Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's A New Year But Not A New Me!

There is something that is exciting about a new year. It's like the opening of a new book. Starting that first sentence and not knowing what is about to come to light. I think the beginning of a year can close off the end of a bad one and bring hope to the days to come. A new year can be encouraging and yet kind of scary. 

So often, I hear and see about BIG New Years resolutions. They wait till that big date rolls over to hopefully "change their life". New Years Eve and resolutions were never something that we really made a big deal about in our house and so as I've grown up, they continue to be of non-importance. 

There are some things that I love about a new year! I love writing in my new agenda for the next year. I love writing in the things to come and the special events on certain days. I've always been one to be excited for "things to come" and a new year to me, means the prospect of many wonderful things to come. 

With the talk of the new year, came the question..."What's your New Years resolution?"

If I were to answer like in the past, I would say that I don't make any resolutions. But instead, I decided to step back and reflect on my life and think about things that I may want to change. 

For the most part, I am SO happy with life. I have an amazing partner, son, family and friends. I love my job and I feel like I have come to terms with how to deal with "busy". I am saying no now more often to things I really don't want to do and not even hesitating in doing the things that make me happy. 

However, after some reflection, I realized that there were a few things that were missing. These things won't necessarily make me happy, but I think they will enrich my life further. 

For one, I want to do yoga or some sort of meditation once a week. This probably sounds like a typical "work out more" resolution but it's not. When I make time to do yoga and/or mediate, my whole outlook on the day shifts. Giving myself those few minutes of peace is like giving my mind and body a full nights rest. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Another thing that is high on my list is taking more time to write hand written thank you and hello letters. So often we get caught up in typing that sometimes the act of writing something by hand is forgotten. For example, my grandma is not going to sit down and write me an e-mail. I know she appreciates a hand written letter every once in a while. Life as a mom/wife/worker is busy but I want to be sure to express my appreciation by writing it to someone. 

Finally, I want to turn off the TV more. With our new PVR in our bedroom, more often I am making time to stay up to watch a recorded show and not reading anymore. I love to read but it has taken a back seat to many "important" TV series. I can't actually remembered the last time I picked up a book! I want to read more than just Book Club books. I want to turn the TV off more at home and instead say yes to going outside more (yes even in the miserable winter, blah!), getting craft supplies out or playing a board game with Ryan. TV is an awful distraction for me and sometimes I make it more important that other activities. 

Do you make New Year resolutions? 



  1. I always set the same one... To be the best me I can be! I figure it covers all my bases!!

  2. I resolve to be more organized about meal planning. You are the expert, Lindsay, so I might be asking you for advice.