Monday, February 15, 2010

Dare #20

Is it just me or does the weekend pass WAY too fast? I would love to have today off like some Ontario workers do today for Family day.

Did everyone have a nice Valentines Day with their sweethearts? Mine was great. I am so lucky to have someone that I just click with. We enjoy doing pretty much anything together and can always find the fun in whatever we do. He is so thoughtful and caring. Being that we have a lack of funds we had to come up with a creative way to spend Valentines day together without spending a whole lot of money. Ryan suggested that we go skating on the Rideau Canal.

I haven't been skating in a LONG time!

We headed to the city on Saturday morning and parked close to where the Canal ended. We skated the whole length and back. Half way we got hungry and got two Back Bacon on a Bun. It was such a tasty Canadian treat. Once we got back to the Chalet to untie our skates our legs felt like jello. It was a lot of work so as a reward we each got a Beavertail, my favorite treat. A bread like treat fried and dipped in cinnamon and sugar. Yum! A total cost for the day on the canal; $20.00.

On the canal!

On Sunday, while Ryan was at hockey I decided I wanted to make him a Valentines Day treat. I had worked the night before so I was pretty dopey when I woke up. I had bought a heart shaped cookie cutter a while back just for this day. I made the dough no problem. Cut them all out, no problems.

Ready for the oven.

But then......

I stuck WAY too many on one pan. I was tired and wanted to take nap so instead of being patient I put too many on one pan, to get done quicker. Woops. I am still a young cook. :-) Trial and error. The next pan came out much better and Ryan was surprised to have this treat waiting for him when he got home.

Speaking of onto this weeks dare!

Dare #20:

Today, write down 5 things that you love about yourself. Then every day this week read your list. Because rule #1 about being in love is always to love yourself first!

Here's my list:

1. I love that I am organized.

2. I love that I am brave enough to try new things.

3. I love my naturally straight hair.

4. I love my lips.

5. I love that I always try be positive in a negative situation.

Let me know what your list is!

Have a great week!



  1. I want to go to Winterlude but I don't think I will be making it again this hoo! Anyways, we just had dinner with some couples and singles at Lonestar Saturday night which was yummy!
    As for 5 things I love about myself....mmmm
    1. I love that I have friends (hee hee)
    2. I love being a mommy
    3. I love to try and cook up new things
    4. I love that i think i can be somewhat craft
    5. I love summer! (hee hee)

  2. Hey Lindsay,

    I haven't been skating on the canal since Valentines Day 2005 when Wayne proposed : ) And this season I am advised not to skate.

    To tell you the truth, thanks to the Flat Shoe trend, my feet have lost all arch and wearing skates tends to get more and more painful every year. So even if I weren't pregnant, we probably wouldn't have gone skating.

    5 things I love about myself:
    1. I love that I am organized
    2. I love that I have a good memory
    3. I love that I am having a seemingly good pregnancy
    4. I love that I can make good meals and desserts that Wayne loves
    5. I love that I have developped a lot of patience (I used to not be patient at all)

  3. Hey ladies!

    Those are great things that you love you yourself, but Stacy, You love that you love summer? ha ha!

    Winterlude was amazing. It's neat that something like that is so close to our houses.

    I'm glad that you both passed a great valentines day and remember to read what you love about yourselves, everyday!