that baby lives under my belly hole (belly button) and comes out my mouth. Sure Kiddo! ha ha! 


Not sure if this will help any future nausea women, but I do notice I get a little relief from a strong mint if I have a sudden strong urge to be sick. This has been good to get me through sticky situations like along the highway close to home. I can usually pop a mint and it will get me through until I'm home and near a bathroom. 


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  1. I used to sniff peppermint tea bags to curb my nausea (which only came when I took the prenatal vitamins). I hated the ginger taste and smell so I moved to mint/peppermint/spearmint