Monday, January 18, 2016

Cozy Winter Weekend

Oh Mondays....Blah! You are so welcomed and yet so despised at the same time! For one, I love getting back into routine but I still hate the after weekend hangover (not literal) that comes with a new work week. 

Ryan had to work every night this weekend so it was just me and my boy for the most part! Friday night, while making a homemade pizza I sipped on a glass of my favorite wine, Moscato by Yellow Tail! Yum! I may have received a CASE of it for Christmas! Ha ha! Thanks Santa! :) 

I had a low key Friday evening. Ryan headed into work and I "Netflix and Chilled". And yes, I am VERY away (now) what that means in Teenage terms but I'm an old married woman/Mom. It means that I am in some sort of joggers or Pj's, doing absolutely nothing and watching endless hours of Netflix. This may or may not also include ice cream. 

I had big plans on Saturday. Sam and I were going to head to Ikea to get a few tradeshow items for this week and get a bit of groceries. Just as I was about to wake him up, the skies opened and the big fluffy snowflakes began to fall. Normally, a little snow doesn't stop me but it was pretty thick. So we changed plans! 

Ryan was home from night shift and has trouble sleeping through Sam playing so I knew we had to get out of the house. We packed up and went to visit friend Jilly and then to my parents place for coffee and play time. 

We headed home around 11 and I still wanted to give Ryan some extra quiet time so we went for a nice long walk! Sam hasn't been in his sleigh for a year and it is much heavier to pull this year! 

Honestly, the weather doesn't matter to this kid. He just LOVES being outside and has a huge meltdown every time he has to come in. He could literally spend hours outside!  

Which I need to get use to. I'm kind of an indoors kind of girl in the winter but I am learning to adjust and spend more time in the fresh air. 

We had our lunch and then off to nap. Everyone in the house was sleeping but me so I got a start on supper. A new Pinterest recipe! Chicken and Bacon lasagna roll ups! 

I have to say, they were AWESOME! We ate these both Saturday and Sunday night. I think they will become a regular in our meal line up. They are a little fussy to make because there are a few steps but worth the effort.  And a good recipe to make on the weekends to enjoy! It makes a large pan so next time I will put half in the freezer! Which is amazing, it's like getting two meals in one! 

Another quiet Saturday night where I proceeded to stay up WAY too late watching Scandal on Netflix. I just started this series and I am completely addicted.

We have a new weekend routine lately! Sam has never been much of a morning person. He also doesn't really have any interest in TV. Except, we recently figured out that he LOVES The Wiggles and will sit and watch a whole 20 minutes (that's big for him). I get a few extra snuggles on weekend mornings by bringing him into our bed for milk and The Wiggles. I get to enjoy the extra snuggles and he has time to "hatch". My new favorite time of day! 

We got ready for church and headed there early with Daddy (who hadn't slept much) so that I could set up for my Sunday School lesson about the 10 Commandments. We did 10 commandments hopscotch! 

Sam made this Penne noodle necklace at daycare last week and is OBSESSED with it! He is constantly looking for it and wearing it everywhere. It's pretty funny when toddlers get something in their heads like a noodle necklace. 

We enjoyed a quiet Sunday night in the house and getting ready for a busy week to come! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. you'll have to watch for the wiggles to come to Ottawa. Piper loved the wiggles and there show is pretty entertaining.

  2. Oh the wiggles! Those lasagna roll ups look amazing - I made some the other day but mine were perogy style...yum! When you need to let Ryan sleep, you can always send me a text and drop in...Sam can play with the kids for a bit and burn some energy! Have a good tradeshow this week...hopefully you get packed for your trip at some point too bahaha!

  3. Noah loves the wiggles and wakes up to them in the morning and after nap! He has a few shows he likes now like peppa pig and Thomas the train! I haven't tried the moscato by yellow tail, but love moscato by a few other brands!! Mmhmm just a few more months and I can enjoy haha. Noah also hates coming inside from outside! I am not a winter fan at all!! Those lasagna roll ups look delish!!

  4. Have a nice warm trip I am sure Sam will love it.

  5. Sounds like you had a good weekend even with Ryan working! That recipe sounds delicious- will have to check it out! Sam is so cute with his necklace :)

  6. Love Sam's necklace!Have a terrific trip.