Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labour Day Weekend 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! How is it already mid week? Yesterday was all about catch up after a 3 day weekend. This morning I can catch my breath a little and share our weekend! 

Labour day weekend means one thing where we live, Shawville Fair! This little hometown fair is something that we like to visit and are excited about introducing it to Sam. 

Ryan and I (more Ryan then me) have always had an interest in giant pumpkins. We have tried to do a couple of our own but this year we were given some advice from another local grower and we grew the largest one we have ever gotten. Pretty good for our first year really working on it. We were so excited that for the first time, I entered some stuff into the exhibits at the fair. Our giant pumpkin was weighed in on Wednesday  and came in third in the heaviest Squash/Pumpkin category.

On Friday, Ryan picked Sam up early and then we woke him early from his nap to enjoy some time at the fair! We had a blast and Sam LOVED the rides. The airplanes and monster trucks were his favorite. 

He also liked going through the petting zoo area but hated the goats! I didn't mind them so much! 

Back on the rides! 

For my first fair treat, I tried the Chicken Shawarma poutine! It was pretty good but there are so many other delicious treats at the fair too!  

Sam had no trouble finding some friends to go on rides with! We met up with Willow who agreed to take Sam on the helicopter ride for his first time and then met with cousins for another few rounds of rides! Sam was having a blast! 

We also found our friends at the dairy barn and stopped in a for a quick visit! 

Saturday Sam and I had a busy morning and I had plans for a girls night at the fair so Ryan and Sam stayed home. 

I loved getting a chance to walk through the exhibits! I think its now my favorite part! I love looking at the quilts, kids crafts, knitting and produce! I only put a few things in this year as I was unsure of how to do it but I am excited at the thought of doing more next year! Even maybe some of my knitting! 

Pumpkin got third, watermelon fourth and my tomatoes got FIRST! I couldn't believe my tomatoes were first place (out of about 11 entries). I was SO excited! 

My one and only beer token that is actually from 3 years ago! ha ha! 

Girls night at the fair started out with my first Willy Dilly's. YUM! We walked around the exhibits, the midway and watched some rides. We then had an AMAZING meal at Bonnie's where I found my new favorite fair food, the bacon curd burger! YUM! 

We also took in the some of the holstein show as we knew some of the competitors. I have to admit, I kind of like watching some of the 4-H shows. 

We had a great time hanging out in our normal spot taking in the music that night. I think we were feeling a little giddy and there were times we couldn't stop laughing! It was so much fun! I needed that girls night! 

The only disappointing part of the fair was Sunday. We opted to head up for lunch and an hour's worth of rides after church. We got there in lots of time to have a bit to eat. We noticed the monster trucks were taken away and so the only other ride, the helicopters was also closed for being broken. 

Sam was getting anxious to get on a ride so we brought him over to the other airplane ride that he was tall enough to ride. He was SO excited but it was a long wait as only 1 out of 2 planes were working. 

When it was finally his time, he was squealing in excitement. Check out this face...

Anyone that knows my boy, knows that Sam can be kind of be a serious dude. He seems to like to look around, take things in and try to figure out how something works. Well when the plane started swinging, he started looking around trying to figure it out. Suddenly the woman operating the ride stopped it and removed Sam and only Sam from the ride. Of course he was not happy to be taken off and when I asked why she said "he doesn't look to be having fun". EXCUSE ME? Well...Momma bear came out. I was NOT happy and even more unhappy that we had gone up to the Fair and Sam wasn't able to go on even one ride. 

Thankfully the rest of the day was awesome and made up for it. A quiet nap time and then dinner and games with friends Rebekka and Josh! 

Monday was our glorious day off and we had so much fun hanging out and getting stuff done around the house. Sam was having a blast playing in his sand box. His new thing is lining his vehicles. My OCD is so happy when he does this. 

After a short nap, we headed back to the fair for more fun! We had to pick up our veggies/fruit and figured we'd get in a few more rides and supper. 

The ride lines were small and Sam went on the helicopters over and over. 

And once on the merry-go-round which he called "Chevals".  

We got Bonnies again for supper and then mini donuts to share on our way out. I think the donuts were Sam's favorite treat. 

"Cheers" to a great Fair weekend! 



  1. Now that I see the pic of the Shawarma poutine I really wish I'd tried it. But I don't think I could have possibly squeezed any more food into my weekend. lol I want to go back and do it all again! I miss the fair already!!

  2. What a fun weekend! Congratulations on growing such a big pumpkin! What's the secret? Your fair reminds me of my childhood and the fairs we had. I grew up in a small town and had one just like it.

  3. how the heck does one judge tomatoes I wonder LOL
    well its a good thing I didn't go up on Sunday...didn't sound good if rides were broke - eek!

  4. Sounds like soo much fun! I'm curious as to how Noah would do on the rides! I bet he would love them! Good job on the tomatoes and pumpkins!!