Wednesday, December 13, 2017

30 Weeks with Baby Number 3

Currently 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant

This Week:

Spoke too soon. Third trimester kicked my butt this week. 

Baby This Week: 

The size of a motorcycle helmet apparently! Which seems really big to me! 

Maternity Clothes:

The weather hasn't been too bad. For the Christmas house tour event I was on, I was pleased with the beautiful (snow free) evening which meant I could wear slip on shoes! Boots are such a pain right now. 

Stretch Marks/Weight: 

No idea in the weight department and I do notice a couple new stretch marks this week on my upper belly. 


My belly does all shorts of crazy dances lately. For the most part, baby is pretty quiet in the mornings but then becomes super active in the evenings, especially right before bed. 

Food Aversions/Cravings:

Nothing really strong in the craving department this week. Just lack of room and appetite. I just don't feel like eating much of anything most times. 


I spoke too soon last week after feeling so great. The weekend was rough and so was the rest of the week. There was some improvement towards the end though. I was just feeling like baby was going to fall out. So much pain and pressure down below. Random contractions keeping me up at night. I had one night where I thought it may be time to get checked out at the hospital but all was good. It's a little discouraging because your brain is telling you to "go" and get stuff done but your body isn't able to comply. Another weird symptom is the pregnancy congestion! So weird! 

What I Miss:

No pain down below. I dread moving. Even as simple as getting up from my work chair or using the bathroom. There was always pain down below all week but it lessens if I'm not moving. As soon as I switch positions it's very painful. 

Labor Signs/Health Update:

Not a lot in health update as I don't have an appointment for a couple weeks. But I feel like baby is coming one day and then the next I think we are safe for a few more weeks. It's kinda tough mentally as the thing I am most anxious for is getting to the hospital as it is so far away, it's winter and we have to think about traffic. 


Still no idea but feels like Christmas (even more so!) waiting to find out. 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button

My belly button is flat and red! I wonder if I will have an outty this time! 

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

Hmmm....I guess not having a baby? ha ha! I really did enjoy a couple fun festivities this week. Christmas house tour and book club! One of the best moments was a special food delivery I received! I particularly think this cook is amazing and to have these in the freezer is a nice relief and a treat!  

Daddy This Week:

Daddy just worked a 65 hour week and with the forecast I don't see that letting up. So someone is VERY tired and I am doing my best not to complain about my pain this week and just keep pulling my weight and then some with Sam and house stuff so that he can rest. 

Big Brother Sam:

The theme of being Mr. Independent continued. This sweet boy seemed to sense I needed him to be extra good and he was! He started this new thing where at bedtime he "surprises" me with getting himself ready for bed (bathroom, pjs, dirty clothes in hamper) and I go to my room to put my PJ's on. Then he runs to my room to show me he got ready all by himself and we celebrate! It actually is a big help because I don't have to be on the floor getting him dressed and try to stand back up. 


Don't listen to people when they say "get lots of sleep now because when baby comes you won't". Have these people ever been pregnant before? I am up almost every hour either to pee, because turning over is difficult, baby is having a party or I just can't sleep. It's just training for some sleepless nights to come! 



  1. Love Sam being independent and putting his boots on the wrong feet and not even caring...I feel that it would be uncomfortable but apparently, not to a 3 year old! Daddy on the other hand has a big issue with this I hear! HAHA!

  2. OMG!!! 31 weeks!!! SO SOON!!! I can't wait to see this sweet baby! (Keep cooking a little longer though tiny baby!) Ugh, the sleep is the WORST at the end. I remind Alex all the time that I wasn't sleeping through the night for MONTHS before she was born, so it's been the better part of a year that I've been sleep deprived. Why do we do this again?! Haha