Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dare #3

So I'm a little late getting this dare out there but I think everyone can manage to get this one done.

Dare #3

Talk to someone who you have lost touch with over the years. This can be through e-mail, phone or in person, you choose. Let me know how it goes! :-)

Last week I was super excited to watch an old movie but had trouble finding time because I worked both Friday night and then Saturday night. Luckily, I woke up at around 10:30 on Saturday morning turned on the T.V while I was having breakfast and saw that "Dirty Dancing" was playing! I was so excited knowing that is was the one I wanted to watch with the recent passing of dear handsome Johnny (aka Patrick Swayze). I did not move from my couch from the start of the movie to the finish! I cried, I laughed and even took Tucker in my arms and danced around the living room to "I've had the time of my life." It was a great Saturday morning!


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