Friday, September 30, 2016

Nova Scotia 2016 Part 2

How is it already Friday? I was convinced on Wednesday that it was actually Thursday, hence why this post is a little bit tardy. I've actually had it ready to post on Wednesday for some time...Oh well! Friday post it is!

We were having a great time in Nova Scotia as a family and our vacation wasn't over yet! On Wednesday morning we picked up my parents at the air port! It was so nice for Sam and us to have them there to visit with. It really does make the trip. We stay up late every night playing competitive rounds of Euchre.

Ryan and I actually hosted cousins and their 2 year old daughter for supper and Mom and Dad went out for supper downtown Halifax.

The next morning we were up and ready. The boys were heading out to get new hats and lunch while the girls (myself, mom, Barb (cousin) and Vicki (cousin) loaded up and headed to a cute little store called Lola's for shopping and then out to lunch! It was so good to get some girl time in with these ladies and it still remains one of my highlights from this trip!

That evening we loaded up supper for Sam and ate in the boat while touring and looking for pirate ships! Sam really loved the boat rides! He thought all the sail boats were pirate ships and he would point out everyone. I would make up crazy stories and names like the tail of "Captain Red Jacket". It was a blast. We would go in, Sam would go to bed and we'd grab supper and then play more euchre! 

Friday morning we decided to stay around home. Sam wasn't allowed to get his ear wet so we didn't venture to the beach this trip. But we realized something, we don't have to! We went to Mom and Dad's beach EVERY day, even for 5 minutes. Friday morning we loaded up snacks, toys, towels, chairs and drinks and spent the whole morning at the beach and had a blast! Sam wadded in the water with his trucks, Ryan and I both went swimming, and Nana and Sam build a few sand castles. We spent hours down at the beach and it was a big highlight of the trip! 

Going with routine, we got ready for our last boat ride of this trip. Captain Sam had his supper packed and we enjoyed one last tour around the Bay. 

When booking this trip we decided to fly home Saturday instead of Sunday. This gave us Sunday to relax, get groceries, do laundry and get prepared to go back to our regular schedule. So, we booked an evening flight home on Saturday which I now think is my favorite time. We could get up and not rush! Do laundry, pack and Sam even got a great afternoon nap in before we had to leave for the airport! 

The flight home was just as good as the flight there with thanks to Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse! 

It was an amazing 10 days with my boys in one of my most favorite places in the world! I love Nova Scotia not just because of it's beauty and tourism but what makes it so special for me is getting to see extended family. So despite a little ear infection, this was a wonderful family holiday! 



  1. I love the picture of Sam with the captains hat on and him smiling! So, so cute!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful.I am still trying to get my head around you swimming! Wasn't the ocean cold?