Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Hater...?

I have to admit. Every year I dread the first snow fall. I am a full blown, snow hater. I hate the look of it, the feel of it underneath my boots and I hate the work it creates. I in no way find it "pretty" when it is lying on the trees. Every year I cross my fingers, in hopes of a green Christmas.

However, something happened to me yesterday. I enjoyed the snow fall that we got! (Did your hand just fly to your mouth in shock?)

It was a delicate, light snow fall that we got yesterday. The weather was super warm for this time of year (+2) and it wasn't a ridiculous dumping of snow that we normally get. I even had an urge to sliding on the old church hill, like I use to enjoy when I was a kid.

You see, my boyfriend LOVES snow. I think every night, before he goes to bed, he prays for snow so that he can go snowmobiling.

I have been feeling a little feverish lately, which must account for the sudden love of the "white" stuff. But, do not fear blog readers, all is safe in "Small Town Kind of Life" because I am back to my old, "I hate snow" self. With a heavier snow fall over night, and a boyfriend who "forgot" to take out the recycling bin, I decided, as I was dragging (sometimes pushing) my completely full bin through this newly fallen snow that I once again...HATE SNOW!!!


  1. I liked seeing it on the trees this morning because it was that thick wet snow - however, I do not like the mess it creates, light, fluffy snow I can deal with...but this crap just makes everything wet and creates slush and major puddles, especially downtown Ottawa...however, the sticky snow was great to make my Elmo snow sculpture yesterday, but with the rain that fell almost after i was finished, the paint has all come off...oh well - lets hope that this is the last snow fall of the year! LOL

  2. I think you will have a great elmo after all of this snow we are getting this week! But after your elmo creation I don't want snow for the rest of the year!!

  3. i only have tonight to do it so we'll see when we get home if we can pull it off and hope that its not ALL RAIN this afternoon