Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015 Recap!

Happy Monday and Happy New 2016! I can't believe another Christmas has come and gone and we are in the beginnings of a fresh year! Here is a little recap of our Christmas! 

Christmas Eve went better then I could have ever expected! I had worked my self up a little, worried about Sam being at the 7 PM service that has no Sunday school! Eventually, I just realized that my not yet 2 year old is not going to stay still. But as long as he is happy and safe, then that's what will happen. Thankfully he was in a good mood and while he was more interested in being at the front, he was still fairly quiet! 

Christmas Eve tradition continued with a little "T'was The Night Before Christmas", snacks and drinks. A newer tradition that I love and will continue is after Sam is in bed, I play a little Santa and set up all the gifts (all family gifts are there! Grandparents, cousins and etc), after it is all done I just sat back for 10 minutes in the glow of the tree and reflected. It was so relaxing! 

Christmas morning Ryan and I were up before Sam and I was able to make some breakfast. When it was time to get up we were excited to show Sam that Santa had left some special things in his stocking! 

He had breakfast, we opened stockings with my parents and then all headed downstairs to the tree! Sam kept saying "Wow!" It was hard to get him to not open every gift in sight. 

We let Sam open his gifts so that he'd something to play with while we exchanged gifts with my parents. It was a lot of fun watching him explore his new toys. 

Sam went down for his afternoon sleep, Ryan and I cleaned up and got ready for Christmas at his parents! Sam's cousin Sophie is about the same age and I have loved watching them grow their friendship. There are going to be some awesome years ahead. We exchanged gifts there, enjoyed a delicious turkey meal prepared by my MIL and then eventually had to take our grumpy boy home. I think he had had enough Christmas. 

Boxing day was a really enjoyable free day! We basically stayed in our PJ's all day! Opening packages and trying out all of our new stuff. I received a breadmaker from Santa and got to try it out! Let's just say it's not 100% food proof! Woops! :)  

There was lots of snow in the forecast so Ryan had to go to work that night and has continued to work almost every night since. 

But Sam and I have had a great time together and we've tried to get in some Daddy time when we can! 

Our winter has arrived (boo!) but the cold snow hasn't stopped Sam! He LOVES going outside to help shovel! Nana and Grandpa gave him his own shovel for Christmas and he loves using it. 

New Years Eve we had supper at a friends house and I had to snap this picture of these three cuties. They are all around the same age and I am looking forward to seeing them grow up together. 

New years day the weather was pretty mild and so we decided to try our some sliding. I haven't been sliding in YEARS and I was sure that Sam would have been scared. Turns out he LOVED it and as soon as we'd get to the bottom of the hill he'd say "more". It was certainly a good work out climbing up and down that hill! 

The hardest thing about our days was trying to find quiet activities for Sam while Ryan was sleeping upstairs. We hit the road a lot. For boxing day sales (on the 27th), visits, errands and a hair cut (which he hated). But it was nice to have some so much time alone with my boy! I really tried to cherish every moment! 

This has been a very fun and memorable holiday season. I feel as though we did so much and really embraced spending the time together as much as we could! 

How was your Christmas? 



  1. Haha love the last picture, Sam is all like "enough already"
    Sounds like a great Christmas, the years to come will get funner (if that's a word haha). At least the snow didn't start until after Christmas, so snow removal families were able to be together!

  2. Looks like a perfect holiday!!! Glad you had such a great xmas! Happy New Year!

  3. If Sam loves the outdoors like his Daddy you will not be able to keep in no matter how cold it is out ..I so want to take him and miss Sophie sliding at Bristol .Love the pic of you and Sam coming down the hill.

  4. Hi there, and thank you for the kind words. :)
    It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas and New Year's! I love your Christmas scene with your tree - looks so cozy and inviting. Also those PJs are adorable on Sam.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Sounds like such an awesome Christmas!! Our Christmas Eve mass was longer than we anticipated, and surprisingly Noah didn't do too badly. Love that little bench seat cover!! Christmas at this age is soo much fun!!

  6. I have to say that this Christmas Eve was one of my favourites, Lindsay. Seeing the kids, and having them with me was wonderful. Feeling Sam hug me almost made me cry. I had a hard time not having a little sniff at those little arms around me. I am tearing up writing this. You have a generous heart, sharing your son's love where he wants to give it. <3 I love that picture of me and the kids!!!