Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sam's Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Party!

I realized something the other day. Planning, executing and hosting a party at my house gives me great joy. I have really enjoyed planning Sam's birthday parties over the last three years. I remember being worried after Sam's first birthday that it wouldn't "acceptable" to plan a themed party anymore since birthdays until school age would be just immediate family. But my mother-in-law said that it doesn't matter and I should have a theme every year if I wanted. 

I had been feeling pretty sick from being pregnant and then exactly 1 month before Sam's birthday we lost our girl. Through all the sadness, I found some moments of joy while I got the decorations ready to celebrate Sam being 3! It was nice to keep mind busy and distracted. 

I decided on a Mickey Mouse themed party. Sam does really like Mickey and I figured it might be my last year for this theme option! Plus I am a HUGE Disney fan so I was super excited for this theme. While there are plenty of Mickey decorations I could have bought, I just love making my own instead. I did buy Mickey napkins and ears for everyone! 

Easiest project that I loved the way it turned out. Yellow dot stickers on red solo cups to make it look like Mickey shorts! 

The food I decided to keep REALLY simple! Hot dog bar with chips, fruit and veggies!

I was reminded the night before how much I hate streamers! I avoid them as part of decorating as much as possible! 

Since Sam's first birthday, one of the traditions I have is that I print Sam pictures from throughout the year and put them on the windows of the coat closet! I love this little job and I like to be able to show off pictures of Sam changing through the year. 

And a restroom sign! I found this great site that gave me "Disney" font for free that I could use for all of my homemade signs! 

And of course no birthday would be complete without a tinfoil number! :) 

I cut all the watermelon using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and that was a huge hit with the kids!

Simple vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for dessert made by me. 

The favors I made up for everyone was Mickey Mouse shaped rice crispy square. This was the most frustrating task! I thought it would be simple but it took me forever to do this. But they turned out cute. 

A thing the kids (and parents) also liked, Mickey Mouse on the T.V during lunch! ha ha! 

Sam HATED everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him and he refused to blow out his candle and then proceeded to roar at everyone! ha ha! #threenager 

Littlest Minnie Mouse

Sam perked up when it was present time. I can take no credit for the fact that my boy actually reads all the birthday cards and then proceeds to give each person a hug for the present. That is all thanks to his amazing daycare! 

Sam was spoiled and was so excited for all of his new things! Although he's a little like me and hates attention, he loved the present part. Everything needed to be out of the box and played with/worn immediately. 

It was a great day celebrating our 3 year old and throwing him a little party in his honor! 

And a special thanks to Jilly for coming and taking pics for me! It is so nice to have beautiful pictures of the day and not have to worry about running around with a camera and hosting! 



  1. I do love creating and planning birthday parties too - I get to get my craft on!!

  2. I love your theme parties they make Sam's birthdays special . You keep doing them until Sam says No more theme parties Momma or until you get tired of doing them . Ha ha

  3. So creative! Love it all. Birthday Blessings, Sam.

  4. Love how it turned out! Looks like Sam loved it too :)