Friday, September 19, 2014

Year of Dates 2014–August


Happy Friday! Finally, the end of the week is here! Even being on Maternity leave, Fridays are still my favourite. This Friday is particularly exciting because Ryan is starting his week long holiday. Most people take there summer holidays in July or August. For years, we have preferred the ending of summer and this year is the same. We find that things are less busy in places and the weather isn’t as hot!  

We were able to get our date done in August. It wasn’t easy however because the rainy forecasts made this difficult.



It reads, “Hey lover, well it’s August what a lovely time of the year to sit back relax by the pool, have a ice cold beverage and a BBQ after we put the rug rat to bed! No not Tucker, our child. We will have a nice dinner behind closed doors and sit by the roaring fireplace.

Love you always

Your hubby”

Awesome! We had been wanting to do this for a while. Sam goes to bed so early (around 6:30) that we have been meaning to have time together afterward. But, life gets in the way and then we usually put our tired bodies to bed early as well.

I came out to the pool place where my chef had my wine ready for me!



We had Caesar salad, BBQ steak, baked potato and veggies! It was all delicious! Thankfully Sam cooperated as well and slept the whole time! I love our video monitor where we can see what he is doing! Our monitor has a great range as well! We can be sitting out at the pool and still watch him snoozing away!


It was a hot night so before the fire, we jumped in the pool! It was very refreshing and slightly cold because as the sun went down, so did the temperature!


Thankfully, we have our awesome fireplace outside! We (and by we, I mean Ryan) built a big fire and we snuggled up on our outdoor couch.


We also had dessert, one of my favourites…S’Mores!!!! Yum!


When we had the baby, we were doubtful that we would be using our beautiful outdoor space very much this year! It was difficult but we made the effort to try and get outside as much as possible!

Sometimes doing our dates is hard! And to be honest, before one starts sometimes I try to talk myself out of doing it. It’s not that I don’t want to do our date, it’s that I don’t put it high on my priority list! I have SO much stuff that I feel has to get done that it’s hard to just put it down to have a date. The thing is, after the date is done, I am glad that I took that time. I feel closer to Ryan and I feel rejuvenated with some time dedicated to NOT being a parent and being a wife instead.

Well I am out to join my husband for the weeks vacation. That’s right, no blogging for one whole week! I am logging off from the technology world a little bit and focusing on family time! I hope that everyone has a great weekend and week!


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful date! And you guys have a great backyard...I'm inviting myself over :) If only I lived closer :)