Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snow in May?

I went into work on Saturday night at 9:00 pm to a lovely, cold night. The "trusty" weather men were just calling for isolated showers and look at what I discovered when I came back out to my truck 5 hours later.......

All I kept thinking about was in a few hours I was suppose to take my whole family to a beautiful garden that was serving a buffet brunch. Brrr.....

That morning while getting ready for church I had to dig out my winter coat and boots again. I could see my own breath!

When I was uploading this picture from my camera onto my computer I put under file, "spring/summer 2010" which seems really ironic.....

Just thought I'd share my crazy weekend photo!



  1. yea - i so did not like last weekend, the snow, the rain, the hail, the cold - we got it all. Maddy woke up sunday morning and was like "hey - where is mister golden sun" and i said "there is no sun - there is SNOW" and she said (all excited) "oohh i LOVE snow, lets go sliding" - my response was "no, lets not go sliding - and you do not like snow in MAY!!!" Too cute!

  2. ha ha ha That is so cute! Poor Maddy must have been confused! How is a kid suppose to learn about seasons with weather like that? ha ha