Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Adventures!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend! This weekend brought some unusually warm temperatures for February and rain! Which was awful in the sense you couldn't do much outside but great because Ryan was home all weekend!! 

My weekend started out with a fun trip to the city for supper at Boston Pizza and to see 50 Shades Darker. I remember the second book of the series being my favorite at the time and I know why! There is way more romance in the second part. They are officially a couple. It was a great night but a little bit of a scary drive home in the thunder and lightening storm! 

Sam woke up unusually early and we tried to get him to go back to sleep with no luck. So into bed he came with us for morning cartoons! He asks for this all week and loves weekends because he gets to watch Mickey Mouse in bed with us. 

We couldn't be too lazy though because Ryan was playing in a charity curling tournament and his first game was at 9 AM. 

Ryan drove ahead and Sam and I ran to the store to try and find some rubber boots! We had no luck at the Walmart the day before. A beautiful display right out front with a blue pair just in his size! Good thing for Shawville! Sam also picked out a rain coat and splash pants all by himself and was very proud of his choices. Even though they didn't go together at all but I bit my tongue! ha ha! He carried his special new things all by himself through the store and to the cash! 

We got to the curling rink and sat right up front with friends to watch! Sam actually did watch more then I expected him to but the other part was playing with Tanners Paw Patrol airplane! ha ha! 

After the game, we headed to Ryan's parents for a visit and to wish Nana a "Happy Birthday"! Sam was getting really tired on the drive home and I knew I had to keep him awake. Thankfully, he stayed awake and gobbled down lunch and then we both went down for a long nap! 

When Sam woke up, we snacked on left over popcorn with a movie, then supper and Ryan showed up during bath time. I had texted Ryan earlier about this weird preggo craving I was having for a LIME slush puppy. It used to be my favorite flavor as a kid. Well the good man searched Shawville for one that had LIME and found it! Rushed one home and told me he'd finish up bed time while I enjoyed my slush and practiced piano! The first sip was like heaven. Craving totally satisfied. I was one happy preggo lady. 

Sunday morning we all slept in a little bit and then lazed around and got ready for our day. We actually were skipping out on church and going on an adventure to pick up a new (to us) maple syrup evaporator. The problem was that it was 2 hours away. 

So we packed up and stopped for a yummy lunch at Lonestar. And Sam is at a good age now again for restaurants. He was very happy to read a book, chat and snack on nacho chips with salsa! It was so enjoyable! 

When we left the restaurant it as around nap time and not even 10 minutes on the road, Sam and I were both fast asleep! ha ha! Poor Ryan had a quiet and lonely drive for a while. It hadn't been a great day sickness wise for me. Multiple stops along the way to be sick. 

We found the spot, loved the evaporator and loaded it up before heading for home! It's a smaller evaporator that will do no more then 100-150 taps, which is all we want. Just a little hobby. A way to to get something sweet from the tons of old sugar maple trees that are around the farm! 

On the drive home Sam kept asking us for "another adventure". I guess he really enjoyed the day with us on a little road trip! 

How was your weekend? 


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