Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 Inductee's Onto Our Memory Tree

It's that time of year again when Ryan and I haul out the Christmas tree and as we hang the ornaments reflect on all the special times we have experienced through the years together. It's amazing the things we have got to experience together through the years and we are certainly gaining quite a collection. 

While we aren't going on as many trips as we use to, we have a special little guy who adds some special ornaments to our tree! Plus we still have special tokens from the year that we will look back on years from now. 

1. This little guy was given to Sam last Christmas from his Nana and Poppa and he got the honor of hanging it on the tree. Although he called it "Peso" the penguin character from Octonauts! ha ha! 

2. These little things Sam colored last year and have his age on the back. They were also hung by Sam and I didn't have to worry because they weren't breakable! Although now that Sam has his own special tree in his room, I am thinking of putting these and ornament number 1 on his tree! 

3. This is my annual Christmas ornament from Ryan's Mom. She gifts all the girls in the family a beautiful ornament! 

4. This was given to Ryan and I last May on our 5 year wedding anniversary from my parents. Apparently the traditional gift for 5 years is wood so that's what on the ornament! Can't believe we are married for (over) 5 years! 

5. This ornament was actually just given to me from a gift I won at our girls Christmas potluck. We each filled mittens with goodies! The one I won was from Josee! 

6. This ornament was given to us recently actually on a pre-Christmas outing. We gifted our wonderful friends, who the Mom is actually our daycare provider too, supper and a movie on us! We went to see The Star and had supper at Boston Pizza. At the restaurant they gave us this beautiful ornament and card. It is a reminder of the emotional year we have had and the blessing that is to come. When we look at this ornament we will remember the last Christmas as a family of "3" before we welcomed our new little one. 

7. Ryan and I wanted to get a special ornament in memory of our baby girl. Something we picked out together that would remind us of her. We actually just received it this week and haven't had the hearts to hang it up yet. We have both been very emotional this Christmas and the season is stirring up a lot of tearful moments which is unusual for us. We think of the 4 month baby girl who would have been with us during all of our special Christmas moments. 

8. Finally, we have a new tree topper! I like to have an angel at the top of our memory Christmas tree. I never found one that I "loved" but I did get one from Canadian Tire that we used for years until I did find the perfect one. On our girls trip this year to Nova Scotia we were walking around the pewter store and I spotted this angel tree topper! I knew instantly that it was what I wanted for the top of our tree! I spent more on it then I like to admit, but I know in years to come that won't matter! It is a special addition to our tree that should last forever and hopefully I can pass down! In a way, it was very symbolic to me that the same year we lost our baby girl, I found the perfect angel for the top of our memory Christmas tree. Our forever guardian angel. 


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