Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sam at 3

It feels like a long time since I gave a long Sam update. While I continually talk about him in general about the every day happenings, I never really lay out any cold-hard facts like I use to when he was a baby. Maybe because there are less changes month to month.

Ryan calls Sam "Buck-A-Roo" and we both agree that he is absolutely a great sidekick. We literally love spending time with him. I think that's why Ryan and I don't do so many trips or dates away from Sam. We usually take him with us so we can experience that time with him doing the things we love.

Sam's interests change from day-to-day but for the most part you can guarantee he will be happiest outside exploring. He doesn't have wandering ways about him which we feel lucky about. We can do some of our own projects outside without having to be so close to Sam. Instead, he is good about doing his own thing around where we are. Going back and forth from where we are working to his sand box. His little imagination is really growing. Like when he pretends to be Spider-Man and gets the ghosts. Or on his "pirate ship" looking out for Captain Hook!

I am really lucky Sam is still an amazing eater! He isn't too picky but he definitely loves his sweets, cheese, bread and french fries. But whatever I put out for supper for the most part he eats!

He is still a great sleeper and pretty scheduled. I know the days of naps will be coming to an end within the next little while. Since he turned 3, naps have been a struggle at home. It's almost like he doesn't want to miss anything and he knows we will be doing stuff. I am still pushing back though and he does eventually go for a nap. With his nap, he is in bed for the night between 7-7:30 PM. I wake him up for daycare at 6:20 but on weekends if I leave him he will now sleep until at least 8!

Now that Sam is three there are so many great things we can do together it seems. His communication skills are awesome and it is nice being able to understand what is wrong or what he wants. The rough thing about that is that even though in his head something is "right" it is hard to teach him what is wrong. We are at a huge milestone time I feel in the discipline department. He has really figured out how to push our buttons. It seems like many things are a battle these days and the tantrums are difficult and more frequent. But we take it day-by-day and try to both stand firm in our boundaries and actions of discipline yet also try and figure our when to "pick our battles. He will do the same "bad" thing again within 24 hours to gauge our reaction I think.  I am going to get any future Mommy friends a bottle of wine on their kid's 3rd birthday! Ha ha!

Our boy is still tall and lanky! I can't believe how quickly he went through clothes in the last year. But the biggest surprise is his shoes! I sent Ryan once to grab a pair of boots for Sam when he was out. I told him to pick him up a pair of size 11's. He texted me from the store saying they looked massive and he wasn't going to buy them. I assured him that size 11 was his size but he still didn't get them. We went together the next week to have Sam try them on and sure enough, size 11! I am glad it is short season too because it is hard to find pants that are long enough for Sam yet small enough in the waist.

We went through some tough times in the last two months as a family, Sam included. He knew something was wrong with Mom and Dad but didn't understand what. So, he began acting out a little while things were upside down. He became almost fearful of me because I would spontaneously start crying so he began to insist Ryan get him ready for bath, read his stories and sit with him during movies. Thankfully, we all healed. He still talks about "baby sister" but also says how she is in heaven.

We are at a new point in eating out which is nice that we can go to restaurants occasionally now. Before his attention span would be so short and he would begin wanting to walk around and not sit and eat. Now, he is happy to sit and color, play a game or watch Paw Patrol on Ryan's ipad. Yes, we are totally those parents that let their kid have screen time at a restaurant! But it makes it so enjoyable for everyone (us and those around us).

Sam can count to 14, knows his colors and shapes. He is such a sponge right now. He is starting to understand the concepts of time like tomorrow and later for example. His french understanding is great and he knows a lot of words in both languages. He loves his friends and family and spending time with them. Although he acts shy ("Nope") when he first enters new situations and people, he eventually warms up. He has a kind heart, can be super silly, has one of the best smiles and already showing patience beyond his years. He is just an all around cool kid and I am so proud to call him mine! 



  1. Love you Sam. The picture in his spiderman short jammies makes him look so much older!

  2. He's one of a kind! Love watching him grow!! :)

  3. I miss our little dude. This morning I was thinking of the Christmas Eve when he came up and hugged my legs. Hugs.