Friday, September 18, 2009

Let me introduce you to....

This is Tucker, The Tuckinator, Beans, or as Ryan calls him, "Dude". He is a 2 and half year old, 5 pound chihuahua that makes my worst days better.

Over 2 years ago I was living in British Colombia and was feeling the sting of homesickness and thought that getting a puppy was going to make that a little bit better. The backyard of the place where I was living was pretty small so I didn't want to get a big dog that couldn't run around. Really, in the back of my head I wanted a big dog because that's all I've ever owned on the farm. Because of the circumstances and with lots of searching I decided that a Chihuahua would be best fitted for me.

I searched and searched for a place that was selling puppies for a reasonable price. I knew in advance that I was looking for a boy and I wanted him to be beige coloring.

Luckily it didn't take long and I saw this picture:
Tucker's baby picture

I went to go visit him to see first if he warmed up to me. The lady that I was buying him from kept putting these two girls who were already about 2 pounds heavier than him in front of me. But he was the runt of the litter and would be small when he grew up so I knew already that I wanted him. Luckily, he cuddled right into my arms and I was instantly in love.

Over two years later I'm still in love with that little chihuahua that I first met. Tucker thinks that he is actually a golden retriever. He loves to play fetch, stands on the back of the couch to make himself feel taller and can do numerous tricks.

Tucker and his twin brother Jake

I feel so much safer with Tucker while living by myself. He hears things before I do and so when someone is even walking to the door he hears it. I know if he is barking in his cage it's for a reason.

I could be in the worst mood when I get home from work but when I come through that door Tucker always greets me with a wagging tail so excited to see me. He never gets mad at me and never judges me. He is the perfect companion and my best friend.

Tucker and I in front of the fireplace reading a book

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