Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nova Scotia 2016 Part 1

I think I am back in routine and the vacation hang over is over! People keep asking how our trip was. And I keep answering the same. "Amazing and very relaxing! It was so nice to spend so much time together". 

Because that is true.  I don't think before I left, that I realized that I actually missed Ryan and Sam. Sure, I'd see them every day but with the busy season, it was rarely quality time. 

We were a little nervous flying out on Thursday as it would be the first time Sam had his own seat on the plane. He loved it and watched Paw Patrol the whole time. It was actually kind of relaxing as Ryan sat with him on the way there. 

We had flown at Sam's nap time so for the 30 minute drive to my parents cottage, Sam had a little nap. He was clearly very excited to be in Nova Scotia. 

One very stress free thing about traveling down is that my parents have a dodge van and a car seat there so we get to travel light! No hauling a car seat through the airport! 

We arrived with some surprises for all of us. New trucks to play with for Sam and some liquid treats for us! 

It was so nice to sit back for that first hour unwinding from the plane ride and airport chaos and just enjoy the view. Vacation had started! 

We really kept it low key our first night. Hung out at the beach and ordered pizza in for supper! 

The next day we vegged around all morning, went for groceries and then relaxed and napped in the afternoon. Cousins Tasha and Gavin were coming over a for a games night! I was SO excited to see them and Sam loved the extra attention. 

When Sam went to bed we had a "snack" style supper. We could grab a little food in between visit and games! We played Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity. Next thing I knew, it was 2 AM!!! It was a late night but we had SO much fun visiting with them! 

The next morning we had a big breakfast before Tasha and Gavin headed out and more visits with cousins from down the road! 

We were invited to another relatives (yes, I have ALOT of family there) for a corn boil! There were TONS of family members and it was so awesome that we could be there for this gathering. It was at my cousin Ted's who has this beautiful home with an amazing view. Sam's little cousin Lily was there and the two little ones had a blast playing way passed their bed times. 

We got home around 8:30 and Sam promptly went to sleep. Ryan and I settled for a little movie date. Around 10:30 PM Sam started crying and then proceeded to be awake and crying until 4:30 AM. It was rough. He kept complaining about a sore ear so we had a feeling we'd be headed to see a doctor Sunday morning. 

Thankfully, Nova Scotia has these awesome walk-in clinics. So we were in and out (and only paid $32 for out of province) in less than 2 hours. Sure enough, Sam had gotten his first ear infection and he also had a tear in his ear drum that was likely from having an ear infection and flying.  

It was a quiet and low key Sunday. We had actually had plans to attend another party with more family but had to decline. Instead we hung around the cottage trying to keep Sam eating and happy. Went for walks, beach visits and boat rides. 

It was a quiet and early night for us all. 

Monday we really wanted to get out of the house. The best part of my parents cottage is that you know its not going anywhere so we feel no pressure anymore to see the sights and sounds of Nova Scotia all in one trip. We have vowed to just relax and try and see ONE attraction each visit. 

We opted for Ross Farm Museum because it wasn't too far from the cottage and it was something of interest to us. Sam was clearly thrilled.... 

It was very quiet there being that it was off season and a Monday. We pretty much had the run of the place ourselves. It's an old fashioned working farm with original barns and houses. We love this kind of history. It was a great place to visit with Sam because he could run around and look at the animals. 

We even got to go on a horse drawn wagon ride! 

We got dropped off far from the main farm and while you can take the wagon back up, we decided to take the 20 minute nature trail by the water! It was REALLY cool and well done. 

We got home for nap and then relaxed. Ryan and I tried to make every evening when Sam would go to bed a date. This night we had left over snack foods and played rummy and then watched a movie.

Tuesday my Mom had actually booked me a massage in the morning. For a whole hour I enjoyed some peace and relaxation. It was amazing! The boys played and Sam got a bike and I got back shortly after lunch. 

When Sam woke from his nap we decided to take the 20 minute drive to Peggy's Cove. We didn't get too close to the edge. We mainly went because I had spotted a new cross necklace at the Pewter store there last year. I was hoping during my birthday or Christmas that Ryan would gift it to me but no luck. Thankfully, they still had it! It's very plain and small but exactly what I love. Nothing too fancy to wear everyday and only $21! 

We went to one of our favorite spots, The Finer Diner which is only about 5 minutes from the cottage. We had hardly eaten out since being there and decided to treat ourselves. We were TOTALLY those parents who let their kids watch Paw Patrol on the Ipad while we waited for our food. Sam still wasn't feeling 100% better and it was what kept him happy and occupied while we dined. 

Seafood chowder and tea biscuit 

And my first snack of fish and chips! YUM! 

That night we made a couple homemade Caesars and played more cards and watched another movie! 

We were having such a great time so far despite the ear infection and we still had so many days left....

Stay tuned for part 2! 


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  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday! Poor Sam getting an ear infection :(