Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I Love My Small Town: Reason # 536

Big or small at the turf farm we love them all.........

ha ha ha That could be our new commercial!

Doug and Roger

There are days that I am walking back from work to the house thanking the lord for blessing me with such a wonderful place to make a living. I am so thankful to love what I do. I love being outside, I love dealing with people, and I love grass (yes like a lawn, NOT the other stuff)

I work in a low drama environment. Sure it has it's moments but for the most part it is drama free. That is because I work with 95% men who say it like it is to your face, no B.S. Most of what they do say is in a joking manor.

I am so lucky to be one of 4 girls on the team. Ever time there is a problem with the house, a car, or any physical work there is always a man ready to jump in to help us "damsel's" in distress. Who says chivalry is dead? If you really believe that you should come visit the farm for a week because you would know that it is not true. Usually when I get to work there is someone coming in the office door at the same time. 99% of the time they wait for me just so they can get the door.

It is not only the men that are great it is the women too. We have so many jokes within a day. A lot of the time they are about each other. That is o.k because we have learnt to laugh at ourselves, as well as each other.

Jill and I with our special Burger King Crowns!

Every morning I wake up really early in the morning. I take 10 minutes to get ready and 30 seconds to walk to the office. That's right, walk. I have the shortest commute imaginable. Every morning I am greeted by men/women who within a day work their butts off! They are really the ones that keep this farm prosperous. We all have our mements where we feel we could strangle someone. However, I know that they would be there for me in a flash if I called them for help, which is a very comforting fact.

I love this sod farm,

I love the people I work with,

And that's another reason why I love my small town!

Have a great weekend!



  1. oh how i wish...i would love to be able to commute 5 mins to work...

  2. ha ha ha It is a very nice "drive". On the nights that im in the city stuck in traffic I am ready to pull my hair out!

  3. well i dont really have the traffic problem - but there are some benefits to working in the city vs country - thats for sure...groceries, shopping, eating out for lunch - more choices and more varieties. Its mainly the winter I don't like, wish it was "optional" to work in the winter.