Friday, December 8, 2017

My Idea of Romance

Happy Friday friends! It is a weird time of year at the farm here. Some days are super quiet and other days are very busy. We are walking the fine line between ending up the season by stuffing in as much work as possible, and then being stuck because it decided to snow. 

The girls in the office and I were chatting one day and somehow the discussion of romance came up. One woman mentioned how important and special it was for her husband to make a big "fuss" and big romantic gestures. Some of the example were breakfast in bed, roses, fancy candlelit dinners prepared and served by your love....

And you know what I did? 

Cringed! Literally crawled in my skin. Just the thought made me feel super uncomfortable. 

It's not that I've never experienced these things before but when I do, I get uncomfortable. 

Those things are lovely for some girls and needed to feel loved. But it is not the case for me. I have a little different mind set when it comes to romance. A quiet night at home with a movie, he empties the dishwasher or folds my laundry! 

Or giving me a break with Sam. Or always doing bathtime! Or watching him play with him and having family time. 

Makes my crazy Pinterest pins reality! Building me a garden and doing the manure part every year so I don't have to! ROMANTIC! 

Or taking me out to our favorite places to eat knowing I love not having the mess and he orders something different then me because I'd like to try it, offering me his last cheese stick, and knowing exactly what I like to order from The Keg when I'm gone to the bathroom he can go ahead and order. Agreeing to order dessert even though he doesn't like it just because he knows I need something sweet at the end of a meal. Or opening every door for me, praying with me and bringing me a coffee from the city after a long night of snow clearing! 

These are the things that make me feel special and loved! I'd much prefer small gestures of effort then grand and extravagant ones. I like the every day things that make me feel like I am not alone in our relationship or in parenthood. This is my idea of romance! 

What is yours? 



  1. Agreed!!

    Also, It's 9:05AM, but I would totally eat that plate of food from The Keg right NOW. yummm

  2. I like when Reg wakes me with a cup of tea in bed on Sunday mornings. Or makes a meal n the weekend. Little things work for me.