Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Canadian Pride

This weekend I happened to be on a business trip to Toronto. I have had this trip planned for a while and knew that I was going to be there around the Olympics. What I did forget was that the gold medal game would be during the trade show.

Most of the people that I happened to be around that night were watching the game in the hotel pub and so I joined them. I thought that it was pretty crowded but not nearly as many people as I expected.

Of course, the game ended WONDERFULLY with Canada winning in overtime.

After the game, myself, our sales rep. and about 14 guys went out to The Keg for supper. After a few drinks and a delicious meal some people headed back to the hotel and the other half decided to go out for another drink.

We began walking to Young and Dundas in search of a good bar. The closer we got to the intersection the more and more people began to show.

All the sudden we had to stop. The street was plugged with people. It was a sea of red and white. Their were body surfers, streaking people and police in full swat gear. At a distance it would look like a scary riot but once you got closer to the party everyone was so happy.

In a crowd that big there is big potential of things getting out of hand and getting dangerous. Everyone was so united though. Random people hugging, giving high fives and celebrating altogether.

It was at this moment that I realized how fortune we are to live in a country where we can all be united and celebrate a victory, like a gold medal. Being in Toronto on that night and seeing the happy chaos will always be a fond memory and will remind me of how proud I am to be Canadian.


  1. I think I was about the only person who wasnt all that interested in the hockey game...i didnt rush home to watch it, i knew i would find out afterwards if we won or not - I'm not a huge sportsfan of any sort. Anyways, did see the overtime, scoring goal that gave us the gold and in downtown Quyon, there were horns honking. I saw on the news, Yonge Street and I was just thinking, whoa, way too scary for me to be there! Glad you enjoyed the scene though!

  2. As you already know, I'm tres jalouse that you got to party on Yonge Street. However, if I couldn't be in Robson Square or on Yonge Street, there was only one other street I would want to be on, with horns a-blarin and people chanting...that'd be good ol' Stagger Lane! ;)

  3. I have to be honest Stacy. I wasn't really interested in the Olympic hockey either except for the final game. The scene was scary from far away and I didn't stay for more than an hour, just in case. But I am so glad that I got to see that kind of celebration with my own eyes....I'm sure stagger lane would have been the sight to see as well :-)