Friday, February 19, 2010


I am in no way an "environmentalist". I make smart choices about what I do around the house that is right for me but I don't pressure other people to do the same.

Ryan and I have energy efficient light bulbs, appliances, new windows to reduce hydro and recycle. Lately, I have been thinking very seriously about starting a compost pile.

The problem is..I had no idea what kind to get or what can go in it!

I did a little bit of research about composting in general and learned a lot that I'd like to share with fellow, "I have no idea how to compost" peers.

Things that you can put in a composting bin:
Dry leaves
Wood chips
Dryer lint (This one surprised me!)
Vacuum cleanings
Grass cuttings
Fruit and vegetable peelings/scraps
Tea bags
Pasta (Another one that surprised me!)
Coffee grounds
Stale bread

Things you can't put in:
Fats and Oils
Dairy Products
Weeds that may have gone to seed
Pet manure
Kitty Litter

Ryan and I don't usually have that much garbage every week because of the recycling, but I can just image how much it would reduce it again if you eliminated the above things to our future compost pile.

With a little research I think a tumbling compost would be better for us to reduce pests from going into an open bin.


It has been said that the turning helps things to decompose faster and there are some models that dispense the earth when it is ready so that you don't need to do individual batches.

I don't know how this is going to go. And I actually feel a little nervous about it, to be honest. We are going to save for a composter for the spring and get things started then. I just find it amazing that something that I consider rotting/smelling up my garbage, can be transformed into a useful soil amendment for my garden. I only hope that it goes as planned and is worth our while.

If there are any composters our there that has some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend!



  1. can you just put compost directly outside on the ground...for some reason i thought that's what my grandpa did when i was little...but then again, maybe i just wasnt paying attention and he was actually putting it in a there are special composting bins out there too...interesting...does it smell? will my neighbours dogs and cats get into it - and what do i do with it if i dont put a garden in...?? my garbage would definetly be less if i did that by your list of things to put in the compost bin!

  2. Hey Stacy!

    You can compost directly on the ground. Jared and Holly do that but the animals get into it a lot more. Jared's old dog Daisy would get into the compost pile in their back yard and spread the food every where, such a mess!

    I think I will for sure get a bin and put it near my garage. I'm sure there is some ordor when you open the lid but the dirt that comes from compost they say actually has an "earthy" smell.

    If you want to compost and don't have any place to use it give it to a friend for their garden :-) Or lightly spread it on your lawn, it would make a great fertilizer!