Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nova Scotia– Part 1


Happy Wednesday everyone! We are currently shaking off the vacation cobwebs and trying to get back into our normal schedule! We had such an amazing vacation! We decided this year to pack up and fly to Nova Scotia this year to stay at my parents cottage for the week. This cottage is less then a year old and we have been watching as they have made decision after decision when it comes to the reno!

On Tuesday morning we were up before the sun (we even had to wake poor Sam up) to head to the airport! We have been worrying about flying with Sam. We didn’t want to be those people with the screaming baby on the plane!

Sam was tired from his early morning wake up call! I strapped him to me in a sling and right before we boarded he fell fast asleep and remained asleep for the majority of the flight!


My parents were there to pick us up at the airport and it was a short 30 minute drive back to the cottage to get our first glimpse. It was beautiful and we were so excited for the week ahead! After a quick supper together, we put Sam to bed and us adults sat around the fireplace to visit and have a couple of drinks!


The next morning we all slept in and then sat around sipping our coffees and watching the ocean. The best part about the cottage is the location! 20 minutes from Halifax, right on the ocean but on a “bay” so that it is calm water!


We were suppose to get up and get going on Wednesday morning to head to Peggy’s Cove but decided a day to lounge around was way better!


There was a surprise in store on Thursday for Ryan. He had to get up a little earlier and met a cousin of mine for a day of four wheeling on the trails around Nova Scotia.

While Ry was away, Mom, Sam and I went and looked around some adorable little shops in St.Margarets bay, grabbed a quick Chinese lunch and then went to visit a very important relative! My Aunt Lil is 93 years old and one of the last living siblings of my late maternal Grandmother. I was so excited to introduce Sam and have a visit with my sweet aunt!


My Aunt Lil had some yummy slush ready for us (a secret family drink recipe) and snacks! We all sat around chatting and hearing stories!

Aunt Lil showing Mom how to make the perfect slush!


When we got back, it was time for a nap but Sam was over tired and refusing to sleep. The only way I could get him to stay asleep was in my arms! So, we had a nap together!

That was one of my favourite spots! The chair was right in front of the fireplace yet you could see out the large french doors to the ocean!


Room shot


Friday morning we started getting ready a little quicker so that we could hit the road to visit Mahone Bay and Lunenburg!

Our first stop was Lunenburg and our first glimpse of the Bluenose II. This legendary ship was amazing to see in person! The craftsmanship was beautiful and after reading more of the history, I could see why it was the pride of Nova Scotia.



As fun as the trip was, we had a mission that day! My parents were in search of a replica Bluenose model for their mantle! We hit up every shop to search high and low! Don’t worry, we had fun doing it! Smile 



We searched Lunenburg high and low but came up empty handed! So, we took the 10 minute drive to Mahone Bay to have lunch at one of Mom’s favourite eastern spots! They made the best seafood chowder I have EVER had! The view was killer as well!


We shopped EVERY store in search of a Bluenose model but couldn’t find one. Defeated we decided to turn around to head back to Lunenburg to buy one that suited the best. Just before Lunenburg, Dad spotted a small sign in a random laneway that said “Bluenose Model”. We stopped and discovered this treasure of a place! This guy was a retired RCMP officer and built Bluenose models as a hobby. It was beautiful and he had one for sale that he agreed to drive to the cottage that coming Sunday!

We were all tired after our big day and just snacked on munchies for supper and played cards for the rest of the evening! Our evening ritual….Sam goes to bed, the games came out! Yahtzee, Dominoes, Euchre and etc!

Stay tuned for part 2…



  1. That sounds like so much fun! I loved Nova Scotia when I went! I would love to go back some day! The cottage is gorgeous!

  2. So much fun! What a beautiful place your parents have. We had so much fun on our trip to NS in the summer. You guys look great and happy. Xo

  3. Looks like a fun family trip!! Love playing games with family and their cottage looks gorgeous! Do your parents live there full time?

  4. Your pictures make me want to go NOW!!!!

  5. Your trip and the cottage looked gorgeous! I have never been to Nova Scotia, but hopefully one day

  6. Looks like an amazing summer getaway, the rain hat photo is so adorable! I think that's a framer :)

  7. Jealous, sigh. Actually, I am delighted you all had such a great time.