Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Pillow Case?

So, like I have mentioned in one of my past posts I have been feeling very domestic lately. One of the things that I have enjoyed doing lately is sewing. I don't own a sewing machine and I love how when I am watching t.v my hands are kept busy.

I bought myself a new book before the Christmas break called, "Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase". So I went to the local thrift store and picked up half a dozen old pillowcases and got to work. The first thing I wanted to make were aprons, and give them as gifts to the women in my family.

First I started out with two standard size pillowcases. I chose one solid color for the body and a floral pattern for the "accessories". However, you can do whatever pattern and styles that you like, the sky's the limit.

Cut the pillowcase with the opening at the bottom for your apron. I just held it up to myself to measure. There is no standard length.

Cut out two pieces of fabric from the other pillowcase for pockets. To make them both even I used a DVD case as a guide. Sometimes I only made one pocket.

Cut out three long pieces of fabric from the same pillowcase as your pockets. Two will be for tying the apron around your waist and one will be for closing off the top of the apron (where you cut the body). Each will be about 1-1 1/2 inches in width.

Time to sew it altogether! I started with the pockets so that you could sew them onto the outside piece of the apron body and wouldn't see the stiches on the other side. It really doesn't matter but it just makes it look neater. Fold the fabric in two and when sewing make sure to keep the top open for the pocket. Sew on a decorative button on each outside flap of the pocket.

Sew on the decorative top. Take the long piece of fabric designated for the top of the apron and pin it in place. Sew all around all sides and cut off any excess that might be there. Sew the two remainder pieces of fabric inside out, leaving a space to be able to turn it back right side out. Sew one strap to each side of the apron.

There is the finished product.

This is the one that I made for Ryan's mom Bev for Christmas.

This is the one that I made for my mom for Christmas.

Finally, the apron I made for Holly and with the scrap fabric I made a matching one for Faith.

I had a really good time working on these projects. I felt very "crafty" after I was done. I was happy to give the women in my family something that I made and spent so much time working on. This is only one of the projects that I have done. Check out future posts for other pillowcase projects that I've completed! :-)



  1. i did comment on this yesterday, but it did not record - wierd! I wonder how many other things you can do from pillow cases...hmm excited to see!

    i remember mom, shannon and I used to make purses out of old jean pockets and we would be-dazzle them and make them all pretty! Haha - losers!

  2. That is weird that I couldn't see the comment! You would be surprised how many things you can make our of pillowcases, I was amazed!

    It's always fun doing something crafty with an end result that you like! I made an apron for myself and love using it and proud that I made it myself.


    I still have a be-dazzled jean pocket purse that you made me when I was little..ha ha ha It's awesom!

  3. love the apron that you made me Lindsay..