Monday, February 1, 2016

We're Home!

 Happy Monday everyone! And I am SO glad to be back in this little corner writing again! I am returning and getting back into routine from our wonderful holiday! 

For a long time, Ryan and I wanted to have a trip with Sam before he turned two! Two is that magical age where they start charging you for your toddler to travel! We wanted to get in one big trip where he was free to fly, free to eat and free to stay! Yes, we are cheap but we love to travel and know that IF we decide to have another child one day, traveling will never be as easy as it is right now at this stage of our life. Traveling may seem hard now and I can't even imagine adding another one to the mix! 

After looking into some options we decided that we wanted to go on a Disney Cruise. Something neither of us have ever done. We are big kids at heart and love Disney World but just weren't ready to have a full week doing that with Sam, yet. That being said, the price was right with a Disney cruise. It's like a condensed version of visiting Disney in Florida. Food is included in the price and we could enjoy some beautiful warm weather at different ports! There would be lots for us to do as a family! We (thankfully) booked it before the Canadian dollar got so bad! 

We wanted to travel down a day early for our cruise in case of bad weather. Thankfully the weather was on our side and we ended up in Florida with a free day so we visited the Magic Kingdom. I didn't expect there to be so much for Sam to do but we went on SO many rides and he had a blast!! I will always cherish the memories of seeing his reaction to seeing different characters and going on rides. It was nothing short of magical. 

The morning of getting to see our ship was amazing. It was a monstrous boat and I am still amazed that it floats! ha ha! We loved our room and the staff was amazing! It took a little adjustment to get into the relaxing routine but we got the hang of it! The Disney Cruise made our vacation EASY! But more on that later!  

Of course I was most worried about the flight home. We had to get off the ship by 9 AM and our flight wasn't until 7:40 PM! A whole day hanging out at the airport! Yikes! But Sam shocked us all by being happy, well behaved and even had an afternoon nap. On the flight home he fell asleep shortly after take off and slept the whole time! It was actually an enjoyable flight home. 

I love to travel but there is something so nice about coming home to the familiar. Our own bed, food and belongings. Sunday was all about getting back into routine. We grabbed groceries and then headed up to discover that over the course of the week, our big freezer had quit working. While we were low in our freezer stock of meat (thank god!) I had lost a bunch of other stuff like corn, carrots, and apple sauce. So instead of unpacking and doing laundry, I was throwing away perished food. Bummer! 

But it doesn't take away from the AMAZING trip that we had and I can't wait to get into more details of our fun time as well as some tips and tricks that we learnt along the way! 



  1. So glad that you guys had an amazing holiday!

  2. Welcome home, sounds like a fantastic time!

  3. oh that sucks about the food - we just brought home 1/3 of a pig last night and my freezer is full...I would be soooo sad if it broke down right now.
    sounds like a good time - we are contemplating a cruise next Jan but thinking of only bringing Maddy...its costly - the cruise itself isn't but then you have to buy your flights is included but not your alchohlic drinks which is fine by me...and with the dollar, I don't know if I want to wait....decisions, decisions

  4. Looks like such a fun trip! Love that first pic!! We decided not to do Disney this year and will wait till he is older! Noah didn't travel as well this time, not sure if it was the case of the two's starting or if he was just thrown right off. Did you find the cruise to be crowded? That's my biggest fear with cruises! Glad you guys had fun! That sucks about your freezer!! We need to clean ours out and defrost it!