Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to Friday!

Every week I can't wait till this time of the week, Friday! No matter how busy or stressful a Friday is I always have the thought of the weekend in the back of my head to push me through the storm.

I've kind of been dragging my feet all week trying to catch up on sleep from a very active weekend.

The rest of the fair weekend was great! I've come to notice something about myself this weekend that I never realized before; I'm really nosey! I think I would be happy sitting on a bench at the fair just watching the people pass by. I like to see who's there, who their with and how they've changed over the years.
The fair is not at all like it used to be when I was younger. I would spend the whole time walking around talking to old chums in the beer tent. I would go from a group of people to the next spilling my beer on the way. Now I am more than happy standing outside the beer tent with a close group of friends eating a beavertail. The good news is it's not just me that is going through this change. Many friends are having/had babies, buying houses and getting married which accounts for their change in behaviour. I guess it's just a new phase in my life.

Nick and Tammy with their baby girl

Outside the beer tent

The day that I always look forward to most is Monday of the fair because it's the derby day! Most of the out of towner's are gone back home and the locals crowd around the ring and watch cars crash into each other for 4 hours. It's great! This year was especially exciting because we had two friends in the derby; Adam and Kyle.

The guys with their derby cars! Loved the Mountainview colors!

I was so excited seeing their cars drive into the ring to go head to head with 6 other cars. When the cars got going I started to get mad at the other participants hitting the boys. Eventually their cars had enough crashing and quit. First Kyle was out at the far end and Adam right in the middle of the action getting continuously hit even with his white flag out the window.

When I try to describe my feelings for the fair to "city" friends they just don't understand the excitement I feel. They think it's silly and a waste of time to be standing around a dirty area, shivering because of the fall dampness. To me however I couldn't love it more. Country music, great food and chatting with new and old friends! What else could a small town girl ask for?


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  1. I had some time to kill this afternoon so I started reading old posts... one thing I noticed... you guys are big into Derby cars. I had a guy I used to talk to from Canada back from the old ICQ (chat) days and he was always talking about Derby cars. I so need to come to Canada to figure out what this is :)